No Gangsta. this week!

Due to a Swim Programm (World Swimming) that’s being shown, this week’s episode won’t be aired tonight but instead next Wednesday. 

As far as my research goes - 29.07. Break Episode 5 for World Swimming

05.08. - Episode 5 9 to 10 minutes in delay due to Swimming
12.08. - Episode 6 ca. 30 minutes in delay due to Swimming
19.08 - Episode 7 ca. 30 minutes in delay due to Swimming

 ♥ – I can’t believe it’s already been almost four months since I started up this blog. When I first came here mid-April, I honestly didn’t think I would get far at all, or that I would be able to create a circle of friends in a community so large. I would often feel lonely in the beginning, but I’m so, so glad I didn’t delete my blog or shy away, because this blog, and the relationships built with it both ic and ooc have been a source of joy almost everyday since then.

I was taken aback when I hit 100 followers, so it’s almost unbelievable to me now that I have hit 200. You all mean so much to me, yes, even you, who has stuck around with me despite circumstances that have kept me from following back. Mutual followers are a joy as well, but I commend those of you who aren’t, I really do. Thank you, and I hope I continue to bring forth material you enjoy seeing.

Below are just a few of the people that have made my experiences so fun on here, or have put up with me ooc too. You are all honestly a source of happiness in my life, and I hope that we can continue to interact in the future. If your url isn’t mentioned here, please don’t feel discouraged or upset about it, because you still mean very much to me too.

The “You my bae” Squad:

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anyway I’ve been eating really healthy and being better about not like dieting but changing how and what I eat because processed american food is gross but today my anxiety was horrible before work even and then I went into and fought with the kitchen manager within my first ten minutes and ended up having to file a police report for Shit from the night before so i was like fuck it give me buffalo fries

Don’t you think it’s kinda amazing how Lucy learned to fight with all those different weapons/magic abilities that her star-dresses have in just a year?!


7/17/15 Blackhawks Fan Convention 2015: Patrick Kane on the trade of Brandon Saad [X]

  • Me, while taking cash out of wallet:I hate fucking item packs, I hate them so much.
  • Me, handing cash over to EA and BioWare:Why would I pay 5 dollars for a few retextures and sometimes new designs I'm not even sure I'll use???
  • Me, sitting on my new throne & wearing my new Arishok gear:I fucking hate item packs.

What started out as a hopeless/pathetic fangirl pitching idea to a local band turned into a massive ZOMGWTFBBQ moment as the band that’s been with me throughout my teenage years REPLIED TO ME ON TWITTER WITH HOPES OF PLAYING IN THIS LITTLE LAND




bluecrush129 asked:

Omg I'm so glad to have come across your blog (via petals!!) THERE IS SO MUCH STEREK THAT MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT!! GAHHHHH!! So, hi! *waves sheepishly* And you're awesome!! Kbye!

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Someone waved so I can use the bear waving gif! Yes!

And dude, there’s so much Sterek that my heart can’t take it, but I’ve done it to myself so it’s my own damn fault. And I mean, you came from Petals so that makes you pretty awesome with impeccable taste in my book. I’m honored to have been chosen.