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Carter strolled down the hall, murder on his mind and a leather jacket on his back so he looked like he owned the place. In a way he did, because he had half the students and professors in his family’s back pocket. He liked that the halls parted like the Red Sea wherever he walked. People were scared of him, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Unknowingly to C, his subconscious had wandered back down memory lane, particularly to his all the girls he’d been with over the years as he looked around the hall at any fresh meat he could target. Some of the girls were pretty, but none of them really caught his eye yet. Perhaps he was too distracted by the little voice in the back of his mind telling him not to forget about a special girl he’d met in San Fransisco when he was 16. Her name was Sarah, and she was the only girl he’d ever truly loved. Sure, he’d been with other girls since then, but every time, he always felt a pange of loneliness, coupled with a twinge of regret for not staying loyal to her even though they were no longer together.

Carter was pulled out of his thoughts by the feeling of being watched. Being stared at was not an unfamiliar sensation for him, but this gaze felt different, special, somehow. Turning around, C’s eyes landed upon a familiar face that he knew he’d never forget: Sarah herself.


Dear SU fandom,

I can’t believe this. I cannot believe, this fandom has literally done some stupid bullshit like this again. Lauren Zuke drew some fucking lapidot and you all threw a literal fucking hissy fit. You told her she, a gay woman, was queer baiting, and favoring one ship over another. First, she drew the damn picture to show she supported the ship. Second, who cares if she favors lapidot over another ship? Guess what? You favor ships don’t you? It’s called having an opinion. Even if she did like the ship, it’s nothing for you to get fucking salty over, I mean Christ. This is a woman who has been helping to come out with content for all of you, episodes that you can enjoy and love and rewatch, and you treated her like an enemy. Will anyone in literally any fandom ever just CALM THE FUCK DOWN. And especially. ESPECIALLY. STOP. ATTACKING. THE CONTENT. CREATORS. STOP. I am so fucking ashamed right now! And if miss Zuke ever somehow finds this, I want her to know I am so so sorry for how youve been treated, and that I love and appreciate your work, and everything you do. Now SU fandom. Get your shit together.

Alexander and Angelo, the fucked up duo.


So I have no idea whats going on but thank you too my baby @johnlockedslashprincess for tagging me. 

1. Ohmlirious

So as most can guess, it’s my most commonly posted ship right now; Ohmlirious. I love how stupid and flirty they can be together, and the fact Ohm is always talking to or about Delirious is adorable. It’s a new ship, so hopefully it can sail a bit futher. #ButtSexOhm 

Faceless love

2. H2OVanoss

Now this ship actually got me into Ohmlirious and I love it to death. They’re so close to eachother it’s unreal and the fact that they always talk about one another makes me cry with joy, like Vanoss adding sketches of Del when he’s not there and Del calling every Owl he see’s after Vanoss. 

Their bond is unbreakable

3. Phan

(Totally not copying your list @johnlockedslashprincess)

Even my 12 year old brother ships them, it’s that obvious. From the countless ‘proof’ videos I’ve watched, too the heart eyes Howell, makes me love them even more. Their love for one another is a beautiful thing, despite what type of love it maybe. 

Love can be in any shape or size

4. Septiplier

Back in the day, I use to ship these two a lot. From them dyeing their hair together and the huge support they’d give one another, too the banter, I loved the thought. I still do. 

Brother from another mother

5. Anime

Okay, look guys. I am a huge fucking nerd and I just ship everyone in anime. 

Deal with it (⌐■_■)

Anyone scrolling down can participant as I literally have no friends


Have fun telling everyone your 5 top OTPs!

anonymous asked:

My girlfriend is asexual and I was getting hurt. (I know, selfish). I started to get upset at little things and this pushed her away. Only recently have I read up on it, and I'm beginning to understand. But she just told me that she needs some space, and she's been very distant. I get it now, and I'm actually perfectly content in never having sex again. I feel like shes gonna break up with me. Is there any way I can show her that I don't care about sex, I just care about her? I love her so much.

There’s no magical word that’ll save any relationship. You can tell her what you’ve learned, I guess, and just give her the call to stay or jump ship. Maybe she does, and maybe she won’t.

Like …. There’s no Official Certification Of Understanding Of Asexuality that you can just wave in someone’s face sand have their trust in you fully restored. Especially considering the context; there’s currently a huge deficit of asexual education available, so it’s possible that your girlfriend isn’t so sure of herself either, and the last thing she needs is some variable that knows even less than she does.

We’re told all the time that people have every right to leave us if they feel like the relationship isn’t for them. Maybe, the same applies to you.


I’ve been looking for the right words to say all day. And honestly it comes down to this, if something that I do makes you uncomfortable and we are on a friendly or mutual basis, feel free to contact me and talk about your concerns. We could work out a blacklist word/phrase or something to help you out. If you wanna just unfollow/softblock/hardblock, whatever feel free, but I would appreciate the respect of receiving a message, especially if we’ve talked in the past.

One thing I really don’t want to see because I think it’s rude as all fuck, is someone calling me out or bashing me. Especially if we were on a friendly basis. People I gave my fucking phone number to are calling me out, tryna drag or whatever.

But guess what, you can’t drag me because I have nothing to hide.

I do ship dickdami, but only in an AU where Damian is of legal age. Do I ship Bruce with the batkids? No. Do I have a problem with it? Not really, because if they’re of consenting age then who am I to judge?

And, I tag EVERYTHING. I tag ships, I tag drama, I tag anything and everything you need tagged. If I’m not tagging something feel free to hit me up and I’ll start tagging it for you. You can go through my dickdami tag there are like three posts in that shit, go through my ao3, go through my other tumblrs, I don’t care at this point. I have nothing to hide.

Now if you have a problem with any of this the unfollow button is free and works great, so does the block button. You can’t call me out because I’m not hiding anything. So call me all the names you want because I know, and my real friends know, that it’s not true.

  • y'all:spacekids is an ugly white racist homophobic devil that hates all lesbians and all wlw ships and doesn't count as a real bi because she's asexual and she needs to delete get raped and kill herself *send anon hate, hijack my posts, tag me in hate posts, send my mutuals hate, tell my mutuals lies about me*
  • me:*blocks u*
  • y'all:WOW she blocked me!! i can't believe!! just bc i ship clxa and for no other reason!! just bc i called her out on her shit!! just goes to show she's awful i guess

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I have a question.... is kaisoo or kadi This question is idk 'weird'? Bc i know that fans who ship kai and d.o call his ship 'kaisoo' And anoter fans call the ship 'kadi' THIS BLOG IS AMAZING! (My english is bad i know)

Well, it can be kaisoo or kadi or dika, you can use either name you prefer! I guess kadi fandom is too creative hence we had 3 name, unlike the other fandom who stole our ship name (and picts) 👀☕🐸

(fyi, JI and KS recognise kadi and dika as their ship name, they also have been spotted for few times smiling when they saw kaisoo banners in concert, oh and exo too *coughbaekcough* recognise their ship name ^^)

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talk to me about cho x cormac i beg you

omg yes?? of course no one has asked me about my headcanons about them before and i honestly ship them a lot

  • so okay
  • i love to imagine cho and cormac becoming professional quidditch players after hogwarts
  • but they are on rival teams
  • and cho always hated cormac and his reputation of being this flirt who could make any girl weak at the knees
  • and she refused to be a victim of that prey
  • naturally, cormac thought cho was gorgeous ever since he saw her at hogwarts
  • i mean
  • who doesn’t think cho is gorgeous??
  • so it all began after a match that cormac won
  • cormac was cocky… naturally
  • cho came out of the locker room to find cormac leaning against the wall smirking
  • he was waiting for her and that annoyed her
  • she didn’t get it 
  • she didn’t get him
  • “well chang, better luck next time.” he casually remarked
  • cho rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him
  • she turned to walk the other way 
  • she was annoyed she was even feeling flustered
  • but she could hear his footsteps following her
  • “so how about we go get a drink? catch up and talk about old times?’ he asked her
  • she spun around, her long dark hair nearly hitting him in the face from the force of her movement
  • “i would rather drown myself in the black lake, thanks” she replied coolly
  • she hoped that would get him to stop bothering her
  • but that was only the beginning
  • as she walked away he could not help but watch her and was intrigued
  • cormac always loved a challenge
  • and cho chang was a challenge
  • he would casually start showing up after her practices to talk to her
  • even if it was just for a minute
  • each time she would humor him a little more and give him longer responses
  • this pushed cormac to keep trying
  • and cho knew what she was doing
  • and she cursed at herself constantly for it
  • she wanted him to keep coming back
  • cho learned quickly she didn’t want him to stop trying
  • i mean he was gorgeous
  • he was cocky for a reason
  • cho hated that he knew he was gorgeous
  • cho hated that he was getting to her
  • but she couldn’t help herself
  • he was too fun to tease
  • she tried to deny her feelings though
  • but it wasn’t until one day he didn’t show up after one of her practices that she realized the depth of affections
  • she could not believe he would just give up that easily
  • why wasn’t he there?
  • she felt dejected
  • and she cursed at herself for feeling this way
  • cause i mean this was mclaggen we were talking about here
  • whenever cho was upset or stressed
  • she always went to this muggle coffee shop cedric showed her
  • she always liked to think of the good times they had together when she was sad
  • she still missed him every day
  • as she walked into her favorite coffee shop to clear her mind, she heard the familiar chime of the door bell
  • and she looked up to see cormac sitting at her favorite table in the right hand corner of the shop
  • she was stunned
  • she approached him but she couldn’t say anything
  • how did he just happen to choose her favorite table?
  • there was no way he could have known
  • how could he have known to find her here of all places?
  • he apparently saw the look on her face and decided to answer her
  • all he simply said was, “i saw that you were always bringing a water bottle with this coffee shops name on it, i figured i would give it a try.”
  • he took a drink of his coffee then and watched her to gauge her reaction
  • she silently sat down and he smirked
  • she felt herself flush
  • but then she thought
  • i guess i could finally give this a try

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Welp ship anon is still here thanks to siren call of the iPad. Quick lil cute Maroth Drabble?(like it can be 5 sentences I won't care lol) I just rlly need some romantic shit right now pff

shit um i can try??? tHIS ISN’T ROMANTIC HOWEVER I AM SORRY 

Billroth sighed, curling his arm tighter around Mason, who nuzzled into his chest as he slept. A soft smile was gracing his face and his breath came out evenly as he rested. 

Billroth pinched the bridge of his nose, the nearly intrusive thoughts penetrating his mind still plaguing him. Despite the calmness of the room, despite how soft, how delicate, how completely pure Mason was, Billroth couldn’t get his own gross ideas out of his mind.

Pushing Mason underneath him. Tearing at his clothes. Hearing him scream his name in utter pleasure as he thrust into him…

Billroth groaned. “God, kid. The things you make me wanna do to you should be a crime.”

Billroth paused for a second, and a bitter chuckle bled from his lips. 

“Well, they already are.” 

ravenowlsworth  asked:

he ships "Mercy/Genji and Junkrat/Mei"? this sounds so wierd because Mercy/Pharah Genji/Zenyatta, Junkrad/Roadhog and Mei/Zarya are obviously the coolest ships, at least in my opinion

Honestly, like I guess ppl have their taste but I can’t trust the fact that a male character can make another male character feel alive and love himself and you ship the later with a lady he has some dialogues with…. Or have a lady who is so nice with every other girl she talks and calls them beautiful and you ship her with the guy she hates…….. God, I’m too afraid when overwatch actually takes the romances route.

yonin777  asked:

What are some ships that make you sad?

Hmm… I don’t know the name, but Summer/Taiyang/Raven makes me sad. It would have been a nice relationship and made a lovely environment for Ruby and Yang to grow up in.

Then I guess Bees does. Blake seems very self loathing right now while Yang is self destructive. Right now they’re both the worst thing for each other, but also the best. Yang can bring Blake up, and Blake can calm Blake down. But as they are right now it’s gonna be a lot of fire works.

Then Arkos because, yeah, y'know.

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so I'm really starting to get sick of fandom bs doing all this fetishing of ships of two guys and the blatant false advertising basically of the show that ship is from of being ~gay~ it took me asking 3 blogs if a book was actually canon gay couple in it cause of all the fandom making me hesitant to believe it actually was. like I can't even enjoy shows I got into cause of fandom crap. I was making a rant vent post on it but I have a feeling I'll get attacked over it all cause I'm against ships.

Damn, I know how frustrating that can be! I ended up leaving the first fandom I really loved, Sherlock, because of a certain ship (take a wild guess which one).

Remember that fandom spaces are for everyone and if you like the media that the fandom is based around then you have every right to be part of the fandom without pandering to shippers.

I can’t stand straight people who will call their ships or the blatant queer-baiting in their fandoms ‘representation’. But if you follow the right people, hopefully you can avoid all of that.

jean-grantaire  asked:

Ok ok so for the thing you just reblogged I'm Meg, my favourite colour is literally every shade of blue, my favourite ship is ExR but then also currently Philippe D'Orleans and his boyfriend from Versailles (and irl I guess), my favourite flavour of ice cream is probably chocolate brownie or cookie dough and I have a v dramatic and noisy cat called Charlie

Hey Meg!! I really need to watch Versailles I keep saying I will cause it looks great and still haven’t (also partially cause I can’t find it anywhere so if you have a website hmu please) Rad! cookie dough is the best ice cream flavor!! and tell Charlie ‘i love you’ from me your cat sounds wonderful

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Guess you can understand how Snowbarry and Caitlin as a character was ruined for West-Allen or Iris fans because of the actual racism. Being called a racist if you're not sucks but facing racism literally makes people want to die. Just sayin'. I don't really watch the show just Arrow but I'm a POC and I saw an Snowbarry fan call Candice the N word on Twitter and it triggered me and I'm not even black.

I can totally understand that, Anon. I hope nobody thought i want pity or something like that. It was just a experience that i made.
I know that Candice, Iris and the Westallen fandom have to face a lot of racism and that a part (probably a big part) of it comes from the snowbarry fans.
And as a ex-part of the snowbarry fandom i want to apologise for all these racist assholes.
I support Candice 100%. She is great and beautiful and she does not deserve this. Same goes for the Iris and Westallen fans.

Tbh I’m trying to avoid the “ship-fandoms” as good as i can recently, because they are so toxic. All this hate towards the actors and others makes me sad and angry.
Many, i would say most of us, are just trying to have a good time, enjoy themselves, the characters and their ships and things like that can ruin a whole fandom, a whole show for someone.
And not to forget: The actors are NOT responsible for a ship to become canon. They are the last people to hate, they just play a character. A role. Hating on an actress just because her character is together with one part of your OTP is just stupid.

We all should not forget:
We are all shipping FICTIONAL ships with FICTIONAL characters.
But if you send people hate because of these FICTIONAL things you hurt REAL people with REAL feelings.

(btw this is the ask that all this is kind of about: http://mrsredhood.tumblr.com/post/149391704522/how-did-fandom-ruin-westallen-for-you)

Ok. I am a Ichiruki shipper(god you didn’t know lol) . They are always canon to me. But if I think that seriously,something doesn’t feel good. Guess what? Renji.
I always thought about Ichigo must be with Rukia. They meant to be together. I cannot argue with that. I can’t even think other wise lol
Orihime deserved someone love her like Ishida. Ichigo didn’t react to her as a lover but just friends.(even called her Inoue until the last chapter.)
And Ishida deserved someone he love.
Look what we got:

Ichigo and Rukia

Ishida and Orihime.

But Renji?

Alright maybe Renji can be alone but it doesn’t feel just right. I don’t know I think that way bc maybe I noticed Renji like/love Rukia very much. And I just want him to be happy.
I wish there wasn’t any ship. Any canon ship.
Kubo can ended manga filling the blanks not couples with a kid. And rest of it could be our imaginations.
That’s what I call a ‘happy ending’

Hey, I guess you know that one call with Zen and a drunk af Yoosung? (there were some screenshots posted somewhere but I can’t find them anymore)
Well, I made a small fanfic about it(‘cause the server was down again), and I’ll post it after I clear it of grammar mistakes and such.
With all the ZenXJumin and YoosungXSeven going on I was wondering if anyone wants some ZenXYoosung added to the mix ^^;

Edit: The fic’s uploaded! Click here to read it!

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If you're still doing the send me a character thing, lance from voltron?

Omg thank you for sending an ask! And I’m definitely still doing it don’t worry :)

1: Sexuality Headcannon - He’s super bi just saying
2: otp: KLANCE
3:Brotp: probably Lance and Hunk, those guys are best buds
4: notp: hmmm probably Lance and Allura, I just don’t see it (if it’s even a ship I’m guessing it is)
5: First Headcannon that pops into my head- That he can speak Spanish??!! Like that’s fucking lit I’d love that if it was cannon
7: One way in which I relate to this character- I actually relate to him a lot, we’re both dank fucking memes for starters, I also get homesick really easily and love my family and friends more than anything, I also (try to be) really confident and try to be a good person so I don’t let anybody down, and I’m also not fucking straight (I know that was more than one way but I honestly don’t care)
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character- His constant flirting with every fucking alien chick that he meets like seriously Lance take it down a notch my boy

Keep the characters coming!!!!
Sorry this was so long I just really fucking love Lance ok?