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Menstrual blood isn't disgusting. It's a natural and beautiful life-giving substance and you wouldn't be here without it. The only reason it's "disgusting" to men is because it's a sign that a woman's body isn't being used to pop out babies.

Good to know… I definitely thought it was because I dislike being exposed to the abandoned bodily fluids of strangers. I guess next time I’m cleaning up biohazards from public restrooms, I’ll just remind myself that the only reason I’m grossed out is because I secretly wish that all women were just constantly pregnant.


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Happy Mimi Day!

Happy Birthday to Oh My Girl’s beautiful rapper, Kim Mihyun / Mimi! I hope you have a lovely day Mimi :) Thank you for blessing us Miracles with your beautiful voice and adorable quirkiness! I wish you a day filled with nothing but joy ♥ happy birthday, we love you!