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Just a vent. I want to smack my husband. He talks about how cool it's going to be when he gets to see my belly move even more as baby gets bigger, but lately whenever I tell him to look over because baby is moving he's got his eyes fixed on his stupid video games and misses it all and I'm sitting there like an idiot. I don't know whether to get mad at him or just give up telling him when baby moves.

I feel you. I’m not pregnant but I know it takes a lot to get a man out of a video game sometimes. I have a tendency to get up and stand right in front of the TV and threaten Kevin’s life unless he pauses it. I have also been known to stand in front of him and whip my boobs out to get his attention.


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I think that 95% of footballers got married and have kids too early. I read somewhere that it's a imposition of their managers in order to make them more responsible and capable to deal with their jobs challenges. Since many of them got divorced as soon as they retire, and lots of footballers marriages are based apparently on false glamour and shopping, am I certain to suppose that the wags are trapped in some golden cage? Sorry for the rant,

Sorry for the late reply, and omf if some players really gets married because of their managers then i feel so bad for them ://


Hello, this is Kai.

Everyone, I’ve come to keep my promise.

I’m very late, right?
I was looking for which pictures to post, so I’m a bit late. Sigh… Since I posted lots of pictures, in the future, I’ll get rid of them the bad ones.

To be honest, when we did the live broadcast, I was a bit nervous, but I interacted and did quizzes with EXO-L, and received cheers from everyone, so time passed without me knowing. I had fun playing, and I think I got touched.

You sang songs for us, and asked us questions.
How you guys got everything right in the MV quiz, without getting at least one mistake, made me feel touched.

Also, there is not one EXO-L who can’t make fanarts well. Everyone’s good. Pretty~

Today was a fun day!

I’ll come again later.

trans: fykai
please take out with credits.

taylorswift I know I’ve thanked you a lot lately but I feel like I can never thank you enough. The past three weeks have been crazy. We finally met in person in Cleveland and you followed me on here last night. I want to thank you seriously for being my friend. I mean I know you’re a world renowned pop star but you’re also my best friend. About 3-4 years ago I had a couple really good friends, we did literally everything together. I started going through a hard time and that’s when things got ugly. I confessed to one of them how low my self esteem was and how ugly I felt and they used that against me and told the other and I became a joke. The other also made comments, after I decided to cut my hair short, how “fugly” I was. And damn it feels so good confessing this right now because the only fugly thing was how they treated their “friend”. Needless to say I was heartbroken and lost and I remember sitting in my dorm room the last day of my freshman year of college crying in the corner with my headphones in listening to “You’re Not Sorry”. Flash forward a year or two and I had another group of what I thought were great friends. I started struggling with some thing and things got hard and they ran. It was easier for them to runaway than help pick me up. We all worked together at an amusement park and I remember sitting in my car every day before work until the last possible second blaring Breathe. You were there for me then whether you know it or not. And here we are now. I’ve had a tough year. My boyfriend got diagnosed with epilepsy about 6 months ago and life has forever changed. Meeting you, hugging you, you just following me means everything. Meeting you was like meeting a long lost friend. You make me smile even when it’s so hard I can hardly breathe. I hope I can make you smile too. I’m jealous of you in the fact that you have this great group of girlfriends and I can’t keep a friend to save my life. But I have my boyfriend, and my little sister, and I know I always have you. ❤

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I feel like a lot of the critics of Israel have gotten really unhinged lately. I was against the Gaza invasion last year, and I REALLY don't like netanyahu, but the backlash brought out the worst in a lot of the opposition and their rhetoric got downright vitriolic. So much so that it may have solidified my neutrality on the whole Israel-Palestinian conflict.

I went to a very liberal college around the turn of the millennium and I was in school when the Camp David talks collapsed and the Second Intifada occurred. Maybe it’s because people still thought that a two-state solution was probably going to happen in the near future, but there was an ability for people with opposing views to have conversations with one another and agree to disagree. 

I’m pretty sure that kind of discourse changed with Cast Lead and has only intensified over time. At this point there’s a certain orthodoxy that not only refuses to accept a two-state solution, but won’t accept any Jewish presence in the area at all. Meanwhile, the word “Zionism” has been rendered toxic by people who, generally speaking, don’t know what it is and how it has been used for over a century by anti-semites. The Holocaust gets mocked, minimized and used as a rhetorical bludgeon against its victims and their descendants, and anti-semites use “anti-zionism” to spread their poison because of genuine ignorance of so many goyische Israel critics who don’t understand what anti-semitism is for fear that, were they to actually learn about it, they would discover that they were, in fact, anti-semites. “Anti-zionist does not mean anti-semitic” is an easy and convenient cover that has the unfortunate side effect of being true in a literal sense, but it is generally used to mean “anti-zionists can’t be anti-semitic” which is hogwash of the first order.

So now you get people from countries that have exiled their native Jewish populations citing Zionism as the cause and then demonize the freshly exiled Jews for going to the only country that will take them in. You have people holding protests outside of synagogues and Kosher Groceries in the name of Palestine. What they are doing isn’t helping Palestinians. It is making Jewish life impossible. It is collectively blaming diaspora Jews for the actions of an Israeli government they can’t vote for and might not support. 

I’ve seen a post circulating of a man standing outside of a Holocaust Museum holding a sign that reads “Never Again means the Palestinians, too!” As if the two situations as comparable and as if telling Jews that our right to memory and to protection from anti-semitism hinges upon us moving to Israel and becoming citizens there so we can vote someone in who will destroy the country for him. This is Jew abuse. It is not protest. Here’s a thought, go protest outside the Israeli Embassy. It would be Islamophobic as hell to find a Mosque and protest against ISIS outside of it. Yet leftists think this kind of behavior is not only acceptable, but laudable when applied to Jews.

And then you have David Palumbo-Liu posting in Salon that “bds isn’t anti-semitism” because church groups say so. As if the religion that has done more to harm Jews than any other somehow has the legitimate authority to determine what is and isn’t anti-semitism. You get Roger Waters claiming that he isn’t singling out Israel while singling out Israel, making and defending Nazi comparisons, flying judensau over his concerts, and harassing artists who perform there. You essentially have an entire body of people on the left who are OK with Jews feeling isolated and threatened so long as they don’t say “kill the Jews.” 

There’s a point where non-palestinian goyim actually have to start paying real attention to what we feel like. Because it’s damn dehumanizing to constantly have my rights as a human being reduced to my opinion on their faulty definitions of zionism. These people need to recognize that they have to account for the power and history of anti-semitism in their activism instead of looking for the laziest possible opportunities to pass the buck on it.

This has been a disorganized rant.


Hello to the new dozen or so followers out there! My blog posts are about 50% sailor moon toy photography, just in case you were wondering. (p′ ω `q)I’m an avid sailor moon toy collector.


So finally June 30th arrived and Q-POT released their limited edition Sailor Moon accessories. One thing led to another and I was a little late leaving the house.. managed to get to the store on time (10am open) but ended up being the 85th person there.

I was worried about how I would hold up waiting in line with baby in tow, but she behaved super well and I made a lot of friends in line thanks to her smiles. Which is good because I had to wait for about an hour and a half.

It’s a funny feeling to be standing in a line like this with my kid.. Sailor Moon is what got me studying Japanese, which got me to Japan, which led me to meet the love of my life, which led me to my child. (′・ω・`) Explaining this to the people around me in line… I got a little misty eyed.. Life is such an odd and fragile string of events.

( *`ω´)b Luckily I was able to buy what I have wanted to since the first collaboration announcement! I’m so glad I went directly to the store because I tried buying online while I was in line but everything sold out like honestly by 10:07. (ps apparently they have decided to take reservations for a second batch of accessories so if you wanted something but couldn’t get it, you’ll be able to buy it after all.)

I’ll post photos tomorrow of what I got, provided it’s a sunny day. Right now I need to take a nap and clear my head. I’m really tired.


My partner took these photos of me today. I wanted to wear make up, so love helped me by doing smokey eye, glitter and lipstick. I love these shots because they capture what is at my hearts centre of being a queer brown guy who celebrates what makes me feel good. I have also been doing a lot of drag lately, maybe one day i won’t feel shy enough to perform just in my room.

I got a new camera recently, so hoping to take a lot more photographs.

Life has been a lot, so I haven’t posted lately. My one year on testosterone passed on June 13th, and I am counting this as my 1 year on testosterone photoshoot. Thanks to my partner for capturing these great shots and doing my make up!

When I was a little girl, I was fearless. No one told me what to do, mud was my favorite color, and boys never stood a chance against me in a race. As I got older, I lost that drive to be independent when it comes to decisions, to be reckless, and to stand up for what I believe in.

Lately, I’m feeling very lost. A lot of you have noticed it in my posts, and how cold they have felt lately. I have some people in my life that feel as if they have the rights to tell me how I should live my life, or throw beliefs at me, and expect me to follow them. I’m a very strong person, and I’ve been fighting to come out of this shell, of trying to make everyone happy, and it’s only making me unhappy. I’m close to miserable somedays. I don’t take antidepressants anymore and dealing with emotions has been new to me. Maybe being 24 years old and already have been through an abusive relationship, a unstable one, an eating disorder, and some other heavy crisis’s has given me the “just go with it” attitude. I don’t really do the things that I love anymore.

There are a lot of decisions to make that will be very difficult for me, but only better me in the long run. I want to fill my life with people that better it, and not conform it. You should never feel as if you’re trapped, or being pushed into a life you don’t want to live. Life is too short to be unhappy, and I really hope that little fearless girl can shine through soon.

It’s never fun to NOT feel like yourself.

Rant of the day.

my thoughts on the Prust/Kassian trade

On one hand: this was a very good hockey move. We’re getting a potentially better, younger player, for one year only, and it leaves us with more cap space (though at this point all I want is to sign Chucky).

In addition: we’ve already got lots of feels re: Kassian and his late father who loved the Habs. This is a player who will enjoy being here and who will probably embrace the opportunity with a lot of class, which is always what I want to see from a player wearing the CH.

However: Prust’s heart, leadership, and devotion to the team and this city was unmatched. He was such a great mentor to the younger players. This is a huge locker room loss and regardless of the business end of things, I’m very sad to see him go.

Logging onto WoW just makes me sad now.  Even with a whole new raid and zone and rewards, none of it is exciting to me.  I feel so distant.. not just from the game but from the guild I’ve been playing with for years.  

It’s been hard to see my friends leave the game one by one over time.  I loved playing so much I couldn’t imagine myself leaving even though it was inevitable, obviously – even thinking about it got me a lil emotional lol.  WoW’s just been a big part of my life for so long…  It hasn’t always been fun, but at least I still cared very deeply. It’s where my passions were.

But as we know, times change.. and realizing you’ve grown indifferent towards something you used to really love is the worst feeling.  I’ve been feeling it a lot lately.  

“Sorry I’m late. Just got back from my father’s dinner for Father’s Day. Ah, now how to introduce myself? Oh no–.” She could feel herself tense up at the mere thought of coming into a television show that had been running for a while. These girls already had so many bonds and she didn’t know how comfortable they would be with making new ones. “Ah–well, my name’s Ivy.” She spoke but to no one in particular.

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  1. Mel, Melian, Willow
  2. Brown
  3. Brunette, though now it’s plum red
  4. My skin’s so white you can see all my veins
  5. Purple
  6. Miramar
  7. HUH… well right now I have a soft spot for Misha Collins, but I’ve always adored Hellen Mirren too.
  8. Cats, beautiful, mean, fluffy cats.
  9. I’ve got loads of them, but lately I’ve been listening a lot to The Beginning is The End is The Beginning, by The Smashing Pumpkins
  10. Anything Tolkien, the Harry Potter series, The hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, Ready Player One… OH! And Little Women (oh, don’t ask)

Well, twenty is a lot… sammit-janet friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman femmedplume skidaddle-o3o mamapeterson sweetasscas ooohesslimandalittlebitfoxy crowley-is-my-homeboy jessica-bones-winchester spnjensenlove02 winchestersinthedrift annfromma nova0418 eatit-twilight snarky-fangirl rizlow1 gnaist 200dollargod eyes-of-a-disney-princess hidingfrommychildren hides-in-the-shadows AND ANYONE WHO WANT’S TO DO IT! Feel free to do it and tag me! 

Everything’s Alright

word count: 1.4k

genre: comfort/fluff, existential angst.

warnings: implied smut, existential crises.

summary: Phil has a drawer for Dan to put his things in at his apartment.

beta: beth; if the title has changed let me tell you i was scared to read it when she sent it to me because it was called “the drawer fic”. other than that, i liked this fic a lot. it was really really cute, and listening to wrapped around your finger by 5sos kinda helped me beta read it. deal with this information as you please. this fic made me nostalgic though :(

A/N: this was supposed to be a cute fluffy thing but it got kind of existential. idk how i feel about this because i wrote it late at night but i haven’t published something in over a month as i’ve been busy with school and pbb but enjoy!! (originally posted in june before i deleted my blog!)

also special shoutout to my friend Brianna (phans-assthetic) who said she was in need of a fic where phil had a drawer for dan’s things, hope you like it<3

i recommend listening to this as the title is based off of the song.

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AAAAAA ok I’m feeling better now.
Two more Tales ponies arrived! :D My Tales herd is close to completion!
They’re both in great condition. Sweetheart’s tail is all curly and its so perfect. Patch has some tangles but I can give her a bath, haha (then again the messy mane suits her?)
I have a Starlight and Bon Bon on the way. Haven’t found a Melody yet, she and Patch have been the hardest to find. (I got super lucky with Patch)
Also sorry for freaking out over G1s lately they just give me a lot of happy feels x3

Celebrations | Gadge

A/N: My first time to write for Gadge. So this was for a long overdue drabble request. I am having a lot of Gadge feels lately. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes and all, I wrote it on my phone and had to rush everything. Hope you like it!

A month into their relationship, Gale discovered that Madge had a knack for remembering every milestone in their relationship.

From their first meeting at her Poppa’s chocolate shop when she was eight to the first time he talked to her at school.

First date. First kiss. The day they got engaged. First wedding anniversary.

Even that first time he sold her strawberries from the woods.

And because Gale was hopelessly in love, he tried keeping up with Madge, celebrating each occasion, surprising her with breakfast in bed, a trip to the beach or a bouquet of her favorite tulips.

So he was surprised when he came home that Sunday evening to find Madge carefully arranging strawberries on top of a freshly baked shortcake. She whipped up a feast, cooked his favorite rabbit stew and chilled a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on the counter.

“What’s all this about?” he asked, pulling her against him and trailing a line of kisses down her neck.

“We’re celebrating,” Madge replied teasingly. “Guess what today is.”

Gale mentally groaned. The last thing he wanted was to disappoint Madge and ruin this special day for her.

“The first time I told you ‘Pretty dress’?” he guessed hopefully.

Madge shook her head but let a little giggle bubble out, “We celebrated that eight months ago.”

Gale extracted himself from her to remove his jacket and pour himself a glass of champagne. He sat on the stool in front of Madge and carefully studied his grinning wife for clues.

“The first time we made love in the woods?”

Madge narrowed her eyes at him and placed her hands on her hips.

“What?” he asked innocently.

“Are you sure that’s with me because I remember celebrating that three weeks ago.”  

He laughed, taking her hands in his and pulling Madge closer to him. He kissed the frown off her face and lightly pinched her side.

“You are the only woman I made love with in the woods.” he responded between kisses. “Okay, I give up. What are we celebrating?”

Madge regarded him thoughtfully before kissing his cheek, “Wait here.”

She disappeared into their bedroom and came back with a square box wrapped neatly in silver wrapping paper with a blue ribbon on top.

He arched his brow questioningly but Madge bit her lip and and sat herself comfortably on Gale’s lap.

“Open it.”

After untying the ribbon and ripping the paper wrapper, Gale opened the box to find the most beautiful pair of newborn baby shoes he had ever seen.

There was a note tucked carefully between the shoes and Gale picked it up recognizing the elegant script of Madge’s handwriting.

He read the message, his voice quivering.

See you in seven months, Daddy!

Hardly daring to breathe, Gale turned to find Madge smiling warmly at him, “Are we…?”

Madge nodded slowly before leaning in to give her husband a kiss, “Happy Father’s Day, Gale.”  

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i’m sorry for making a whole post about this, but its really been affecting me lately. please, please try to respond to my messages, even when you get them after ive gone offline. even just a ‘i’ve got your message’ will be fine. ive got a lot of friends that don’t like to talk that much, and i respect that, but please try to think about me too. whenever i have to pester you to answer it makes me feel like such a bother. even just a ‘k’ is better than no response at all. if youre interested in talking to me then please make the effort, im sorry but theres no other way to say it. just a ‘k’, or an ‘ive got your message’, thats all im asking for