I guess I don’t quite understand what fandom is. It seems pretty nebulous. I like a lot of shows and I seek out fanart of favorite characters. Does that make me a part of a fandom? Sometimes I like to talk about these things on the webs. Does that make me a part of the fandom? I don’t have a blog that exclusively reblogs and creates media based on these shows and characters. Am I outside the fandom? What does it mean when people say a fandom is “dead”? Does it mean people don’t like the piece of media anymore? 

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that hate-anon is funny. yoonkook don't even interact? yoonkook DON'T even INTERACT? where have this person been all this while? you're missing out on a lot of good stuff anon. yoonkook got some really unbelievably spine chilling moments but if you can't appreciate that, it's fine. please find your own nearest exit.

nah anon we’re all just Delusional because Of Course we must ship the Ultimate Ship which is, of course, YOON/MIN, how dare i not ship this ship that is the ultimate end all ship and have the AUDACITY to talk SHIT about y/m (aka say that y/m is my notp and that i don’t ship it) because OBVIOUSLY it is the best ship and i should just start writing 18k of fic for y/m instead

moral of the story: don’t like it, don’t bother with it

#BooklrPositivityWeek: Day 1

Day 1: Introduce Yourselves

This wonderful tag is being hosted by @thebookishdragon and @books-and-cookies. :) I’m really thankful for this because I’m new to booklr (I created my blog just a few days ago lol), so it gives an opportunity for people like me to reach out to others. ♥

So let me tell you guys a bit about me:

  • My name is Louise, and I’m a uni student from the Philippines (but I’m about to graduate soon so yay for that!). I’m also a Christian, and Jesus is my saviour. ♥
  • I guess my favourite book series would be Percy Jackson because it really got me into reading. I didn’t really grow up reading Harry Potter, but now that I’ve finished reading it, I absolutely love it.
  • Aside from reading novels, I also read manga. 
  • Based on my tumblr url, you can guess that I love sleeping haha.
  • I’m totally a water and tea person. I rarely drink anything else, and I don’t like soda.
  • Besides reading, I also love watching Marvel movies. 
  • Fun Fact: I absolutely HATED reading when I was younger. I was so surprised when I did a complete 180! 
FYI, Forewarning, Update...whatever you want to call it.

So just to let all everyone know, about a month ago I had a breakdown and abruptly moved in with my parents, leaving everything I couldn’t fit into a suitcase behind.
This last weekend my dad went to Utah, packed up my apartment and brought all my shit up here. Including my baby 😻.
So I guess this is also an apology in advance for the possible flood of pictures that might be coming in.

Tagging blogs that are important to me: @sherlock44 (We both know I wouldn’t still be here if it want for your love and support)
@thetardishasaquidditchpitch (Seriously I don’t know why you put up with me some days, but I love you for it.)
@animefanatic1728 (Penguin 1! I think no more need be said.)
@supernaturalismalife (You’re the Dean to my Sam.)
I know I don’t regularly talk to the rest of you but I love you and I count you all as friends and part of my spn family.
@soaringeag1e, @waiting4thedoctor, @oriona75, @not-moose-one-shots, @winchester-with-wings, @ohheyitsmik, @autoblocked and I know I’m forgetting so many more of you for always being there for me.
Everyone of you please believe me when I say that a good part of why I am still here to give my thanks and love to you is because you have been here for me, even if you didn’t know it. Because you’ve taken me in and let me become part of your spn family and let me make you part of mine.
Okay, so that a whole lot heavier than I meant, but I truly meant it.

#akf #spnfamily #yana #lyf


Hello, I know I have a few kin blogs following me, and I was just like genuinely curious about it-?

I know kin is when you identify as a fictional character, but like I’ve seen people use the word “kin” in different ways?

So I guess if it’s okay, here are some things I’m confused about?:
🔹What exactly are ‘kin types’? Is it offensive to identify as the same kin-type as someone else?
🔹What’s the difference between really liking and relating to a character, and being kin with a character?
🔹Are there different definitions of “kin”? Ex: I’ve read some bios where people claim to be the reincarnation of a character, or have past memories of a character, etc. but I’ve also read some where people say they’re okay with doubles, and it’s a way to cope?
🔹are 'comfort characters’ the same thing as kin? If no, what are comfort characters?

I hope this came out alright and doesn’t offend anyone, I’m just a little confused and curious! Any and all replies I will be grateful for,thank you!

Things I learned about myself today

I can play an entire show while experiencing a migraine.

anyway since we’ve never posted about it on this blog (i don’t think, anyway), we/felix is/are a system? i don’t know how super detailed i want to get here, i guess message me if you have an extra questions. but anyway felix is the host (which isn’t really a term he enjoys but we cant think of a better word right now so. shrg) and he’s not fronting rn so it’s me, angel. there are a couple of others but im the only one who really fronts actively and talks to people. if the system thing makes you uncomfortable you’re free to unfollow but if you feel like sending a message questioning us on our validity or just being a dick consider instead fucking off

also all my posts will be tagged as “angel post” so if for w/e reason you dont want to see me specifically you can blacklist that

-irrelevance-is-my-middle-name-  asked:

Leaf,rock,vines, breeze,seashell,light and ash. (I know it's long but they are intresting and I like to learn about the person behind blogs that I love💕)

Leaf: What’s your favourite season?

Definitely winter! There’s snow and it’s okay to stay home at all times :3

Rock: What’s your favourite gemstone?

I really like alexandrite! It’s a pretty unique gem :3

Vines: What’s your aesthetic?

*googles what’s an aesthetic* Uuh, books and dragon figurines I guess?

Breeze: What’s your favourite dessert food?

Chocolate cookies!!

Seashell: What’s a sound that soothes you?

*embarrassed noises* I really like hearing my favourite VAs sing 

Light: What time is it where you are?


Ash: Do you have any birthmarks/scars?

I have a birthmark on my hip and a ton of scars on my legs because I am a very clumsy person. The biggest one I have goes from my toes to my knee. You know how I got it? I scratched myself on a plant. A freaking plant.

So…um….I realize that everytime I post something its about SWTOR…and Therefore almost always about THeron…….(that’s pretty much all I post) so…if any of you Angel Faces get annoyed by my theron obsession or what will probably become an Arcann obsession,

I apologize in advance…..I mean…I don’t want to annoy anyone away from SWTOR just cause I talk about Theron all the time. XD

I like the other romances too, don’t get me wrong at all and I will on occasion discuss those but my OTP will always have Theron in it.

I don’t know why but I felt like I needed to put this out there because omg theron is allllll over my blog. XD Sometimes I can’t help myself.

Well, uh….that’s it I guess….this seems kinda random now.


Stay awesome Angel faces!

hey @elbysroom je le fais sur mon blog perso, merci de m’avoir taggée !

Countries I’ve lived in: France, and that’s all.

Favorite fandom: Superjail, Gravity Falls, Naruto (don’t judge), Undertale.

Languages you speak: French, English, Spanish (sort of).

Favorite film of 2016 : no idea, I don’t really like movies sorry :/

Last article you read: some political stuff about France I guess, not sure.

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: 

Charles Aznavour - Mes emmerdes
Yves Duteil - Tisserand
Les Valentins - Entre Elle et Moi

Last thing you bought online:  a book about Barbara, the singer. 

Any phobias or fears ? I don’t like bruises, really, it makes me really uncomfortable, and I hate hospitals. 

How would your friends describe you? enthusiastic weird flower who talks to much and smiles too much (but cute). I guess.

How would your enemies describe you ? Weird, annoying, shy, talks to herself, asocial, egoist. 

Who would you take a bullet for? Every member of my close family (father, mother, and my two sisters).

If you had money to spare what would you buy first? video games, video games, video games, books, clothes, food, like quality food. 

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that does actually make me feel better. i guess sometimes i just feel...a sense of hopelessness. but i can't exaggerate how much a difference your blog has made to my life. i know it sounds big, but before i started checking out your blog i was completely different, and you have helped me so much. if anything, i don't feel as alone, because even if you don't know me i know you'd support me as a person, and there's not many people i can be sure of about that. so thank you so so so much

you lovely <333 it doesn’t sound big, i’ve had bloggers in my life who did the same thing! the internet is like really a beautiful thing because you can see your own stories in other people’s stories and it’s truly such a comforting thing to know that you are literally not alone

i promise you, time really does fly. i have the most vivid memory of being seventeen years old in disney world over summer vacation and just crying because even over the summer, in literally my favorite place in the entire world, i still felt so completely and utterly alone and helpless and i knew i’d have to go back home and survive another year of high school, and i could not imagine how i was going to make it. now, i’m in college. and when i look back on that moment, i truly feel like no time has passed at all. i’m the same person, but everything is different.

life changes. it feels slow while it’s happening, but it gets better.

i’m so glad i could be this person for you, you’ve no idea how much this means to me <3

So I was tagged by @majortomslonelyspidersfrommars (I love both you and your blog btw😍) to do ten facts about me!

1. Still in high school so that sucks

2. My career dream changes weekly, but I’m most likely going to be a psychologist.

3. I guess you could say I play bass?

4. I was raised catholic, and I do believe in God and still go to church, but I don’t believe in most of the crap they do.  (I fully support gay rights, I don’t think abortion should be illegal etc.)

5. Although I mostly listen to Jack White stuff,  I am quite familiar with a lot more sub-genres of rock (goth rock, punk rock, glam rock)

6.  I get very competitive at monopoly and other games that if I end up doing not so well I just start cussing at the other person.

7. I can’t stand onions, the sight of one just grosses me out

8. I feel guilty talking about myself to other people, and right now I’m guilt tripping myself for making an entire post about myself.

9. Half of the time I want to look like Alison Mosshart the other half I wanna look like  Zooey Deschanel.

10. I really enjoy theater, weather it be acting on stage or going to see a show.

I tag @punk-rock-flower-child138 @gettindownwiththeawkwardmoment @tangibledarkromantic @bandsbeforeeverything @dundermifflinscranton  @dearprudence68 @existentialist3

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I am sooo sorry about what you're going through. It's 2016, you'd think people are allowed to express their opinion without getting hate, much less death threats, for it, but I guess not. Stay strong and don't let people and defensive assholes turn your blog into a place where you don't feel safe anymore. I want you to know that there are a lot of people who respect you and love you and appreciate you and your blog so much. Me and my friends love your blog, I swear. Fighting!

Aww thank you hun! This made me smile. 

Don’t worry I blocked those asks the moment they came in bc I’m just 100% done with ugly armys on here and their crazy shit; they glorify obsessive, offensive, and hurtful behavior and think that these sort of threats that I’ve received are what I deserve for daring to speak the truth. But at the end of the day, they’re the ones making all the normal armys carry the name of being complete and utter assholes. Like it’s no wonder every other fandom on here tries to stay out of bts drama or not educate some of the stupidity running in these posts– because the moment they do they get so much shit it’s unbearable. What a thing to be proud of :)

Officially back!

I’m back from my hiatus! Looking forward to season 4 and wanting to follow new blogs that also love The 100, Bellamy Blake, and Raven Reyes (and basically all things the 100). If you fall under those categories or are just a nice person to follow like or reblog this and I will check out you blog! Also, I’m going to be starting a fanfic so stay tune! And I’ve updated my about me and master list links so go check them out!

x Macy

ps-it’s good to be back


Tokyo Ghoul

  • Read English translated manga [1] [2] [3]
  • Read Chinese Translated manga [1] [2]
  • Raw manga [1] [2]

Tokyo Ghoul: Re

  • Read English Translated manga [x]
  • Read Chinese Scans Ch 31.5 [x]

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack

  • Tokyo Ghoul Jack Young Jump Website [x]
  • Read English Translated manga [x]

Tokyo Ghoul Light Novels

School of Ghoul translated by Talalanlalan

School of Ghoul Book Version

One Shot

Scanlation Groups


Where to buy DVD/Blu Ray/Manga/Weekly Young Jump/Merchandise for international shipping?

Photoshop Resources

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I wanted to upload these again mostly in regards to all the “Bad Art” blogs lying about on Tumblr.

These are both drawn by me, once when I was 13 and one when I was 21. The reason I progressed was that nobody ever told be my art was bad, nobody ever made jokes about it and nobody told me that I. Can’t. Draw. When I made the picture as a 13 year old I was very proud and I thought I was really funny. I used mouse and MS paint and was really proud of myself for pulling it of.  If someone would have uploaded that onto a blog only to make fun of it it would have crushed me and most likely scared me of from sharing my art. If you make fun of little kids for doing something they just think is fun then guess what, they might not think it’s so fun anymore.

Bottom line is kids are growing, learning and thinking beings. They are gonna upload some goofy art and they are gonna make terrible OCs but for fucks sake let them have fun doing it without having to worry about some 30 year old loser making fun of they Sonic-persona online infront of thousands of people.

So @ bad art blogs; Stop being fucking twats