Rant moment here……..I guess

I really want to bring cool and new stuff for my blog, I feel that everything that I do it’s not good enough. I don’t feel confident about my art.

This art block is killing me to the point that I cried just because I can’t do a single design for Idle and Siren’s childrens.

I don’t know what to do anymore, should I continue my comic, should I forget about it and give up of it? I don’t know.

Reality is breaking me. Everything that I thought I could do to gain and be good at life is being taken away from me. Maybe I should leave tumblr and give up…..

I don’t feel that I’ve been doing enough, and when I do it doesn’t come out good as I expected so I just leave it behind.

“Rey but you’re only 14 you still have much time to think what you’re going to do with yer life”. No I don’t. In my country, when you get to high school, this three last years, usually you choose a class to study what you want to do with your life and this really sucks. My dreams is being crushed and I can’t stop this. I’m crying while I write this post because I don’t understand how I get to the point of leaving tumblr. The social media that changed my life and, I met so many awesome peoples that helped me pass through a lot of hard stuff. My life is a crap right now. I’m a completely mess.

Should I leave. Should I stay. I honestly don’t know anymore……

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You brainless asshole . People ask John Newman about Swift ,so he answered . You and a lot other Fans the reason why people hate Swift ( beside that she is a fake, liar person )


I had dreams about this day, when you will visit my blog. I’m so honored, I really wasn’t expecting this….ummm…I guess I want to thank all my followers that got me here. Also, thank you mom and dad for your support, for always pushing me to be the best. Oh wow, this is so unexpected, I’m like almost tearing up. Please come back, this was so fun! 

So the entire album leaked and it annoys me more than I thought it would. I’m not going to listen to it until it’s officially out on the 7th, which means I’m not going in the Green Day tag on here anymore. Because I know you guys do edits and make posts about it and I want to stay away from that.

What I’m saying is that this blog will be on semi-hiatus for my own “safety”. I will still post things, just not actively search for Green Day content to reblog. And given the fact that there’s Green Day on my dashboard only 1% of the time … well. I guess I’ll focus on making gifs and stuff for now.

If you want me to reblog stuff you made and it’s completely Revolution Radio safe (except for the Revolution Radio single, Bang Bang and Still Breathing), I’d reaaaally appreciate it if you just send me a link :)

Please don’t spoil this for me guys :) xo

it’s kind of funny that i can’t reblog a post from a blog that is literally a confession saying people like me and @hamsterfactor for example are lovely and deserve praise because apparently i’m blocked

funy because that blog says it’s all about positivity in the aos fandom, guess who that doesn’t include

lol this fandom

anyway the person who sent that to that blog, thank you so much, i just can’t reblog the post itself

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I'm sorry that you got anon hate for no reason 🙁 My guess is that you got targeted by one of the Thorin-hating blogs, since they mentioned his character specifically. I would suggest blocking hypocriteshippers at the very least, since they're one of the most vocal. Hopefully that will help. Thank you for everything you do! I and all the other RA fans on Tumblr appreciate your hard work so much 💙

ahh, i was wondering about that! and thank you, i will!

oh man, that means so much to me, thank you for your kind words!!!! <3

The more you know about the Mun

Oh yeah I forgot to say, there was a whole reason to why I wanna be a good Beerus, don’t tell anyone.

But there’s another Beerus Rper that made me want to be better at Beerus because they portray them very well.~ This blog was the whole reason why I made icons and did all this extra stuff for Beerus and made me wanna be good like them.~

Can you guess who it is? I’ll give ya a hint. It starts with before. And it ends with *Blank.*

They are the reason why I wanted to be a good Beerus.~ They gave me Inspiration as you say.

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No one told me mod russell was a piece of shit. I guess if the other mods agree they're disgusting too. Time to unfollow, can't believe you support transtrenders AND brought up someone's unrelated believes with they complimented you.

Oh! I was meaning to make post about it but I forgot! Silly me.

Pls, unfollow us if you’re truscum. We want our trans followers to feel safe on this blog.

Thanks for reminding me anon!

-mod russell

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Hello! I just wanted to say that your stories are awesome and you are awesome <3 Um, if I may bother you for some advice: I'm thinking about starting up my own ST imagine blog... I did something like this once a long time ago, but it was in a DRASTICALLY different fandom, and I was kind of wondering if new imagine blogs are, I guess for lack of a better phrase, welcome around here. I can't find a whole lot of them, so I'm a little nervous about putting myself out there. Any advice? Thank you!!!


As far as advice goes: go for it! There aren’t many ST imagines blogs that I’ve actually found, but even if there were, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have a different perspective or ideas to write about. The fandom itself is FANTASTIC, absolutely everyone that has sent me an ask/message has been welcoming, supportive, and just overall great. 

I say, if you want to put yourself out there do it. Don’t let anyone dictate your writing (how often, what you’re comfortable writing, length, SFW/NSFW, etc), don’t be sorry about your writing (not posting enough, things that might need improving, etc), and just have fun with it. Everyone on this website it on here for fun, no one is being paid to be on Tumblr so just have fun with it and if you end up not liking it then you can stop whenever you want!

Good luck :)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that on this blog, I just want to go by L. Yes, that stands for something, but I’m not comfortable giving that or my real name out on here. Please don’t try to guess it, please don’t call me some random name beginning with L, please don’t call me Elle. It’s just L, and I like being called L, I don’t feel like I need a full name on here. I’m not mad and this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, multiple people have been asking about this. So it’s just L. Thanks💕

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I think maybe people who have followed you for a while aren't use to the more critical posts. They want a blog with mostly fanarts or other things one piece related and not so much a discussion. This is just my guess. I think you should keep on with the discussions though, it's your blog and I personally think it's interesting to see the fandoms different thoughts on topics. Have a good day!

This blog spent like a year running on queue. I simply entered a couple times a day and queued some posts, because I didn’t have the time or the interest to do more. So yeah I guess some people who follow me might be surprised that I can actually talk.

But the thing is I’ve got time now, and if I ever feel like posting rants about the things I don’t like, or things I like, or whatever, I will. If the people who unfollow me simply don’t want to come across all the discussions, hey, I get it, I scroll many of those posts on a daily basis. If that’s why you’re unfollowing me I’m cool with it, but you can also send me an ask saying “hey, could you your op discussions?” and I will.

In fact, that’s what I’m going to do from now on, I’ll use the “One Piece discussion” tag whenever I post something that’s not fanarts or gifs or whatever. 

So yeah, go ahead and blacklist #one piece discussion if you don’t feel like reading about all that stuff

i apologize if i’m talking too much about my game?? i’m just really excited about it as it’s been something that i’ve been working on for a long time now, and i wish people would become interested in it because i honestly like hearing what people think of it… dkjghdfkh

i guess it’s not all that unexpected that not a whole lot of people are paying attention to it seeing as it’s probably not what they followed me for (what with my blog having been a fandom blog for about 95% of its lifespan and even then one of those fandoms wasn’t pokemon) but ye…

it means so much to me when i see that people are actually interested in my game lsdflkjdsfhlkj

yeah, i unfollowed that person i tried to get back with. they’ve answered every ask they’ve gotten about their ocs but they didn’t even acknowledge my last plea for closure and forgiveness.

and the best part of this is that this probably happened because i made some offhand jokey remarks about a char that happened to be their kintype and it got them all offended or something, i guess. i’m left to assume this because i remember making the jokes and them not talking to me much afterwards.

i’m not going to give them any more of my time. i’ve tried as much as i could to be a good friend to them and i’ve apologized to them so many times, but if they’re going to spurn me off because i joked about Chara - some char from some video game - not being a Sweet Little Kiddo™ like they just so happen to think of them, they can fuck off and be a petty little brat for the rest of their life. they don’t deserve someone as cool as me.

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Name/Nickname: Rob/in

Gender: Agender

Height: 6ft

Hogwarts house: i live in harry’s house before his parents died, i own that house, it is mine, i live in it

Favourite colour: gray

Time: 9:44

Last thing I googled: something in french

A fictional character I would like as a sibling: my…skunk, or the raccoon

Favourite band/artist: Wolfgun

Dream vacation: Staying home, with my family gone for the month, honestly

When I made this blog: April 7th 2013

How many blogs I follow: 666

What I post about: furs, touhou, my own touhou videos, anime…….sometimes, pokemon, homestuck, and shit posts

Do I get asks on a regular basis?: i guess

Aesthetic: the void, probably

tagging: i’m lazy; do it if you want to, but tag me in it if you do, because i like reading these things

Towards School (Winner’s Appearances)

Keira left the shop, a bit nervous about to teaching the fillies. The only fillies she really knew is the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Keira sighs and silently hopes the day goes well.

As Keira trots through the market, she comes across a friend of hers.

Fire Spark: Hello,Keira! How you doing today?

Keira: Alright, I guess.

Fire Spark: Off to look for some more inspiration again for you newest painting?

Keira: Not today. I’m actually going to go teach the fillies at the school about art. Ms. Cheerilee asked me yesterday and I’m honestly a little nervous.

Fire Spark: Oh, wow! I don’t think I could teach fillies something like that. I don’t know nearly enough about art for that. Well, I shouldn’t make you late. And don’t forget about the request I gave you!

Keira: Don’t worry, I still remember it. I’ll have it done by the end of the week.

Fire Spark: Great! If it’s fine with you though, I might swing by your place later.

Keira: Sounds good! I hope I’m home by then. I’ll talk to you later! Goodbye, Spark!

(Congrats again to @akumath, winner of the 50 followers raffle!)

I’m sorry for the lack of original posts on here. I was supposed to edit my screenshots last weekend (I have quite a lot), but I got sick. The weekdays are full with school already and now that is weekend again and I supposedly should have time, guess what? I’m sick again…
Just bear with me, I will eventually get some more activity on this blog again!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
xx Emma


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