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(sorry to hear about your rough day, hope it gets better! <3) and why don't you particularly like destiel? Just doesn't float your boat? Or do you feel like there's only room for wincest kinda thing?

Thank you. ♥

I guess I just don’t see it like that. I can see Cas falling for Dean but I can't see it being reciprocated.

The thing is that I did not approach shipping in the same way as I have come to understand many other people do. When I started watching SPN I had never been in this type of fandom and I had never heard about shipping. I was just watching it on my own and what I later understood was called wincest formed as a kind of hypothesis in my head. It was just me going “Hang on a minute…What if…. nooo, it can’t be… can it? That would be… kinda not that unexpected when I think about it. Hmmm. Wonder if it’s done on purpose?” 

It was in no way “I’d like to see those two fuck” or “wouldn’t it be hot if…”. It had never occurred to me that that was something people did with characters so in the beginning wincest was a neutral observation without any shipping goggles or expectation. It had nothing to do with floating my boat. It didn’t turn me on. 

Imagine my surprise when I found a whole community of people who saw the same thing as me. That’s when I was introduced to the whole fanfic insanity and wincest started to take on a life of it’s own with a lot more fantasizing involved. You can say that I didn't choose to ship wincest, wincest just kinda threw itself at me. Destiel never did that. If it had, I would ship it.

I am Swen

I can’t believe i’m doing this… Hi! I’m Angelle but i like being called Michelle (my middle name) i’m currently 16 but i joined the fandom when i 14 pretty young :) i’m gay and latina i live in Panama and i love Emma and Regina i’m also a HUGE Disney & Pixar’s geek and bookworm too, i have social anxiety but i like meeting new people and i’m actually a lot cooler on the internet.

 I love Swan Queen

I still remember the first time that i found this wonderful ship, i actually didn’t knew the name but by luck i found it and i started to see the manips, gifs, ect. It was on season 2B that i started to see Emma and Regina as something more than just enemies and was that same moment that i fell for Lana and Regina. In my tiny little mind the thing was ‘Maybe if Emma and Regina stop fighting and talk, they could see that they’re both afraid of the other taking Henry away and that if they could solve that, they could become friends and from there become a family and maybe then a couple’ and being honest this is my first ship EVER and this is the ship and the family that has my heart.

I love Swen

I’ve never feel more welcomed into a fandom as i felt when i first joined Swen. This is one of the most wonderfuls, kind-hearted and talented fandoms that there could be, i’ve come to meet really amazing people, wonderful writers and amazing artists, this fandom has seen me grow and has helped me in the moments that i most needed help and i don’t consider this just a fandom i consider Swen my second family. 

Has anyone else noticed tumblr’s sudden obsession with hating on ships that show abuse or incest or whatever?
Like…homestuck is getting hit pretty hard with people bitching over abusive ships (usually blackrom) or incest (like brodave)
You have people going “respect ships you don’t like!…unless it’s romanticizing abuse or incest!”
and I’m like…but where is the line there? What people have the right to call people out for thinking they are romanticizing things for shipping said things?

Like I LOVE demon AU ships…which, as you can guess, is usually very violent abuse, but I don’t view it as romantic, just I enjoy the mix of gore and, well, sex in demon fanfics. This also goes in play with my blackrom GamDave ship and Hichigo x Ichigo ship. They ARE abusive (and one is selfcest) but I’m not sitting there going “man I wish I was in a relationship like that” 
Hell no! I would never expose myself to that type of shit in real life! 

The same goes for some guilty pleasure ships like brojohn or billdip.
I myself don’t like couples with huge age differences in real life, but these are made up characters and I pay less attention to age when it comes to fantasy…like most people do. 

I just can’t stand seeing people jump on others just because they ship something and use “romanticizing” as an excuse to do so!
It’s a waste of everyone’s time to try arguing with every single person who likes a non-perfect ship.

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Prucan crack or not? I guess that since Hetalia has two ''canons''; the manga by Himaruya and the world itself we could count them both as a material for the ship. Prussia and Canada have only interacted once in the manga and based on that we could call the ship crack. But in real world, Canada has been in contact with Prussia, or Eastern Germany at least couple of times. Plus the whole 'New Prussia' thing. But until Himaruya starts to explore these interactions, I'm gonna say it can be both.

Imma be a downer and express my humble opinion that the ‘New Prussia’ isn’t much to go on since it’s literally just an area in Ontario, Canada. Not even a town or Wikipedia article to be found on it. Well, there is but what the hell is this. 

The micronation Kingdom of Prussia has more than that.

Fuel for your ship? Yeah, sure - if you want to grasp at straws. But I think the cultural exchange is much more worthy to go on.

I’m looking at definitions for this term again, and reading on I’m realizing is any Hetalia pairing really worthy to be considered ‘crack’? Almost every country has had some relation. Crack would be something like….Sealand and the sun. 

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u heard of all of those ship names but didnt come across that its called clexa not clarkelexa?!?

Some people call it clarkelexa too! It’s all preference I guess, but I know most do call it Clexa! If this is about that “all the 100 ships” ask i got a little bit ago I believe I put both as “Clexa/clarkelexa” ?? I think I can’t quite remember but I’m pretty sure hahah either way I know but thanks for the fyi anyways!! :)

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how many wa have you ignored? im up to 200 and counting. i can't be around their bullshit anymore. jumping into tags, starting hate posts, claiming we don't care about caitlin. i went into the wa tag once and all it was talking about was how caitlin will never be olicity. they don't tag their hate, they tagged it with caitlin's name. this fandom smh

I don’t bother counting anymore. They always come into the tags. Just keep ignoring them I guess. Tumblr doesn’t do a thing to close bigoted blogs, I wish they did. I heard about what they send to Danielle, it’s rank on their part. They don’t get that the actors are real people and only their characters are fictional. I’ve never seen so much repulsion in one ship for a while. If you can locate one nice one that’d be nice. I haven’t found any. With the things they post about other people, I’m surprised nobody within their own ship is calling them out. But this is what they want, our attention. Just laugh at it. Fill the tag with the positivity, love our ship.

Like, I’m not dumb. I know VegeBul isn’t a perfect ship. There really aren’t very many so-called “perfect” couples in DB. I can think of 2 that are close: Krillin-18, and Gohan-Videl. I guess Bulma’s parents make a pretty good team but beyond comic relief, most of their characterization comes from fanon and not canon. You can make the argument that GoBul is perfect but at the end of the day, it will ALWAYS be a speculative ship on the part of the characters and will never be canon. I’m just happy that these characters I adore all appear to be in at least semi-stable relationships as of now, but who knows what Super will bring. (Doubtful it will make GoBul canon but I bet there will be other new interesting ships that turn up over the course of the new series and I’m excited to see what adventures these wonderful characters go on.)

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I guess what I wanted to day with that ask is that judging by who she puts in place and who she respects and offers equality you can see who sends her nonsense and is actually disrespectful as a fandom. Hint it's not the crack ship. She never spoke against us but there are at least 3 documented outburst from Jen calling out csers that are disrespectful and know no bounds. Less on the coffee more on colifer and so so on her being pregnant


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If you could date any of your classmates who would you date? (directed to all of class 78)

//Oh dear God.

My secret crush. I’m not saying who.

I-I’ve begun to see my true White Knight in Togami-kun. O-Or, maybe I should start calling him “Byakuya-sama” instead. S-Seems more fitting.

Fujisaki’s pretty cute. But, I’m not sayin’ that’s an official answer! I ain’t so good with girls, y’know.

Naegi-kun. Definitely Naegi-kun. I don’t believe there’s anyone else willing to give me any chances but him.

I really don’t have too much of an interest in that sort of endeavor. But, I must say Togami-kun would look rather fitting as an undead butler of mine.

Now, no one could ever hope to replace my sweet Buuko! But, if I did have to choose a 3D woman instead of the preferable 2D ones… Celes-dono wouldn’t be a bad choice.

I-I do admire Oowada-kun’s strength. I mean, I don’t know i-if I’m suitable for dating, but I wouldn’t mind…

Dating is not a priority of mine! There are more important things to stress over than that! But… I’ll admit that Naegi-kun would be an extremely worthy choice! And there’s something about Ikusaba-kun that makes me feel as though she might be trustworthy after all…

Tch, none of these plebeians are worth my time. Besides, who cares about something so stupid?

Ehhh, I think it’d be kinda weird for a 20-year old man to go out with a buncha kids who can’t be older than, what, 16 years? 17?

I once had someone that I considered my “partner”, but he has long departed. I hardly know anyone here, so I cannot answer.

I was never good at “attracting” anyone. I can’t really answer this one either, sorry.

Is this even a question? Maizono-chan all the way, baby!

Hmm, tough question. I’d go with Naegi-kun. And if not him… Kuwata-kun seems pretty nice.

Geez, am I really the last one? Fine, umm… Naegi-kun seems pretty nice, so him. D-Don’t tell him I said that, though.

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Laura, because I don't think many people would suggest her.

Gender Headcanon: you know what she’d probably hate, at some point, being aligned with a gender. only those who A: DO NOT KNOW HER or B: know her VERY VERY VERY VERY WELL can get away with calling her a girl
A ship I have with said character: aeeeeliiiitaaaa
A BROTP I have with said character: ok i’m terrible but reese/laura would be interesting as a brotp and a one-sided ship i’m fucking awful BARRING THAT, ulrich and laura once the other finds out their dads SUCK
A NOTP I have with said character: idk her and jeremie i guess. her and ANYBODY.
A random headcanon: djflkdjflsdjfJDWOFJILSDKJFJSDL SHE LITERALLY HAS NO FRIENDS. NO FRIENDS. NONE. And she wants to join the Lyoko Warriors so bad because she sees the strength of their friendship and she wants that despite William’s warning of “pfff they don’t care for anyone but themselves” (roughly) (fuck you william) because all she’s ever wanted was a friend. Especially a friend that values her skills…but a friend that moreso values her, skills or no skills. (After all, her father only seems to want her to do well. Values her only if her skills are good. So deep down…she just wants to be accepted and loved and not used just because she’s very sharp and smart.) She wants friends. She wants to help. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. Maybe being snarky will work? But they respond poorly to that, yet Odd is in their friendgroup and is snarky all the time? No, ok, let’s try to help them. Suggest XANA be shut down. Oh but now she’s treated like an idiot. God she’s trying so hard so fucking hard she wants it she wants to feel loved and fought for and she wants to fight for something she wants to mean something but they don’t let her. And they don’t explain to her what’s going on. They don’t take the time to sit her down and talk to her because she’s just a pawn.

And then the mistake happens.

And she’s not allowed to correct it.

And she has no friends.

And now she’s scared she never will.
General Opinion over said character:

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I was tagged by merelyobsessed thank you wahh ^^ <3

Name: greta (blehh)

Nickname: some of my friends call me gredl and its really embarrassing so yeah

Birthday: september 23th

Sexuality: ??? (idk tbh)

Gender: female

Height: it must be about 169 cm. kinda average i guess

Timezone: CET

Time and Date: 11:20 pm / may 16th 2015

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 maybe

OTPs: hmm the first i can think of now is takuyaxjoonjae (the lover) and the others are mostly anime otps like jeanmarco, yumikuri, etc idk i dont have any kpop ships bc id feel weird when i ship real life people sorry ;_;

The last thing I Googled: time zones HAHA

First word that comes to your mind: fuck

What I last said to a family member: “why are you treating my manga like that”

One place that makes you happy and why: my room bc bed and wifi and people leave me alone here most of the time

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Favourite Beverage: green tea 

The last movie I watched in the cinema: age of ultron (still mad about that unnecessary brucexnatasha thing like wtf)

Three things I can’t live without: music, the people i love and sweets hehe

Something I plan on learning: hmm dancing i guess and also id like to improve my cooking skills ^^ and i want to think more positive  

A piece of advice for my followers: ok first of all hello i dont talk to you guys that often bc im shy but i love all of you thanks for following me even though im a potato ^^ please love yourselves, eat and drink enough, do the things you like and if somebody doesnt treat you well FIGHT THEM hehe sorry im v bad at things like this ;_; and pls feel free to talk to me if you want to <3

You have to listen to this song: x HEHE

My blog(s): jootas is my only blog where i post kpop and some other stuff and appreciate the cinnamon roll that is lee jonghwa ok bye and if you made it this far woah thanks for reading this even though im lame :D

alright so now i tag: aliciiaspinnet darlenedragneel daebakjackpot black-vans-authentic satansonyeondan hanbeenah songjuhees minsupreme hanabbc and sxokjin im sorry i think ive never talked to some of you before and if youre uncomfortable with this you dont have to do it! ^^

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I just wanted to thank you for saying that CMW is not a CS shipper. I ship CS and I find her theories horrible, upsetting, and offensive. She's gross, racist, misogynistic, and just an all around shitty human being. So I really appreciate you saying that.

CMW ships CS about as much as I ship CS.  Which is… well… I’m sure you can guess.  She may call the characters that populate her theories Killian and Emma but they have nothing to do with the actual characters on the show and there is no reason at all anyone who ships the characters on the show should have to deal with people thinking she represents them.

I try to do my best to remind people of that, but really I don’t have to do that very much.  I promise you, most people who are familiar with CMW do not see her as representative of your ship.

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Daryl had to be drunk to finally open up to Beth. after manhandling her and calling her names and making fun of her. What a perfect relationship, right? #Rickyl for life

First of all you ship R*ckyl and I respect that,I never blame other people for shipping different things.What I can’t understand is why you and other people feel the need to come to our inbox to badmouth our ship..Anyway, I guess you just need some kind of attention for your ship since you don’t have much…

Moving on,perfect relationship?who talked about perfect relationship?of course there were some not so good moments but that’s what makes it real and human!And in the end Beth was the only person that understood him and saw how hurt Daryl was.And also she was the ONLY person that Daryl opened up to.Anyway, enough, I’m not gonna try to explain to you why you are wrong.I have a better idea,go watch season 4 again and you will see it…after all the signs are all there,you just have to know how to read them….have a good day r*ckyl shipper!!

The Force of reason
Thomas the writer
artwork by

The force is the great essence to all life in the galaxy, when you able to challenge this power, you have the ability to used it for greater peace in life or pain and destruction. These words have been pass down from Jedi Master to padawan, but today there was one paticuler Jedi Knight who been questing these words within her mind, wanting the full answer, with her thousands questions.

I guess this story take place outside from the Jedi Temple, where Young Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash was prepared herself to head out and join the soldiers, that was heading for a nearby planet, that was getting hit by the enimies. When she reach the docking by hanger and head for one of the ship, one of the soldiers call out her name and ask to speak with her.

Commander bracer: greeting general, can I have a word with you quick

Jedi Rainbow Dash: is there something wrong commander?

Commander bracer: bracer sir, Commander bracer of the trooper stealth squad.

Jedi Rainbow Dash: right commander bracer, is there something you want to speak to me

Commander bracer: yes general, there seem to be a minor problem and only you can solve it.

Jedi Rainbow Dash: this better be important commander or we both going to have problems

Commander bracer: I swear to you general, this really is important

Jedi Rainbow Dash: alright then, spill it

Commander bracer, we have another general is supposed to join with us on another mission, but he have came out from the temple and we are behind schedule

Jedi Rainbow Dash: who the Jedi supposed to be with you

Commander bracer: high general Thomas

Jedi Rainbow Dash: …….. sigh where is he?

Commander bracer: pardon general?

Jedi Rainbow Dash: where did he go, just answer me that

Commander bracer: the last time we heard from him, he mentions about a meditation room.

Jedi Rainbow Dash: ….. sigh, I go get him

Commander bracer: you will general, but what about your other mission?

Jedi Rainbow Dash: it have to wait, this is a personal matter now, tell your men to wait and I go get him

Commander bracer: thank you sir

So Jedi knight Rainbow Dash left the commander behind and go on a search for the Jedi Master Thomas, which of course is me, but I will tell you this, I’m not exactly easy to be found. When Rainbow went inside the Jedi Temple, she ask several members and padawan, including masters that have seen me, but none of them haven’t a single clue. Rainbow Dash try to figure I gone to, then she seen another familiar face from a distance. The Jedi she saw was Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, a well known Jedi in the order and a good friend of mine, Rainbow Dash knew that Kenobi would help search for him, since Obi-Wan and Thomas are close friend. Rainbow Dash was able to get Obi-Wan Kenobi attention and speak with him for a moment.

Jedi Rainbow Dash: greeting master Kenobi

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: greeting young one, how are you doing today

Jedi Rainbow Dash: I’m not that young master Kenobi, I’m a jedi knight, just like you and everyone else.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: I understand Rainbow Dash, it just an old habit of mine, now what is it I could help you with?

Jedi knight Rainbow Dash: I’m looking for master Thomas, he was supposed to be going on a mission, but one of his man told me, that he didn’t show up.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: master Thomas you say, the last time I saw him, he went into the meditation chambers, he been going there for quite awhile and started to worried about him

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: you think, he felt something wrong within the force?

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: I’m not sure, Master Thomas have been around the Jedi Temple, since the old Republic was at simple time

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: master Thomas been around that long, I never knew that

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: master Thomas is a mysterious one to learn about Rainbow Dash, since his days at the old Republic, he was once know as a hero, but those were a fairy tale for youngling

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: can you tell me more about his past Master Kenobi?

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: I wish I could, but why not ask him yourself, since you are looking for him.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: I guess your right, I speak to you soon

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: goodbye then and may the force be with you.

So Rainbow Dash continue searching for me, but this time had a clue where exactly I could be and she head straight for the Jedi chambers. Once she finally got there, she look around and see if I was there, but didn’t take her long, to notice me, since I was the only one in the chamber. I been sitting down the same spot all day, trying to clear my mind, hopping to forget about my past, but no matter how much you try, the pain always return. I was close to find the inner peace, until the force tell me, that I had a guess right behind me.

Master Thomas: I’m honor that a Jedi knight came to visit a old friend or should I say, to visit her old teacher.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: you know it not easy for me to visit you master Thomas, we at war now and we need to think about to stop our enimies.

Master Thomas: do you remember our talk about the force Dashie?

Jedi Rainbow Dash: a thousand times master Thomas, even before I became a jedi knight

Master Thomas: then you must the find the answer of the ultimate questions.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: there was a question?

Master Thomas: of course Dashie, everything in life have question, which force us to find the answers, the force itself have many questions, but hard to find the right answer.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: have you find the right answer?

Master Thomas: not quite dashie, I been trying to find the answer, but no matter how much meditation I do, the answer is still fuzzy.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: like something from your past still trouble you.

Master Thomas: you spoken with Kenobi didn’t you?

Jedi knight Rainbow Dash: what make you think I spoke to him?

Master Thomas: well starter, master Kenobi is the only one I spoken about my past and second, your still bad at lying.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: you got me there, master Kenobi said that you been around of the old Republic, but I need to know, what make you become different, from those days.

Master Thomas: from the old Republic, I was a well know Jedi Knight, a hero to most people in the galaxy. Whenever there trouble and the good people need help, I will be the first one to be there.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: you sound like a great hero, but what make you change?

Master Thomas: at those time, I never listen to the force that much and I then to be reckless of my choices and when you make wrong choices, it then to stuck with you, for a long time.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: do you want to talk about that choice

Master Thomas: I wish I could Dashie, but all I can say is this, alway trust with the force, it always be your true allied, in tight situation.

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: what kind of advice is that?

Master Thomas: an advice from one old master gave to me and I pass it down to you,

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: …. thank you master

Master Thomas: your welcome, now was there something else you want to tell me?

Jedi knight Rainbow Dash: …. there was, but I figure I join with you, in your meditation is all.

Master Thomas: are you sure Dashie, I sense you have something to say to me

Jedi Knight Rainbow Dash: I did master, but like I said before, I need to spend some time with an old friend.

Sometimes within me was happy of what Dashie just said, I guess my words of wisdom got through to her and made her think more about the force, then about the battlefield. Because in life, we all have one body to survive in this great big galaxy, but we are all connected with the force and we will never feel alone.

like the great words from my friend, may the force be with you, always

The end

cuterivals said: At the very least I could help draft a pattern for it? I mean we should have a poke sewing party anyway but I have no money to fly internationally rn ALSO I’M SORRY ANON THAT CAME OUT REALLY RUDE BEFORE YOU’RE PROBABLY ADORABLE AND I’M AN OLD GRUMP


can you like stowaway on a ship or something? or I guess a plane would be faster. but more difficult.

and noooo in all honesty I probably won’t try to make anything lol. SAVE YOUR TIME, DO NOTHING..

(I’ll call on you if I get mean anons though. you can rip them a new one.)

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Kangham (Randy x Debbie) and Gossiping Fish (Morgan x Heidi)?

kangham(haha is that what its called? has a nice ring i guess):

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Gossiping fish:

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

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5, 31, 36 for the AAask thing :)

Omg sorry this is late I fell asleep yesterday

5. Favourite ship?

This one’s easy - Franziska x Miles. It is, and will probably always be my OTP and since I only have one you can guess that this ship means a lot to me. I am aware of the fact that most people view them as siblings but I, personally, think there’s something else that connects them, something that both can’t really grasp the concept of because of how they were raised and due to their lack of social knowledge. (Especially Franziska, but Edgeworth as well.) It hurts me to see when people call in an incest ship because a) they’re not related by blood and b) Edgeworth wasn’t even adopted into the von Karma-family (otherwise his name wouldn’t be Edgeworth anymore, obviously), so there’s nothing that would make this an incest ship, except for the fact that they lived together for a few years before Manfred made Edgeworth leave to America.

Sorry, this got longer than I expected it to…

31. Did you like what they did to Phoenix in Apollo Justice?

Well, this one’s a lot harder than the one before. I’ll have to say yes and no. One the one hand, I absolutely adored the concept of Hobo Phoenix because obviously the loss of his badge would be a great… let me call it ‘trauma’ for him, especially considering that he was always one to be disgusted by the use of forged evidence. What a bittersweet irony that using false evidence would be what would bring him both, seven years of self-hatred and his beloved adopted daughter. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I consider this… IC for Phoenix. Something about him turning into this Godot-ish character (and magically turning back in Dual Destinies!) bugs me for some reason. And it’s not like he had lost everything and anything at this point - he still had Maya, Edgeworth, Larry, even Gumshoe. Although Maya had to leave, I’m sure she didn’t doubt his innocence for one second. I don’t know, it just seems so unlike Phoenix to go down without a fight.

36. Do you like where the franchise is heading or did you prefer the atmosphere in the original trilogy?

Okay, I have to admit that Dual Destinies is my least favourite game out of them all and that I have mixed feelings about Apollo Justice. That doesn’t make those games worse though, they are just… less enjoyable for me than the trilogy, the crossover and Investigations were, especially Dual Destinies. I think they added too many new “special powers” to the game (I won’t count Edgeworth’s logic-system in Investigations because that’s nothing compared to Apollo’s bracelet or Athena’s special hearing ability). I liked when the Magatama and the channeling were the only “superpowers” the defense attorney could use. Then the characters… the only characters I really liked in Dual Destinies were Jin (Simon), Aura, Fulbright, Clay, Herman Crab and Sasha. That’s literally it. Juniper was annoying, Athena became my least favourite character of all time (sorry to all fans, this is just my personal opinion) and nothing about the not-mentioned side characters excited me enough to make me like them. (Funny that I like Clay although he never really had any screentime, duh!)

They also somehow ruined Jin for me because of his backstory being connected to Athena’s. I mean, I suspected that much but… please, really? Ugh. Most people will probably disagree with me, but I wish Dual Destinies had never happened because now we have all these characters that we can’t just get rid of that easily. (Which is one of the reasons why I’m so excited for DGS.)

So… while Dual Destinies is still a cool game because it belongs to the Ace Attorney-franchise, it is much less appealing than the games before it. And it was too easy. WAY too easy. Therefore, I guess one could say that I don’t really like it, but I have my hopes up for DGS and I absolutely loved the crossover with Professor Layton.


Thank you so much for asking! c:

Big Who Rewatch: The Sensorites

S01E07 : First Doctor : Susan Foreman, Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton

“I don’t make threats. But I do keep promises. And I promise you I shall cause you more trouble than you bargained for, if you don’t return my property!”

- The First Doctor to two Sensorites, The Sensorites Part 2: The Unwilling Warriors

In the 28th century, a human exploration ship landed on a planet called the Sense Sphere, making contact with the native Sensorites. Can we guess what happened next children? The humans started to steal the world’s mineral wealth of course. The humans died when their ship exploded, after which the Sensorites began to die from a plague. So, when years later another mission from Earth arrives, the Sensorites fear a repetition of history and imprison them on their ship. And then the Doctor arrives…

We get to meet the Sensorites, who viewers of Nu!Who might find somewhat familiar. Russell T Davis used them as influence for the Ood, and the Ood Sphere and Sense Sphere are apparently part of the same star system. Though they however, are able to be more pro-active about the whole enslavement/exploitation thing due to their brains being inside their heads rather than their hands. The Sensorites can control others minds with telepathy, not just communicate, and seem to be less of a hive-mind than the Ood. While not physically distinguishable from one another, there is clear individuality. One, according to Psi’s data banks in Time Heist (N!W S08E05) being among the worst criminals in history.

Susan gets to show off her Gallifreyan heritage with a bit of telepathy, which surprises even the Doctor (though the Doctor’s always been a bit of a duffer at that sort of thing). So she gets to have a bit more of an active role than usual, which is nice to see, and even talks a bit about Gallifrey. For those keeping an eye on continuity, this episode contains the reason as to why Pre-first regeneration Time Lords (still with their ‘Gallifreyan’ bodies) are believed to only have one heart.

While the dialogue’s quite a bit more clunky than previous episodes, and a six-parter to boot, the story is a nice political human-alien, invader-native plot with a dose of character development and back story, and some fantastic quotes. Lovely.

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