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because my name is hella crappy i didn’t want to tell it to shinee so, at first, i asked not to write my name but jjong was like: “then what would you like me to write?” but suddenly my mind went black so i just asked him to write my actual name. while he was writing it i wanted to tell him i’ve gotten a lot of comfort from blue night but, when i got as far as mentioning blue night, i suddenly burst into tears. jjong got flustered and asked: “why are you crying?” and the manager was telling me to move along so i just left and, while i was crying and waiting in jinki’s line, i briefly made eye contact with jjong and he mouthed “don’t cry”. even while i was getting jinki’s autograph jjong poked me in the arm when he had a break (in his line) and told me not to cry. i was seriously having a mental breakdown so i couldn’t tell shinee anything i’d planned to say and went back to my seat and was waiting then jjong wrote something and a staff member brought over this note from him. even though i wasn’t crying because of my name, i was actually crying because of shinee. it’s embarrassing but it felt like all the times i’d been hurt because of my name were being healed.

the note reads: “don’t cry. it’s a pretty name. it’s the other people who are foolish. you’re incredible.” (source: sullaem via dc gallery)

I wanted to thank everyone for the support I got yesterday when I mentioned the co worker who was harassing me for pics etc, as I mentioned I found another girl that he had also harassed and stole her number from her patient med files and we are both meeting with an HR rep and the person in charge of all the residents ^-^ I’m glad you guys convinced me to not let it slide, who knows who else he had bothered in the past!

thank you *hugs*

  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:Imagine your otp lying underneath the stars
  • Pythacarus Fandom:Don't have to
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:OK imagine your otp holding hands
  • Pythacarus Fandom:Yep we got that one covered too
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:Imagine your otp saying "You mean everything to me"
  • Pythacarus Fandom:*smiles*
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:Imagine your otp and one of them brushes the others neck with their lips
  • Pythacarus Fandom:Yeah keep trying we got this one too
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:Imagine your OTP and one half lying over the other their hand on them and a long pause like they're about to kiss
  • Pythacarus Fandom:Yeah been there done that got the T-Shirt
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:Imagine your OTP having an intimate scene on a balcony
  • Pythacarus Fandom:Check
  • Pythacarus Fandom:Yeah...OK you got us there
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:REALLY?!!
  • Pythacarus Fandom:...NAH THEY'RE TOTALLY CANON *dances*
  • Imagine Your OTP Blog:...

What started out as a hopeless/pathetic fangirl pitching idea to a local band turned into a massive ZOMGWTFBBQ moment as the band that’s been with me throughout my teenage years REPLIED TO ME ON TWITTER WITH HOPES OF PLAYING IN THIS LITTLE LAND




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I'm sure you two have some pretty bizarre pillow talk. Care to share? And yes Ryuko. We all know how loopy you get.

Ryuko: Well, that’s more of a private matter, but sometimes we’ll talk about how we grew up and life stuff.

Mako: Yeah, Ryuko-chan’s been through a lot, so I always like to listen and remind her that she has me now during those times.

home is where the heart is (and you have my heart)

Someone said single parent AU. And…I got inspired. Does contain mentions of suicide and depression.


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Felicity was having a bad day.

She woke that morning to Ada’s screaming and crying an hour before her alarm. Worse, her daughter’s diaper was an absolute mess. Why did her poop look like guacamole? Felicity made a mental note to look that up the second she finished cleaning up her daughter’s diaper.

As it turns out, Felicity probably just ate something different than usual. Who knew that there was so much to learn about baby poop?

It was far too late for Felicity to go back to bed, so she simply decided to get to work on her software. Since Ada came along, she’d been working at home as a software engineer. It wasn’t a half bad job, though she’d rather be working with other people.

And sure enough, her betas were buggy and of course she found an unhappy email in her inbox. This was really not her morning.

Felicity’s phone rang, and she deeply hoped it was some sort of good news.

It was Sara, and it was not good news.

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okay so i’m at 223 followers ( ???? ) and i’m shocked that so many of you guys have followed me and stuck with me, tbh! it means the world to me and i hope you know that i love every single one of you, whether or not we roleplay. honestly, if we don’t roleplay, i’m probably staring at you from afar and drooling at how perf you are and how shocked i am you’re following me. anyways, i’m going to give credit where credit is due and to all of my lovers here on this wonderful website. first, i’ll start off with the main baes ( aka the people i roleplay with on the regular ), then everyone i look at from afar and wish would love me >.< <33

main baes ( in no particular order )

ironceo - so where do i begin with you, adriane? we’ve been through a lot together and i must say that i’m glad we’ve made it through it all. you’re an amazing pepper and an amazing friend and i just hope you know that. thank you for putting up with my crazy ass, and just know that i’ll always be here with and for you, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. c: ♥

potiiions / sonofapotioneer / vibrrranium -  okay i have a lot to say about you. i haven’t known you for as long as i’ve known a lot of these other people, but that hardly means a thing at this point. you’ve been a great friend to me since we’ve met and i thank you for that. i love val so much and i love our characters together, same goes for howard and maria. and then ofc andy hehe. anyways, i hope you know you mean a lot to me and you deserve to be happy. ♥

starksprincess / krovavyyvdova -  heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy boo. okay where do i start? we have quite a long history, even tho we didn’t rp for awhile there. anyways, i love bianca bc honestly, who wouldn’t? and same goes for your nat, even tho we just started rp'ing there bc i didn’t know it was you and was hella intimidated but bc i know it’s you i feel better bc ur bae and so kind ??? idk love you chicky ♥

simetia -  what more do i have to say besides u mah boo. we’ve known each other 5evr and i hope we continue to interact bc ily and aspen and just ugh. thank you for being you and sticking with me for so long, even through my long hiatus way back when on tony. c: ♥

jesslynshepard - i. love. you. jesslyn is amazing and so are you, caro. you’re an amazing and kind person, as is your muse, and honestly i’m so blessed that you even talk to me and roleplay with me. you’re wonderful and yas i love you so much. ♥

irxnsister - ermergerd. i have no words to describe you. you are wonderful ??? perfect ??? i love you and angela so much ??? i mean i only made you like main verse on both tony and maria ??? xD i love you, hon. please don’t stop being you. ♥

halfvampirehalflycan / 3cforacupofsugar - jen-jen mah bby. god, i’m so glad we met in person back in october. i honestly feel so much closer to you and you’re like the sister i never had that i always wished i did. nevertheless, you’re my best friend here on tumblr and i couldn’t ask for anyone better. we’ve been through so much together and have known each other for like three years. that’s a lot, esp by tumblr standards tbh. i hope we never lose contact and that we’re still able to meet up at some point this next school year! that would honestly be the most awesome thing ever just saying. also, you’re michael is perfection and your angie is flawless. love you ♥

gypsyiismsx -  boo u whore. ( lmao i was just gonna put that bc like i see you whenever i want and we text whenev so like u already know u bae and ily so yeah mackenzie zales ) ♥

thatlittlewiitch / tzariina - wow. how long have we known each other and how much have we been through together? we’ve had many ups and downs, and yet we’re still friends. i’m thankful for that and i’m glad we’ve put the past behind us. you’re an amazing person and friend and you don’t even know how happy i am about how happy you now are. you deserve to be happy and i hope you know that. not to mention, your fem!bucky and your wanda are absolutely amazing. i’m glad we’re still able to roleplay! ♥

nxglectful - even tho you aren’t on hardly at all anymore, i just hope you know how much you’re missed and loved! your maria is amazing and one of the few that i truly enjoy. i hope you come back soon c: ♥

notgonnabesubtle - i hope you know that you’re one of the very few pepper’s that i can stand. and that sounds terrible, seeing as i rp tony stark, but lbr, some pepper’s are better than others and some are just more kind than others. believe me, i’ve had issues there. anyways, this is about you. i’ve known you since back in my pepper days and i’m so glad we’ve remained friends since then. you’re an amazing person and an amazing pepper and i hope you realize that. don’t let anyone else tell you differently and don’t ever let yourself think otherwise. you’re great and you’re loved. please be happy ♥

lokislittlespider -  o k a y. well bae, it’s been a long time that we’ve known each other, huh? and quite honestly, i’m glad we haven’t lost touch. there were a few times where we didn’t talk for awhile, but honestly, silence doesn’t always distance people. i’m so comfortable talking to you and you’re an amazing person as well as an outstanding natasha. i love you so much and i hope you know that, as well as all i’ve said to you in this paragraph! never change and never give up. you’re perfect ♥

christineverhart - i miss you bae and i love rp'ing with you bc like no one rp’s christine anymore ( i did a few years back but the muse left me so honestly you need to represent for christine bc she bae and so r u ). you’re amazing and so is your muse and i hope you know that and never give up on her. breaks are great ofc but pls come back each time. i love our interactions bc tony isn’t a butt anymore and he don’t just want her for her body tbh c: he likes her as a person now. love you bae ♥


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and here I am in the eternal question of “do I watch all these new shows and cartoons or do I finally do a full rewatch of all these old shows and cartoons???“

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What do you think about George adding so much racism in the books?

okay ima get so much hate

it’s so important. look in asoiaf there are a lot of disturbing plotlines & certain norms in the the different asoiaf societies which make me sick. grrm can be problematic yes, but if i wrote such an intense book series with such a complex world fleshed out with certain allegories & subtle inspiration from certain historical events while trying to maintain the humanity and complexity of each character, i’m certain i would write a lot of problematic shit in there too.

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Tbh I like the bad blood vid, but Lena Dunham is in it and I’m so grossed out by her now. She straight up admitted to sexually abusing her younger sister until the age of 17. Its in her fucking book for christ sake. Im grossed out that people still defend her, or chose to forget these things.

I’ve never been abused, but I think any one with a shred of sanity could agree that under NO circumstance would it be okay and have no harm at all. So any thing she has said to defend herself is useless, because abuse is abuse, and minors are easy to manipulate and take advantage of. Her sister could have easily been agreeing to certain things, ONLY because she was afraid and felt vulnerable etc.

Abuse is fucking gross and I think you should re-evaluate your values next time you come to an abusers defence. Fame does not equal non guilty.