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why do people hate Alfie?? i've seen several people saying he's a dick and i don't know why

it’s not necessarily him as an individual that people hate, it’s more what he does????? how he treats people/youtube?? and how youtube/the media treats him??

my guess, as to why ppl have hate around him/his youtube channel, would be because of his unoriginal, repetitive videos (literally all they are are collabs/tags/challenges/q+as/click-baity etc - those videos are fine if it’s once in a while, but if it’s 100% of your content, that’s just…ugh…you’re not putting any effort into them) and he gets praised for them (in the mainstream media) as if he was original, creative (which is so wrong he steals/never credits people’s *cough* phil’s *cough* ideas – one time he even stole a viewer’s idea and made money out of it woW) when really he just plays the youtube game (upload almost every day/week, average 10+ minute videos, simple entertainment – one video he apparently just read a buzzfeed article?? what??) with no uniqueness/honesty to his work (see: his two books that are a total ripoff of Wreck This Journal

idk he just annoys the crap out of me as well ahah but i guess if he’s making people laugh and stuff it’s not too bad but ugh idk makes me upset that he’s like seen as the face/king of YouTube if we’re crossing out pewds as being no. 1 most subbed when their are so many other people using their voice to help (in the sense of motivation, supporting, inspiring etc.) and educate others on certain things – as well as entertain in a more genuine way :///

He just isn’t some peoples, including mine, favourite kind of guy lmao but like who you like i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

please take a second to read this if u can

i need help- i have literally $7 to my name rn. in short i was kicked out around a year ago when i was 16 & things have been really rocky since then. i rely heavily on donations & cant apply for food stamps until im 18. more on my situation & how i got here (brief mentions of abuse & ableism) here 

 i just need enough to feed myself & gather necessities until i can get a job hopefully within a month or two after i turn 18 next month, maybe w enough to get the documents needed to have a job (id card & to get that i need to order my birth certificate too)

im trying to keep this small so i wont say much more, but please reblog this if u can (queue it up even!!) and if u are able to donate at all, it’d be greatly appreciated & would help me survive. there’s a donate button on the right side of my blog, or u can send it directly to the email a.post@aol.com

please help i really hope this is the last time i’ll need it.  thank u again!!

Skinny!Steve/WS!Bucky fic rec list:


Mr & Mrs Kapoor

Dear CHICAGO anon,

I’m no fan art god but I saw your ask before I went to sleep. So, I did the most reasonable thing to do: watch various versions of “Cell Block Tango”, sketch my two favourite versions, pick the 2002 Chicago version best (even though Cell Block Tango from Broadway Backwards was good too). and finish this. I hope you like this. IDK how Dani will replace the other one though. Bokushi is now a sinnamon roll. - April

Let Me Introduce You to LU:KUS

This dance pop group are from PAN Entertainment and have been around just a little over year. Their members consist of Lee Donghyun//Leader/Main Vocals (91), Jung Haewon//Vocalist (91), Min Kyungjin//Vocalist (92), Choi Seokhoon//Lead Vocalist (93), and Kim Jinwan//Makane/Rapper (95).

The name of their group, while some think it’s an abbreviation of a sentence, is actually pretty clever way of saying “Look Us”

Members Donghyun, Haewon, and Jinwan were formally members of X-5 from Open World Entertainment. Seokhoon as well had a career as a solo singer before joining the group!

Fun Fact: All five of the members are over 180 cm tall!!

This was their debut MV which was released on July 4th in 2014. I have to say I was rather impressed with this debut, the concept was interesting and the song had gotten catchy after a few dozen listens! Sadly this is their only MV, although it’s not the only song they promoted! They also promoted a song called Break Ya, and while their isn’t an official MV there is a dance practice that goes to show their dance sings along with vocals! Take a look for yourself!

(I added the dance version to So Into U just for good measure ;) )

Want to see more of the group? Here are some links that helped me get into them!

Live Stages

So Into U 

Break Ya

Get to Know The Members!

Arirang K-Populous

Arirang K-Poppin’

MP3 Music Playlist

Final Message

This rookie group is really worth getting into even though they haven’t had a “proper” comeback since their debut. The members are all lovable with their distinct personalities, talents, their music, and the diverse concepts that they do and want to offer. They really deserve more and I really hope for another comeback soon, and if they get more support then that may just become possible! Common guys, let’s give LU:KUS some love!

What started out as a hopeless/pathetic fangirl pitching idea to a local band turned into a massive ZOMGWTFBBQ moment as the band that’s been with me throughout my teenage years REPLIED TO ME ON TWITTER WITH HOPES OF PLAYING IN THIS LITTLE LAND




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You're brave to post acne pics

i turned on anon yesterday for the first time in months and now i remember why i have it turned off all the time :^ (

i understand that you probably didn’t have any ill intent with this–in fact i guess if anything you are being nice by calling me brave but???

the term “acne pics” is especially painful bc ur implying that my selfies, which i posted in order to showcase my face (which is lovely btw), are dedicated entirely to showing the world that, yes, i have acne

idk i’m sorry this hit hard lmao please do not ever point out somebody’s acne ever??? please

i am so much more than my acne

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Why dose Anders has such awful self esteem you think? Is it solely from the circle? He tries so hard to take pride in his magic, and say all mages are worth something and people and should be free, but he simply dosnt seem to think that highly of himself as he dose his follow mages.

Well, I’m not sure there’s any real, identifiable process for how low self-esteem comes to be. But I think for Anders (and this is partially based on personal experience), it’s simply a case of you can only be told your worthless so many times before you can’t help but believe it

And I think his relationship with his magic, and with all magic, is complicated, and very much related to this. Because you’re right, Anders does take pride in his magic, and believes that all mages should, and that being a mage shouldn’t mean being considered lesser. But it’s so very easy to hold a double standard for yourself; even if you believe others like you are worthy, you can still believe you are not

(Cut for length because holy fuck, I don’t know what happened, but it happened a lot)

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