the thing with straight people is that even those who don’t seem homophobic ARE. case in point: there’s a butch lesbian at my work who is a pain to work with. she’s lazy and increases the workload of those around her. a straight workmate, who i previously really liked and seemingly was cool w lesbians (shes nice to me and i’m one), takes this as an opportunity to call her a man behind her back. to talk about how “ugly” her and her girlfriend are. she says this to me, a lesbian. they say to me “you don’t look like a lesbian, i wouldn’t have guessed”. 

see, it may be more frowned upon to act on your homophobia in 2016 than it was 50 years ago - but the homophobia is STILL THERE. whether it’s “progressive” people telling lesbians to fuck dicks, or straights believing they can justify outright homophobic things if gay people piss them off; homophobia just manifests DIFFERENTLY, and if you think gay people in anyway have it easy, you’re fucking wrong.


Oh, well I use an app called PicPlayPost!! It’s great because it saves your progress for you so you can leave an aesthetic half finished and come back to it later, which I tend to do a lot :P

(Incoming mini tutorial, you have been warned) When you open the app, you’ll be presented with some layouts. I like to use the 2 x 8 format because it’s simple and it looks good, but there’s a lot of different formats to choose from if you want to try something different! Now for pictures, I just look up things like “red aesthetic” or “pink aesthetic” on Google, and then I pick some pictures that I feel fit the character(s)/theme I’m going for. I arrange them nicely in the frame and… done! Afterwards I like to use PicsArt to add a filter to spruce it up a little, but that’s completely optional. I mainly use Ultrapop for colour filters on certain photos. An example of when I used it (maybe a bit too much) would be D.va’s aesthetic, where… pretty much everything was purple. Whoops.

(Also have some poorly edited screenshots of me trying to explain more stuff to you ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ if you’re curious, that’s a team Valor aesthetic,,, I’m Pokemon Go trash bye)

Hopefully this helped you in some way anon ;w;