@theiridescentflame requested Tending a Wound and Kunikidazai and I’m always here for fluffy caring boyfriends so here we go

Why is he making such a big deal out of this.

“Dazai, calm down, I’m fine.”

“You’re bleeding, Kunikida, I’d hardly call that ‘fine’,” he snaps, brown eyes flashing dangerously.

I frown and grip my shoulder tighter, feeling blood seeping between my fingers. This shirt is ruined, it was my favorite.

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Okie, so basically its Calums dog BUT he on a trail which basically means that he will have the dog, or Duke from what I heard his name is, for a week and then he decides to either buy it and keep it or give it back. He got the dog I’m guessing Friday (10/21/16) (since he posted the first video of him), and that means he will decide if he wants to keep it or give it back this Friday or Saturday which is 28/29. A trail for a dog is basically a week where you see if you’re ok with the dog and you can handle it. I think Ashton and all of us hope that he keeps the dog because 1. There will be many Duke and Cashton moments/adventures 2. Duke is adorable 3. Calum always wanted a dog and he finally got one for a week depending on if he wants to keep it 4. Cashton and Duke’s relationship is adorable. And if Calum doesn’t keep it then there’s always another chance because Calum can get another dog and do another trail in which he may like the dog and ends up keeping it. And it really looks like Calum likes Duke, so may possibly get it. Thanks to StrippedGardens for asking Ashton, and Ashton giving us the information. Duke and Cashton honestly fcks everyone up and I really hope Calum keeps it. Hope this helped for anyone who wanted to know or just in general - A🌹xo

If Fitzsimmons got a dog I feel like Jemma would spend three weeks searching for the best breed and the best breeder and how to pick the perfect puppy and then Fitz would come home one day with this sad little ball of fur he found at the shelter (he was just looking, really his only intention had been to look, but look at her little face!)

And at first Jemma would insist that they had a plan and they wanted a dog that didn’t shed but Fitz is already head over heels for the little fluff monster so she decides they can try it out and eventually the tiny dog worms it’s way into her heart and anyway it was Fitz that wanted the dog and she makes him happy so she stays. 

And when Fitz is in their apartment alone, when Jemma’s caught up with work and he’s not, he feeds her extra treats and tells her stories about his girlfriend, who he misses.

And when Fitz is away, and Jemma’s just a little worried as she stares out their window into the night, she likes to have their little dog resting on their lap because she thinks she misses him too and it’s better to not to miss him alone. 

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I'm glad Calum finally got a dog, we all know he has wanted one for a long time. Calum and Ashton are smart and intelligent enough to know whats best for the dog and they would have put a lot of thought into getting this dog, temporary or not!!


I was supposed to go to the gym this morning before work but due to a problem with cars, it didn’t happen.

I packed a bag and went after work, which is always such an achievement.

I ran 6km. I ran a nice steady pace for the first 5 then really upped the intensity for the last km. Then I got home and took the dog for a walk.

Feeling really good today.

I’m in the mood to update you all on how life is going with the new baby in my life. So I’m gonna write little passages I like to call “dad diary entries”.

Today is Anastasia’s first day home. She got to meet Frank our dog, and I’m pretty sure he’s excited to have a new friend in the house. She also really likes her rocking swing and sleeps all the time there. For some reason she won’t sleep in her crib, she has to sleep in the rocking swing. So tonight I think Alysha and I will be moving that swing to her room in hopes that she will sleep through the night and let mommy and daddy rest for the first time in a few days, though that is doubtful. Alysha has gotten a lot of sleep this morning because I have offered to be on baby duty. Yesterday I had fed her too little but today I’m getting the hang of it. Unfortunately, I was the first to tend to her first dirty diaper and that was disgusting. We’re waiting for her umbilical cord stump to fall off so we can give her a proper bath but right now I’m sponging her and making sure everything is properly cleaned. Her skin is very very dry and sensitive so I’m trying to keep her moisturized but not bother her too much because she really loves to sleep. I’m so very content and happy with her in my life and it’s a new chapter. If anyone is up to come meet her, let me or Alysha know.

I got a giant dog toy so I could make a fluffy costume out of it for Beans but she’s snuggling with it and I don’t have the heart to take it from her…