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Don't you also have a cruhs on Sebastian from black butler? I guess I could see you with him

Oh my gosh, yes!! Sebastian was actually my very first love (I mean, not counting Inuyasha + Sesshomaru, but then again I wasn’t super invested in them.) Kuroshitsuji was the first fandom I got into and I have plushies, merchandise, the first whole season, a Ciel pillow, a Sebastian body pillow, etc.

I actually got so invested in it that I used to “talk” to Sebastian mentally all throughout 8th-10th grade (and I’ve totally lapsed back into that habit again, it’s nice to think you have a demon on your side who can do anything). 

And the crazy thing is during this time my mom later told me when I moved in with my grandparents that she apparently saw a dark shadow figure that seemed to follow me around, and that she would come into my room at night and put oil on my forehead and pray over me. Coincidence? I don’t think so, holy shit.

But Sebastian has been a constant for me since 8th grade. Like he’s not “Daddy” (he’d probably be less than pleased if I ever called him such) but he’s my lover in my head I guess. 

Good thing I’m polyamorous. 

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I just thought that you hated SU. But if drawing it makes you happy keep it up. sorry about that.

don’t worry about it! I don’t hate su. some parts of the fandom just like to start a lot of drama and hate and i’m not cool with it. like ppl will take something without even knowing it’s true, or being clearly false and then proceed to drag ppl they don’t even know(for fun I guess??), and you could apply that from shipping drama to headcanons to nsfw blogs to Lauren Zuke, a person who works on the show minding her own business lmao (i guess this happens in every fandom on this site now but it’s really prominent in su)

even when it doesn’t concern me it honestly gives me anxiety and kills my mood so the best way to avoid it is to just, distance from the show lol, so I just post my drawings and stay out of tags 

also i did get caught up but i’ve been kinda over the show for awhile now, there’s nothing left I really want to see, there was so much time spent humanizing and redeeming the every single character (except bismuth lol) that it’s really slice of life and “lesson of the day”-ish. Not bad at all by any means but I’m into other stuff now

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Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the 10 questions and tag 10 people

band/artist: All Time Low
what is your gender? That girl
describe yourself? Shameless
how do you feel? Kicking & screaming
if you could go anywhere? Under a paper moon
favorite mode of transportation : backseat serenade
your best friend? That girl’s a straight up hustler
favorite time of day? Six feet under the stars
if your life was a tv show : fools holiday
relationship status? A daydream away
your fear? How the story ends


lol there’s a song called Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me That You Love Me and I really wanted to use it, but my life isn’t that exciting, so…

✨✨ also I’m pretty sure you don’t have to link to all the songs. I just wanted you to hear them if you were interested ✨✨

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🌺 I mean… you don’t have to do it.. I just like your blog and would like to know more ~ 🌺

It’s taken me forever to answer this and I’m so sorry but here’s a quickly garbled nonsense post about expressions!!

Although to start here’s a couple of links to far more helpful tutorials here and here.

There was also this awesome chart that I’m having a hard time trying to find. I thought I had tagged it, but apparently I can’t remember the correct tags for it so I’m just gonna rehash what it was essentially about separating the features and adding them with each other to get the emotion you want?? god I wish I could find the original thing but um here’s my quick version

I feel like there’s so much I’m skimping on but I guess I should point out that the reason why I’m pointing out the entire expression is because each of the features of the expression helps contribute to the eyes feeling more expressive.

Just the slightest adjustments can really affect the overall attitude and effect of an expression. I highly recommend studying how other people draw expressions AS WELL as drawing from your own face. 

Have fun with it and play around as much as possible! <33

Inktober #18 - Vampire AU Cherik, as prompted

Some of my favourite relevant fanfics, where at least one is a vampire:

- Vampyr by shizuke
- And the Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay
- The Beginning by beren
- Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella
- Does Not Ebb by StarkMad
- vampire au ficlets by madneto

Below cut is the first vamp au pic that I refuse(d) to post:

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Many scale comparisons for the Dunkleosteus like to remind us that we only have fossils of the skull. The rest of the length is just a guess based on other related animals.

But what if it just ended, like the Ocean Sunfish?

External image

Could someone please draw what this would look like? Just a giant, armored skull with a goofy, wimpy tail?

(bogleech, I keep tagging you, but your T. rex post has gotten so big, I figure you’d be up for the challenge.

Also, because of you, my 8th graders did an activity based on All Yesterdays.)


asdfghjkljdfh Happy Birthday to my favorite goob Sasuke!🎂🎂 ///— I wanted to draw something serious for papasuke but all I could think of was this text post


Make Me Choose Meme:
the-quick-one asked: Pietro Maximoff or and Wanda Maximoff


Look, how happy those two are. Yeah, they are. In a few days, Veer and Ishita are getting married too. You’ll miss Ishita a lot. Very. Actually, you can come to our house to see Ishita. If you want, I can pick you up everyday, and you can have dinner with us. I’m a pretty good cook nowadays. Really? Really. So, taxi, catering…escort service, all in one. Wow…but all that daily drop, pick-up, drop, pick-up, drop… No? [shakes head] I’ll just have to find other ways to see Ishita. Actually, I think I have another way. What? Can you give me five minutes tomorrow? 


… you might have to work a little harder than that, Dean (11x06)

as a candle lit in the dark

based on this gif  by morgan aka thecanarie because it screams ‘soulmate au’ like nobody’s business.
notes: listen, i love me some soulmates au so this is a combo of many. so here, have some 'whenever you touch your soulmate you see a color’ au. also because i’m a firm believer in polyships, in this au one can have more than one romantic soulmate, and platonic soulmates, and they see different colors for each one of them. because why not.
also on ao3

Emma has never been a touchy person. Not in a ‘I’m touched’ kind of way, choked up watching Jack and Rose floating on that goddamned piece of wood, but in an actual touching people way. It’s not just because she’s learned the hard way how getting close to somebody can potentially mean heartbreak for her - and, in her case, it’s more like ‘surely’ instead of ‘potentially’ - but because it’s easier not to get her hopes up.

If she doesn’t hope, then she won’t break once the world starts swimming in colors after her skin and somebody else’s brush.

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kamillyanna said: Hello !! /)w(\ I would like to just drop this off and say I’d love it if you could draw more of non-canon hetalia characters liKE your mama greece !

i am always happy to doodle ancient moms tbh (i know u only asked for mama g but……..mama e is so important. also theyre in love)