So I guess I’m opening lineart commissions!!

NSFW & gore are a-ok!
Characters must have an existing visual reference
If you want the lines or background to be a certain colour, just ask!
All prices are in GBP. Paypal only, to be paid in advance

Please send me an email if you’re interested! Thank you!! ♥


in a dystopian future where earth has lost its ability to sustain life
three heroes have come together to discover their fate.

My Baby.

Amelia was exhausted, but relieved. Ryan had made it through his surgery, and had woken up and spoken to her. He was sleeping now, and she hadn’t left his side. She blinked, eyes heavy with tears not cried, and she sat on the edge of his bed, stroking his cheek with a curled finger. She bit her lip, looking at the son she loved so much, the son she’d spent the past sixteen years adoring and she couldn’t believe how close she’d come to almost losing him. She kissed his forehead and let out a heavy sigh. “Don’t ever scare me like that again Ryan..you’re my baby, i can’t lose you.” She whispered, even though he was still asleep. No matter how old he got, or the fact that he was the same height as her already, he’d always be her baby boy, her little man, her shadow. 

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Put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut for darkerwings

Word Count: 7846

Rating: Not Rated

Summary: When Harry winds up staying at Louis’s newly inherited B & B on the first day it re-opens, it’s a chance to sort everything out and put the pieces right back together.

Or the one where Louis hasn’t seen Harry in a year, they kiss in the rain and attempt to patch up their relationship.

tradramblings asked:

Am terrified and confuzzled. What is 'cheeky nandos' supposed to mean or refer

okay i like you so you’re getting a straight answer, but you absolutely cannot tell anyone because if i get caught handing out this info my tea ration gets docked, people are allowed to cut in front of me in queues and i get a personal phone call from the Queen to tell me that she’s very disappointed in me.

Nandos is a Portuguese restaurant founded in South Africa that specializes in chicken based dishes, they are very popular in the UK.

“Cheeky” is a term Brits use to describe an action they are trying to perform in a quick and stealthy manner, you go for a cheeky cigarette if you go for a smoke during your shift at work if everything is quiet for a couple of minutes.

Trying to get away with doing something cheeky can lead to amusing events or encounters which will be retold at a later date in a highly exaggerated way with many bad jokes, puns and politically incorrect comments, this joking around is called banter. To an outsider banter often looks like bullying but as long as the “victim” laughs it is classed as banter.

So “Cheeky Nandos with the lads” refers to a supposedly sly outing by a group of young men to eat at Nandos, it is expected that banter will occur during this outing but for “Top banter” (the highest form of banter you can achieve) other people must know that this event occurred so one of their group will post a facebook status or tweet like this:

This informs others that their friendship group are making the most of their evening, gently reaffirms their “lad” status and also subverts the idea that this is a “cheeky” event by removing the sneakiness required for other cheeky activities but the brazen declaration actually increases the cheekiness by invoking the other definition of cheeky: behaviour considered to be bold or disrespectful of social norms.

tl;dr: a cheeky nandos is a post-modern discourse on hyper-masculinity.

“I feel sick. I feel like maybe I’m not… Like maybe I’m something else than I thought I was. I don’t know if I know what I want anymore, and it’s really scaring me. And I don’t know who to go to so I can talk about it. I feel dirty, like I shouldn’t want… things like this. I already knew I was… not normal. I mean, more not-normal than is socially acceptable. It’s sick and gross and I’ve prayed so hard for the Smiling God to fix me, to finally finally let me want the things I feel like I want right now, so what’s wrong with me!? Why can’t I just like wanting things! Why do I feel even more broken than usual? It’s not fair… I waited so long and it’s not what I’d hoped and dreamed it would be, it just isn’t fair at all.”