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A small bit of blood flowed from the small cut on Yui’s inner elbow. “Oh dear. Here.” Al said as he gently placed his lips on the cut stopping the blood from flowing. When he thought the blood had stopped he looked back at Yui with a small smile. “There..I think that stopped it from bleeding…Yui are you okay..Your face is kind of red.”

Corruption ((Closed RP w/ i-grab-de-skillet-and-bash-u))

“So we’ve finally decided, Eren. You’re going to be attending Sina Private Academy on Monday. No arguing with us on it either, mister. ”

What. The. Fuck. A private school? Seriously? And of all private schools, his parents decided to send him to Sina. Fucking Sina. The private school with all the fancy little rich primp and proper shit eaters. Eren practically implanted his teeth into his bottom lip when the news rang through his ears, irritation and anger boiling deep in his gut, a fury of a thousands suns bore behind his green eyes. He dare not speak a word to his parents for fear of what ever else they would say or take away from him. So instead, he opted to stand, ungracefully, slam the chair against the wall as he did so, and move to go to his room.

In the end, his parents were right. He did something…he shouldn’t have with someone he shouldn’t have with. But it wasn’t really an act of the moment, they’d actually taken the time to plan it out. And it wasn’t the first time it took place. But they just so happen to get caught and it was either the other person take the fall, or Eren leave the school.

He was expelled by the end of that day.

He’d never see that person again.

Thankfully, it was a Friday. Unthankfully, his parents didn’t want him on his ass anymore than he needed to be and they had decided what school he’d go to by dinner time. Well, academy now. Shit. At least he’d have two days of peace before trekking on uncharted territories. It was a surprise though, that they got him into one of the most prestigious schools around. Though his father was a fairly well known doctor and his family wasn’t poor by any means, perhaps he just pulled some strings, who even knows.

So there Eren laid in his bed, groaning into his plush pillow, clutching onto it for dear life. He received a few texts through out the day, wondering where he was, what was going on. Armin was upset, so was Mikasa. And honestly, the funny part about it was that even Jean was. Yeah, Eren fucked up. But…he cared about that person. And seeing that specific name in his list of contacts only made his heart clutch in his chest even harder, green eyes glassing over in hot wet tears.

He’d never see them again.


Monday morning strolled around and Eren was well..emotional, to say the least. The school he should be going to was nothing but a faint memory now and he’d be lucky to see his friends every once in a while. Luckily enough, his parents let them come over on Saturday and they got to spend the day together. They were juniors too that year. Armin said this was an important year since they’d be taking all their most important nationalized tests and blah blah blah, Eren didn’t really care. He had aspirations, sure, but none that he bothered to mention out loud. Who would have thought that the shit head Eren Jaeger would want to be a writer? Surely no one. So he spared himself the embarrassment and didn’t say anything about it.

With a loud groan, he got up out of his bed, a half an hour earlier than what he was used too, and paraded into his bathroom just before he looked into the mirror. His hair had grown out a bit, which honestly, he didn’t think was too bad at all. They covered the couple of piercings he had in his ears rather nicely too. God, the looks he was going to get. He sighed. Fuck it.

After his usual morning routine of the three scared S’s, shitting, showering, and shaving, breakfast was consumed fast enough before he was out the door and inside the passenger seat of his father’s car. The drive wasn’t too long but it was considerably longer than the one he used to take to his now old school. Though normally, he would have just rode his bike.

His father finally pulled up to the front entrance and stopped the car. He put it in park and turned the key, killing the ignition and Eren knew his father was about to say something to him because he only did that if he had something he wanted to say. With a silent groan, he looked to his dad just as he started to speak. “Eren, please. I know this is hard for you and I know that you had feelings for that person, which is why we didn’t take them to court. So please, try to get along with people, yeah? You’re my son and I don’t really enjoy making or watching you suffer,” his father placed a comforting hand on Eren’s shoulder, causing the brunet boy to sigh. He knew his father and mother did this with the best intentions, he knew he shouldn’t be mad at them. But why couldn’t it have been another public school? Despite them being sort of wealthy, Eren didn’t fit in with those types of crowds. “Maybe you’re being a little judgmental because it’s a private school, yeah?” His father offered as if he had read Eren’s mind and Eren shook his head in disagreement.

“Sure. I’ll see you later. Is mom picking me up or..?” Grisha Jaeger nodded before giving his son a pat on his back as sympathetic and apologetic eyes looked up to Eren now standing outside. “Have a good day, son. Love you.” Eren, being the brooding asshole that he was, only gave his father a half smile before closing the door and turning to walk into his new school, his new future, and his new destiny.

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Serenade yours

Len pulled Yui over to a bench in the park. He had been planning this for a little while now and was hoping it would all go as planned. “I…uh…” He cleared his throat. “I’ve been practicing this for a little while. Its a new song. Will you tell me what you think?” He stood in front of her awkwardly before taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. 

      There you are

      with those big brown eyes

     don’t you know

      what they do to me

                   If I were to fall

                   asleep in your arms

                   every night

                   would that mean I’m lucky

    I could search the whole world

    And never find myself

   As lost as 

    Right now

                I could search

               My whole life

               and never meet a girl 

               Like you again

       Take that step

        Right to you

        And maybe say

         I love you

When he finished he looked at her, searching for what her reaction might be.

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If we kissed?

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[] We wouldn’t

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"Oh Come On You Look Cute." (for al~ and HHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3)

2. Only a hoodie that’s much to big for him.

((Hi! And um…I know it says only a hoodie, but can he at least have boxers on too. I’m sorry I just don’t feel comfortable with anything else.))

“Um…I..um…um…Hi.” Alphonse said. His voice was filled with embarrassment and his mind was full of worry.