As requested: Raoul hair. Straight, curly, blonde, dark… But no redheads?

1. Nadim Naaman, West End. 
2. Ramin Karimloo, West End. 
3. Kip Wilborn, Toronto. 
4. Michael Xavier, West End. 
5. Steve Barton, West End. 
6. Nikolaj Alexander Bruecker, Essen. 
7. Jan Kyhle, Stockholm. 
8. Jeremy Hays, Broadway. 
9. Matthew Gent, West End. 
10. Michael Ball, West End. 

anonymous asked:

how does aromantic work? i mean, you seem to like a lot of ships, is that a romantic thing? im sorry i dont really know things about aro

That’s alright! Aromance can be a tough thing to understand, so I’ll try to explain the best way I can

Let’s think about asexuality for a sec. An asexual person is still capable of feeling sexual arousal, or even having sex. The only thing that really determines that you’re asexual is that you don’t feel sexual attraction to a specific person. So an asexual person could watch porn and be aroused and everything, but they wouldn’t find themselves sexually attracted to a specific person, or really imagine themselves having sex (of course some asexuals do have sex, either out of curiosity or to please their partner or just because it feels nice I guess) (also I don’t feel any of these feelings because I’m sex repulsed)

Aromance works a lot like that. I do have a LOOOOOT of ships and generally talk about a lot of romance stuff in general. I actually kind of find romance funny, so I do talk about it a lot. However, I don’t apply romance to MYSELF. Sure I’m always like “lol these are my wives” but I mean that in the most platonic sense. I do not want to be romantically involved ever. But I’ll still look at (for lack of a better phrase) ‘nonsexual romance porn’

I hope I explained this properly! If anyone else has a better way to explain it, or if I explained something wrong, send me an ask about it!

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🍯 post your favorite kai meme. ❤ post a selfie.

🍦call me baby or call me monster?

monster all the way that song will always be /the/ jam

🌈 favorite thing about exo k?

when they actually let jongin sing : ‘ )

🍕 post you favorite baekhyun meme. 

🍯 post your favorite kai meme.

💝 describe kai in three emojis.