Could Get Used to That

Description: a very fluffy, very smutty, Sebastian fic 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. (rough, slight hair pulling kink, i had to close my eyes and compose myself a few times), and lots of fluff too :)

A/n: Okay, so this is so different from what I normally write because Sebastian is not on Supernatural, plus this is an actor fic rather than my normal character fics (also I am so far up Sebastian Stan’s ass i couldn’t help myself in writing this) so I hope y’all like it. Don’t be too mean ;)

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“Seb! Are you in here?” You called out into the apartment.

“Yeah, Y/N, just give me a minute!” He shouted back from his bedroom. You walked into the place, taking a seat on the couch. Sebastian’s apartment had become a second home to you in the past few months. Your friendship with him grew ever-stronger, and you probably spent more time with him than alone.

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I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 2

*PART 1*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed, and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest, you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1363

Warnings: MISTERY, cursing, alcohol, bad decisions, some sexual content, presumptions of rape, suppositions about a date rape drug. You are reading at your own risk. Sorry.

A/N(IMPORTANT): I am very glad that so many of you liked the first part. When I started to write this, I did not expect to write a story like this. I hope you will like the second part. Please after reading this, read some fluff. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. 

Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc.
Also, the thoughts are write in italics.Tomorrow I will fix the spacing, i promise

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.

“W-what?” My voice was shaky

How quick could I get to the front door?
Jughead was (much/a little bit/-) taller, but maybe I could reach them faster. Of course, if the door is not closed. I could also choose a window, but this one look like really tricky to open.

“Maybe you want to change first?” He asked, and my mind started to work faster. 

I need to get out of here. Now

I threw the clothes he gave my into the air, and I reached the front door. I pressed the handle.  

Closed. Fuck. I should choose the window.


“This was amazing,” I said when I finished my drink “What did you add to it?”

His eyes opened wide, but he smirked and said: “I am not telling you, it’s a secret.”

I laughed. “Then I would like another “secret”, but first let’s go dance.“


“I want to leave! If you don’t let me go, I will start screaming” Jughead was shocked. Probably he didn’t expect that I will act like this.

“Wait what… No no (Y/N) it’s not like that.”

“Open the door!”

“(Y/N)” He began to approach me.

“Stay away!” I said quickly. He stopped and put his hand into his pocket. He took out the keys.

“I am not forcing you to stay here (Y/N). You can leave whenever you want” He threw the keys, and I caught them.

“The biggest one,” he said.

I slowly opened the door still looking at him. It was right key. 
It calmed me a little.

“Ok, what happened” I crossed my arms. I needed answers, but I still didn’t trust him. Why should I?
I felt dizzy. The room started to be vague.

What was happening? I didn’t drink or eat  anyth… Oh God, he made me a coffee. And I drank it.
“Hi guys!” Veronica and a guy who I didn’t know walked to us.
“Hi!” I said
“(Y/N) you don’t know my brother. This is Oliver, Oliver this is (Y/N)” Reggie introduced us.
“Nice to meet you (Y/N)!” He was taller than Reggie, but they were very similar. No wonder why Veronica was looking at his face with admiration. He was very very handsome.
“You too.” He smiled. He had a gorgeous smile!
“Guys, someone puked on the stairs, and the beer had finished.” said some tall blonde boy who just barged through a crowd.
“It’s not even midnight!” Reggie looked at his brother and then at us.
“I take the beer,” Oliver said.
“So that means I going to deal with the stairs” Reggie rolled his eyes and sighed.
“Yup, little brother. Excuse us ladies. We will be right back.”
My vision went blur. I was falling. I felt the strong hand on my waist.
“No,” I said, but Jughead didn’t let me go.
“Calm down. Just sit on the chair. You will not black down in my house again.” He walked my to the chair and took away his hands.
“What was in my coffee,” I said quietly
“What was in my coffee Jughead?”
“Girl, we are lucky” Ronnie smirked to me when Reggie and Oliver drifted away.
“The most handsome brothers!”
“I can already hear the rumours.”
“(Y/N) and Veronica the luckiest girls in the school” we laughed
“What are you two laughing about” we heard Archive voice. We turn around. He was holding two drinks.
“Nothing” Ronnie smiled.
“Well I figured out you will probably like something to drink since your partners abounded you.” He handle us the drinks
“I shouldn’t mix the alcohol,” I said hesitantly
“C'mon (Y/N) I made it especially for you” Archie winged.
“You are the second guy who said that in about ten minutes” I rolled my eyes “Not very original.”
“Yeah thank you Archie for making during especially for (Y/N)” Ronnie acted offended but she smiled
“And this one is “especially” for you Veronica” Archie reflected, but he kept looking at me when I was drinking. I laughed.
“I hope so,” Ronnie said and took her drink.
“I didn’t drug you (Y/N)!”
“That is something, which someone who drugged me would say!” My vision was clear again. He was picking up the clothes. He looked in my eyes and sighed.
“I didn’t drug you. I didn’t force you to anything…” I opened my mouth. “No, let me finish! I didn’t add anything to your coffee. Basically, I didn’t do anything like that. I don’t know the whole story, but I can tell you what I know and what happened. I will understand if you don’t want to. You can leave whenever you want.”
I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was curious, but on the other hand,  I was scared.
He rolled his eyes, took his phone out of his pocket and placed it on the table next to me.
“I don’t know where your phone is but you can call whoever you want and check my story. Ok?”
“How are you filling?”
I knew that I shouldn’t mix alcohol! It was wired that I was drunk after two drinks. I didn’t like being drunk, but this time it was surprisingly nice. I felt relaxed when I was dancing. But after about 20 minutes I started feeling dizzy.

“Are you ok?” Kevin asked with concerned look
“I think-k so-o. I n-need s-some air” I said, and I was surprised. I didn’t think I was so drunk to have a speech problem.
“Girl how much did you drink?” he smirked
“Definitely not enough” Veronica handled me a drink. She already drank about 6 and Archie was still bringing more.
“No, thanks.” The speech problem disappeared, how was that possible?
“C'mon you only drank about 2 and it’s not even midnight. By the way, did someone see Reggie or Olivier?”


“Why I am here with you,” I asked

“You called me,” he answered.

That was wired. Why I phoned Jughead? I didn’t know him. I didn’t talk to him. Something wasn’t right.

“I don’t have your number. How could I called you?”

“You called me from Archie’s phone.”


“I think I need to go home,” I said and started to looking for my purse. Damn it I left it somewhere.

“No (Y/N) stay with us!” Kevin insisted

I saw that Archie was holding a phone, he was texting. I took his phone and opened the contact book.

“No (Y/N)!” Archie tried to stop me and got his phone back. Probably I interrupted some meaningful conversation. I didn’t care. I found the taxi number, but I accidentally press the one above. I saw Jughead name on the screen, and then I heard his voice. He was angry.

“Dude! I told you I’m busy. I don’t care how wasted you are I’m not picking you up.” He hung up.

Archie took the phone out of my hand. “You need some air,” He said. “I will call a taxi for you, ok?”
I nodded

We walked out of Reggie’s house. The cold air was very nice. But I didn’t felt better. Contrary everything went blur again. I sat on the stairs. I felt dizzy and tired.

“Do you want to have a walk? Drive-In is nearby” I heard the voice. It sounded like from under water. Unrealistic. I didn’t recognise it. Maybe it was Archie? I walked out with Archie, right?

Strong hands helped me to stand up. I felt like my feets didn’t belong to me. I looked at the owner of the hands. But everything was nebulous. He was tall. What was his hair colour? Is it’s just the light from the streetlight reflecting in his black hair or there are really red?

“Yeah let’s go,” I said, and he took my hand.


“What are you not telling me, Jughead?” I asked

He didn’t answer.

Belated daily update from yesterday:

It was an amazing day! One of my coworkers got married, and it was SUCH a great ceremony. I had lots of fun getting dressed up and hanging out with some of my favorite people, and I even caught the bouquet. 😉After that, I babysat this super adorable kiddo and spent the night at her house (since I’m close with her family), and we were goofing off and I laughed harder than I have in forever. All in all, it was a worry-free and wonderful day that made me really happy to be alive. 😌

If you ever want to know what it means to feel betrayal from a close friend, let me tell you a story about how a group of us got together and shared a hotel room for a con. Things were going great until one day our residental Mom Friend ™ woke us all up by yelling at us that it was 9am and we all scrambled out of bed and got dressed bc we planned to be somewhere that day.

But this was a lie. It was actually 6am.

Such treachery.

That was the day I learned never to trust again.


do we still do that…

so i finally got my lazy butt out of bed and was getting dressed to take the pup on a long sunday morning walk. i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror (we have full length closet door mirrors - it’s a lot of mirror) i had managed to get my sports bra on and was still in my sleeping shorts and i didn’t hate what i saw. yeah, sure i still would like to lose 20lbs and tone up and all. then i realized i’m 39, strong and healthy (despite getting all the sicknesses this year). my body has been through a lot. It was the fat, unhealthy kid, then it was the unhealthy 130lbs (i’m 5′8″ - way too skinny), then it got depressed and went way the heck up to 230lbs (at least that was the number on the scale when i decided to actually start being healthy again), then it worked it’s ass off and watched every piece of food and went to a strong, but damn hard to maintain 150lbs. Now here i am 190lbs, i eat healthy (mostly paleo - i’ve learned it works for me and i feel good that way) and feel good and don’t hate myself everytime i look in the mirror. it took me literally 30 years to get to this point and i am pretty proud of myself. yes, i do want to be stronger and a fitter, but that is a lifelong commitment and i feel i have finally hit a point where i am comfortable. i’m also happy, in love and pretty stress free.

Postulant Mary Annette, reporting for duty. :)

While the below garb is not the usual postulant look for my House (grey dress, white face, white lips, basic eyebrows and eyelashes), I got permission from the House to do a few fun things for a special fundraiser last night that had an apocaplypse theme. So I went with a black corset, grungy eye make up, purple lipstick (the sister hosting the event’s favorite color), some dark nails, and combat boots. I look forward to later days when I can go hog wild with the make up on such themed nights. After all, I was a theatre student and I love cosplay. ;) So I see a lot of fun looks in my future. Also, my name will make so much more sense when I can do the “look” I have devised for it. “Ain’t no strings on me!”

Also: I learned last night that a corset is a surprisingly handy place to stick a cell phone.




BOTH VICTOR AND YUURI, DRESSED UP, AS SOMETHING… ADORABLE, I’M SURE. And that little makkachin puppy on Victor’s lap.

NOW, THIS HAS TO BE A “Welcome to the Madness” scene! please let them all go crazy!


Georgi is now part of Free!


“To relax in our giddy unrelaxed configurations, we would sometimes go to amusement parks. I remember one particular day in Seattle where Harrison—well, all of us really—had gotten on a Ferris wheel that had cages for seats that tended to spin as it went around. As you can see, it’s difficult to describe—but the bottom upside-down line is that Mark and I had gotten on the ride first, so when we got off we watched as Harrison—who like all of us was still wearing what we’d worn on TV (not your optimum style for Disneyland Lite)—got on. And Mark and I stood on the ground laughing while a poker-faced Harrison hung upside down like a dressed-up fruit bat with a tie casually draped over his very serious face!” – The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher


Mother Nature decided to be decent for International Women’s Day, so I got to dress up and actually spend time outside today! I want to take a minute to recognize all of the powerful women that surround us, but especially trans women, WOC, disabled women, and fat women. A special thanks to the last group, who have helped me become unapologetically visible as a fat person, and taught me that it’s okay to love myself. I couldn’t have done it without you all. <3

Jacket: Forever 21+
Tights: H&M
Socks: American Apparel
Choker: Forever 21
Romper: Forever 21+
Boots: Baretraps

Ok, story time.
Every Halloween, my elementary school gym teacher would dress up in a glow-in-the-dark skeleton jumpsuit and blare the Ghostbusters soundtrack while we rode around on little scooters collecting plastic bones. She did this all week for hundreds of kids, but she never got sick of the Ghostbusters theme. The kids whispered that she was a lesbian because she had short hair and one pink earring, and these rumors were confirmed when she quit (or was forced out) and eloped with her partner. So wherever she is today, I hope that the woman who taught me to rollerblade and ride a bike is cuddled up with her wife, watching a coded queer heroine played by an openly gay woman bust some ghosts.

(I almost didn’t want to share this, but now I’m feeling brave.)

Every action has its equal opposite reaction.
Thanks to Donald Trump, our country’s fractured into factions.
Try not to crack under the stress, we’re breaking down like fractions.
We smack the POTUS in the press and don’t give retractions.
I get no satisfaction witnessing his fits of passion–
The way he shrieks and tweets, and dresses in China-made fashions.
Our oppressed citizens are frightened, wondering if they should cower,
While a Nazi runs the show behind the chair of power.
This prick won’t listen his citizens that loudly beseech him.
Somebody remind Senate that he’s got enough dirt on his back so we can at last impeach him.
Type up papers, Senators. Someone file the proceeding and serve it!
We all respect the chair, but that Donald Trump does not deserve it.

Payback (M)

Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, light choking, daddy kink, kinda public??, idk man it’s just filth

Word Count: 3,125

Summary:  Park fucking Jimin was sin incarnate, and he knew it too. You have had it with his extra ass on stage, he was always taking some article of clothing off and you were at your wits end. This means war.

A/N: This is my fic, I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Your jaw was on the floor after watching BTS’ new comeback stage. As if the low cut shirts, lip bites, sexual lyrics, and all around rudeness wasn’t enough, Jimin decided he needed to up the ante and undress on stage looking like sin itself. Fucker. He knew exactly what he was doing, and you decided he needed to be punished.

Dressing in all his favourites; your shorts, oversized sweater and thigh high socks that always got to him, you headed to the boys’ dorm for a movie night after making sure your coat covered everything. You arrived at the dorm quicker than anticipated, and after being let in by Hoseok and attacked by the boys with hugs, you learned that Jimin was still in the shower. Settling down on the couch you took your jacket off and got comfortable with a bowl of popcorn when you felt several pairs of eyes on you. Looking up, you saw the boys eying your outfit and you smiled to yourself, your plan already working. Jimin walked out of the shower with his hair still damp, wearing sweats and a loose t shirt. He looked around the room and noticed that all eyes were on you, a smile spreading on his face as he met your eyes, then he saw why they were staring and his face hardened.

Strike one.

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Closest Call Yet

Friday night at the Store was the closest i’ve been to getting caught by hubby.  I was in the store working and hubby called and said he was going to be in the area he he would pick me  up and asked what time to pick me up.  I told him we should be done by 10:00 and he told me i’ll see you then. It was a normal night, when i got to work Teddy took me right in the back so i could suck his cock.  All through the night every time Teddy would walk by my hans hand would grab my bare ass and sometime if  i was bent over the counter helping someone he finger would find my pussy.  About 9:15pm got everything cleaned up and locked down when teddy took me into the back room again.  By this time my pussy was so wet from all the feels during the night i was ready.  As soon as we got into the back office Teddy as all over me he was kissing me and he already has my dress up to my hips and one finger was inside my pussy.  He dropped his pants and I went right down to my knees to suck his cock hard.  Once he was hard he stood me up and bend me over the desk.   He was fucking me so hard that i came so fast on his cock. The next thing i knew there was someone at the front door buzzing to come in.  We looked at the security monitor and is was my husband ½ hour early.  At that point Teddy grabbed my hips and pulled me even tighter on his cock.  He then told me to look at the monitor at my husband has he was close.  A few more of his hard thrusts and he was about to cum.  Just has he was cuming inside me he told me to buzz him in.  a few more and his cock was drained in my pussy.  Teddy yelled out to Husband that he will be right out and told me to get my ass out front  while he got himself together.  I couldnt even get my thong on and as i walked out to see hubby.  As i kissed hubby hello i could feel Teddy cum running out of my pussy and down my legs.  It was a good thing we were closed and the almost of the light in the store were off.  Finally Teddy came out of the back and said  hello to hubby and i went into the back to get my pocketbook, OH and to wipe the cum off my legs.  We left and hubby drove home.  I got a text in the car but i didn’t check it  until i got home.  I was Teddy telling me that my hot little pussy needs more and he will be over at lunch time tomorrow.


got week meme

day one: one character → sandor clegane aka the hound
“What do you think a knight is for, girl? You think it’s all taking favors from ladies and looking fine in gold plate? Knights are for killing. I killed my first man at twelve. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve killed since then. High lords with old names, fat rich men dressed in velvet, knights puffed up like bladders with their honors, yes, and women and children too—they’re all meat, and I’m the butcher.”

Revolutionary redesign for Utena’s Himemiya Anthy - she doesn’t get armor though, she gets a wicked Victorian dress. This was frustrating to work on because on 2 separate occasions I’d fudged up the lace on her sleeves by either deleting it, or duplicating and nudging art on the same layer so all of that had to be redrawn. Also redrew her hair about 3x and got very frustrated. This feels like it got overworked and just needs to be done. On to the last guy.

u guys………… i cant beLIEVE i havent told u before…..in norway we had this show that ran on actual national television………..about this grade school teacher who got bored and dressed up (bADLY) as a teenage girl and called himself………… HANNA FROM TANA and he got world famous and it was the norwegian parody of hannah montana buT LIKE IT WAS AN ACTUAL SHOW ON A REAL CHANNEL I WISH I WAS KIDDING BUT LIKE

@fuckyeahnorwegian guys…….help me out here…..