Shakespeare Gothic
  • You were born on a ship at sea. No one survived the wreck but you. Or so you’ve been told. 
  • Your father has been dead for months, and your mother has remarried. He still comes to dinner every night and sits in his usual chair. Nobody can see him but you.
  • Your last lover disappeared. They told you she died, but they never let you see the body. The statue in the churchyard looks just like her.
  • Your pale white hands are stained with red. You wash them and wash them and wash them, but they will never be clean.
  • You find an infant abandoned on the beach. Your country does not have a coastline. You do not know where this ocean or this infant came from, and you do not ask.
  • The owls and ravens shriek wordlessly in the night, but you ignore their warnings. They are always shrieking about something.
  • You visit a faraway city where you have never been before. Everyone there knows your name.
  • You wake up alone in the woods. You have no memory of how you got there. You hear fey fairy laughter and someone singing in the darkness. You feel woozy, as if you’ve been drugged.
  • A girl you loved once tries to return your letters, even though you never wrote her any. Clearly she belongs in a convent. You burst into her bedroom half-dressed to tell her so.
  • You are invited to a ball and you go, despite the strange feeling that Death will find you if you do. You wear a mask. Death is not fooled.
  • Your young cousins went to visit their uncle last month. He says they never arrived, but you saw them playing in the garden. Nobody else has seen them since.
  • It is time for you to be married, but first your suitors must answer a riddle. If they guess wrongly, they die. Your love cannot save them. 
  • There is a storm on the heath. You do not know what a heath is, and you do not care. You are mad. You are naked. You are dancing in the rain. The storm never ends. 

Fun Fact:
The late actress Verna Felton both voiced The Fairy Godmother and The Queen of Hearts in the original Disney animated movies. Interestingly in the recent live action versions of Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland, The Fairy Godmother and The Queen of Hearts (Red Queen) were also both played by Helena Bonham Carter.

  • “Your agency and my agency are constantly competing and why do you keep taking over my missions.” AU
  • “I’m an agent and you’re an evil mastermind and I was assigned to kill you but now you have me hostage and oh god you’re hot.” AU
  • “I was assigned to assassinate a mass murderer but it looks like you- their soon to be victim- has it under control. I’m recruiting you.” AU
  • “We’re both prestigious spies who are constantly trying to be better than the other and now we’ve been paired up just shoot me instead.” AU
  • “You’re some newbie and I’m going to be teaching you all about espionage. Quick, let’s have hand to hand combat which has close contact.” AU
  • “We have to pretend to be a newlywed couple at a gala our enemy is hosting quick kiss me to make this believable.” AU
  • “I just walked in on you kicking some serious ass and oh my god did a laser just come out of your watch are you James Bond?” AU
  • “We’re roommates and you are super secretive all the time and are going out every night only to come back at ungodly hours I guess I’m following you next time.” AU
  • “Apparently my grandmother’s locket I wore tonight to this fancy dinner is being sought after by thieves and you’ve been assigned to keep it safe at all costs- HEY LET GO OF ME I’M NOT GOING TO YOUR ‘HEADQUARTERS’ ASSHOLE.” AU
  • “I’m obsessed with spies and when my friend set us up on a blind date you happened to be on a mission oh my god you have a self destructive pen I’m going to wet my pants in excitement.” AU
Fandoms on Tumblr
  • Doctor Who:Loyal throughout time.
  • Sherlock:Sharp and analytical.
  • Supernatural:Family. Everywhere.
  • Marvel:The Avengers. (Suck it, DC.)
  • DC:Wonder Woman movie. (Suck it, Marvel.)
  • Harry Potter:Just waiting for their letters.
  • Teen Wolf:Funny but easily irritated.
  • Disney:Letting it go.
  • DreamWorks:Gone fishing.
  • The 100:New but strong.
  • Once Upon A Time:Live action Disney. (See Disney)
  • Tolkien:Accepting and crying.
  • Arrow/The Flash:Shipping Felicity with everyone.
  • Merlin:Crying in the corner.