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Hey guys, I hate to do this but I've been going through the library tags and Ao3 tags all morning but haven't had any luck finding this fic. It's an older Modern day no powers AU with skinny!Steve and amputee!Bucky, Bucky's learned to play the guitar with his metal arm and is in a band and Steve is a skinny little punk who has a hat that he wears everywhere that his mom got him as a kid. They meet through friends and fall for one another but Bucky freaks when Steve says he loves him (cont)

(pt 2) I remember reading it on Ao3 - other details include that Bucky was orphaned but Becca was adopted by her foster family so he has issues w/ commitment and abandonment, and Sarah is still alive but is dying of cancer. And at one point they all go out for Halloween and Steve dresses up as the Beast while Bucky dresses up as Belle. Any idea as to the title?

Could it be 

Undertones and Overtures

In which Steve is deaf and Bucky is an amputee.

Bucky Barnes is studying for his masters in Music Composition at Juilliard when he unexpectedly meets skinny little artist SteveRogers in a book store one Saturday. They both have their issues and it’s going to take a lot to understand each other, but with a little help from friends and family, they might be able to make this work.

different mod & a few submissions; it’s actually Rock and Roll Chose Me by Kellyscams (both are amazing tho 10/10)

How the Concept Of Emotional Labor* Destroyed** My Mental Health

*I don’t mean the ‘I have to pretend to be happy full time at work because otherwise I’ll get fired’ version of emotional labor.
** It didn’t destroy my mental health either, it just made me feel slightly worse about myself, but this is the common style.

The first time I heard about emotional labor, I realized that it explained so much about my life. It was a real revelation. All the girls who smiled at me, who greeted me, who chose to hang out with me or talk to me or like, engage with me could not possibly be there because they genuinely liked me. No! They were performing emotional labor! Apparently, the infinite scheduler had forgotten to include me in the Women’s Classes, so while I was sleeping in or drawing or farting or whatever, all the other girls got classes in social skills, how to apply make-up or how to dress nice or how to handle boys and how to Deal With Those People. By the time I realized what had happened, it was too late and there was no turning back.

I started to see it everywhere. All those times my friends would convince me to go to a party or come with them for coffee, they were spending precious amounts of emotional labor on me. All those times they politely listened to me talk about maths, they were spending precious emotional labor. All those times they even looked at me, someone who was Fundamentally unlovable and unlikable and Bad, they were spending enormous amounts of resources just to not wince and run away.  They were just being polite and I was being an asshole by taking shameless advantage of their politeness by existing in their general direction.

I don’t know how to get rid of this brainworm. It usually sleeps quite quietly, but sometimes, after a remark, or a sigh, or a non-response, it rears up its head and i get stuck in a self-loathing spiral. I’m usually okay with it though. There are other Fundamentally Bad people out there and I like them a lot better.

My Prince

Coloring in her full lips a blood red color Car checked herself in the grand mirror of her suite. Her hair done up in an elegant bun showing off the diamond earrings she got herself. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Car set out. Ready for her date.

Almost immediately after she stepped out of her suite, she ran into Baba. The master thief looked at her with a certain glimmer she knew all too well glazing over his light brown eyes.

“Say pretty, you didn’t get all dressed up for me did you?” Baba teased, both hands on either side of Car’s face as he leaned in teasingly.

“As if I’d waste my time on a womanizer like you,” Car huffed as she ducked under his arms, intent on making it to her date in time.

Hearing Baba grumble about Car’s coldness, while pouting like a poor puppy, Car sighed. Thinking she should be a bit nicer to the thief, she hadn’t noticed someone more annoying standing in front of her.

“Koro, guess who? It’s your ma-”

“No.” she hissed, glaring at him as she walked to the elevator.

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Okay if you know me at all- you may know that Mary Poppins is possibly my favorite movie. Well with my trip to Disney coming up I just had to disneybound as one of the characters! I immediately wanted to try and dress like Bert, as Dick Van Dyke is one of my favorite humans- and I stumbled across this amazing skirt on Etsy. I saved part of my paycheck and ordered it and it just got here about an hour ago! I’m so so so so in love with it and can’t wait to wear it around the park!!! 

Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over

The Rihanna-  Fuck’s up your ex’s car in broad daylight and waits for him to come out so he knows it was her

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The Nicki Minaj- Dresses you up in her clothes with your titties and ass all out. Records videos of you in the club dancing up on some dude, posts them to instagram and tags your ex in all of them

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The Beyoncé- Tells you to forget him and not worry about him. Then, coincidentally a week later his car gets repossessed, he loses his job, leg gets broken in three different places and he’s living back with his mama and can’t qualify for unemployment

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The Naomi Campbell- Hooks you up with her man’s wealthy friend. Is always sure to let your ex know what your new man has bought you

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The Viola Davis- Has a sit down with your ex and gives him a lecture of how disgusting of a person he is and she doesn’t let him get a word in. Tells him he owes you an apology and after that to never speak to you again or she will have more than words ready for him next time. Ends conversation with “are we clear?”

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The Cardi B- Literally will kill him

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The Lil Kim- Gets her brother and his friends to jump him

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The Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard- Shows up to his job,cusses him out and gets him fired. Will wait for him out in the parking lot to cuss him out some more

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a complete list of the memes of 2015

-the first meme of 2015
-airbrushed adam sandler
-for 8,000 dollars a month, i will stop
-captain america: civil war
-i’ve never heard of a george glass at our sküle/sure jan
-take a closer look at that snout!
-“not all men” you’re right, _______ would never do something like this
-me: just fuck me up
-what i expected vs. what i got
-neo rickroll
-zodiac signs
-tumblr update/glitch of 2k15

-left shark
-uptown funk
-mmm watcha say
-once-ler fandom
-hi i’m auditioning for the role of _______ and I’ll be singing ________
-little einstein’s remix
-the dress
-american horror story: hotel
-hoe don’t do it… oh my god
-[looks at smudged writing on hand]

-making fun of igloo australia
-handmaiden & feudal lord
-these are their stories
-natalia kills
-jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
-emoji text
-the sausage movement
-bro pickup lines
-lebron james

-coppy/excel sheets
-hi welcome to chili’s
-rare pepes
-embrace your uncomfort zone
-putin memes
-putting chat bubbles over cartoon characters
-mall cop 2
-sneme (snail meme/snake meme)
-deez nuts
-bitch where
-regional gothic
-chances of winning in a fight
-let’s mcfreakin lose it
-facebook mom minion pictures

-look at this photograph
-down with cis
-pokemon + world of warcraft’s love child
-gal pals
-cheeky nandos
-british banter
-you stole fizzy lifting drink
-charlie charlie challenge
لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ


-shia labouf just do it
-cole slaw hate
-i hate when people dress like this… like we get it, you smoke weed
-sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do  ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
-today i fucked up by…
-they changed the tumblr logo again
-ask ________ a question
-E3 swedish yarn man
-minion hate
-rihanna gifs
-the author of the journals, my brother
-get a load of that dog!
-imagine that you have zero cookies, and you split them evenly among zero friends. how many cookies does each person get? see? it doesn’t make sense. and cookie monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.

-me, shoving breadsticks into my purse
-zodiac pictures
-gemini hate
-IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR __________
-fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger/so this is what the homeworld really thinks of fusion
-no notes
-editing captions
-*to the tune of ________*
-dog of wisdom

-frank ocean album
-okay…….. that sounds fake but alright
-netflix and chill
-old commercials
-spongebob receipts
-the signs as one word
-you’ve heard of _______ now get ready for ________
-another one
-young man
-sonic dreams collection
-straight outta compton
-man door hand hook car door
-that pink cat from boomerang
-deez nuts election poll
-theme songs for animals

-first day of hogwarts
-new tumblr layout
-new google logo
-screaming ducks video
-why the fuck you lying
-interrogator: say it
-boy: so u got any fantasies?
-pokemon go
-*takes a deep breath* i lo-
-brain: you gotta
-you were red, and you liked me because i was blue
-spongebob lyric edits
-blood moon
-water on mars

-skeleton war
-disappearing peace sign
-urinal picture
-poot lovato
-concept: ________
-adele is back
-north posted this while playing on my phone
-taylor swift suing people
-hotline bling/dance like drake
-staff got rid of replies
-let _______ say fuck

-it’s christmas time
-ufo sighting
-jar jar renaissance
-that’s it im kinkshaming
-tumblr messenger
-shia labouf watching his own movies
-that bee picture
-the picture of the guy from star trek looking scandalized
-slam da fuckin like button if u up
-dropping water filled condoms on people’s heads
-the meme depression

-one punch man
-neko atsume
-the new paper airplane icon
-baby grinch
-2015 in a nutshell
-star wars spoilers
-the force awakens opening crawl
-miss universe pageant
-text posts in between christmas lights
-leave it in 2015

I’m 27. My girlfriend is 35. In this past year, we have… worn flower crowns and danced in the rain and moonlight, gone to the zoo and named all the animals, colored with sidewalk chalk on our porch, slept in a tent without out a roof under the stars, stayed up all night giggling about how much we love each other, made a fairy garden, gone to see a play in a different city and got dressed up super cute. We have picked flowers and gone to the beach and taken baths together and sang silly songs to each other and spent too long picking out produce at the farmers market. This is my real adult relationship. I am 27. My girlfriend is 35. This is a real and genuine love. This is a practical and real world application of “childish idealistic” love. Please do not bash my wonderful Love, because you can’t see past your own bitterness.


none of their outfits rly scream ‘wedding,’ but I saw ‘Hanzo in a dress’ and just……

I know they promised that Nuka World is going to allow people to have evil Sole Survivors, which is something players complained you couldn’t really do in the base game, but honestly, I play such a goody two-shoes all the time, that if my Sole Survivor suddenly got a raider gang of her own, she’d just spend the whole time rehabilitating them through community service.

Like, the Commonwealth would be full of these dodgy characters with names like ‘Shiv’ or ‘Murder-Eyes’ or ‘Goes-For-The-Jugular Bob’ or whatever, who dress suspiciously much like raiders, but instead they’re just helping get kittens down from trees and knitting socks for orphans and helping your dear old grandma set up the turrets around the settlement without expecting anything in return, and you would have no clue why they’re doing this except they show you this sash with all these badges being like ‘yo, this is so cool, I finally earned my ‘Better Turrets for a Better Tomorrow’ badge, I’m gonna sew it on tonight’ which explains zip all but you’re really proud of Goes-For-The-Jugular Bob, he has been earning a lot of badges lately.

Ok guys, this is my contribution for Gruvia day. A clean pic of the new postcard for the FT exhibition. If you use it, please credit me for the clean up job/edit.

I just love how they are clearly on a date, and how Gray is actually grinning, but he’s still got that nervous sweat drop, because it’s their FIRST date. So, he’s all dressed up for it, and Juvia is just leaning her face against his shoulder and looking at him so affectionately, and she’s got her hands wrapped around his arm, and they are staring into each other’s eyes, and they just look so comfy, and cuddly, and adorable, and in love…..

Did I mention I really, really, REALLY love this pic? It’s hands down the cutest Gruvia pic ever. I mean, it’s even titled “Autumn of (romantic) LOVE.” I mean, come on! *content sigh*

They are so perfect. And so into each other. And there’s no point playing coy anymore with Gray’s feelings. They are out there, and this is how they will be together. Cute, cute, CUTE. ^-^

Happy Gruvia/Gurejubi Day!!!



I’ve been to a lot of cons in the last 2 years, and I always assumed I “got” what was so fun and appealing about it. When I would see an awesome Cammy from Street Fighter, or a Lil’ Mac or a Jacket from Hotline, I would always go, “Man, that looks awesome!” And that’s it. I falsely assumed it was a one way street, and was really ignorant about the appeal of actually dressing up as the character.

When I used to think about the cosplayer themselves, I could only think about the amount of work that goes into a costume, and all the preparation that they have to put into it.

Now that I’ve actually done it myself, I have to say that I understand that you actually just FEEL AWESOME when you’re walking around and getting complimented because you did a character justice, and people appreciate it.

Many people came up to @fakegamergirly and I when we were doing Tiger/Puma and completely marked out, I think we got a bigger reaction overall then if I had just gone around as “Matt from SBFP!”

Also, many Papyrus cosplayers would run up to me to give me a hug and yell, “BROTHERRRRR!” and I would always reply by going, “HUHUHH HUHUUHUH UHUH HUHUHUH!” and it would make them crack up.

I will definitely try to do more cosplay in the future at cons where it’s appropriate and I have the time to do so…maybe if I got really buff one day, I can actually go as MATT MCHAGGAR!

we also have the whole dress code in France too if you’re in too short shorts and tank tops, and it’s still fucked up it basically only concerns girls but 1) if you actually break the dress code then you just have to wear a lab coat all day, or you have to go home but certainly not during class time (generally during lunch time), and 2) we never have been told ever that it’s distracting for boys, just about ‘dressing appropriately’ for work, like they expect you to do in a real job

help; my wife told me she wanted to roleplay in the bedroom and i got all dressed up and it turned out she just wanted to be on the bed with her laptop while she roleplayed.

Funny thing about Military Dress

So, after telling @sassinscreed and @firstginger about this, I couldnt stop myself.

I have military family and such, and I was discussing dress uniforms when something hilarious came up:

They often wear elastic straps from their undershirts to their socks, to keep the shirts pulled down tight and their socks pulled up. Sometimes, the straps snap off from the socks, and if you’ve got a dick a lot of the times the straps will shoot up and hit you in the balls/dick. 

So now all I can think about is General Hux standing on the bridge of the Finalizer, and suddenly his elastic strap snaps off and he just fucking crumples after it gets him right in the balls. 

I’ve been laughing for ten minutes.

tonight i’m sick 
of crying myself to sleep
wondering why 
things don’t feel right
tonight i’m calling up my girls
and shit’s going down
we’re gonna dress ourselves up
and paint our lips and 
burn this town
red lips high heels 
got a switchblade hidden in my bra
bring out the chaser because 
we’re doing shots
hide tequila in with our tampons,
shift our dresses up our thighs
help our sisters get their dance on
all through the night
don’t matter where they come from
give my trans sister a dress to try on
she’ll help me with my contour lines
‘cause frankly i get them wrong
tonight we’re gonna howl so loud 
jericho’s walls come crashing down
tonight we’re gonna forget about the bad stuff
kiss each other with the lights off
it’s just us and our wide hips
just us and our thick ribs, just us 
and trust me when i say
we gonna 
destroy this.
—  Friday // r.i.d