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Omg naegiri and 4 bless you <3

At this point in Kyouko’s life, her mother had spent more time dead than alive but Kyouko couldn’t hold it against her. Kyouko could only remember small, perhaps insignificant things, like how she wobbled in her mother’s heels inside the walk-in closet in the master bedroom and a game where she followed clues hidden around the garden to find a code word that awarded her a homemade cupcake. During the final investigation of the mutual killing scenario, she discovered a photograph of her mother in her father’s secret room, and Kyouko took it with her when she left with her friends.

Her mother resembled her a lot, only she was, Kyouko felt, softer, but the fading quality of the portrait might have caused this. White, webby cracks blemished parts of the picture, and Kyouko almost hated her father for not keeping it in a frame. She almost hated her father. Sometimes, she wished she still did.

“How do you manage to sleep in the same bed?” asked Yasuhiro, and Kyouko twitched her hand, moving her book to the side so she could see him staring at her stomach. “You’d squash Naegi-chi flat if you accidentally rolled onto him… or purposely rolled onto him.”

He rubbed his chin.

“I don’t think your intentions makes a difference,” he added.

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7/17/15 Blackhawks Fan Convention 2015: Patrick Kane on the trade of Brandon Saad [X]

Don’t you think it’s kinda amazing how Lucy learned to fight with all those different weapons/magic abilities that her star-dresses have in just a year?!

No Gangsta. this week!

Due to a Swim Programm (World Swimming) that’s being shown, this week’s episode won’t be aired tonight but instead next Wednesday. 

As far as my research goes - 29.07. Break Episode 5 for World Swimming

05.08. - Episode 5 9 to 10 minutes in delay due to Swimming
12.08. - Episode 6 ca. 30 minutes in delay due to Swimming
19.08 - Episode 7 ca. 30 minutes in delay due to Swimming

Okay hold the fuck up

I’m seeing a lot of Steven Universe videos right now that contain loud jumpscare noises from Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, as well as some actual jumpscares

Fucking cut it out, you are literally not only being a dick to those who have anxiety, but you’re also being a dick to those who are fucking afraid of jumpscares in general.

Please stop doing this, you can possibly cause so much harm to people and give them panic attacks, especially considering that this is a childrens show. You know. Fucking aimed mainly towards children.

I don’t know if someone’s made a text post about this already, but please, please be careful if you come across any sort of Steven Universe video right now - for some reason it’s becoming more and more common. Doing this kind of shit isn’t funny.

bright lights and chilly nights - lh au

a/n: i saw an au post and i decided to mix a few of them and this is also in light of the newest luke in sweatpants/beanie pictures okay enjoy 

word count: 2,365

summary: luke’s not really sure why there’s a beautiful girl in short sleeves sitting alone on the bus bench way after the hours that buses do their routes but she’s visibly shivering and he’s wearing a sweatshirt that he doesn’t exactly need to keep warm or student!luke au where he gives this stranger his hoodie and beanie for no other reason than she looked two seconds away from hypothermia but it doesn’t really matter because he sees her next week in the on campus book store that he works at 

Even in the suffocating heat of the summer, night’s in the city could chill even the most seasoned businessman to the bone. The midnight hours were the worst, when no cars filtered through the busy streets and spaces in between darkened buildings allowed for a gentle breeze to skim over the waters of the cutting canal. Virtually the only way to beat the heat of the day yet shelter from the freeze of the night was to dress in layers. 

Luke did just that; hoodie slipped across his calloused fingertips and grey knit beanie with that little pom pom on the end yanked across his ears. His black cut off rubbed at his skin underneath his sweatshirt and the light wind bit at the exposed skin provided by the holes in his black skinny jeans. 

Yet, he was still insanely warmer than the figure curled under the shelter of the bus stop.

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  • Me, while taking cash out of wallet:I hate fucking item packs, I hate them so much.
  • Me, handing cash over to EA and BioWare:Why would I pay 5 dollars for a few retextures and sometimes new designs I'm not even sure I'll use???
  • Me, sitting on my new throne & wearing my new Arishok gear:I fucking hate item packs.

All Frankie/Zankie moments from Zach’s 7/29 YouNow Broadcast

“Rated M for Mature”

“Dad what’s a perv?” Jinki nearly chokes when Taemin walks into the kitchen with that question. When he finds out where the seven-year-old learned this new word, he’s going to kick someone’s ass. And it’s probably going to be Jonghyun’s.

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What started out as a hopeless/pathetic fangirl pitching idea to a local band turned into a massive ZOMGWTFBBQ moment as the band that’s been with me throughout my teenage years REPLIED TO ME ON TWITTER WITH HOPES OF PLAYING IN THIS LITTLE LAND




 ♥ – I can’t believe it’s already been almost four months since I started up this blog. When I first came here mid-April, I honestly didn’t think I would get far at all, or that I would be able to create a circle of friends in a community so large. I would often feel lonely in the beginning, but I’m so, so glad I didn’t delete my blog or shy away, because this blog, and the relationships built with it both ic and ooc have been a source of joy almost everyday since then.

I was taken aback when I hit 100 followers, so it’s almost unbelievable to me now that I have hit 200. You all mean so much to me, yes, even you, who has stuck around with me despite circumstances that have kept me from following back. Mutual followers are a joy as well, but I commend those of you who aren’t, I really do. Thank you, and I hope I continue to bring forth material you enjoy seeing.

Below are just a few of the people that have made my experiences so fun on here, or have put up with me ooc too. You are all honestly a source of happiness in my life, and I hope that we can continue to interact in the future. If your url isn’t mentioned here, please don’t feel discouraged or upset about it, because you still mean very much to me too.

The “You my bae” Squad:

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