OK I’ve had it.

I’m still on the ship cause who am I kidding, they will suck me back into the vortex at any moment… but I am frustrated, tired, disgusted, apathetic, and generally just don’t give a crap what the likes of Shatner Shamzie or any anti have to say. I don’t. Shat wants to throw his “lunch” in my face as proof… let him. I don’t give a crap. 

I ship on, despite my better judgement. Pretty soon maybe I will be free and on the beach getting a tan. But I like the community here too much to leave. Today the stuff we got from the OL peeps was boring as heck, there has been no new PR, nothing to get us engaged in the story again. Just Shatlander. I hope they get their shit together. I really do. I have my doubts. But I am here for the amazing community of women, for Sam and Cait if they ever return to the people the showed us to be… kind, caring, charitable, honest, people with integrity. 

I’m not here for Shatlander, or Shamzie or Tait. If they have great relationships with these people then all power to them, if that makes them happy then good for them. I just don’t really want to know them (which is what they want right?? PRIVACY… well you can have it if you’re with them… not interested… said that from the start). They aren’t attractive to me (not ugly, just not interested). Sam and Cait (those two with the kindness, integrity, honesty, charity etc THAT Sam and Cait) and Jamie and Claire are why I am here. But I stick around for the amazing group of witty, wonderful women who call themselves… Shippers. 

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Hey! I have a quick question. I love history, And I really am interested in studying it. But the thing is, there's so much history, where do you start? How did you go about studying history and what's some advice you could give?

I got into history in middle school because of WWII and slowly but surely branched off from there! I found interesting characters and events in all parts of the world and followed them back through time. Why did they think the way they did? How were these events affected by the history that came before them? Hunting answers to these questions makes for a web of time travel through history! That’s how I go about it, anyway. Just pick one of your favorite points and make a web from there~ I’m sure everyone finds their own way to explore the vast sea of history, maybe some followers will reblog their own advice as well! Good luck and have fun! :D

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God I'm annoying but sorry it's the last one I swear, what if Dick meet a Romani girl from circus (it really doesn't matter who she is there but still), it may be cliche or lame but I really can't get this idea out of my mind. And like she just tell him "go chill womanizer, once you end playing with girls you can look this way". (god I'm so boring haha) But still, thoughts of his reaction?

(no you’re not!)

He’s like taken aback - “thats not me!” He said quickly following, as you walked into the tent “I don’t know where you got that from but, I am not a womanizer.”

“Oh really?” You drawled out with an amused expression. “Because i’ve seen you with my own eyes, circling through woman at the restaurant on fifth in less than a week.”

Dick groaned and a hand ran through his hair.
Oh right, the model, the socialite, the daughter of one of Bruce’s chairman, Barbara and his weekly catch up… And perhaps a few more.

Maybe the Gazette was actually onto something for once.

“Well if it helps, one of them happens to be my closest friends.”

“Oooh - complications.” You chuckled and leant against a crate

“And the others were mostly business.”

“Uh-huh. You don’t need to explain, just let me explain that I’m not going to be one of your rotations - now I need to go get a drink.” You chuckled “send my regards to Thursday’s pick. Come see me when you’re sick of little girls”

He frowned at the insinuation, but he knew that there was no convincing you with his words, so he’d just have to prove it to you.

Friday Five:  I Aint’ Got Nothin’ Edition

1.  I wish I had as interesting a life as some of you.  I’m fascinated by your posts!  My posts?  Yeah, they suck.  I’m pretty boring.  But I’m OK with it.

2.  Half-day for my son today.  They just had three days off for Thanksgiving.  Couldn’t they have waited a bit for a half-day?  Even next week would’ve been better.  So he’s now with me for the remainder of the day - except he’s not really allowed to be with me.  So shhhhhh!

3.  Wife found a new Christmas tree last night after returning the old one.  I can’t believe Home Depot took the other tree back.  It was definitely browning at an alarming rate.  But, still……I wouldn’t have taken it back.  The new tree is truly Griswold-esque.  Like, it barely fits in our family room big.  I’m going to have to go and buy probably 800 more lights to light that baby up.  We already had nearly 2,000 lights on the other tree.  This sucker is huge.  YUUUGE!

4.  Officially turned down our Inauguration tickets with the senator’s office yesterday.  My wife used the opportunity to let them know what we thought of the incoming administration.  We may or may not ever get more inauguration tickets.  ha ha

5.  Next Thursday starts a CRAZY 15-day stretch for me.  I’m going to work two different high school basketball tournaments and a few NCAA games.  Probably about 37 games to score in those 15 days.  YIKES!  I’d better rest up now.  Extra money for Christmas will be nice, though!

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so weird that u and me agree that Super Mario Sunshine is. fucking awesome but u think KH is boring! and RPGs in general.... I love em but I dig the cheesy storylines the most I guess. fun.

it’s cuz i’m bad at rpg’s, honestly. and rpgs don’t really give me the mental stimulation i need, in my experience. the closest i’ve come to really being into a traditional rpg is brave fencer musashi, which i love. so square enix still got me

Plant Personality Quiz

                                        {Take the test here.}


Scrappy and tough, you’re a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps kind of person. You don’t give up easily and you often thrive in situations that others would find discouraging. You have an instinct to serve others and see yourself as most useful in times or places of crisis, but you may over rely on your toughness and forget how sensitive you really are.


A protector. With an amazing blend of optimism, nurturing and goodwill, you lend your strength and energy to those in need. Your seemingly infinite goodwill and boundless supportive energy make you the one people turn to when times are tough. Your greatest strength is, of course, also one of your weaknesses, especially if you neglect to take care of yourself. At times like these, it’s a good idea to take a step back and focus some of that protective energy on yourself.


Spirited. A feisty and fiery companion, quick with an opinion, a laugh or an idea. Warm, friendly and inviting, you never allow an awkward moment to pass. In fact, even cold and distant people warm up to you more quickly than others. Negative experiences or too much indulgence, however, can send you into a bit of a tailspin, and when hurt you may become quite cold and distant. Ginger people do best when their natural warmth and affection is flowing freely, giving them easy access to their love of life.

Tagged by: no-one, this is just something I found and thought I’d share with you all! I’ve really wanted to draw C’arta with her results but having a dodgy tablet cord is preventing that D’:

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@pixeltrashcan, Nicole, you are such a sweet person. You are kind and lighthearted, but you still hold true to your convictions. Thank you for sharing your talentttt. <3

@nicotinc & @pixeltrashcan, thanks for the tag! Here’s some boring facts lol:

  • I wanted to learn several languages when I was younger, and spent a lot of my free time attempting to pick up on things. Never really got passed the grammar part with most, though, except for French. Wish I had more time to pursue studying! 
  • I’ve been really interested in all sides of my family history as of late.
  • I love spicy food. I used to have hot sauce in the glove compartment of my car…my husband gave me a lot of grief for that lol.
  • I just bought the most God awful, blinking, Christmas sweater from Walmart. It’s hideously beautiful lmao.
  • Me and my husband bonded over crappy 2011 memes. God bless. (don’t bond over memes)

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Can you recommend some books about communism, marxism, socialism, capitalism and that kind of stuff?

if you’re interested in cities and human settlements like me, I’m just now starting The Capitalist Imperative and it’s pretty good so far but would probably be boring to anyone not explicitly interested in spatial distributions of population.

I haven’t read as much as I need to. anticolonial thinkers really got me started on the path to socialism. I think that’s a smooth transition, intellectually. I used to throw myself into (cringe) libertarian thought (and I read a TON of books relating to classical or Austrian school economics) //// so a lot of my current understanding is a result of contextualizing a very white, ruling class, Western European understanding of economic behavior with anticolonial social realities.

So books like Malcolm X’s autobiography and Cronon’s “Changes In The Land” (which is actually an ecology text but makes the case for indigenous people so well it may as well be explicitly anti-imperialist canon). Frantz Fanon is a cool place to start. Galeano’s “Open Veins of Latin America” another. if you want something acrsoble and easy to find, even something like Chomsky lectures on the relationships between nation states and within nation states, or economic dynamics, tend to be pretty good and full of references. All on YouTube.

If I were you I’d also check @beyonslayed’s #ref tag as well as @welfare-queen’s book lists and quotes.


This took way longer than i expected, almost took 3 days tbh! Well, at least i liked how it came out. Got bored at a cafe then i drew the sketch of this, then i just continued it, cafe’s makes me feel relaxed ;; i really like coffee and tea tbh, oops! I blabber too much, anyway! I guess this is a new cover for my crystal blood story~? :3c


Characters used are Xylorie (me!), Ace, Anthony, Diamondboy/Ethan (my brother! :D), And Nafuzika! App used is ibispaint.

Reblog’s are greatly appreciated!!


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Do you take Latin?! IF so, Salve!!!!

Ahh, Latin! My best friend’s semester-long course last year left him texting me in Latin just to irritate me. Salve is actually an Italian AND Latin greeting (I was using it as Italian in the last ask). 

As for the rest of my Latin… I’ve got: “salve”, “ave”, “quid agis”, “gratias tibi ago”, “te amo”, “siste”, and “exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica”. There’s also a handful of really boring law terms. How’s that for Latin? *dusts off hands*

Basically, I have a very sparse knowledge of Latin and 75% of my vocabulary comes from Supernatural and a law book I read for fun when I was bored c:

story time

I became a Yuri!! On Ice fan a week and a half ago and may I say I have never joined a fandom so damn fast

lemme just say that I don’t watch anime that often or at all because it tends to be unrealistic and that isn’t bad! Some people enjoy that! I do too but when all of the ones you watch are, you get a bit bored you know. I don’t watch anime anymore but there was just something about this show

I never really got the chance to watch a realistic show like YOI. Talking about this show makes it sound like a real drama show!

I prefer normal tv programs but this show has provided me with a realistic but also fictional show. It just makes me happy to watch a show that doesn’t have characters with crazy personalities or are too obnoxious. This show provided me with a realistic relationship, story line, and characters.

If you’re like me and don’t really watch anime or don’t at all but are open to it, I recommend this show. It gives me a sense of a real plot and storyline. Something I could see in everyday life. Overall, this show is just amazing.

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i'm literally so upset about bonnie and enzo in the last episode that i can't even deal. I now tvd is far from the perfect (or even sub par) model of healthy relationships but jesus christ. I initially like bonnenzo bc i finally saw someone who appreciated bonnie but her being willing to die in a fire for enzo turned me off of it in ways i don't even know how to explain

well any relationship with bonnie willing to die for someone is gonna gross me out because her relationships are always written that way and it never feels reciprocated so its just boring at this point i get it bonnie’s black therefore she loves people more than they love her and will likely die in a matter of episodes i’m just over it lol. i would recommend not watching if you don’t want to see a shoddy portrayal of DE starring bonnie and enzo cause that’s pretty much what you’ve got to look forward to this is sounding really negative sorry lol im just so far disconnected from tvd canon bonnie and damon are still in 1994 and damon took the cure in my mind