So I have two women’s sports story ideas that I have in my mind to do eventually. One is a Dodge-ball idea that I posted art of FOREVER ago on here. The other is this boxing story idea almost modeled in the same spirit as the celebrated manga “Hajime No Ippo”.

While the Dodge-ball idea is where I wanna go more over-the-top with implausible abilities and special moves, this boxing story tentatively titled right now after the main character as “ORTIZ” I saw as being a bit more realistic. 

With this comic I mainly wanted to get most of the emotion, fatigue, pain, and other intangible elements in boxing bouts with extreme symbolic imagery (Dangerous punches replaced with incoming full-sized missiles in the middle of the ring or pain from body punches replaced with impalement by spikes/blades through the body). Using the visual medium of a comic to get across such abstract and intense visuals is one of my big goals for this story when I tackle it. 

The titular character at the top, Anna-Lucia is our main character and a Dominican-American. The several other characters underneath are only about 50%-60% of the spread of other boxers she faces in bouts, but are probably the most prolific or prominent ones story-wise. 

Some like Rainbow-Sky, Riley, and Nadine become friends and arch-rivals. Others like Rosalinda and Harper pose as stiff and skilled opponents to overcome for title bouts. And a couple like Akshara are powerful antagonistic forces who represent a near ultimate threat to Anna-Lucia’s goals to become the best.

  • Barty: Hey! Listen, I gotta get these reindeer down to the children's museum, like, five minutes ago, you know what I mean?
  • Thorfinn: Elms?
  • Barty: No. Barty.
  • Thorfinn: Your name ain't Elms?
  • Barty: No. Barty.
  • Thorfinn: We're holding these reindeer for a guy named "Helper Elms". Now, we've got some REAL good questions, and he'd better have some REAL good answers.
  • Barty: Look, it's a long story, but before I tell you, let me ask you something. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
  • Thorfinn: [eyes the flying reindeer on the ceiling] Somehow... I knew this question was going to come up.

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Now you gotta tell us the story of the 12 inch dick

So like I meet this guy on Grindr. Oh wow I just realized I don’t even know his name lmfao anyways i met him on Grindr and he was like I’m at my friends house I was like oh is he gonna join too? And he said idk maybe and I was like send pics. And his friend turned out to be the guy that bought my glasses and shit but we he just stopped talking bc I told him he was annoying. And so he was like oh nvm he doesn’t want you to come but hmu another time. So I hit him up like idk when and like he gives me address and shit and I go over. So I go and he turns out to be cute and buff. Like he got pecs and some abs and a hard ass. And like I can’t explain his personality but like I’m into it like he’s like a jock I wanna say like he has that attitude but is humorous. So we get naked and start playing and his dick turns out to be waaaaaaaay fuckin bigger than the picture he sent I was the definition of shooken. And so I’m stroking it with both hands and then I get on my back and he goes to town on my rear and my feet and like as I’m gettin it I see a commercial behind him for a dope show and I keep glancing at it and he’s like talking dirty and I’m like mhm🤔 flmdaktksk and then he tells me to flip over and when I do I ACCIDENTLY SWING MY FOOT ACROSS HIS HEAD LIKEI SMACKED THE FUCK OUT HIS TEMPLE and he just ignored it and I was like ok…..just…..the tip and he goes in and ends up pushing it deeper and deeper and I kept telling him to stop but he would just slow down and ended up reply deep. I don’t remember what happened next but I wasn’t like roofied or anything the schlong just hit my amygdala and I ain’t remember shit but anyways we finish and in gaping and after we cleaned up he gave me a really huge slice of pizza.

Okay so imma ramble because I’m bored.

In response to the Problem of Evil dealing with Job (because psychology and stuff this morning had me thinking xD)

The things they say you need to accept from this story in the Bible are that one,

-Job is innocent

And two

-God is inevitably responsible for Job’s suffering

From that people have asked many questions about how a good, omniscient, all powerful God would then let people suffer if He could have prevented it. And they also pull from this that Job was innocent and yet still punished, as the Bible says in Job 1:8

“Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?” KJV

[We also know that no man is truly perfect other than Jesus Himself, so we can assume he was a very righteous man at least, and followed God with everything he had.]

(sorry for old people words btw but it sounds cool anyway)

But I have thought on this for a few hours and have come to the conclusion that he was an example for us.

By following God are we not consenting to being used for His will, being that His rewards are the greatest in heaven?
We should be completely willing as christians to be used for his purposes, even as examples, and know that everything done to us is done to shape us, and we will be rewarded greatly in heaven.

Consider that God would not have let anything happen to Job if He thought he couldn’t handle it, and Job knew this and held on til the bitter end, (and was rewarded greatly afterward.

God knew that Job would stay faithful, so I have chosen to believe that Job the “perfect man” was put through these horrible things for the good of others, and though it may have hurt him, I think that from where he is now, he’d be proud of the good that this story has done for us as christians.


Camren Shade Fest 2K15
  • Interviewer: Give me an awkward story that I can totally put [Austin] on the spot with.
  • Camila: Just say my name. That's plenty of an awkward story for him.
  • Lauren: *chuckles mischievously*
  • Camila: Just say Camila says hi. He'll know, he'll know.
  • Interviewer: Oh is he gonna start blushing? What's gonna happen? Is he gonna get upset? You gotta prepare me here.
  • Lauren: He'll probably cry.
  • Camila: *laughs* Aahh, no no. He'll probably- I don't know. You tell me, you tell me what happens.
  • Interviewer: Alright I'll have someone film his reaction and tweet it to you.
  • Interviewer: Alright guys I really appreciate it, good luck with everything-
  • Camila: Oh, no no tell him-tell Austin that we love Dirty Work. Yea, that's nice.
  • Interviewer: Oh that is nice. Ok, I'll tell him that; I promise.
  • Lauren: No, don't.
  • Camila: No, no, no! Don't say that don't say that.
  • Lauren: Just tell him Camila says 'hi'.
  • Camila: Yea, just tell him Camila says 'hi'.
  • Lauren: I just want his reaction.
  • Camila: Say both, say both, say both.
  • Interviewer: Say both? And send you the video?
  • Camila: Yea, send me the video.

So I was talking to a friend last night who was telling me a story about a mutal friend from high school that neither of us associates with anymore (story of my literal life,) and it goes like this:

This guy buys some drugs off the internet, because we’re from Mississippi and that’s something that people from Mississippi think is a good idea, I guess, but he makes sure that the person that’s shipping it is from Canada. His reasoning is that packages from overseas- they gotta go through customs, they probably get xrayed, the works you know? But we share a border with Canada, so he figures it’s gravy baby.

In fact, it is not gravy.

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Oh dude you guys! I gotta tell ya a story that happened the 1st time I saw Block B at KCONLA 2015! Since I was seeing Taewoon in my Tumblr feed it reminded me the time after I saw Block B at the airport I was ready to go home with my friend and as we were walking 2 girls i made friends with yelled out Taewoon and we all turned and there he was! He looked so good in person i was so taken aback! A few girls took pictures with him but my shy ass didn’t want to so i resorted to just saying hi lmao. So he was walking ahead and we were walking to my car but walking the same direction as Taewoon so it got awkward cuz it felt like we were stalking him when we weren’t. So he turns around as to look for someone and I panicked cuz I didn’t want him to think we were following him so i decide to yell with my hands waving forward “We aren’t following you I swear! We’re just walking to my car!” Not sure if he understood us but he just gave a slight bow, smiled a little, and continued walking.Taewoon looked so cute in person btw


You’re probably thinking, “My boyfriend said this was a superhero movie but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a fucking kabab!” Well, I may be super, but I’m no hero. And yeah, technically, this is a murder. But some of the best love stories start with a murder. And that’s exactly what this is, a love story. And to tell it right… I gotta take you back to long before I squeezed this ass into red spandex.


You’re probably thinking, “My boyfriend said this was a superhero movie but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a fucking kabab!” Well, I may be super, but I’m no hero. And yeah, technically, this is a murder. But some of the best love stories start with a murder. And that’s exactly what this is, a love story. And to tell it right… I gotta take you back to long before I squeezed this ass into red spandex.

What do you guys think?

Yooo I gotta ask you guys– I’m doing multiple stories and there are some that are more popular than others, but they’re all very interesting to do (to me they are) And I was wondering which one do you guys want me to start working on more and get published/or out/or finished..

Fangs of Alia

There are many religions and cultures that have many representers- or Gods and Goddess. Each one has something they put their faith in and pray for answers or miracles. Some ask for some protection- which is what these Gods’ role is. Each God is assigned a dimension to protect and look after the beings resign in that state.
       However one fateful time a God went against his duties. He slaughtered, killed, at, disintegrate his people he was sworn to protect. And for that, he paid the price to be stripped from his God abilities and forced to live on a deserted dimension till he has learned of his mistake. But even so, he would have to battle many Gods to be granted his power back.  

       Now, it starts with that God’s descendant; Leo Van Alia. He’s a prince to a powerful kingdom that reigned over a whole nation and more. However a fateful day changed everything. All in the same day he was betrayed, he watched his mother’s die before his eyes while also having to leave his home and be on the run. His former servants had to go to drastic measures and cast a spell to portal him to another world- another dimension!
       Here he starts his new adventure with a doctor with a dark secret, Sifearia Valandence, a sassy hunter hybrid, Kestrel, the wise man, Grandpa Zen, and his priestess fiance , Nadiya Rascal. Together they travel to different dimensions and lands fighting from demons, gods, demigods and deadly fantasy creatures! With the help with his teammates he’s determined to regain his kingdom from the traitors and the sword of Alia that he was ‘destined’ to find. Although it’s not quite what he thought it would be..
       So after regaining his ‘Sword’, he must not only try to stop the traitors from taking over his kingdom, but he must gain back his God abilities and break his family’s curse by fighting the gods from vary dimensions. And he must AS WELL stop the evil warlord Rayon from destroying the barriers of the dimensions from colliding each other. Which will destroy every living being in the universe and create a reverse Big Bang.

The Seer

A young teenage girl, named Jessica Robin, has always had the gift of seeing the supernatural. Although her most powerful gift really is seeing every person’s Guardian Angel. However all her life she has never seen her own, up until after her 15th birthday, she finally did. Her guardian Angel, Raziel, has finally shown himself to her to start her training to become a messenger. So, through out the series she must learn to control her powers, while handling school, romance, friendships, and finding herself.


In the year 3022, the world has bonded after the Great Red War to create the large city of called Yunaiteddo- a marketing and peaceful city. However, even though its rich with franchises and peaceful trading, there is no equality and fairness. So through that there is a rebel gang called the Laverne’s Red flared Dragons– the top Gang of the Southern part of city. And the Gang leader is the main gal named Laverne himself- or more like herself. Laverne, A.K.A. Sam Amory covers her identity for the hope and support for the people in need. She lives a secret life and has a even bigger secret that she alone knows. Or so she thought. Sam has the power of Blood Manipulation; where she uses her blood to harden into metal and create weapons. She fears her power and wishes to use it to help people- which is how she became the leader of the gang. Until now, she discovered something. She started to figure out that she is not the only one with her ability. At the same time she met new people and made friends. However she still questions who she can trust. She struggles with the forces of government control, the deceit within her close subordinates, while also trying to figure what her purpose is as a leader to her gang, and where she came to be.

The Unlikely Samurai League

Growing up in a well-known family, Senshi Jensaku-chu, who is the only son of his family- also one of the very last Samurai leagues that hold the code of the Samurai. Now in days people have moved on from samurais and only depend on guns and knights- so Samurai is more of a dying art now. But Senshi’s father wasn’t going to give up. So he set his son to find every lat samurai he can find, create a league to defeat the leader on charge if the armies and prove themselves that Samurais are still can be used and needed in wars. Senshi respects his father and is very passionate about his Samurai teachings so of course he accepted. He traveled quite a awhile to find any signs of Samurai families– but very few are known. Eventually he did- but they came as a surprise to me. Like Hachimitsu, a female American who was a slave trained by a Ronin after his general died in the last war and was left to die. Since he met her, he started to open his eyes more. because he began to realize– that its not just the typical Asian male that can be a samurai– anybody can be a samurai. But then– who else is he gonna meet that calls themselves samurai??

So yeah- just comment or message me on which one you think I should do/work on first? And please tell me why- just so I can be inspired and know why you want me to.. please and thank you^^

And if you are interested in seeing more or knowing more just ask^^


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i fuckin love your drunk asks. What;s your favorite show? Favorite color? Describe your aesthetic in three words. Tell us about high school. who was your most influential role model? Thanks for the chance for drunk asks, my dude

Yaaaas you’re the best! I just gotta say how much I love my readers and especially ones like you that I can interact with. There is a specific group of you guys that are my favs because you always leave little comments on stuff and let me know you’re still enjoying the story. I love you guys so much and like I literally wouldn’t be here without you.

After my drunk gushing session, my answers:

Okay fav show is a tie between Buffy and Veronica Mars. They’re both kick ass little blonde girls that I aspire to be one day. I literally can’t choose between them so don’t make me.

Fav color is pastel pink if you can’t tell from my blog

My aesthetic in three words is too many words. I only need two, pastel goth

Highschool was shit obviously. I had my friends and I made the most out of it tho, senior year was pretty great cause that’s when I started doing drugs. College was better, I did more drugs, had sex, and went to rock and roll shows.

And my most influential role model is hard because like I say Griffon Ramsey is my role model in life now. I aspire to achieve her level of success in here career while still having a happy and loving family life. But most influential is a difficult question because growing up they we’re probably all anime characters that I tried to model myself after.

Griffon Ramsey is a better answer, so I’m gonna go with her.

Not as drunk as when I posted this last night, but still pretty fuckin’ drunk because I always wake up drunk.

road trips with michael would include:

* the gas station being your first stop because “babe i forgot to go get gas yesterday”

* having already set a playlist for the road

* the backseat full of snacks, pillows, and blankets

* him grabbing your hand every so often and rubbing circles with his thumb

* smiling at each other every red light

* singing (lmao more like screaming) so loud that every surrounding car looks at you guys

* “hey can you pass me a chip”

* lots of road head okay trust me

* at some point having to pull over cause hes “really gotta fuck you”

* thanking god for super tinted car windows

* propping your feet on the dashboard

* taking lots of snaps too

* “wait i have to pee”

* some really deep conversations

* telling you all the stories he hasnt told you about tour times

* “where are we going again?”

* having a gps bc you knew it would happen
* not getting all that lost

* going to the rest stops because theyre “small and cute”

* actually taking turns for the aux cord

* passing you the aux cord and the first song that plays is off their album and him going “who are these guys this song is so shit”

* michael asking if youre there yet despite being the one driving

* having lots of good laughs because honestly being with michaels always a great time

* getting bored and playing i spy

* him turning over to see that youve fallen asleep and pulling over to grab a blanket and put it over you


     “You guys are acting super weird. Anything you want to tell me?” Y/N asked suspiciously. 

    “No. Nope. No, nothing.” Sam said, exiting the room quickly. 

     “Dean?” Y/N said.

Dean’s eyes widened. “Nah, it’s just. I uh… there was this witch who may or may not have cursed me and Sam. You know, I just gotta say your ass look great in those jeans.” Dean paused, realizing what he’d said. “Shiiiit. That was weird wasn’t it?” 

     “You have no idea.” Y/N said. 


there is a universe where the incredibly interesting design that goes into creating the male aliens in Mass Effect also goes into creating equally diverse female aliens. 

instead of the ENTIRE GODDAMN GAME being nothing but Humanoid females with varying numbers of digits. All of whom have bodies that look essentially human and essentially enticing to the human gaze. 

Also. none of them can be very comfortable in those ridiculous skin-tight outfits. Like. Really? Why was this necessary?

And the camera angles? Why does Miranda have to tell me about her tragic back-story, and when we go for a reaction shot of Shep YOU FRAME MIRANDA’S GODDAMN ASS IN THE FUCKING FOREGROUND?



 i like looking at women but more than that? I like it when they’re written well and portrayed honorably and not as some one-note masturbatory fantasy?

Please stop that shit?

On the other hand: if you gotta objectify people, can you objectify the guys a little bit too? There are some damn fine looking men in these games. 


Have to admit, I’m quietly dreading writing this part of the scene.

You can probably tell from the game’s tone, wherein crippling physical mutations are treated as fashionable accessories and cannibalism turns people into Animaniacs, that I’m the kind’a guy that enjoys a punchline after somethin’ awful. It’s in my nature! Anything makes a good pub story if it makes the drunks guffaw at the end. So writing something, like, genuine, is a pretty big challenge.

It’s probably why I’m in awe of stuff like Undertale. You have to have, like, real emotions to write that kind’a stuff.

Still! Gotta give it a shot. If it tanks, remember that it was written by the same guy that wrote Mindy in The Morning. Mindy “Several dozen students killed in a freak fire in the Ichthyology lab, lunch today will be smoked salmon” in The Morning.


Listen to me. Listen. Listen. If you havent even played the game thats okay read this anyways, I have a point about straight culture
Okay here’s what i gotta tell you, straight people culture exists and here’s what it means.
Its straight people finding the one game where you’re borderline predetermined into a girl on girl relationship.
Seriously guys this is it. This is the ultimate example of straight people shit, straight people culture, lemme tell you.
There’s this game that is basically a linear story, minus a few smaller choices that you can switch up.
You can choose whether you want eggs or Belgian waffles but okay this is not the point.
Listen fellas. This entire game is pushing these two girls together, as i said its a linear story, it’s fated.
It’s fated. The chemistry is undeniable. Your character spends almost the entire game WITH this other character, this other girl. It’s very very very clear from the beginning that they are meant to be love interests.
Okay so here’s the thing guys.
There’s a random dude in the background you know? A dude. He’s not the worst dude ever considering. He’s pretty nice, and I kind of like him as a character. He has this crush on the main gal. And I mean a BIG OL crush. Guys I mean he’s texting her 20+ times a day whether she answers or not, he doesnt give a fuck he is texting and always going in for hugs and just being a loser who has this puppy crush.
The thing is, you know what. Random dude pops up on screen maybe once per chapter for a few minutes each. He is clingy and nerdy and he and this main girl have no chemistry together at all.
Let me tell you this girl doesn’t want that dickie unless you force her to interact with him via decisions.
Because this game is what i thought was revolutionary ive just been playing through totally business, looking for my lesbians. He does his weirdo puppy love thing and straight up stands up this other girl who likes him, who he had plans to go to the movies with, and asks the main girl to go with him instead. Are you hearing this? He had plans to go with a girl who really liked his ass and then he told her he was going with his puppy love instead. He ditched her.
She was stressed.
Let me specify again that Max shows no instinct reaction to his advances. She DOES NOT make any moves with Warren that the player doesn’t forcefully initiate. He shows up once per chapter at best. Look there is no TIME for them to show chemistry, she doesnt hang with him, she barely texts him back, this girl does not go outta her way to be around this dude. She aint trust him with her secrets until she has NO ONE else to tell, and she tells him outta desperation because she needs help. She told her girlfriend EVERYTHING immediately, she and her girlfriend are together almost 24/7 in this game im not even being dramatic.
You got straights in forums sayin that their first kiss was just gals being pals, I cant make this shit up. You got straights saying that its just friendly kissing and hand holding and flirting, theyre bffs theres no gay.
They have a passionte fucking kiss in the last chapter guys, she and her girlfriend, passionate, mouth on mouth, hands cupping face, love.
As I said, there are parts to this game that are linear story. THAT kiss is linear, you cant get away from that, nor the love confessions at the end. You dont have to force the main to kiss her, or profess love, you dont choose it, the characters do, that is linear. Their love is the endgame.
The dude? You gotta manually accept his date offers, the ones in which he stands up the other girl he had, if you do. If you accept all his offers and push your main girl into him in the few scenes they have together, okay lemme tell you, you do have an option to kiss him. You have the option. No i love yous or anything else, no main character feelings, just, you make her romance him.
Okay im not dragging him yet he’s okay as a person other than standing up that poor girl- but lets just say, this badass bitch main girl, little tiny pixie angel, she has this really brutal nightmare and in that nightmare she’s haunted by everyone that has caused her issues.
This shit is just a nightmare, this is going on in her head, so its not really anything you can hold against him personally.. But listen guys. Listen fellas, this part in the nightmare she’s running from people. Aka the school principal who was bullying her at the beginning, a janitor who you can have a minor conflict with, a security guard who harasses her, a fucked up guy who terrifies her, and a teacher who’s actually fucked up smh, you’ll know if you play. and this guy. This clingy-ass straight guy, who is inherently a good guy for the most part, but… Look he is super clingy and the game makers are SELF AWARE of him and his almost weird tendencies. Listen guys.
I mean to say. She has an actual nightmare about him where she’s hiding from him as he stalks her through rows of lockers sayin really self aware shit.
That says to me very clearly that on some level of consciousness, main girl is AWARE and fears his clinginess and his feelings for her.
She finds his locker in this fucked up locker okay? She finds his locker and opens it, and theres a fuckin doll of herself staring back, and a bunch of photos of her, including the words ‘MY MAX’ in red ink.
U know the shit he was sayin was like ‘You can run, but you can’t escape your white knight.’ and like making fun of her girlfriend like ‘who’s that blue haired freak? you need an alpha male to take care of you’.
Like shit man thats fucked up. They’re friends in her real life but yo when your subconscious is giving you nightmares about him tracking you down saying nasty shit you know he’s too clingy 4 you.
your brain doesnt give you that for no reason, and i mean this nightmare was lucid. This was very lucid. This nightmare was reflecting every single fear Max had back at her, this shit was very aware,
it wasnt some bizarre dream that had no relevance to her real problems. It WAS her problems.
oh also okay you know what?? literally another part of the nightmare was her seeing her girlfriend with multiple other people, kissing, posing, etc. Her nightmare was her losing her girl to some other girl or guy.
Bruh. Bruh. Come on, i mean the end of the nightmare was her reliving every good moment she’d ever had with her girlfriend 2, it was her on memory lane, unable to find Chloe while remembering every good moment they had.
Lemme tell you this game is so gay it doesnt know what to do with itself, look fellas.
What my point is here, this is straight culture. Straights play this game, the one game with canon girl action, and they direct the character to the lonely guy who texts Max 20 times a day. they take screenshots of those 20 texts and they post bout how cute it is some shit like
they go on forums and post that the ‘I love you’ was gal pals. They go on tumbls and highlight the few moments that the main even interacted with the desperate dude
They screencap that chemistry-less, dry shit and they go ‘awwwww’
like guys why do they gotta find the one game where the story is all about two girls falling in love and facing several issues together. why they gotta find that story, and go and ship the main with the ONE obligatory straight dude who spends the whole game crawlin up her ass
you know unless u shove main girl at him the few times you see him and accept all his advances it doesnt even give you the option to kiss him.
It only gives you that option defeatedly if you’ve spent the whole game tryna hide your lesbians because the makers are self aware that the straights are lurking in the fanbase
Okay this is a long ass story and rant fellas, let me summarize why I’m mad. I’m not mad because the writers caved and let these straights have their way with a ‘kiss him’ option in the last chapter. I could be pissed. Because of the hours of time spent developing this girl on girl relationship and showing them falling for each other. I could be mad because they just caved last minute. but im not. they gotta cater to the heteronormative side of the fanbase. If they didnt give that option we’d have a riot = to the riots caused by your fav sports team losing the superbowl where they flip cars and shit. you know the straights would be offended and say that straights are oppressed and all that weird, delusional whatsit. Boycott or demand their 15$ back. idc let them have their pity win
I’m not mad that the straights are going around saying that these two women making out are gal pals.
Im not even mad that the straights don’t acknowledge that this dudebro is bad for badass main bitch, to the point where her subconscious refers to him as a white knight who just wants her for her body to perverted, extreme lengths. I’m not mad about that. They put him on a pedestal and say he’s perfect for her while pointing out the girlfriend’s flaws (and yes she has some biggies). NBD. I’m not super mad they clearly have a straight bias, erasing all the negativity from the hetero-hell ship and boosting the negativity of the canon gay ship to make it look like hetero = healthier. (Im more bitterly disappointed about this onee)
I’m kinda mad because lemme tell you, friends, this is the one game i’ve played where the predetermined endgame love is between two girls automatically.
I’m kinda mad because of the fact that straights have found this one godsend, and then they all force the straight option.
I’m mad because i finished my game and the percentage of players who kissed the dudebro was 66% and rising. Over half of the fanbase ships her with this dude who appeared for less than 30-overall minutes in the game. This dude who just kind of.. has an awkward crush and gets touchy and clingy and irritating sometimes hot damn.
Half of my fandom ships this weird ass, fake, forced ship instead of the endgame.
Why? Lemme tell you. Because the canon is two girls.
The guy doesn’t need to have chemistry with the main girl, or on screen development, he doesn’t need to do anything special, he doesn’t need to fit any standards aside from being a cisdude who wants to dip dick with the main girl. Legit. That’s the only standard, he’s the obligatory male ‘option’.
And 66% of players, playing a game with canon girl on girl love, found the one straight dude and went out of their way to ship the main chick with him, ignoring her girl feels.
And that is straight culture. Taking over anything remotely lgbt in the most subtle way possible. Finding heteronormativity in the gayest of things and broadcasting it to drown out the gay.
Homophobia isnt just direct insults and physical abuse anymore. Its subtle efforts to draw attention away from lgbt media by making it straightwashed. It’s finding the straight option in anything without fail- and if there is no straight option, making a fuss about it. Homophobia has a lot of branches, this one just HIT MY FANDOM IN THE FACE. im ashamed of this fandom.

okay im really doing that sequel! the sequel of that nightmare thing….pfft literally nothing interesting but i just want them to kiss or cuddle or flirt or whatever gaaahhhhhhh….. but i cant nail it in two days i suppose so just leave you guys a strange spoiler…the doodle has nothing to do w the real story hahaha. i havent colored them yet and i gonna hang out w my gals today so i dunno when you can c the full ver

        “You’re probably thinking, ‘My boyfriend said this was a superhero movie
        but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a fucking kebab!’ Well,
        I may be super, but I’m no hero. And yeah, technically, this is a murder. But
        some of the best love stories start with a murder. And that’s exactly what this
        is, a love story. And to tell it right… I gotta take you back to long before I
        squeezed this ass into red spandex.”

dir. Tim Miller