My friend told me a story he hadn’t told anyone for years. When he used to tell it years ago people would laugh and say, ‘Who’d believe that? How can that be true? That’s daft.’ So he didn’t tell it again for ages. But for some reason, last night, he knew it would be just the kind of story I would love.
When he was a kid, he said, they didn’t use the word autism, they just said ‘shy’, or ‘isn’t very good at being around strangers or lots of people.’ But that’s what he was, and is, and he doesn’t mind telling anyone. It’s just a matter of fact with him, and sometimes it makes him sound a little and act different, but that’s okay.
Anyway, when he was a kid it was the middle of the 1980s and they were still saying ‘shy’ or ‘withdrawn’ rather than ‘autistic’. He went to London with his mother to see a special screening of a new film he really loved. He must have won a competition or something, I think. Some of the details he can’t quite remember, but he thinks it must have been London they went to, and the film…! Well, the film is one of my all-time favourites, too. It’s a dark, mysterious fantasy movie. Every single frame is crammed with puppets and goblins. There are silly songs and a goblin king who wears clingy silver tights and who kidnaps a baby and this is what kickstarts the whole adventure.
It was ‘Labyrinth’, of course, and the star was David Bowie, and he was there to meet the children who had come to see this special screening.
‘I met David Bowie once,’ was the thing that my friend said, that caught my attention.
‘You did? When was this?’ I was amazed, and surprised, too, at the casual way he brought this revelation out. Almost anyone else I know would have told the tale a million times already.
He seemed surprised I would want to know, and he told me the whole thing, all out of order, and I eked the details out of him.
He told the story as if it was he’d been on an adventure back then, and he wasn’t quite allowed to tell the story. Like there was a pact, or a magic spell surrounding it. As if something profound and peculiar would occur if he broke the confidence.
It was thirty years ago and all us kids who’d loved Labyrinth then, and who still love it now, are all middle-aged. Saddest of all, the Goblin King is dead. Does the magic still exist?
I asked him what happened on his adventure.
‘I was withdrawn, more withdrawn than the other kids. We all got a signed poster. Because I was so shy, they put me in a separate room, to one side, and so I got to meet him alone. He’d heard I was shy and it was his idea. He spent thirty minutes with me.
‘He gave me this mask. This one. Look.
‘He said: ‘This is an invisible mask, you see?
‘He took it off his own face and looked around like he was scared and uncomfortable all of a sudden. He passed me his invisible mask. ‘Put it on,’ he told me. ‘It’s magic.’
‘And so I did.
‘Then he told me, ‘I always feel afraid, just the same as you. But I wear this mask every single day. And it doesn’t take the fear away, but it makes it feel a bit better. I feel brave enough then to face the whole world and all the people. And now you will, too.
‘I sat there in his magic mask, looking through the eyes at David Bowie and it was true, I did feel better.
‘Then I watched as he made another magic mask. He spun it out of thin air, out of nothing at all. He finished it and smiled and then he put it on. And he looked so relieved and pleased. He smiled at me.
‘'Now we’ve both got invisible masks. We can both see through them perfectly well and no one would know we’re even wearing them,’ he said.
‘So, I felt incredibly comfortable. It was the first time I felt safe in my whole life.
‘It was magic. He was a wizard. He was a goblin king, grinning at me.
‘I still keep the mask, of course. This is it, now. Look.’
I kept asking my friend questions, amazed by his story. I loved it and wanted all the details. How many other kids? Did they have puppets from the film there, as well? What was David Bowie wearing? I imagined him in his lilac suit from Live Aid. Or maybe he was dressed as the Goblin King in lacy ruffles and cobwebs and glitter.
What was the last thing he said to you, when you had to say goodbye?
‘David Bowie said, ‘I’m always afraid as well. But this is how you can feel brave in the world.’ And then it was over. I’ve never forgotten it. And years later I cried when I heard he had passed.’
My friend was surprised I was delighted by this tale.
‘The normal reaction is: that’s just a stupid story. Fancy believing in an invisible mask.’
But I do. I really believe in it.
And it’s the best story I’ve heard all year.
—  Paul Magrs
I met Joe Alwyn!!!

So, I was walking around my neighbourhood minding my own business, when I went inside a café to have a drink, and there he was!!! He was with a couple of other actors from Operation Finale, paying and getting ready to leave. I decided to approach them and I was so nervous that I started talking to the other actors first, who were all super nice! Then I finally got the courage and approached Joe. He is such a sweet heart! I told him I loved his work on Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk and he thanked me, so I asked him for a picture and he agreed. Then I told him that I was a swiftie and to please say hi to Taylor and to ask her to come here to Argentina. He said he had no idea she had never come here and that he would tell her! I asked him if he was having a good time here and he said he hasn’t been here too long but that yeah, he was having a great time. Then I thanked him for his kindness and left, I didn’t want to bother him or impose on him. He was really kind and smiling all the time, I still cannot believe that I got the chance to meet him!!!!

Also, he is so gorgeous in person! Like, the photos do not make him justice! Now I get what Taylor was singing about (well done girl, well done!!!)
@taylorswift please thank him again for me, will you? :)

I got a great haul from Sac Anime this weekend, but this by far is my favorite.

And yes, that is Zenyatta’s VA (the one and only Feodor Chin) stating that he loves Genyatta.

And just in case y’all think he was playin’:

That’s him on Twitter liking a comment thanking him for declaring his love for the ship.

Special thanks to @poladraws for collaborating with me on this, and for help making this moment possible.

But yes Genyatta fans, rejoice. Feodor does love your ship. And oh, as a bonus, Gaku Space likes it, too


Also, Feodor was nice and really funny during his panels and I’m really glad I got to meet him.

I met Steven Moffat today

And I decided to thank him for Sherlock because my brother and I used to watch it together and it gave us so many good memories before he passed away. However, I broke down in tears while speaking to him and he grabbed my hand and told me it was OK and I was apologizing and he told me not to because that was my brother.

I told him I appreciated that scene where Sherlock and John are talking and John just says it is what it is. Because when you are grieving people often say the wrong thing to you and that scene just really meant something to me because it wasn’t saying it was OK or that it was going to be OK. Moffat then said to me, “It is what it is, and what it is, is shit.” He then told me to have a good time and make friends and that there’s nothing wrong with that and my brother would want me to.

He was so kind to me and he was really my hero today. I am so grateful I got to meet him.

My experience of meeting Gerard Way

I was lucky enough to be able to go to this years thought bubble comic convention in Leeds, UK this year pretty much specifically just so I could go to the Gerard Way Meet and Greet. After literal hours of queuing I got my brief period to meet him and get him to sign a couple of things for me. This is where I gained a whole new level of respect for him. We’d already been told by the events staff that he wasn’t doing selfies with fans cos he was feeling anxious (fair enough, if he doesn’t want to then he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t owe people a selfie) but when I spoke to him it was pretty clear he was uncomfortable. He’d already been sat there for hours and had probably had the same conversation with each fan a thousand and one times, he was tired and you could tell he was feeling a bit off. Despite this when I met him he still put on a smile, asked my name, shook my hand and was generally just a really lovely kind person. Considering his rather well documented struggle with mental health issues and the fact that he was doing a two day signing nobody could have held it against him if he’d called it a day and gone back to his hotel but even though he was uncomfortable he soldiered on through for his fans who’d come all this way to see him because of his respect and love for them.

We do not deserve this man.


Y'all I am SHOOKETH @xmorticiansdaughterx cosplayed mafia au today and I got to meet him and let me just say I’m so grateful and happy 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥you two were perfect I can never thank you enough OMMMMG


I saw Eiji Aonuma today and I cried a LOT. I’ve been waiting for this day for almost 17 years !

This man is just too pure for this world. He introduced himself in french and looked so proud while doing so, aww ♥ He was so joyful, so kind and so smiling (as always) it just melted my heart ;u; ♥

With Yusuke Nakano and Satoru Takizawa, he delivered a masterclass titled “The Art of the Legend of Zeldaand we even got a preview (only a few seconds footage) of the Champions’ Ballad DLC !!

We Got Married (Zico x Reader)

Requested by anon. this was so much fun, I always wanted to write a we got married scenario, and keep this scenario in mind cause I got some plans. Enjoy!

Originally posted by ukwno

After you won on Unpretty rapstar you wanted to show a different side of you. You were aggressive, especially on the diss tracks you were pretty ruthless, at the finals you performed a very vulnerable song called “For the ones i loved” which was dedicated to people that passed or people that still are on your life, from the love of your mother to the heartbreak of your ex you loved so much. You wanted to show the world the normal funny (y/n) so your manager suggested on going for we got married. You were a pretty big fan of the show so you knew how it worked, and also being a mixed race would make it even more interesting. Soon enough it was time for the interview.

“Hello, i’m Katana a.k.a (y/n) I am 25 years old and i’ve been a professional rapper in JYP for 5 years”

“What made you come on we got married?”

You pushed your lips together thinking of how to answer properly, but also honestly.

“Well I always wanted to get married, but my life has been chaotic and I never had time to invest in a relationship, so I felt like it will help me get a taste of what’s about to come. Also, I’ve left a very… Rough? I guess image on the world, being on Unpretty rapstar meant I had to sharpen my knives and that had an impact of how people see me, so this is me letting people get to know another side of me”

You smiled at the end, you were pretty happy with your answer and you could see that also the producers were, they were smiling and nodding.

“What do you look for in a man?”

“The ideal man that I would marry would have to be very… Supportive and understanding. The image that I have is very cold and aggressive and I don’t want to change it completely, I understand that many guys don’t like their wife cursing and being… Scary. I want him to be powerful, on his career but also on his personality, there’s nothing more sexy than a successful boss man, also I am a very opinionated woman so I need him to have a bigger attitude than me. But, he has to be sweet and goofy sometimes, I love a tender man that can hold me and whisper in my ear.”

- ———————————

Soon enough it was time to meet your “husband”. You were wearing skinny ripped jeans that complimented your figure, a tight black long sleeve bodysuit that only showed your collarbones, you had your hair up in double buns and for accessories you wore your silver hoop earrings and a necklace with a silver small heart, you chose to rock your black high heel booties (get your mind out of the gutter) and your long black jacket with the hot pink fur inside.

“ I am nervous”

You confessed to the camera crew that rode with you and recorder every move. After a few minutes the car stopped in front of an arena.

“He has rehearsals here”

They let you know, since they saw the confusion on your face. You nodded and took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell no, let’s do it”

You said and opened the door. The chilly air hit you right in the face and you rushed inside. They led you in a room and you sat down in one of the chairs, taking of your jacket.

“Does my make up look alright?”

You asked, feeling insecure all of a sudden. The cameramen giggled but gave you a thumbs up. You looked around trying to find clue. You snapped when you heard the door clicking. Your breath hitched your throat and you wanted to jump out of your seat

“No way”

You said in a loud voice. He seemed shocked to see you two, he froze in his spot and his mouth opened as his run his tongue over his teeth. He took a bow and you stood up to do the same.

“Hello, i am Jiho”

“Hello, I am (y/n). Nice to meet you”

You both sat back down and stared at each other for a few minutes. You were a fan of his for the longest, you always dreamed about collaborating with him. Now he was going to be your husband.

“This is weird”

“I never expected you to be my wife”

He spoke. You smiled at him and placed your hands on your thighs


You asked him, placing your hnds on your lap and a smile never left your lips. He hesitated, probably thinking of how to phrase it without being rude.

“Cause you look like a person that does not really care about marriage”

“That’s the biggest lie, I started thinking about marriage since I was a child”

That was true. You wanted to have someone by your side, to think of and to love and respect, to have kids with.

“What do you think of each other?”

The staff asked. You turned to him and motioned him to answer

“I was a fan of hers on Unpretty rapstar, she is a very talented and hard working woman, she is also very… Beautiful”

“Awwww thank you”

“She is blushing”

The staff pointed out. You immediately put your hands on your cheeks to cover them, but your guilty smile was all it took for him to start laughing.

“I am not, no I am not”

“You’re so cute”

He complimented you between his laughs. You controlled your blushing cheeks and he controlled his laughter, now you were able to answer.

“I have been a fan of his for a long time now, so I am very happy I got to meet him. I hope we can be a good couple”

“Of coure we are going to be, I am your husband who’s better husband than me?”

“Give me a month, I’ll give you a list”

You snapped back, making everybody laugh and cheer you on. You started to feel more comfortable with him, you were optimistic about this whole thing.

“What’s the best case scenario between you two?”

“Ahhh tough question…. well I hope we can at least develop a nice friendship”

You answered truthfully. You haven’t really thought of that and how it could really turn out or how could the other person react to this.

“What about you Zico?”

“Well…. a friendship is a standard for me, we are going to be husband and wife which means that we will share a lot of moments with each other, but you never know… we might be our one true love”

“Boy you trynna fuck is that it?”

You joked and winked at him. He laughed and clapped his hands, you were feeling confident about this as time pasted by. He seemed like a good man and you were very curious to know how he was in his private life.

“So would you like to mention something that the other person should know about you?”

“I love hugs, so get prepared for a lot of sudden hugs out of nowhere”

“Getting hugged by THE (y/n)? that’s an honor”

“How about you?”

“I am sure you know about the whole scandal that happened and the aftermath of it. So I hope we can be honest with each other and maybe help my… relationship skills”

You nodded at his honest words. You were sure that what happened with his previous relationship was not pleasant.

“Can I hug you?”


You got up and wrapped your amrs around his frame, resting your chin on his shoulder as placed his hands over you.

“See? We love each other already”

“This is going to be the best we got married couple ever”

⚠️The beginning paragraphs may have some triggering content that discuss assault, death, murder, and kidnapping ⚠️


I guess I should first say ye that’s me up there ⬆️🙄I promised myself I’d post a selfie once I hit 1K

I hit 1,000 followers a while ago and I never really properly announced it, not that it’s really a big deal for some of you. But for me, it’s huge. The only social media account I’ve gotten 1K on was my Dan and Phil Google+ account from seventh grade (don’t ask), so this is a real accomplishment. I gained followers from work - my work, and that is one of the most tear-jerking moments I’ve ever experienced in my short life.

As I’ve told you, I’m not the happiest I can be right now. I struggle with social anxiety, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, and from time to time, voices will haunt me during the late night hours when I can’t fall asleep. It’s becoming more of a problem now, to the point where if one little thing goes wrong, I consider all possible ways to hurt myself. I know I’m strong, but I can’t help but feel weak at times. I already have such a hard time leaving the house because of my fear of being murdered, kidnapped, or assaulted, and even though I barely know anyone that can understand, I’m able to find comfort right here.

I’m gonna be honest: social media is not my thing. It’s full of hate, whether directed towards me or someone else. However, Tumblr seems to be the once place where I haven’t been attacked (yet). This small community that we’ve created has served as a safe haven for all of us. I’ve found new friends, and new reasons to keep fighting for the future. My closest friend, Brian, is one of the few people that are keeping me alive today, the others being my family, BTS and my girlfriend. He’s basically my big brother, and I’m just so glad I got to meet him through here.

I checked my follower count and it literally just spiked up to 1.1K. I’m so incredibly grateful that you guys like my work, and I’m even more grateful to the people who inspire me to write, or just make me smile in general! I’d really like to thank everyone who sends in requests, and I know that I can be super slow with them, but they help spark my creativity, and it’s super fun to let you participate.

So, without further ado, here’s nightskyhoseok’s first Follow Forever!


Well, that’s my list. I don’t know what else to say soo… I really want to get back into writing for you guys, and I’ll try my hardest to get those damn requests finished that have been waiting in my ask box for like 13 years. I’m probably not the most reliable author out there, which is why I’ve listed all of these wonderful authors here! I spent so long going through my ‘following’ list and of course @jungblue was one of the very first blogs I followed. If you don’t know her, which would be very unlikely because she’s so damn popular (and I understand why), go check out her writing right now. It’s far better than mine. Seriously, just go bless yourself. I’m looking forward to the future with you guys ❤️


[This is a long ass post so get ready to literally just hear me gush about meeting Jeremy Shada]

(the ginger boi in the photo is me, he made me laugh so I’m looking off camera)

Okay so here are all the details about me meeting Jeremy at MCM on Sunday for no reason other than I’m so fkin happy that it happened????

Before I met him I met KJ Apa from Riverdale, but tbh as great as many people say he is I’m way more bothered about Jeremy because I’m Voltron trash, Lance trash, Klance trash etc, so it was a huge thing for me! I mean i was in full Lance cosplay ffs :’) I also met my now-friend @mreblip in the que (I’ll untag you if you want but you’re awesome)

A few minutes before I got to actually meet and chat with Jeremy he was with this kid and he drew Finn for them and it was so adorable afl;jkfal

And when I finally got to meet him he was the????? nicest?????? person?????? Literally like, I know most celebrities would try and be cheerful when meeting fans but it all felt so genuine

I don’t remember much of what I said at first other than him saying “Nice cosplay!” and me saying that I was a massive fan of his and the show and he went “Aw thank you” and then I also mentioned that I liked Adventure Time and Student Body President (he looked really happy about the last one b/c I don’t think its as popular, and then he asked me where I watched it etc)

Then when I finally properly came out of my fanboy coma I asked about Keith and Lance scenes in Season 3 (if you’ve already read my other post then you know lmao) and he said there’d be a lot in the first half of Season 3 as they try and deal with Shiro being gone. And honestly the way he answered it was gr8 because he said it with so much respect etc? Its practically like I’d teleported into an SDCC panel and he was so respectful, sincere etc

Then he asked who my favourite character was and I said Lance, and he went “mine too, I love Lance because he’s got the funniest lines”. As he said this he wrote “Shut your quiznak” next to Lance in my Voltron graphic novel (And it feeds me that it was a klance line a;kk;lfk;lakf;l) then wrote his name and ““Lance” aka Ben”, then I asked for a hug and I walked off with a massive fkin grin

About 4 hours later I showed up for the photoshoot with Jeremy (I’d taken off the wig because MCM is fkin hot) and about ten off us got to stand inside the photo booth at a certain time which was 20 minutes after we were meant to, and literally as i got in he ran through the tarp on the other side :’)

When it was time to get the photo he recognised me from earlier (and I internally screamed) and he complimented my real hair colour (ginger) and my cosplay again, then he made me laugh by going “What a guy” right after he complimented the cosplay, and the photo guy decided that was the best idea to take the photo and not take any reshoots (Even though someone further through the cue had 3 reshoots???) so I’m looking off camera and grinning like an idiot :’) But tbh even if I’m not happy with how the photo turned out on my end, its still a rly happy fkin memory so I’ve lived with it

As I left he went in for a hug (aflajfl) then before I went back out of the photobooth I saw this amazing Lance cosplayer give him the rifle they made and he held it for the shot (which looked amazing because he legit looked like Lance, its on instagram on Jeremy’s tagged photos if you wanna see it)

His band Make Out Monday played at 3:30 aswell but I couldn’t find where they were playing ://// But still, I got to see him a whole bunch the other times so it wasn’t too bad

Theres literally no point to this post other than me gushing about how I got to meet one of my heroes, but like, yeah. If you can meet Jeremy at a con etc then definately do, because from what I can tell he’s a really nice, really genuine person ^^

Side note- I may/may not be meeting Steven Yeun on the 30th of July!!! (another con in London)


The three best photos I managed to capture on my camera of Jeremy at Elsie Fest since I was crying and shaking so much during his whole set. After three years and 18 days of not seeing him once, it felt so awesome. And to get to meet him beforehand; another dream come true.

I met my boyfriend of one year through League and a friend. We all would play together and goof around on Discord, and I actually had a crush on him before I met him since we all played with our mics so often. In 2015 on New Years, I finally got to meet him, and we started dating a month later. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. We have matching usernames, sometimes people think it’s cringey and others think it’s cute. He mains Jhin and I main Sona ❤

Artwork by @v-rtuosus