queentropy asked:

bev i've made an art blog! i want to become super-pro like you and have people request things of me and make a webcomic and make gorgeous art like you and all that jazz, but i don't know how to start. how did you go about making your art blog and getting feedback on it? do you have any advice?

(i hope this is ok to publish in case other people want advice!)

I’m guessing this is a blog question as well as a general art question? I obv started off with like 2 followers and 2-note art just like everybody starting up. so as far as blog advice goes

  • draw things you care about -  I promise making art that you’re invested in is the best way to improve
  • don’t be ashamed to make “dumb” stuff like silly fanart comics or whatever, any practice is good and as I said drawing things you like is a good way to improve 
  • try to post consistently
  • have an art tag that’s clearly linked on your blog
  • have a requests/commissions page that’s linked as well

and for art advice, try to experiment with a variety of techniques etc. it’s pretty much a never ending process of trial and error until you find some approaches that work best for you. also good luck!! ☆☆

I’m a tad bit late on this, but I did promise to do a follow forever when I hit 100. It’s a small step, but I’ve followed and come across great blogs/mutuals that post great pictures, art, gifs you name it. I guess I’ll start off with special mentions.

decayingwhiteflower: You got me into Tumblr, and I’ve been able to express my love for anime in a way that has benefited my life a ton. You’ve also been a great friend and girlfrin helping me with my blog whenever I needed it, and also all the things you do for me IRL. I can’t thank you enough <3

heavenlyhoratio: I Skype you all the time about my random obsessions with anime girls, and my total fanboyism of Hestia :D You’re a cool guy and we need to talk about anime more and hang out sometime, that’s a promise.

aleena-san: We haven’t talked in a really long time, but you were the first mutual to ever talk to me and get to know me. You recommended great anime to me, and even talked to me about some deep stuff IRL. I hope all is going well for you, and I hope we can catch up again soon :)

I would also like to say I’d really like to get to know more of my mutuals, I love seeing your all of your posts since I’m always online ^-^ These are gonna be blogs you should follow if you enjoy anime, kawaii bishojous, and bolded blogs are my lovely mutuals!

A-K: adventuringonline afterstories aleena-san amabaka ambi-dere anford18 asuunaa charmlev chitoge-kirisaki darkmisttag101 deadecchi decayingwhiteflower elitekirito emilysturdy escarletes evangelikon gurrenlagging heavenlyhoratio ifuckinglovegasaiyuno insecure-minorities illbeyourmaidsama judalz junnkos kageyllama kenkamishiro killvua kimiochi-senpai ki-zumono koukoi-kowaii kurodoki kuroshitsuji kurummi

L-Z: meliong meroune-lorelei more-moe-more-problems my-scarlet-princess na-na-ka onee-samaaa 0ni-chan onodera-kosaki onodorable ookazaki pu-chai sailorscoutusagi sansan9 sarachopsticks sebax151 shoniki simplykasumi siruth skyholic tachibana-marika takasquid takisuu thugderelife ugly-uruguayan uriekuki queenoflol yamakenz

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League of Legends: Daboi

Again thanks to everyone on here, and even the people I may have missed by chance. I hope to continue to grow as a blog and really meet more amazing people!

I did it. I made a blog about RWBY AUs

Yyyyyup, even though I am working on so horrendously many things at the same time, and yet I can’t stop adding new things. I guess I’m a hopeless overly motivated teenager… (wahaha) So anyway, this will be a collection dedicated to all the lovely fanmade universes of RWBY out there. Feel free to contribute to the database!

You can find the blog here!  There are thousands of free admin spots, just shoot me a sort of resumé via ask!!

asexual-japan asked:

Hey, can you please not reblog from sixpenceee. They are extremely ableist and transphobic. Thanks!

Really? I didn’t know that but still, I reblog stuffs from that blog because of its contents; not because of the person who runs it. It’s like how I don’t like Miley Cyrus but I love/listens her music.

Questions are closed until such a time as I’m ready to reopen this blog. Don’t know when that would be. Maybe never. Probably eventually though. I am sorry. I know a lot of people appreciated this blog. But I’m a person, y’know? And anyone following this blog likely understands that people go through things and they need breaks from certain things. I’m in school for art therapy and I have my own clients and everything, and it’s so much mental health stuff at once, I just honestly couldn’t handle having this blog too. So I’m sorry. And no, I don’t have it in me to answer all the unanswered questions in my ask box that have accumulated over the last several months in my absence. 

As a side note: to contrast my overwhelming mental health related work/school life, i have thrown my personal life into fandom. Fiction over reality. It’s helped keep a lot of demons at bay…… so to speak, lol (my big fandom right now is Dragon Age, hahaha)

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Do you even try to fight for equality? Or are you just hear to tear down people for using the label "feminist" and act like you're a victim when people call you out or say something mean? I don't even give one fuck about feminism right now. Because I've read your blog for an hour now and its literally just dramatic immature bullshit. Getting whiny when people call you a liar. You're a disgrace. You could be using your popularity to make a difference instead of acting like a fucking crybaby.

First of all, i call out bullshit, usually something to do with some bullshit a feminist said because guess what… thats the point of my blog and why people follow me in the first place. like… why do you think i usually call out feminists… thats the point of this damn blog!! I also call out Christians and pro lifers and bullshit like that too but that stuff doesnt pop up as much as feminist bullshit does.

My blog is literally called anti feminism pro equality. what in the actual fuck did you expect? You want me to blog about anime and cats or some shit? I have another blog for that ffs.

i act like a victim when people call me out? really? do i send people to deal with them or do i handle it myself? oh thats right i handle it myself. how does that make me a victim? seems like im fighting my own battles. victims send others to fight their battles.

and i get “whiny” when people call me a liar? well yeah wouldn’t you? i am not a liar so i dont wish to be called one. you expect me to sit back and let people just say stuff about me? no.

APF 300 Follower Special (Part 1): Mod Photo

Hello everypony. For all my new followers, i say “Hello.” My name is Antr and welcome to the A Past Fluttershy 300 Follower Special!  I recently hit 301 followers, so i thought it would be nice to show my appreciation.

The special will be split into three parts. Part one is a mod picture. I was a bit nervous doing this, but i thought “Hey, i’ll do at least once.” Guess you could say i was a bit “Flutter-shy.” Hahahaha….bad joke. 

I’m 19. I’m technically a girl, but I look more/feel more like a guy.  I still added hearts though to make me feel a bit better; and because i love everyone. 

Part 2 will be a post about a contest for which blogs i will draw. If you were in the 100 follower picture, your chances will be slim, but i’ll get more into that when i post the info. 

anonymous asked:

Tried being reasonable, but I guess what it boils down to is that your overrated fave didn't get a movie and you're mad about it so fuck anything else, right? Whatever. You're an asshole

lmao yeah i’m an asshole because i reblogged a tagged piece of wank on my own blog and didn’t ask for anyone else’s opinion and you tried coming at me on anon. yeah, good assessment on who’s the real asshole.

and btw, my overrated fave didn’t get a movie. my overrated fave got a 13 episode netflix show that’s now being called the greatest thing marvel’s ever put out there. so who’s the real winner here?

Blog Update

((Hey, I’ve just made some changes to Cin’s blog. I made a couple tweaks on her About page. I also added an Alternate Verse page, which talks about Cin’s place in verses other than Forgotten Realms. Currently the only verse with anything on it is the Dragon Age one, which I guess officially makes her a DAI blog?

Other pages added are a Rules page and an About the Mun page, neither of which have anything on them yet because I am a lazy piece of shit. I figured if I made the pages, that that would inspire me to actually getting around to writing them. xD))

secondchancescottyasks asked:

*Rolls in* Hello Tabbs! You feeling alright? ^w^ *Boops nose*

I’m eating poptarts…I’m aight i guess

I wrote some stuff for the ask blog I’m working on so I’m happy that i was productive, I fell asleep in class thinking about…the au I guess. Some spoiler stuff. Got yelled at in the morning. So my day is good. Oh and also one of my awesome teachers(library assistant i guess is her position) I told her about what happened with the substitute and it was funny cause i told her about how i said that i hoped he could hear me when I said he had a broom up his butt XDD (since i was trying to keep from saying ass again) 

and so later she was going to joke with me when I was talking to the other aide but she stopped to say “Well, I was going to joke around and say ‘SHUT UP TABETHA’ but then I was afraid you were going to do the thing with the broom” and I’m like “omg pls no” but still it was funny.

also rvb episode was hilarious :D

I was tagged by this totally crush of mine: omgpadfoot

Why did you choose your URL?: Because Remus Lupin is my baby, and I love him and his lycanthropy means the world to me. I just added a “puns” in the end, and then we have a pretty bad pun with my URL. I guess it fits quite well because 99% of my blog content is about Marauders puns.
What is your middle name?: So, my name is a little bit extensive, let’s drop this topic, lol.
If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?: A  Pygmy Puff, oh god!
Favorite color?: I like red and green, but sometimes I don’t. I like black in almost everything.
Favorite song?: It changes a lot, but at the present moment I’m really into this. 
What are your top three fandoms?: Harry Potter. I don’t have another one, I swear.
Why do you enjoy Tumblr?: Because here I dont’ need to pretend that I’m not utterly obsessed with Harry Potter? Because people here are kind and it’s one of my fave things ever talk to everyone here.

Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too):

So I’ll tag:  wolfstar-shipper, sirius-the-cool-uncle-black, gaymus-lupin, ohremus, youcantbsirius, sirius-biack, pocketpadfoot, remusinasweater and remuswannadosirius

Snake update(I’m going to try blogging more about my reptiles)

All of the boops ate yesterday except for Inara(she’s in bluuueeeee). I am so pleased they are all coming out of winter hungry and happy.

The little Aberrant Cali King that I got is still super dee duper pissy, he tried to musk me yesterday after posturing at me and rattling his tail, and he accidentally popped his penes out. He even tagged me a few times when I moved him to a temporary cage to clean his enclosure. Hahah, guess I now know for sure he is a he, and I can go ahead and think of names for him. I wasn’t going to check(pop/probe) him until he was settled in more and a bit bigger, but he solved that mystery for me. He also surprisingly has no blotching on his belly, it’s all white. I mean, I haven’t handled a ton of Cali Kings, but I don’t think I have ever seen one with an all white belly? Maybe the high whites have it, what do you think butthurtherpetologist, zacharge and risque-de-chute

Jaxom(bp) was a total derp and missed his strike at his f/t rat the first time around, he had to have another go at it, then tried to eat it sideways -_-. At least he is back on feed! 

i need to follow more DC blogs but i’m only on volume 47 right now and about to start 48 and all DC blogs are RIDDLED with spoilers

like i know SOME MAJOR ones and some MINOR ones but damn

i need more detective conan blogs

i will draw and post art and see who flocks to me i guess 

Blog. 3

20/4/2015 3:55 pm

Hey loves! Just in case you’re wondering, my exam went surprisingly well. The next one is on Wednesday 22/4/15. The drive back home was full of idiotic moronic fucks portraying their lack of civic sense morality and.. well.. just their utter lack of grey matter really. I wonder if they feel the same way about me. Interesting, I’ve never really been able to think like that. I guess I’m getting wiser by the minute ;). 

I just wanted to take sometime out to express how it feels to be a closeted MTF transsexual. I need you to close your eyes and imagine yourself just as you are, exactly the way you are mentally and emotionally but as the opposite gender. Imagine the standard gender roles being forced down your throat. As an MTF, I am going to give you some examples for you to relate to.

I bought a pink phone cover for a spare phone I had because I love pink and I wanted it. Mind you, it was a spare phone not the one I use on a daily basis and my father made sure he passed a snide remark.

I started shaving my body a few years ago because I hate body hair and I couldn’t stand it no more only to have my father pass remarks like these. " what are you even doing?“ ” Don’t be Gay! Do you like guys?“ ” Id rather not realize a few years down the line that I made a mistake sending you abroad and that you’ve become a girl or something weird, you know? They have a lot of those out there! I’d rather send you to a place where you practice religion and simple living and spend your life living a mediocre but religious life.“

(I’m only out to my online friends, 2 friends out here and my mother)

After painting my nails, my mother makes sure she points out how creepy it is that I do all this. She makes it a point to convey to me that I have fostered all this and there was nothing wrong with me I’ve just convinced myself that I’m MTF. She ensures that I am told every other day that she blames herself for me thinking the way I do and my entire extended family will be blaming her too. She has gone as far as saying, ” you can transition after I’m dead.“

I’m not sure if you can imagine your parents saying ” you can be yourself after we are dead. Till then you are what we say you are.“ It certainly is frustrating, it certainly is painful. 

I often look at women with sunglasses on, straightened long black hair with golden brown highlights, wearing their hair on one side covering half of their yellow tank top and beige shorts with absolutely flawless skin and beautiful long legs wearing wedges with beige sole and black straps walking confidently down the street and I think to myself I wish that is what I looked like. I wish I could pull that off. I wish I would have 15 people complimenting me everyday on how pretty I look. I wish someone would ask me out on a date and take pictures of me while I read the menu and then when I look up and ask "what?” She looks up at me and says “nothing, you’re just beautiful…” blushes and looks away. I wish…. I wonder… I long for that day…

Let me simplify this, 

I wake up every morning and look up in the mirror.

I see a familiar face stare at me but it’s no one I know.

I see a man in the mirror where a woman should be.

I see a smile fade away imagining what could be.




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Sherlock giving himself hickeys for a case/science then John comes back home and asks him what the hell happened that he looks like that and Sherlock just chuckles and says “you should see the other guy” because he thinks he’s funny but John gets so upset says he forgot something in the surgery and leaves in a huff and Sherlock’s just like wtf was that