yescabbageguystuff  asked:

The original young justice team has 6 characters

oh god, i’ve gotta start thinking about these guys’ characterizations and stuff if i want to be an active part of this fandom

do the sexy love™ with - robin (pls, it will always be my baby)
sacrifice myself for - kid flash (HE DIDN’T DESERVE WHAT HE GOT, PLS COME BACK IN SEASON 3)
kick - aqualad i guess, but just a little tap
take to prom - artemis (i desperately want to see her in a floor length gown that shimmers and hugs her really nicely and maybe shows off a leg)
abandon in jurassic park - superboy (he’d probably have a good time)
push off a bridge - miss m (she can fly, so it’s fine)

send me six characters