Hannigram Regency AU:  Part 1[ Part 2 soon]

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Will’s aging father decides it is time to train Will to be his replacement as Hannibal’s Page of Stairbacks (basically the guy who makes everything for the King). Everything becomes complicated when Hannibal decides to start favoring young Will more and more and begins to consider him a friend. [Getting invited to one of the King’s special dinner parties is a huge deal]. He doesn’t get to see Will as often as he’d like because of his training, so he decides to quicken Will’s father’s illness, letting Will believe his father died of natural causes.  Isolating him from everyone else and finally becoming the only stable thing in his life. And yeah, Hannibal is still a cannibal, 

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“Fuck Bertolt, he wants to kill his comrades-”

“He enjoys it-”

“He hates humans-”

“No one is forcing him to do it-”

As someone who is very fond of Lars, I don’t have any problems with people who dislike him and share their opinion about it. Not everyone likes a character.  And I know not everyone who dislikes him says it in desire of his death or suffering.
My (and most every person who is a fan of Lars’) issue comes with the fact that there are people who get very hostile about disliking him and making violent or harsh comments on other people’s posts, especially in the tags because they think the artists or writers of the posts won’t see them.  And going into the tags of popular Larsadie posts there will always be at least more than one comment in the tags about how awful Lars is and how Sadie should dump him.  And whenever there is a post by a mentally ill person talking about how they relate to Lars’ behaviors, or a thread of neuro-divergent teenagers talking positively about him, there’s always someone bound to butt in with “BUT LARS IS AWFUL!” and derail the conversation to make some hackneyed or borderline ableist comment about his fans or the character, and that’s just really rude.  I also can’t count the number of threats I’ve gotten in my inbox for expressing that I like Lars and getting harassed for liking him.
Nobody should be forced to like a character, and if you dislike Lars, I’m OK with it (most Lars fans are).  But don’t let common courtesy go out the window and be obnoxious to Lars fans or hostile about it.

- anonymous

Let me clear some shit up
Because you keep writing poetry and I think you’re confused
Because I’m still healing and learning not to use pieces of your broken heart as justification for my suicide
So calm down
I don’t hate you, if anything this whole episode showed me how to hate myself
You weren’t innocent, but some nights I imagine you to be
And if not wanting to pick up the phone is keeping your heart beating, then great
But if you did call, I wouldn’t ignore it
Because I still have fucking nightmares of watching your death
I need my space
But that doesn’t mean I’m full of hate
So stop

I kinda want a McHaleinski Stoner au where Scott and Derek are in a relationship and they always order from the same pizza place when they get high. They never get the same thing though, so they’re regulars without a regular order. And they’re used to the normal delivery people, some of whom know their names, some don’t.

But this time when they order, it’s completely ridiculous. The guy taking their order had to actually stop and ask one of the cooks if they could even fit that many topping on a pizza. Two of the things they asked for the shop doesn’t even carry, but because they know Scott and Derek, they go out and buy blueberries and ancho chiles just for them.

The buzzer sounds and they fight over who has to get up to let up the delivery person and by the time Scott gets there, someone else has let them up and they’re knocking at the door.

Scott pulls the door open and meets the pizza delivery guy. Tall and lanky, wearing a loose, green plaid flannel shirt with a form fitting black t-shirt underneath. His hips are slim and, without even meeting his eyes, Scott wants him. He can imagine his fingers holding those hips down and -

“Dude,” the guys interrupts. “You’re staring.”

Scott’s eyes slowly trail up to the guy’s face and fuck, his mouth is sinful. He want to put it to good use.

Derek slides up behind him, putting his arm around Scott’s bare waist, hand sliding up and down the trail of hair below his belly button. “Hey,” he says breathlessly, pulling out a fifty from his wallet. “How much?”

The guy’s eyes travel from where Derek’s arm rests on Scott’s stomach to Derek’s face. He clears his throat. “Uh, it’s uh $43 even.”

There’s a blush riding high on his cheeks and Derek thinks he’s beautiful. He pulls out another ten from his wallet and hands it to the guy. “Keep the change,” he says, unabashedly staring at the guy’s perfect Cupid’s bow of a mouth.

“I - I’m Stiles,” the guy says, holding his now free hand out to them, not sure which person’s hand he should shake first. Scott takes it first firmly between both hands. Everything feels so nice right now. Stiles’ hands warm and big and Scott wants them all over him.

Scott has a brief moment of clarity where he thinks that he should stop being completely creepy and he lets go of the guy - Stiles’ hand. He ducks his head and looks up at Stiles. “Hi.”

Derek pulls Scott just a tiny bit closer and kisses his neck, pulling a quiet moan out of Scott. “You should come back,” he whispers into Scott’s throat. “When you’re done.”

Stiles breathes in, trying to keep his cool, and says, “Yeah, yes, sure. I’ll see you - uh - later.”
Stiles’ tries to swallow, but his throat is dry. This is the best job he’s ever had.