You hug him tight, telling him that you love him and his stupid shades. He chuckles, holding you tightly, and says “I know.”. You know. Like a cliche movie actor from The Notebook or some crap. He tilts your head up and gives you a kiss, and later, you agree to start dating.

One day you two will get a horse together, he says. You reply that that’s never going to happen.

Just like the night sky you two are embraced around, your romance is and always will be beautiful.

The End.

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Things people say that irritates me lately:

Your skin is tan. Why don’t you use skin whitening product or some make up so you’ll look prettier?

No thanks. My tan skin reminds me of my late grandparents and I love my skin because I’m the only girl among my siblings who is naturally tan.

Wow you can draw well. You’re so talented!

I wouldn’t exactly say that as I’ve done a lot of trial and error, a lot of practise, a lot of referencing and actually doing research on art. So it’s mostly 60% hardwork, 20% talent and 20% persistence and never giving up everytime I suck at something.

My child is perfect!

No one is perfect. Every human is flawed. You gotta open your eyes and watch how your bad parenting has made your child such an arrogant, rude and selfish brat.

Don’t make friends with stupid people!

Seriously? That’s not how you raise your kid!!! Teach them kindness and compassion!

Don’t be friends with someone who is (insert religion or race)!


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I have been seeing your art grow for LIKE EVER you grilled cheese sandwich XD Yo user so freaking amazing you been a big inspiration to me :D I was wondering if you could give me a couple tips on starting an art account... Like what would be nice for a first impression?

Well first off, BE CAREFUL when choosing your alias because you never know if you’ll end up popular and you’ll be screwed like me. 16 year old me was borderline stupid. And second, draw whatever you want and let the right people come to you. When I started, I just did whatever.

I now have 200 followers

Well, 201 to be exact, but


Anyway, I was debating on whether or not to do a giveaway. The only thing I could really give though, is my art, and I’m not sure if people want that. I’d probably allow the winner/s to decide what they want me to draw and that art would not be placed on my blog, unless they wanted it to be.

But the thing is, you guys would have to want to do it. So, if you are interested in it, then, answer the question thingy. The max I’ll leave it to be answered is a week, so yeah.

Do you guys want an art giveaway thingy?

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Hey, don't torment yourself like that. Every artist comes to this point now and then, I've been there myself too. Easy to say, but please don't give up. If you're not inspired enough to draw anything particular, try drawing shapes or stupid doodles, or looking for some drawing challenges. It may be really inspiring, worked for me at least. You're great artist and you have lots of potential, so please try to stay positive even though it can seem hard and pointless. Hope this can help, even a bit.

I’m not gonna give up completely, I’m just disappointed that I can afford so little. I know I can be better at art only by drawing but it’s really hard to me to create or finish anything. And it’s gonna be half a year now when it’s been bothering me. And I’m scared that I’d never be able to work as an artist. I know it may look stupid when I uploaded speedpaints lately but the drawing is my the first finished piece in a month. I’m gonna do my best though, I have a winter break now so I’m gonna do drawing challenges just like you offered or occupy my mind with making designs for the store.

Thanks a lot for your concern ;;

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Have you drawn any real life drawings of Taylor or Karlie?

Last year (before I had a tumblr acc), I drew about 3 real-life Taylor. I was only satisfied with one of them. I was stupid and generous enough to give it to my cousin. AND OFC MY COUSIN’S DAD THREW IT AWAY FUCK IT TOOK ME 2 AND A HALF HOURS. But it’s my fault for giving it away to him so. Fuck me.

I drew a real-life Karlie once, but before I could even finish drawing her eyes, I gave up and threw it away. CAUSE HOW DOES ONE SIMPLY DRAW A PERFECT SUNSHINE.

don’t ever give up on your drawings and paintings that you think you should stop because they have no technique, they don’t look good, they are the first ones so i’ll just throw them out because imagine continuing in art and getting better and better everyday and becoming a horribly famous artist like Vincent Van Gogh or Picasso and those “amateur” doodles would have been worth millions of dollars because they showed where you started out and what your very first drawings and paintings were but nobody will ever see them because you thought they were stupid and threw them out.

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Do you think therapy works/is effective?

I think it can be a positive thing for some people. It gives you a chance to talk about what’s bothering you so it’s no longer bottled up inside, and your therapist can give some helpful advice on how to deal with those issues and improve yourself. Their job is to help you, not to make you feel inferior or stupid. 

It’s not for everyone, though. If you’re not comfortable with talking about yourself in front of a complete stranger, writing or drawing in a private journal is a great way to let go of your negative thoughts. 

So me being stupid, I decided to paint Yoongi instead of drawing him, and I ended up not liking the painting. As it was for a request, I feel kinda bad, since I probably could’ve upload the drawing tonight, but at the same time, I got to practice my acrylic and got incredible shading out of it.

So its a win/loose situation that kinda balanced out, and I’m happy about it (but still very sour that the painting ended up not being to my liking).

Btw, I’m sorry if some requests take longer for me to complete, as I often don’t like my art and end up not wanting anyone to see it lmao. Just know that it WILL be completed at one point (it could be long lmao).

I’m gonna shut up now, goodbye!

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omg you spelled out ace!

A: Your current OTP.
Fuck. Iwaoi probably<3

C: A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can’t.
Kuroken and Tamaki and Haruhi. For kuroken I ship them but just as a brotp and the latter like ik they got together but I wanted her and Hikaru to get together.

E: Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what?
Umm, that stupid post where I said Hiei is hot ‘cause he’s a fire demon (x) and that post where my teacher put Oikawa’s name all over his power point (x) i guess?

L: Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for?
OMG for a drawing of Oikawa in drawstring pjs looking all perfect trying to play it off as he woke up like that when we all know he spent like an hour in the bathroom trying to get that ‘effortlessly beautiful’ look. Oh and he’s shirtless.

M: A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to.
I can’t name anyone in particular but there are multiple fandoms that people have just posted about and I got into, this includes: Haikyuu, Yamada-kun, Akatsuki no Yona, and Ao Haru Ride.

P: Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
OMG Idk if I can do this but I can try! So I was Iwaoi Peter Pan AU? Like Oikawa would totally be Peter Pan with how flamboyant and flirty he is. I prefer the fluffier version of Peter Pan for this but the darker side of his story could be an interesting twist.

Send me a fandom related question? x

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oh god they probably would have a team name, but it wouldn't be very clever just based of some in-joke they have together. they probably would have some code names aswell which danse rolls his eyes at as they aren't professional in the slightest but cant help but smirk at. i really need to draw this, i have the skill of a five year old, but ill try !!!

omg if you draw it, TELL ME because i’d really want to see that.

omg but Deacon giving Danse the shittiest codename and whispering it at random times just to annoy Danse

And Danse trying to find a worst one for Deek but always ending up with stupid codenames which make Sole and Deacon laugh at him


so my stupid friend decides to hit me up and start a conversation about Harry Potter. Good times right? OHO think again.

In light of the new Pottermore information about the other wizarding schools, he wanted to know if I ever thought there would be a manga version of the Japanese school.  I said that it would be really cool, but unfortunately JK Rowling doesn’t draw.  My friend, let’s call him Lewis, says that he would hire someone else to do the drawing for him. I respond, “would she be ok with giving up so much of the storytelling to someone that’s not her? idk.”

True, I’d added. There’s a lot of graphics on Pottermore that were almost certainly not done by her.  But there was a lot of that stuff cut out and replaced by movie images in this new version of the site.  I’m not entirely sure that’s indicative of anything but I just thought it’s thought-provoking enough to leave out there.

Beauty of Middle path(

I have come to realise that selflessness is at times not always a way to live, especially in this fast changing world. I mean very often a question of how much can you afford to loose yourself. The way I was brought up.. Being kind , giving and compassionate. I have seen my mom live through this norms, and pay her price hard ways…of course the pathway to truth’s never going to be easy. People often mistakes your vulnerability for weaknesses…leniency for cowardliness..kindness for stupidity….;(. somehow people takes you for granted.

It’s very important to draw a line between selflessness and selfishness. Being neither too extremist nor activist, but then living the right portion of both. Being introvert but at the same time extroverts, being selfless but at the same time selfish.

I reckon to follow middle path… Taking the right mixture of both “US” and “THEM”…:). Black and white, right and wrong, visible and invisible, false n true.. Negative and positive……quality and quantitative….science and religion…outside and inside…intuition and practical…..illusion and reality….opposite attracts finally…Living in “DUALITY” (-1+1=0)..p>:)