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your art is absolutely fantastic and adorable, I absolutely love the way you draw Diavolo (and everything else) I love the way you characterise both Diavolo and Doppio I'm looking forward to future updates keep up the good work!

((To be honest I always thought I characterized them weirdly, but I’m glad you like them!! Thank you so much!))

omg I am alive

I’m still here, mostly just been lurking on my other tumblr the past while due to trying to…. I dunno, be more social human(irl)/get adult stuff done? I don’t think I’m doing the greatest job but I needed a break of some sort I guess. I have opened my game a few times tho and worked real chill on some stuff - so maybe I’ll have some posts for you guys in the near future :3 Summer’s almost over omg and I’m so ready for fall - my mood has been picking up as well so yay!


witchsonas! :3c


an AU where aoba is always bullied in school and koujaku being an adorable dork of a childhood friend who is also secretly in love with aoba offers to fetch him home every single day and protect him from da bullies.

and one day aoba just showing his appreciation went thanks alot koujaku SENPAI like SENPAI literally ok someone get the computer away from me before i write some crap fic about this if i somehow could lol 

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im not the previous anon... but i am always here for a kaner's mouth picspam. im sure it's been done before, but there can always be more. hope youre having a nice summer <3

so many possibilities but. TIME FOR A MOUTHGUARD PICSPAM

“It’s something I’ll catch myself doing, and I’ll be like, ‘Put your mouthpiece back in your mouth,’” said Kane. “It’s just a habit I guess.”

THE MOUTHGUARD: Where the oral fixation thing all started :P
(see also this post for a history of the mouthguard and its demise) (x)


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hi guys so this is super cheesy but I’m pretty sure it’s my blog’s 1 year anniversary (after 1d day I quit just liking the pictures on my personal and made this one so I’ve been around longer just not as nauticallou) and I just wanted to give a quick little shoutout to all the amazing people who I’ve come to know and love through one direction. I had no idea how much being a part of this fandom and sharing my love for the boys would affect me and I’m oh so grateful for aboardthelarryspaceship pushing my ass into this fandom :) 

in no particular order I’ve gotta say a VERY special thanks to the people who ALWAYS have my back even though I’m a terrible friend and I would help all of them hide a dead body (you know it’s love): usa-nglophile, halveyouinhalftommoslouehhsoneandonlystylinsonbravery17,  haroldslovebitesonhistippytoesharrybirthdaytoyalouharzaynsnokialouisalertbabyharzan

also many thanks to the people who always know their shit and keep the fandom on nice solid ground and who I admire a bunch//can’t believe you people follow me: appreciatelouisloupiterohthefondbulletproofhalo,  diggingandfluffjustkindahappenedstylinsobsshitopslouthingsicanchangethingsicantstylinnuendolarrysinloveuniversityaulouiszaynscarmalisa,  anchoredlou

and of course thank you to everyone else who helps make my dash my favorite place in the whole world: someonesupportive,  louibistylinsinzpocketsizedtommoliloury, louisinslytherin, keepmyarmswideopen, thesefiveidiots, heissweetenough, lou–bear, harry-loves-sucking-lous-dick, , poolsidepumpkin, littlecheshiremouth, pianolouis, quirksters, longfringelou, infinitelymint, longhairedlou, justadoreya, harryrimslou, stylinsweet, stylinsonbubble, boatandbird, itscityzen, polaroidlouis, daysundercover, niallsnextcentury, zaynrocksmyworld, deerhershel, intenselouiszedkilam, sunshine-lou,  lourrynavy, 16meets18proudoflou, droppedmyburrito, loutomolinsons,, lovefateandsoulmatesstraightguysdont, boyfriendsandbeanies,  louisfringe, firebenwinston, domlounation, irishbrother, theirstoryofevents 

oh and the kids who put up with me IRL :  ajsemimopo413broken-esperanzajust-simply-being-mee

Here Comes a Thought (duet cover)
  • Here Comes a Thought (duet cover)
  • Originally Performed by Estelle and AJ Michalka

This song is beautiful and I wanted to be Stevonnie (so guess what????? I sang as Stevonnie)

(done on the Sing! Karaoke app. my username is skeletxnqueen, and the person who sang as Garnet is ImTheHighwayman)

In Vogue - a guide

I realized I haven’t done a how-to post on In Vogue in order to explain the whole publishing process… so here it is!!

As you know, In Vogue is getting published *cue applause* 

As of now, you can sign up for a pre order HERE (which is an e-book)

The official release is scheduled for September 29 and that’s when you can order a physical copy or order any other available format (very happy day indeed).

Apart from that, I am baking you red velvet cake for going to your GoodReads account (if you don’t have one, make one!) and clicking Want to read (right under the cover) + voting for In Vogue on these lists (on one list IV is no.360 and I will not stand for it)

And last but not least, come talk to me… be it on Twitter or here in my ask, share the love. If you can’t buy a copy and you love IV, that’s totally fine, maybe your friend who sees your post will, or they will talk about it to another friend. Word of mouth woop woop. 

P.S. Beth and Liz will be giving away books at some point too so you can always look forward to that!! 

P.P.S. A giant thank you to you all for making me this happy about the release and all the preorders and votes already!! You are literally the bestest. 


Where do I leave the romance
The fresh new haunting of you
It’s all been done
We could just walk away
There are no more new
Proposition to fill
Or tricks to entertain

I don’t know how to impress you
Or why you’d even care
We are more than obstacles to second guess
We have not met
Yet I recognize
Your dreamlessness

They tell me we
Have been here before
So long ago
Yet we never are
And it’s clear to me
Beneath my denial
But fate says to wait out
The truth of my life

If the evidence on me
Is that I
Always understood you
Then our past is cyclical
Comes back again
Good then
Let it show us
We deserve to know each other

preparing something

gonna give u guyz a small sneak peek what i m currently trying to do, take a good guess :D (or if you don’t really care…it’s alright.. *cries at the corner*) 

this artwork is taking longer then i tot..i hope it’ll work (my laptop is dying ;_; )

ppl ask me if i was gonna post some more artwork, of course i am~ but i can’t promise when will i do so, cus i still had work to do….

well here u go~

i hope i can finish this soon ;w; cant wait to show it when i m done <3


askjellybean said: The problem I notice is that fans of, well, anything have a way of equating ‘this is hilarious’ with ‘this should be how things are,’ which just. doesn’t. work.
thegoodlannister said: I am salty about everything today including this

OKAY GUYS BUCKLE UP because I guess I’m not done with this yet, but also I want to explain why it’s not just that I can’t take a cute joke.  Further context would probably help here:  Thor is my favorite MCU character, full stop.  I like many other characters and worlds and relationships in the movies, but there is no question that in my heart I am here for Thor’s character.    And fandom is shit at writing Thor.

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I shouldn’t have done this. I really shouldn’t have. Ahhah… so. Guess who was listening to Vocaloid and decided to do a quick rough sketch of Judai in Len’s Append Module? This doofus queen right here… xD Oh well. Just add this to the list of things I am never drawing again. I was so tempted to draw him in the Punkish Module, but, lucky for everyone, I decided to spare poor Judai that torment. And, oh yeah, @spirituallupine, next time, my flower, don’t encourage me to do something like this. XD

Last day of Akumasona Week 2! @akumasonas

Day 5: Alternate Universes

Since I am a terrible person and have nothing finished yet, take an old drawing that I never posted. Though, I do hope to have everything else that I owe done by the end of the weekend! Thanks for staying patient, everyone!

Yep you guessed it, Lady Fallow but Miraculous Moves!AU. It was a lazy doodle on my part that I liked enough to try some new coloring techniques. In the end, I really like it!

But jokes on all ya’ll. Fallow can’t dance! Well… break dance that is. I get the feeling she got here through a long chain of mutual misunderstandings and now the poor thing is trapped on the dance-floor. Better hope they have some swing selections!


Like what you see? I do have commissions open!


Random About Me Tag Thing

I was tagged by @parkjiminbiased and @la-petite-schu (tysm you two <3)
FAVORITE FANDOM: Well I’ve never really done any fandom stuff before kpop, so I guess I’d say ARMY(????)
LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: English, and I am currently studying Spanish in Uni/College, so feel free to message me in Spanish para practicar 
FAVORITE FILM OF 2016: I guess it would have to be Star Trek: Beyond (idk I really don’t think that 2016 was good to cinema)
LAST ARTICLE YOU READ: An article about which language has the most words (I really like languages, okay?)
1. Sweetheart by Toppdogg
2. Thunder by Exo-K
3. So Wet by Beenzino … what are these shuffle results omg

LAST THING YOU BOUGHT ONLINE: Megan literally it’s still that dominos pizza from a few days ago
ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS?: I don’t like bugs that are large or bees/wasps/hornets/bugs that fly, and tall places with poor safety setups (I love roller coasters but can’t jump down from a five foot ledge lololol)
HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU?: LOUD, talkative, someone who laughs A LOT, very extroverted, overall too much 25/8, and I guess supportive/a good listener :) although that’s just more something I hope I am to my friends
HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU?: Probably nice, I don’t normally let people see that I don’t like them, and if i do show it’s normally through passive aggressiveness and my facial expressions. But at the same time I also can’t say I have any enemies so…?
WHO WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR?: My Family, friends, and dog bc who would I be without them?
IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST?: I would probably pay off school for the next couple of years, or buy a Violin depending on how much money I have to spare hahahaha or maybe food bc food is nice
TAG TEN PEOPLE YOU’D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW BETTER: @kimtahyung @busanroyalty @barefacedv @badtae @nan-arassji @bultaoreuntae @starrytaes @agustd-licious @mochi-chim @dearkook 

In case anyone was concerned

I am fine!  Just been too busy for tumblr tbh.

I have moved.  My new carpet went in last week and I’m finally able to start unpacking my books (got most of the fiction done today).  I love my house and felt at home here from day one.  There are already problems (because OF COURSE THERE ARE) but nothing major, and I hope I am going to be very happy here. 

Raz is fully recovered and has grown her chest feathers back out, so you can’t even see her scars.  The only reminder left is the staining on her cheek feathers from spilled antibiotics, which I guess will be there until she molts and regrows all the stained feathers.  She is delighted to be back in the big cage, and I like to think she is happy in this bright yellow study with excellent light all day long.  Although the cats are closed out of this room when I’m not here (to prevent harassment by Marduk), they love to sit on my desk by the window or in front of the french door to the balcony and watch the wild birds that perch on the power lines behind my house.

I’m starting to look seriously at job postings again.  I’m not miserable the way I was last year, but I still want out.  If only I knew what I wanted to do instead.  :P

Ok; I am all sweaty from busting my butt unpacking stuff, so I am going to run a nice bath in my cool tub.  Hurrah!