for someone who fucking loves fish, i never draw them.

this was painting practice! and a lil pattern bc i thought it would be cute for my new header. if anyone wanted to use it as theirs, that would be cool! (just please give me credit ahh)

So I’d like to preface this with I’ve yet to see Beauty and the Beast, so I can only judge by what I’ve heard.

But seeing all these posts about Watson’s performance got me thinking.


You already have a brunette that vaguely looks like Belle, has a British accent since you insisted on that, has some goddamn good acting chops for a newcomer, can sing (Barbra Fucking Streisand even said so), and would get all the butts in the seats, because everyone already loves her.

Like. I realize Watson was lined up for a Beauty and the Beast adaptation since Guillermo del Toro was making it.

But Disney.

You could’ve had Daisy Ridley.

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And yes, I’m aware there’d be serious scheduling conflicts, but goddammit, I find it hard to believe I’d have all this hate thrown in my face if they had found a way to work this out…

Like. If you had to go as white as you did, at least pick someone epically qualified.

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Just so you know, separating your block into nsfw and sfw has made my life worse. Because previously, I could read your sex related content at work since it was just text. But now I cannot since the nsfw blog contains outright porn. This situation may not be fixable, just wanted to let you know there is a downside. I still really like your blog as a whole.

I got several messages like this and have decided that I’m going to instead run the most boring NSFW blog around by just writing text and no longer reblogging porn.

Which feels extremely weird since reblogging porn is what all the other blogs of this genre are /for/, but alright.

Semi-hiatus notice

After much thought, and much beating up of myself, I am moving Fin into a state of semi-hiatus.  This is for my own physical and mental health.  I will still be around, and doing some replies, but most of my activity will probably be on endy-mixn.  For more information, look under the cut.  I don’t want to bore you all with the details if you do not want to read it.

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Do you blue diamonds design why or why not?

it’s just…eh?? bland and boring. i like how she has droopy eyes + eye bags though. it would have been cool if she still managed to be menacing despite that.

she’s just got no interesting shapes/design elements to her, y’know? i like yellow diamond’s design because her hair really makes her pop! blue just isn’t as visually appealing imo, not to mention the fact that they didn’t stick to a set design for her which is frustrating.

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My crush isnt really my crush anymore and heres why- he really liked me back, we went on 2 dates, talked over text and snapchat all the time even after that, then all of a sudden he just kind of got bored of me i guess?? In person hes different which is weird. And id still snapchat him and he would still respond and stuff but finally i just decided not to and he hasnt reached out so i just. I hate relationships and boys 🙄

I totally get what you mean about people being different in person compared to over the phone. I’m really against people trying to ‘get to know me’ over Facebook because I’m like it will just be awkward in person if we get super open and friendly online. Personally, I think you’ve really got to connect in person first. I hate people who when you snapchat them, they reply with something entirely different, especially when what you send was hilarious… I think if he’s stopped communicating with you then it’s a sign to move on to better things! x

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Have you ever been camping? What's the weather like at your house right now? How many siblings do you have? Do you play any instruments? *Exactly* how bored are you right now?

I’ve been camping many times before, mainly on “family weekends” for my siblings’ scouting troops. I like it, but warm showers and air conditioning are also very good.

The weather is spring-like. It’s pretty warm and sunny, although the pollen count is through the roof.

I have five siblings. I know, big family. I am number five of six.

I used to play the flute in like fourth and fifth grade, but that kinda stopped, and I don’t really know why. I feel like picking it back up again would be gratifying.

I must say, I am bored enough to actually start thinking about doing schoolwork on a Saturday morning, so that should tell you something.

Sorry about the late reply, things got a bit crazier at my house than I anticipated.

Yuuri...will you go out with me?

AKA ‘When Viktor asks Yuuri out and it’s so cute and bittersweet’

So I’m only up to chapter 10 in my UMFB re-read.  Urgh.  I keep getting distracted.  Anyway.  I had been having a lot of thoughts about when Viktor asks Yuuri to dance in chapter 8 and then I read this great meta by @the-heart-of-my-mystery and she had a few points about when Viktor asks Yuuri out after their accident, like this one: ‘the date in ch9 is funny but also not funny because viktor doesn’t have an opportunity to ask yuuri out on a date until yuuri HAS A CONCUSSION. so much of this fic is just. so sad ugh.’

And all this really got me thinking about poor little Viktor trying to pluck up the courage to ask Yuuri out.  And obviously, Yuuri doesn’t even know that’s what’s going on so… 

Now I’m old and boring and have been married for 10 years so I’m not exactly up to speed with the dating scene.  So correct me if I’m wrong, but a ‘normal’ way for Viktor to approach Yuuri, given the context in which they see each other, would be to chat to him at competitions and social events and get to know him a bit more and sort of take things from there.  But that option isn’t open to poor Viktor, because Yuuri openly dislikes and avoids him.  So what’s a guy to do?  

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Hey, so there is about 6 weeks left of term and I really like this girl and we always look at each other but we haven't really spoke. When I have the opportunity I can't get any words out and I really don't know what to do. I don't know her sexuality but she has a lot of LGBT+ friends I just don't know what to say to her without her getting bored. Thanks for taking the time to read.


this can be very intimidating - talking to someone you like. But you could try with small talk about school or make her a subtle compliment. For example tell her you like her shirt or whatever, ask her where she got it from…. ideally this is a good starter for a conversation.

If you know her social media then you could also start by texting her. For example if she shared something on facebook, send er a message about it.

If she’s into girls or not doesn’t matter in this stage of getting to know each other. Once you’ve talked for a bit you can see where things are leading and if you feel comfortable and safe to do so (and want to do so!) you could come out to her and maybe it causes her to come out to you as well…

Anyway… I am shit at this sorta stuff myself, so this advice is probably useless.


Your roommate is the serial killer on the news. However, he’s probably one of the nicest people you know, and he’s very respectful, discreet, and moral in his deeds. Neither of you really bring it up until one day he says, “I’m bored. Got anyone in mind for me to… y'know?”

Just INFP Things

- Doing stupid or clumsy things because you forgot to pay attention to the real world again; walked into doors, burned your food, maybe jumped a red light… 

-When someone is Having Feelings in your vicinity, you are having those feelings right along with them, even if you don’t know who they are or why they’re upset


- Really wanting to have your life all organised and together but also being the sort of person who just doesn’t do that

- When you look at a thing and it reminds you of another thing but nobody else sees it and then you become ‘the weird one’. 

- Dropping everything you’re doing to google something you got curious about, or draw an image that just occurred to you, or in any way indulging a sudden burst of imagination before it slips away and your boring life returns

- Having to say ‘I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT IT’S JUST THIS FEELING’ on a daily basis to a bunch of blank faces

- Nobody seems to appreciate the value of a long walk by yourself

- The sensible, logical voice in your head is constantly facepalming at all the stupid stuff you do, even though it told you this was a bad idea

- Your best solution to most potential problems is ‘I’ll just take to the woods and live alone with the trees where nobody will care what I do’

- ‘What are you staring at?’ ‘What are you smiling about?’ ‘Why the sudden gasp?’ 

- When you’re focused on something important then you start thinking all these other thoughts about the thing and then it snowballs and you realise you have no idea what you started off focused on anymore

- The inside of your head is basically Jean Valjean’s ‘Who Am I?’ playing on a loop


Please add your INFP things below


(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃                    ( • _ • )


( • _ • ) (◥◣ᴗ◢◤)و ̑̑ *・

( • ᴗ • )–(ㅅ◥◣_◢◤)!

( • ᴗ • )?     (◥◣╭╮◢◤* ) SENSEI!


(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃ You are to show me no mercy

(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃            ლ( • _ • ლ )

(∩◥◣_◢◤)⊃ ?              .*・。

(    • _ • )   ( ;◥◣_◢◤) shit

( ∩ • _ • )⊃.*・(◥◣_◢◤ )!!

( ∩ • _ • )⊃.*・(◥◣_◢◤ )☆゚.*・。゚☆

As if ( • ᴗ • )ノ*(◥◣_◢◤ ) flic

(• ᴗ • ) udon time!     (๑◥◣_◢◤๑ )♡

As it happens, boring Nelly and self absorbed Lockwood are really the last two people you would want as narrators. Sucks to be you, reader! I guess Heathcliff gives his perspective once, but mostly it’s these two clowns and Isabella’s letter from inside the madhouse. 


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