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Dating Harry Potter Would Include...

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Masterlist || Request Here

  • “hogsmeade huh?”
  • “what?”
  • “okay cool, see you there I guess.”
  • him being awkward as this gif for the majority of the time
  • eventually warming up to you and being less awkward
  • automatically becoming a golden quartet
  • holding hands 
  • him never letting you around Draco
  • trying to talk him out of his reckless plans
  • “Harry, you’re going to get yourself killed.”
  • late nights in the common room
  • reminding him that you need him
  • reminding him that he isn’t alone
  • being bloody scared out of your mind for him, 100% of the time
  • “I won’t die, Y/N. I haven’t yet.”
  • him doing small things for you
  • getting you tea, saving you a muffin, walking you to class
  • cheering him on at Quidditch matches
  • him eventually becoming less guarded around you
  • stealing the map and his cloak
  • sweet, private kisses
  • sweet & passionate sex
  • him whining  A LOT
  • “but Y/N, I’m the chosen one.”
  • *rolls eyes* “Harry James Potter, I swear to Godric-”
  • meeting Sirius
  • “She’s too hot for you, Harry.”
  • low key jealously covered up with  sassy remarks
  • him doing everything in his power to keep you safe from Voldy
  • “I’m not losing you too, Y/N.”
  • nonetheless, you’re next to him through every trial and adventure
  • writing him everyday during the summer
  • falling apart when he disappears at the battle of hogwarts
  • being convinced you’re delusional when he pops out of Hagrid’s arms
  • “Y/N, Y/N it’s alright. I’m alright, love.”
  • him stuttering a lot
  • “W-wow, Y/N. You look..”
  • nights where all he wants to do is hold you, no talking
  • being beyond proud of him
  • kicking Ginny’s ass when she tries to break you guys up
  • naming your children normal names lol
  • overall it’s testing, but worth it. 

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Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Request: “Hey! Can you do a Warren x Reader where you two are best friends but then for some reason he is starting to act weird and he is trying to avoid you. This has been happening for a while now so you ask Jean if she can read his mind to see what’s going on and you find out he’s in love with you but he’s worried if you won’t like him back this would end your friendship.”

Warnings: None, kiss at the end I guess 

“Hey, so are we still hanging out tonight?” You sauntered over to Warren, leaning next on the wall to him. He was sitting in one of the unused classrooms along with Kurt, Jean, Scott, and Jubilee. 

“I don’t know,” he answered, a weird look on his face. He shifted away, crossing his arms. “I might have something else going on.”

You frowned. “You said you weren’t doing anything a couple days ago. What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Warren said, shrugging. He got up, brushing past you. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

Your other friends turned to watch Warren leave the room, Jubilee giving you a pointed look.

“I told you something’s up with him,” she said. You sighed, leaning your head against the wall.

“I don’t know what's going on with him. We used to spend all this time together, but now he just avoids me all the time. Did I do something wrong?” Worry twisted your stomach into knots, you biting your lip nervously as you tried to remember doing anything that would’ve offended him.

“I’m sure it’s not you,” Scott put in. You kicked a discarded pencil, watching it roll across the wooden floors.

 "Maybe. But it’s been going on for weeks. I wish I knew what was happening.“

Kurt gave you a sympathetic look, patting you on the shoulder consolingly. 

"Wait, Jean,” you said carefully, “do you think you could look into his mind? See what he’s thinking?”

Jean sighed, closing the book she was reading. "You know I don’t like to do that.” She pursed her lips, seeing the desperate look you gave her. “But I guess I’ll see what his surface thoughts are.”

“Thank you so much!” You exclaimed. Jean smiled softly. “Anything to help you two out.”

A few days later, Warren still continued to avoid you. You tried to push it from your head, but you couldn’t help worry thing that something was severely wrong. But one night, Jean rushed into your room, a crazy grin on her face.

“Y/N!” Jean burst through your door, scaring you half to death.

“God Jean, knock first,” you chided her. She shook her head, sitting at the foot of your bed.

“This is important,” she said. “Warren’s in love with you. That’s why he’s been avoiding you. He’s afraid of hurting you or ruining your relationship.”

“What?” You shot upright, surprise shooting through you.

“Yeah, that’s what I got,” Jean said. 

“I like him back, he’d never ruin our relationship!” You exclaimed.

“I’d go tell him that,” Jean advised you. You nodded, jumping off your bed. Jean followed you out of your room.

“Good luck!” She called out to you as you jogged down the hallway, knowing exactly where Warren’s room was. You slid to a stop outside his room, trying to catch your breath before you entered.

You took a deep breath, knocking a couple times. When Warren opened the door, his eyes falling on you, he immediately looked away, his eyes downcast.

“Y/N,” he greeted you softly

“Warren,” you began, trying to sort through the jumble of words in your brain. “I just… Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something?”

“No.” Warren closed his eyes, breathing in slowly. He held his door open, allowing you to walk in. Rock music played softly in the background, his floor covered with discarded dirty clothes and music tapes. You sat down on the bed, waiting tensely for Warren’s answer. You knew what he was thinking, but you wanted to hear him say it.

“I… I think I’m in love with you,” he murmured. Your heart sped up, your head becoming light and fuzzy.

“What’s wrong with that?” You asked, Warren sitting down next to you,

“I didn’t want to ruin our relationship,” he said, wringing his hands. “I was afraid that you wouldn’t like me back, and I would drive you away.

"No way,” you smiled, waiting for him to look up at you. “Besides, I do. I like you back. I have for a while.”

Warren breathed in suddenly, his lips parted slightly. “You do?”


The air in the room seemed to heat up, Warren staring at you. Time seemed to move in slow motion as he leaned in slowly, his nose bumping against yours, giving you time to back away. When you didn’t, he pressed his lips to yours, your hands reaching up around his neck to draw him in closer. When you couldn’t breathe anymore, you leaned away slowly, Warren’s breath ghosting across your face.

“So, would you like to go out sometime?” He asked softly. You laughed, pulling him in for another kiss. “Of course.”


I’m sorry.”
“I know. You’ve said it exactly 34 times, I’m pretty sure.”
“I lied to you.”
“You know for sure a smart person, you sure state the obvious often.”
“Look you’re being sarcastic with me, you’re forgiving me.”
“Let’s eat.”

Relationship Problems With Namjoon
So…something new I guess. I’m trying his new angst thing, give me some feedback. Send me any requests and I’ll be sure to accept them 🎉🎉🎉

More Great News

So…other than Jared’s gift coming in, I have more awesome news.

I was going to make a post about how excited I was that in 2 days I’ll officially start putting fics up again.

Yeah…that’s right……only 2 days.

But then…….something came to me…..

I almost completely forgot that the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge is due by tomorrow.

So guess what?

You guys will start getting fics tomorrow!

Yep….after being gone for over a month……..

So….here’s the schedule in case you missed it the other day

Sunday 7/31/16 - Safe {New Dean Series}

Monday 8/1/16 - Family Part 12

Tuesday 8/2/16 - Dead Natural Part 31

Wednesday 8/3/16 - Request/Or Post Of My Choice

Thursday 8/4/16 - Family Part 13

Friday 8/5/16 - Dead Natural Part 32

Saturday 8/6/16 - Smile

And here is my updated Masterlist just in case you need to catch up or refresh your memory because it’s been so long.


And there you go

Can’t wait for you guys to start reading again, and I hope that your’re ready for me to come back. Let’s just say not everything coming up is all fluff and happiness.

Love Y’all

Seventeen’s Reaction When You Both Want The Last Slice Of Pizza

S. Coups: It’s fine, you can have it if you want! I’ll just order another pizza. 

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Jeonghan: We can split it! It is a huge slice after all. 

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Joshua: You take it, darling, I wasn’t that hungry anyway *cute gentleman strikes again*

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Jun: Well, I guess you can have it…. I’ll have the last piece next time though. 

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Hoshi: This is why we should’ve ordered two pizzas! One whole pizza for the both of us! 

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Wonwoo: I wasn’t thinking of having it so it’s all yours; I’m a bit full anyway *lies a bit so you feel better having it* 

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Woozi: *finds a way to split it* here we go! 

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DK: I’ve got more pizza in the fridge! Take that slice and I’ll put the other one in the oven. 

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Mingyu: I get it…. My pizza is so good you want the last slice? It’s fine, I can always make more for myself. 

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The8: *after 10 minutes of deciding who gets the slice you both agree not to eat it* 

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Seungkwan: We’ll split it! 

You: Seungkwan? That’s not equal…. 

Seungkwan: I know…. I’m giving you the bigger half though so don’t worry….

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Vernon: Take it, babe. I’ll just eat the side of wedgies… 

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Dino: If you want it then you can have it! I’ve got chocolate in the kitchen! 

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Enjoy my beauties! Gifs don’t belong to me, credit to owners! 

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I kind of like dying my hair pink and looking like a Barbie.”
“You know V, you kinda do look like a Barbie, one of the ones that get sold out once their put on shelves.”
"Are you saying that I’m extremely handsome, or extremely easy and or cheap?”
"You guess.”

Neon Pink V
I really like this color lol. Send me any requests for anything and I’ll be sure to accept them.

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Part 2 to irritating? It's so good 😍

Request; So part two to ‘Irritated’ was requested several times, so here it is!!

A/N; I had trouble trying to find a plot line to keep it interesting, but I think I got it? I don’t know, but I hope you guys like it I guess! Also I’ll have requested imagines out soon!! READ PART 1 FIRST; it might make more sense as you read! Unfortunately I can’t link it here because my laptop is broken, but I’ll be getting my new one soon! Also this is kind of short :/ Sorry!

Warning; make out sesh ;;;)))


“Look, Stiles,” You stepped back running into the tree causing you to wince a little at the contact, “we should get back to the jeep. It’s getting late anyways.”

“Oh no,” He closed in on you, pinning you to the tree, “You’re not working your way out of this one.”

“Stiles, seriously.” All he did was stare at you intently and you suddenly started to wish you just kept your mouth shut.

You managed to slip underneath the arm that kept you pinned against the tree. He smirked at you slightly. “I’ve never seen you so flushed.” He said cockily.

“You can’t even see my face, Stilinski.” You shot back. At least you really hoped he couldn’t see your face. You could feel the heat arising on your face, knowing you were probably beat red. “Let’s go, seriously. You have Deputy training in the morning. Remember?” You started to walk backwards towards the path leading back to the jeep.

“Wow,” He pulled his hands away from the tree, “You like to play tough and eavesdrop.” His arms were crossed together against his chest now, one eyebrow raised. That all too familiar smirk started to get painted across his lips.

“Let’s go, deputy dipshit.” You turned around so you were no longer making eye contact with him. “Jesus, y/n. You don’t have feelings for him.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I heard that.” Stiles was right behind you, and you jumped a little at the sudden voice that was so close. You swung around not expecting him to be as close as he was.

“Back off, Stiles! I don’t have feelings for you.” You tried to take a few steps back but he had gripped your wrist and the more you struggled to get out of his grip the tighter he held on.

“Are you sure? Because I’m getting the feeling I’m making you nervous.” You pulled your head back and knitted your eyebrows together in frustration.

“Of course you’re making me nervous! Are you serious? You can’t expect me to not get nervous when you get this close! You won’t let me out of your grip, I can feel your breath on my face, which by the way,” You tried to swallow quietly, “could use a breath mint.” Your words got quieter towards the end of your sentence. His grip tightened and you were sure he’d leave behind a bruise.

“You can’t go five minutes without insulting me, can you?” You never realized how much taller he was than you until now. He looked down at you with that same smirk planted on his lips.

“S-Stiles, can we please just, uh–” He came down so he was only inches away from your face.

“No, we can’t.” Before you could react he crashed his lips onto yours and you surprisingly found yourself kissing him back. You lurched your body forward so you were pressed up against him. “Jump.” He mumbled into the kiss and you did as you were told.

You held onto his shoulders and jumped, swinging your legs around his torso. He put his hands underneath you and held onto your butt so he wouldn’t drop you. Completing the whole task without breaking the kiss. You brought your hands up and held onto the sides of his face. He started to walk, and you pulled away momentarily.

“Do you even know where your going,” You managed to squeak the words out and catch your breath at the same time.

“I’ll figure it out.” You shot your head back down reconnecting your lips.

You didn’t want to admit it, but that boy can kiss. You never really thought of him as the great kisser, best you ever had type. He was always sarcastic, annoying Stiles in your eyes. At least that’s what you always told yourself. You always managed to push away any feeling you ever had for anyone. You didn’t want to get hurt so you basically just tried to steer clear of any boy that could’ve possibly been more than a friend.

He removed one hand from underneath you, causing your legs to grip tighter around him as he continued to hold you up with one hand. He didn’t break the kiss unless it was to take in a sharp breath. You head him fumble around in his pocket and looked down to see him pull out his car keys.

He hit the button and from a little ways off you heard the jeep honk and could see faint lights flashing. Then you remembered. “Wait, Stiles!” He kept walking but turned his attention towards you. “Don’t forget about the,” He cut you off and put his lips back on yours.

“Just shut up and let me kiss you.” He said into the kiss.

Before you could get a word out, your lower back came into contact with the branch you had to duck under earlier. You inhaled a sharp breath and pulled away from the kiss.

“Don’t forget about the branch.” You said sternly, glaring at him.

“Are you okay!” His face was suddenly washed over with worry which made you laugh a little. He put you down softly and you ducked underneath the branch leaving him on the other side.

“I’m fine, Stiles.” He ducked underneath the branch so he was back in front of you. He started to lean down, but you stopped him. “Ah! Moment over buddy.” You patted him on the chest and started to walk away.

He yelled after you before he started to catch up, “Did you just call me buddy?”

Love Realized

Wattpad request. I do not own Daario or Daenerys. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: unrequited love, I guess? Fluff

Pairings: Daario Narahis x fem!reader, mentions of Daenerys

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You watched from the corner of the room as Daario spoke with the queen. Daario Narahis. Commander of the Second Sons, known lover of the queen and the man you secretly still loved. You’d had him for your own once before, but that was before the Queen Daenerys took him as a lover. He fell in love with her and it was obvious. So, as the queen’s handmaiden, all you could do was witness their banter until the queen dismissed you.

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Watched DP interview she was asked do you put requests in "Yes. Are you kidding I put in requests all the time, for everything. (Stuff about Ronnie). I do put requests in. I also have made it very clear I would like to go over to Superg*rl" (how would CS be any use there?? but okkkayyy)

She’s all about girl power all of a sudden, so I guess she just wants to be in the room where it happens even if she’s just standing there being silent. 

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How to study effectively and note taking. I normally study a day before or 2 days before and cram tons, by the time I sit the test and it's over I forgot what I "study" guess that's not actually studying, teach me how to study pls

i could include this in the cornell note-taking post i have planned!

I tried drawing myself (or at least my bean self) except I changed the hair. Feel free to use any version of me. I guess I’ll call the blue haired one Version 1 and this is Version 2! I’m getting to work on those requests! I’m sorry that my art is so crappy this is so bad oh God.

Some doodles of my crush and i.. Lets just name him “Mr. Crush” 

I don’t really want to give out his name, heh.

And sorry about the requests and all, im not feeling like doing them right now, i guess im too numb? i’m sorry, they will be done, maybe after i move out, which is tomorrow so.. yeah, its going to be a pretty busy week.