ENFP Confession #113

Sometimes I wonder to myself if I would be better suited to a relationship with an introvert or extrovert. When I was younger (and admittedly stupider), I was completely convinced that I would get way too bored with an introvert and that extroverts were the way to go. Now I realize that I was really wrong. Every single one of my family members, save two possible introverts all the way in France, are extroverts. All of my friends in school are extroverts too, even outside of school. The only introverted friend I have is a girl in the year above me. She is an INFP and we just met recently. Before meeting her, I would keep all of my philosophical and outlandish theories and quandaries all to myself because none of my friends were interested and while my family was supporting - they just didn’t get it. Now whenever I have a deep and introspective episode, I can just contact her and I know she will understand. She is the only one I can have these types of conversations with.

  Another thing is I never get tired with her. Being an ENFP, everyone usually expects that we’re always bright, balls of hyperactive and never ending sunshine. While I do know that some stereotypes can be true (Mostly for assertive types like myself), we do get tired like any normal human beings do. When in school, I am excitable, cheerful, friendly and fun; but do you know why I can come into school like this and keep up this bouncing personality for so long? Because I get at least 8 hours by myself at home! My parents usually leave me alone so I have lots of free time to just surf the internet, think, write, draw or just spend some nice, quiet time thinking. Believe it or not, we ENFPs actually love our alone time and if someone suddenly interrupts it, we can suddenly become pretty cold to that person. That’s why introverts are really a godsend, I can spend hours talking to her without taking a break and any silences that stretch out between us are never awkward. We’re just both lost in our thoughts.

  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my friends to death but sometimes they can be really annoying when they get between me and my quiet time. I secretly dread sleepovers and even get togethers because they always leave me really tired and drained.

  So for me, introverts are most likely the way to go. Now if only I could find a male one…Hmmm…

Perhaps it wasn’t for me. The whole ‘relationship’ ordeal. Maybe I was afraid for somebody to love me, or I was afraid to love somebody else. I seemed to be careless and yet, at the same time, full of overwhelming love. I could shower my affections one day, and the next be completely cold. I don’t know if I could ever love somebody in a calm way, and I also know I never want anybody to love me in a calm way.
—  I get bored too easily for something “simple”