(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃                    ( • _ • )


( • _ • ) (◥◣ᴗ◢◤)و ̑̑ *・

( • ᴗ • )–(ㅅ◥◣_◢◤)!

( • ᴗ • )?     (◥◣╭╮◢◤* ) SENSEI!


(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃ You are to show me no mercy

(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃            ლ( • _ • ლ )

(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃ ?              .*・。

(    • _ • )   ( ;◥◣_◢◤) shit

( ∩ • _ • )⊃.*・(◥◣_◢◤ )!!

( ∩ • _ • )⊃.*・(◥◣_◢◤ )☆゚.*・。゚☆

As if ( • ᴗ • )ノ*(◥◣_◢◤ ) flic

(• ᴗ • ) udon time!     (๑◥◣_◢◤๑ )♡

  • You’re on a rock floating in space.
  • It’s sad. I’m sad.
  • Nothing was never anywhere.
  • I think there’s a universe now!
  • Ah, that’s a thing! In a place!
  • It’s still very full and about a kjghpllion degrees.
  • HOT.
  • Some stars burn out and die, bigger stars burn out and die with PASSION.
  • Weather update: It’s raining rocks from outer space.
  • Weather update: Cooler temperatures today and the floor is no longer lava.
  • Weather update: It’s raining.
  • Something’s alive in the ocean!
  • Taste the sun!
  • Wow, that’s animals and stuff.
  • The sun is a deadly lazer.
  • Not anymore, there’s a blanket.
  • Learn to use an egg.
  • Use a stronger egg!
  • And now everything’s huge.
  • Oh fuck, now everything’s dead.
  • Yeah, it broke apart. Don’t worry about it. It does that all the time.
  • It’s mammal time!
  • Look at those breasts.
  • That’s a human person.
  • Fuck it, time to plant some grass.
  • Tired of using rocks for everything? Use metal!
  • Why is all my metal so lame and lumpy?
  • Tired of using lame, sad metal?
  • I don’t know, my dealer won’t tell me where he gets it.
  • Clop clop! It’s the people with the horses.
  • You could make a religion out of this!
  • Don’t get too sexy.
  • Wow, that’s big.
  • He was great and now he’s dead.
  • Will you get the hell out of here if I give you 500 elephants?
  • Fuck you, obey the law.
  • Thanks for invading our homeland.
  • Wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?
  • Let’s do a crusade.
  • Look at those mounds.
  • Wow, that guy’s rich.
  • Hey, c’mere, time to share.
  • Here’s a printer, let’s make books.
  • Do you sin?
  • That’s bullshit. This whole thing is bullshit. That’s a scam.
  • Damn, we gotta start pillaging some stuff.
  • But at least there’s beavers.
  • Guess who’s broke!
  • That’s just where he lives.
  • Well, blame something on them and go to war.
  • Look at those guns!
  • Let’s get in a car and drive to a party and listen to jazz on the radio and go to the movies.
  • Wow, that worked?
  • Let’s just keep it cool and spy on each other instead.
  • I’ll race you to space!
  • Surprise! It’s in your pocket.
  • Wanna learn everything?
  • Wanna print a brain?
  • Let’s invent a thing inventor.
  • By the way, where the hell are we?

themarslion  asked:

What's you're favorite anime and/or video game?

Okay, before I answer this: I’m 44 years-old and I don’t have the time or focus to watch thousands of hours of anime like I did when I was a kid and we got bootleg VHS copies of whatever was available at the local comic convention. Whenever this comes up, someone who is younger than my children has LOTS OF OPINIONS about why I’m too late to the party, or boring, or whatever. I don’t need to hear that, so save your time, if you’re thinking it’s a good idea (this isn’t just YOU, you, I mean it’s the entire Tumblr “you”).

Recently, I have loved One Punch Man, Psycho Pass, and Ergo Proxy. I’m very late to the party on Cowboy Bebop, but I have massively loved every episode I have watched.

I was so into Death Note, but I got really bored about 15 or so episodes in, where I felt like two minutes of story were stretched out into 30 minutes of show.

I watch dubs and subs, depending on my mood. I know a lot of people who do the dubs (and I’ve done them, myself) so I know that time and energy and effort goes into making them as faithful to the original intent and performance as possible.

I don’t have a single favorite video game. At the moment, I’m replaying some NES games on my RetroPie, and I’m working my way through maybe actually completing the story in GTA V for the first time. But I’ll never say no to Robotron, Black Widow, Dr. Mario, Mr. Do!, or Sinistar.

Oh, and I’m having a good time playing TopSoil on my phone when I poop.


Sam & Caitriona | PaleyFest

“I mean I definitely think that from the moment I met Sam when we had our chemistry test…I walked in and he obviously had already been cast and I was quite nervous and he just immediately put me at ease. We had two really good scenes and we really got into it and I think from that moment I was just like, ‘oh he’s such a cool guy.” It was really good so I thought if this works it’s gonna be really fun.”

“I remember thinking you were going punch me back and I thought this is the start of a beautiful relationship. And then shooting wise I think the scene where I find you next to the burn and take you back to the Highlanders…we’d shot stuff before that but I felt that there was this, kind of, interesting dynamic between us.”


and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones

f(x) as wlw girlfriends
  • victoria: (if you listen close enough you can hear me screaming as i type this) can be greasy at times but she does it just to be corny and get you all flustered. for some reason i think that at some times she'd just be all "babe watch this" and show you some freaky thing she can do because she's so damn flexible. she's the big spoon and she's really into backhugs and cuddling :') lives for pda, automatically interlinked arms with you, grabs for your hand a lot. i feel like she would be the one to say "i love you" a lot, she feels like she says it too much that it might be annoying but it's sweet. takes good care of you, loves to make dishes for both of you to eat. a very giddy sweetheart.
  • luna: very energetic, truly like a little puppy! she'd be that gf that gives little kisses for everything. if she was leaving the room, she'd peck you on the cheek. you just entered the kitchen when she was cooking? kiss. little stuff like that. the little spoon, loves resting on your shoulders or laying down in your arms. sends you cute wake up texts, shes so sweet it hurts.
  • amber: she would be the meme gf omg, she'll point at random stuff as you two are walking and be like "that's us". you two probably have a secret handshake that you take way too seriously. amber would be into skinship a lot, she's very touchy lol. she hypes you up a lot no matter what. pretends to get mad when you wear her stuff but finds it adorable. LOVES IT when you call her pet names (especially babe) but gets embarrassed/blushes about it ;; actually gets flustered easily by you its cute
  • krystal: she's really into subtle skinship, arms interlinked, playing with your fingers, knowing that you're there and close by makes her happy. she's always hungry though so she'd ask you about food a lot. likes quiet places a lot. i think about soojung on dates, they'd be minimal but pretty worthwhile to her. late night dates, probably museum visits, dinner dates, quiet stuff. she can be very playful though, probably has you saved in her phone as the current inside joke you two have.