Nine Hundred and Sixty-Two

This was an anon request for a jealous Hermione. You had asked for it to be about an Auror colleague of Ron’s and I tried but I couldn’t make it work. Sorry, anon, I hope you still like it and thanks for sending it in.

If Hermione was certain of anything in this life, it was that Ron Weasley loved her with all his heart.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t worry a little.

After the war, the trio had reached an odd, feverish level of celebrity in the wizarding world that brought with it a crush of attention and many ardent admirers. Harry was used to the scrutiny, Hermione brushed it off but Ron, Ron had been overlooked and underappreciated his whole life and some of those ardent admirers were busty and blonde…

“Ah, come on,” Ron said. “Why would I go for those stewed mushrooms when I already have a bacon sandwich?”

“How flattering,” Hermione sighed.

“Are you thinking about that girl from this afternoon?” he said. “She was getting a little touchy, yes, but I was just being polite. When dealing with difficult women, I have found it works best to be complimentary.” He paused. “Have I mentioned you look lovely tonight?”

She swatted at him half-heartedly.

“Hermione?” he said and there was no more joking in his voice. “Do you really not know?”

When she didn’t reply he took her face in his hands and gave her a firm kiss. And not just any kiss, but one of those ardent, slow, toe-curlingly wonderful kisses that he was so terribly good at.

“Nine hundred and sixty-two,” he said when he finally let her resurface.

“What?” she said dimly, still trying to regain her bearings.

“Nine hundred and sixty-two. I have kissed you nine hundred and sixty-two times.”

She laughed. “You’re counting?”

“Yes,” he said seriously. “I’ve been keeping track since the first one. Mouths only. No cheeks or, uh, other parts. It gets a little hard because they sometimes sort of run into each other but I think I’m pretty accurate. Plus or minus five, anyway.”

She looked at him, amused and flattered but also rationally skeptical. The number couldn’t possibly be that high. They hadn’t been together all that long, and she’d have to subtract all the time she spent with her parents and those first horrible days that had been filled with funerals and tears. But on the other hand, there had been some secret, wonderful days where it seemed like all they had done was kiss each other and if she averaged them all out…

“See?” Ron said smugly. “Coming up on a thousand. Cause for celebration, that, and I’ve planned accordingly. We might even get there tonight if you play your cards right.”

She stood up on her toes and kissed him. “I think we can do it.”

“And just wait until you see what I’ve got planned for ten thousand,” Ron said, pulling her closer. “And then one hundred thousand. I’ve already got them all sorted.” He gave a sad shake of his head. “You’re stuck with me, I’m afraid.”

But that was something that didn’t scare her at all.

anonymous asked:

Hi Nika! I'm entering art school next year as a freshman and I was wondering if you had any tips for people going into art? Also, you're artwork is all really cool, thanks for posting your doodles and other stuff!




literally art is SO HARD, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO AND THE REWARDS AND APPRECIATION ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN WHEN YOU FIRST START SO PLEASE DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!! it is so tempting to just drop everything you’re doing and try to do something easier because ART IS HARD but i promise it is also WORTH IT! YOU REALLY JUST HAVE TO STICK WITH IT. 

ALSO your first year at art school is going to be learning ridiculously basic things in foundation classes, like how to cut mat board or draw a perfect circle or match color harmonies and it seems stupid at the time and you’re going to be like “pff this is so easy why are they making me learn this when i could just be doing art” BUT THAT STUFF IS SO IMPORTANT AND YOU WON’T REALIZE IT TIL LATER WHEN IT’S TWO AM ON THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR EXHIBITION AND YOU HAVE EIGHTEEN MATS TO CUT AND YOU’RE ON YOUR LAST EXACTO BLADE AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE THANKING YOUR LUCKY STARS YOUR PROFESSORS TAUGHT YOU HOW TO PROPERLY CUT A STRAIGHT LINE WITHOUT FUCKING EVERYTHING UP (and to those of you saying “PFF thats easy i can cut a straight line without art school or a ruler!” you’re lying to yourself, your edges are actually horrible and you should feel bad)

ON THAT NOTE! presentation is incredibly important! make sure you keep all your work clean and you transport it correctly and display it neatly! even the most beautiful art can look tacky if presented poorly!

ALSO get to know your professors. ESPECIALLY IN AN ART SCHOOL they are going to have the best connections for you later on.

you’re going to get as much as you put in: if you’re lazy and don’t actually do anything to improve/progress, your experience is going to be poor and you won’t have anything to show for your time

whereas, if you try as hard as you can and throw yourself into your work and your passions, you are going to go to great lengths and trust me, it will pay off

ALSO please for the LOVE OF GOD take care of yourself. regularly eat and sleep and if your arm hurts STOP WORKING AND TAKE A BREAK. STRETCH THAT SHIT. GO ON WALKS. BE CAREFUL. (lifting light weights also helps!!)



Entry 22

He forgot my name. 

I thought it was his idea of a bad joke, or maybe he was just having a moment. But it wan’t that. He genuinely did not know who I was.

It took about fifteen minutes of flipping through Mabel’s old scrapbook to jog his memory. He laughed it off and said it must have been tiredness and we chuckled in agreement. 

He didn’t forget her or Stan though. 

Just me