the christmas livestreams always produce the best quotes

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Herobrine stared for a full minute, brows raised. He hadn’t known about Coal’s recent hallucinations was confused as to why the young ender was screaming and jumping away from the harmless wild rabbit.

He watched Coal scamper instead of teleport a few yards away from the lagomorph before actually walking up to him himself. “Coal? You alright?”

[M!A 3/8]

[The demon bunny is actually a thing. Herobrine, back in his dark days, made it so that certain rabbits could be corrupted if they are out in a full moon. Mostly the REW; Red Eyed White.
The white fur makes them look ghostly in the shadows. They also have other abilites when corrupted, but right now only Herobrine knows of those in the group of chars on this blog. 
Coal ran into one once, hence the knowledge and the fear.]