judiejodia replied to your post: “those of you who keep up with my ancients let me know which your…”:

Laconia, Knossos, Carthage and Ionia :) basically all the kickass ladies

I’d really like to see your take on Troy one day too :)

ahh yes makes sense XD what can i say i love making kickass ladies. Sometimes I regret not making Athens and Sparta ladies but what can I say, the stupid most obnoxious characters are dudes i kid i kid

Troy/Ilium hasn’t come up a lot in my drawings, yeah, there’s only like three things in her tag xD I would like to do more of her. I have trouble feeling out her personality because mostly what I know is what Greece thinks of her. I feel like she’s sort of a calm and quiet lady who talks to Hittite a lot, someone who has been through a looot of crap and is too tired and old to really give a damn some times. That’s just my surface feelings though, it would be really cool to explore the history and archaeology more… but of course right now the first thing I think of when I’m like “i should draw troy more!!” is this:

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So who's your bae from one piece ?! :D

Oh man, don’t even get me started on my bae.

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There’s really just something about him that draws me in. His stupid humor, his carefree attitude, his generosity, his awareness of others’ well-being even though he’s a pirate, his love for his friends, his determination, etc.

I don’t love Luffy just because I think he’s a hottie (Which he is. My handsome boyfriend and precious cinnamon roll). There’s a lot more that goes into it. Luffy is everything I aspire to me (excluding the intelligence). He’s always smiling, he never gives up, he’s always thinking of the positive things, he such an inspiration to others, and SO much more. He’s the reason why I became a much better friend to people (I was never bad in the first place, but you probably get what I’m saying).

Ever since I first saw him on screen, I knew I’d love this anime until the very end. And all my love for everything in this fandom started with stumbling upon a curious, naive boy with a strawhat while surfing the internet one day.

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This is a fucking stupid question, yo... but are superheroes treated like celebrities in your world? like, say hemogoblin and heir get married or some shit like that and it somehow got to the public (which probably wouldn't happen in the first place unless they're fucking stupid and want to give their enemies an advantage), would they end up surrounded with paparazzi and stuff trying to ask them as many questions as they can?

Not a stupid question. And yeah, there is definitely a celebrity culture kind of vibe having to do with supers in this universe, but it’s different from what you’re picturing. It’s less intense paparazzi and more respectful reverence. I would imagine that has equal parts to do with an actual respect for the kinds of things that heroes do, along with the knowledge that the person standing in front of them can generate a literal cyclone. They can draw crowds wherever they go, but that wouldn’t be likely to happen unless they stayed in one spot for a long time. They’d also probably be small crowds, and they’d likely just be people looking for a photo or an autograph. Reporters wouldn’t really have motivation to hound them unless there was an actual story that warranted questions being asked. Think of them like well-known C-list actors.

Really, though, it all boils down to what kind of relationship the hero in question has with the public and the media. Heir has a reputation for being kind and helpful, but he doesn’t ever stick around to give interviews and never seeks them out. There are heroes in other cities who go the complete opposite, and who will hold actual press conferences. Those are the kinds of heroes that tend to get surrounded by nosy reporters, because that’s the relationship they set.


An Example of Cause and Effect
  • Grandmother:So her face looks weird, her hand is messed up, and I hate how you drew the flowers, they look stupid. Seriously, though, look at this hand. How can you mess up that bad? Come on, Jasmine, you can draw better than that.
  • Grandmother:I don't think you want to work in a spa for a living, pick something else that you'd be better at.
  • Grandmother:Oh so you'd walk around Disney cleaning the parks when it's over a hundred degrees? That's really dumb.
  • Grandmother:Why won't you drawing anymore? Aren't you going to try going to school for art?
  • Grandmother:Why won't you give me a massage? You could do it for a living.
  • Grandmother:Oh, so you don't want to go to Disney anymore? You love Disney.
  • Grandmother:Why are you panicking over your future so early?

i probably realize its a stupid idea to draw it for my birthday

i kinda give it up now

Right now im looking forward that day is a quiet and shitty one

wehen your shit skill cant give yourself nice things

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22, 24, 40!

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?

ehhhhhhhh i don’t really show off my characters enough to people to have them be mischaracterized? eh

24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?

wormwood he would give great fashion advice and is very sweet

40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!

me and my pal scout would stay up for hours talking about stupid road trip aus for our ocs. we probably cried a lil 

also the entirety of 7th grade was a fond oc memory bc it was when i really found great irl friends that helped my drawing and ocs improve a lot and we had a bunch of whack shenanigans

You know.. I was feeling bad a few minutes ago.. And I was drawing - then I thought of making myself an ask-related profile picture. Well my mind wandered off and I thought “Maybe I could make my blog into a positivity blog” And I kinda like the idea! People can send in asks about their troubles, problems, vents, confessions, etc - and I could help them out and give them advice…?? I want to make up for the help I never got (besides a certain someone <3) and make sure no one feels that they’re not worthless. I want them to be okay and help lift their spirits! You know..??? But I’m thinking,, should I make this a positivity blog?? I might try it out soon, so prepare yourselves!

Right now I’m watching a show about ghosts and that nonsense. There a two middle age german men who look up ghost communication, because his little son hears strange noises and has weird dreams. And now they stand there asking question into a recorder. And you can’t imangine how funny this looks. Because thats two slightly overweigt trucker who look like “thats bullshit” and “what if”. And it gives me comic ideas! Because they look so funny. Like thats full grown men acting like they’re doing the stupid shit in their life.

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Can you please give Shannon credit? She drew that drawing. You could have at least asked her to use her picture as your icon. And since you didn't ask you could at least put in your bio that SHE drew it. -.-

I was stupid and misinformed. I was in the wrong and i understand your annoyance. It’s hopefully cleared up now.

Throwback Thursday: The Scarecrow  2/16/2008

My original caption for this image:

“The scarecrow represents something. Something deep and profound. But I don’t feel like telling you so niener niener.” 

Looking back I think its about the angst of being a young artist.  There’s always 800 people standing by to tell you to stop drawing stupid pictures, become a lawyer or a doctor or somebody respectable.  20 people who simply lament, that they wish they could draw.  And usually 3 people will say that they like your art.

But here’s the thing, I like drawing stupid pictures.  And I’m not gonna stop.  Not until they nail me into a pine box and give me back to the earth.

Not gonna lie, I am tired of working as a cook, my interest in the culinary arts is about used up after almost ten years in the restaurant game.  But who wants to be a lawyer anyway?  Not me.

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I just would like to say that you're pretty damn good at art. Seriously. I only had to look at a few of your works and I can already see so much talent. Don't give up, my friend.

You’re really sweet. 

I just have an art block lately and I don’t even know how to draw, I don’t know what to draw

And when you dont even know what to draw? How are you even going to draw anything? uehguehguegegb

idk i’m being stupid<3 Thank you<3

I, like many other little kids, wanted to be a merperson. A mermaid, specifically, because I didn’t know that being nb was a thing yet but that’s beside the point
Every single wish I’d make on a star would be that my family and I could all go be merpeople and live in the ocean and meet all the sea creatures that humanity knew of and all the ones humanity didn’t know of, and learn about marine life and all that jazz
And then someone told me I couldn’t be a mermaid, that liking fish and shells and coral was stupid, and I’d never be able to reach a dream like that.
I went through a lot of my school life pursuing things I didn’t really like. I picked up storytelling from my parents and drawing from my uncle though, so I had something I enjoyed.
Sometimes I’d be lucky enough to have my grandma give me a real pearl for a necklace or something, and I’d treasure it (until I inevitably lost it, because that’s what happens when you give a spacey child something small).
But every time we’d go to the beach, I felt like a part of me I’d been missing had come back. I loved hunting for shells, watching fish and crabs and jellyfish, even just floating on the surface of the water. It took me a while to figure out just how much I love the ocean and the things in it, even if they can be scary (maybe even because they’re scary).
And now I know marine biology is totally a thing, and my parents are very supportive of me pursuing it, and I’m very excited.

Tl;dr, fuck you, I’m a mermaid and I’m gonna follow my dreams

I’ve hardly really had time to process getting into this whole mess and Pete’s already making comments. 

I have no time for it. I apologized. I ripped myself to the smallest of pieces trying to give him what he wanted and he still spent his days drawing stupid designs on shirts and interested in “newer talents”. His nights were spent much the same, considering he never did know how to sleep. 

i did this show so i could maybe stop living the life that’s come in pair with making music for a living. I just want to be able to find myself in other people’s beds and enjoy the life that I was never offered. And Pete, as per usual, is fucking what I want up. 

so i managed to get myself hurt again not even a year after it happened & destroyed me so much

goddammit i AM SO STUPID

but im gonna draw up a list of pros and cons:


  • hurt now, less hurt in future
  • can hang out with FRIENDS more and they wont give you shit
  • can have better fucking grades
  • can sleep in your own bed and not have to go so far off campus

other pros:

  • can be friends with exbig again bc current boy heartbreak > past boy heartbreak
  • can have fun during the summer
  • can work out and work on making myself better 


  • i am in love with him
  • it is gonna hurt a shit ton right now