Harry and Remus’ fight in Grimmauld Place as seen by Lily, James and Sirius

*Remus arrives at the Grimmauld Place and gives imformation to Harry, Ron and Hermione about what was going on after they left the Burrow. Remus then asks Harry, if he can join his mission to do what Dumbledore asked him to*

Sirius: Why does he want to go on a suicide mission?

James: I don’t have a clue maybe he thinks he should be out there with Harry and not leave everything to him unlike Dumbledore.

Sirius: No I really don’t think that’s the reason. Remus knows Harry’s powers and trusts him enough to let him do this thing alone. *smiling* maybe he got bored of Tonks.

Lily: Sirius! Don’t say stuff like that.

*Remus tells Harry, Ron and Hermione that Tonks is pregnant*

Sirius: She is WHAT?

Lily: Awww they are going to have a baby!

Sirius: No no no don’t you “awww” this Evans. There’s nothing to “awww” about this. 

James: I’m going to kill him.

Sirius: Thanks Prongs.

James: No, not because of that. He wants to go on a suicide mission because he thinks a werewolf can’t have a child. Just wait and see.

*Remus: Harry, I’m sure James would have wanted me to stick with you.

Harry: I’m not. I’m pretty sure my father would have wanted to know why you aren’t sticking with your own kid, actually.*

James: *nodding* Nice one Harry. I would very much like that even though I exactly know why.

Sirius: *sneering* Oh it’s the same old same old “I’m a monster I shouldn’t be with anyone” mess. When is he going to learn that just a few asshats are treating him wrong that everyone will. The woman married him for heaven’s sake.

Lily: I understand his worry that he may have passed his lycantrophy to his child but how come it makes sense to him to abandon the kid with Tonks? If anyone can help them it’s him

James: You see Lils, he has this self-pity pool he occasionally likes to drown himself in. We went through hell because of that more often than not.

Sirius: He never understands how beautiful, smart and kind he is. He never did. I told him thousands and thousands of times that being a werewolf can’t change that but here we are.

*Hermione: Remus! Don’t say that—how could any child be ashamed of you? Harry: Oh, I don’t know, Hermione, I’d be pretty ashamed of him.[…] My father died trying to protect my mother and me, and you reckon he’d tell you to abandon your kid to go on an adventure with us?*

James: I told you.

Lily: Harry! NO!

James: I agree with the last part though Lils, he is leaving his own kid to go on a mission that might get him killed and his reason is that I would want him to go and be with Harry. If he was alone, if he didn’t have Tonks, of course I would want him to help Harry, but under these circumstances he shouldn’t even be in Grimmauld Place.

*Harry: The man who taught me to fight dementors—a coward.*

Sirius: He took it too far Prongs, calling Remus a coward, that’s too much. He’s anything but a coward.

James: Harry’s right if you ask me.

Sirius: *shocked* What the fuck are you talking about? Just one mistake and he’s a coward to you, too? The man who fought alongside you? 

James: Parents shouldn’t leave their child unless they have to Pads. I had to leave Harry, he doesn’t.  He’s making a conscious choice to leave his kid *his hands are trembling* and it makes me so fucking angry that he would. I’d give everything I had to be with Harry right this moment. 

Lily: *kindly, seeing that Sirius is hurt* He’s kind of right you know Sirius, I understand he’s afraid but so is Tonks and so is everyone else. Having a baby during war is hard, he should put his fears aside and be with them. Bravery is not not being afraid, bravery is putting your fears aside for what’s right, he should, too.

Sirius: I am mad at him too, I would probably smack the shit out of him to get him back to his senses but I– He sees himself as a monster, you don’t know the shit I have been through to explain him that he is not.

James: I do, I was trying to do the same thing you know. 

Sirius: You only saw what Remus let you see, he was way more damaged than that. If you only knew how he saw himself– Harry shouldn’t have called him a coward and you know it. 

*James is still very angry and he doesn’t respond, he just walks up and down*

Lily: I’m pretty sure Harry regrets saying it Sirius, they will fix it. Harry loves and respects Remus, I think that’s why he got so mad. Everyone is on the edge right now, give them time. Give James some time, too.

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Do you have a favourite act in homestuck? If so, which one?

hmm hard to choose one. after all I’d say it’s the first act. I know some find it boring but it really got me hooked on the story. it’s probably also bc I can remember a lot of it. I can recall my thoughts that I had when I read it back in the day and it has a heartwarming feel to it.

No matter how prepared you are, or how much you think you know about your kids’ histories, nothing quite prepares you when a small child tells you something you didn’t know about their life before foster care.

Caseworker thinks we can proceed with TPR stuff within the next six months. We’ll see. A lot depends on the lawyers and if they can actually do the things they think they can (if that makes any sense?) There are still so many directions this case could take, at almost sixteen months and counting.

Juni started therapy and we’re really excited for her (though also sad, because therapy is awesome but I wish she didn’t need it/wish she hadn’t experienced the things she’s experienced.) We explained what therapy is and she understands remarkably well and is excited to work. Also just telling her she would be going dropped her nightmares from 4-5 a night to 1-2 every other night. 

Visits continue to be long and exhausting and boring. They got upset this week that we couldn’t find a new day to schedule the next visit, because they had plans for the assigned day. We have our own lives, we can’t carve out three hours of any day you want. (To be clear, we picked another day that would work and that wasn’t acceptable, they wanted a different one.) Sometimes I think the bios think after visits end we all just kind of become frozen and do nothing until the next visit. I know it’s coping, but it’s frustrating.

We were able to finally get Juni’s hair cut short. She’s been wanting it cut for months “like Rapunzel at the end,” but the bios said no. Finally we asked again and they agreed. It’s not quite that short, but it’s at her shoulders and absolutely adorable. She looks like a new kid and it suits her so well. Also way easier to do in the morning/keep out of her face.

Bean Sprout can now say “wheeee” when something exciting happens and it’s super adorable. The other night I put him in his crib for bedtime and about five minutes later over the monitor I hear “Ahhh daaa, ahhhh daaa” (his approximation for all done.) No tiny bean, you are not all done.

Oh, and did I mention there’s still a possibility for new baby to come into care at some point? Who knows how long that’s just going to dangle in the air. Thanks, foster care.

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you know how the other day i was reminiscing about the days when jaspertale was a thing? because i feel like beating that dead horse for no reason other than the fact that i can and im bored

I never got into Undertales so I never really got Jaspertales either but it was so nice to have the influx of Jasper art for a while

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sheith and kipper :D

Keith had his reservations about dating an older guy. What if he saw him as immature or inexperienced? What if they didn’t really have anything in common after all, and what if he just got plain bored or thought Keith wouldn’t want to eventually settle down? All of the above insecurities would eventually be talked over and ironed out. He really did care for Shiro, even in these scary early days of their budding romance. There was one huge fear Keith had, however, which he wasn’t sure how to address. What would Shiro think of his Kipper the dog pyjamas?

Send me a pairing and a food and I’ll write something smutty/fluffy in exactly 100 words.

I Got Hiddles-Batched Again

Life is very dynamic and unpredictable #tsaaah You can be really bored at one moment, and the next second you can go wild with an immense amount of excitement. For that, it is fun. Like yesterday for example, I woke up in the not-so-early morning, showered, went to work at 11 by Transjakarta and…. Okay that’s not important. The point is my Wednesday ran just fine. By fine I mean I did feel the right amount of joy which consists of an emotional birthday moment, some lols with students and colleagues, and a tiny bit of KZL. So it was just right. Normal. It went like that until I came home, lying down, chatting with my fangirling pal (doing our daily bustle before bed), and talking about how fierce and gorgeous Tom Hiddleston looks in his newest magazine cover. Hehe. The headline drove me even more hyped—it’s written there “Tom Hiddleston enters the next dimension by Benedict Cumberbatch”. Not longer than a second, I was already on google trying to fine the online article. And I found it. Thank you, Mbah.

So I read the article. The first paragraph’s tickled me already. It says “For Hiddleston, life is so good that it comes with a few too-good-to-be-true conspiracy theories—the best of which goes something like, Hiddleston, at 35, is a front-runner to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, and PR teams staged his relationship with Swift in order to elevate his star power. As if he needed the help.” WORDS!!! And without extra seasonings to exaggerate things (unlike this writing of mine) the author serves me with the transcribed conversation between Hiddleston and Cumberbatch. OH GOOD LORD. Just as you can imagine. Two well-mannered Britons interviewing each other with their typical British fashion: Thanking each other, Praising each other, Apologizing to each other, and Talking about their favorite movies and director in the certain era that excites them the most. Pause there… What’s not to love about that?

It is Benedict who plays journalist and Tom plays interviewee, through phone. However, it seems to me that it’s just two good friends having tea time with biscuits and chocolate hobnobs together. Ben opens the interview with this “I feel my role here is much more as a real friend than a journalist. There will be no curveballs, I promise” and then the conversation just flows amazingly. It is so genuine, real, full of respect, and not to mention full of love. I am amused by how well they know each other’s work, and also by their comprehensive understanding towards… nearly everything.

There is this part that touches me and it shows big amount of respect they have for each other. After they talk about the discipline on the set and the extra work that they need to do for their films, Benedict goes like “Do you have a fear of anything that could get in the way of that? I mean, it’s like asking somebody who’s seemingly invincible what they fear most. Don’t feel burdened to answer. Tell me to fuck off if you want. You can, because I’m your friend.” Like… Who wouldn’t say “aww” 10 times to that?

It’s even more heart-warming because after that, the talk goes to become a ‘curhat’ session where they tell each other’s fear and regret. Bromance alert: Benerdict did a sleepover at Tom’s. Pow pow pow. That’s the sound of my heart. Popping.

Tom tells Ben about his experience in UNICEF in South Sudan. He is I think a very good story teller. The story he tells sounds like a motion picture. So well-narrated. I am so moved when these words roll out of his tongue “I am so profoundly aware of my lack of skill to make any material difference. I am not a doctor. I can’t influence foreign policy. I can’t build schools. I can’t chemically engineer the protein paste that helps people with acute malnutrition. But I can talk about it, and so can you.” Doesn’t he sound like he’s having a speech in front of thousands?

This is interesting! 😍😍😍
HIDDLESTON: I think I saw you act before you even knew who I was.
CUMBERBATCH: When was that?
HIDDLESTON: Hedda Gabler. As Tesman. I remember it very well.
CUMBERBATCH: Oh, gosh. Well, I met you not long after that, I think and I was like, “God, this guy is flying!”
*me rolling on the floor AWW-ing*

You know what, Ben is such a flirty little sausage. There is this part when he goes “I remember seeing pictures of you running with Chris at some point in Iceland. And, goddammit, it’s only that English smile and charm that you have, that would let you get away with the murder that you must normally get from your makeup artists and your dresser.” I AM CERTAIN THAT TOM IS BLUSHING. He is there… Over the moon hahaha 😄

The interview is soon ended after their sharing on being a part of this giant business, Marvel Cinematic Universe. I can hardly wait to see these two characters, Loki and Doctor strange, sharing scenes in their upcoming movie(s).

Oh God… There are many great parts that I would love to put here, but if I do this writing will be longer that the original article 😄 I’ll just say that everyone can and should read it. This is probably the best interview I have ever read, because, never has an interview made me want to write a reflective journal 😂 My friend, Erma, was right, this is everything to be admired. It doesn’t give me much tho. Just feeling of utterly happy and moved. As I quote from my friend “I can the feel firework of emotions after reading this. I feel warm inside, proud, happy, and moved.” And I second that.

Lastly, Thank you Tom and Benedict for being the kind of men you are, and specifically for sharing your amazing experiences and thoughts through this platform. I am grateful for this.

Read the article here


We’ve got past the boring housekeeping lectures and I just had a really interesting two hour lecture on Hamlet that nearly made the painful annotating worth it.

You know it was good because I actually wanted it to go on past the two hours. To be fair though, we had the good lecturer today.


“This is what’s ridiculous. People who suffer from cancer, severed limbs, or blindness receive sympathy from others, but people suffering from mental illnesses are viewed as outcasts by everyone. Everyone’s prone to a mental breakdown if they suffer a traumatic experience. We all just act like that would never happen to us.”