im not gonna say its 100% true because they haven’t even spoken of jon on the channel since he left but like

since jon moved to ny and focused on his personal channel i feel like arin has just become a ten times better person who owns up to his mistakes and makes sure he makes his viewers as comfortable as he can

idk if its danny or if he just sort of sat down and realized some stuff wasn’t cool but you gotta admit with jon gone the channel itself has felt less about jokes that border on the line of uncomfortable and more of an all-viewer inclusive experience with trigger warnings added even without the fans suggesting them (mostly for epilepsy warnings which is a lot more than most youtubers would do) and just all-around kinda friendly atmosphere??

like i said we’ll probably never know if anything between jon and arin happened or if this shift in behavior is related to jon leaving / danny joining but i can honestly say i really really love game grumps more than ever