gif request meme: 7. favorite platonic relationship + htgawm - asked by anonymous and knowasely


Hi! ^^ Just wanted to let you know that I won’t be here until next week due to exams, I tried to queue more posts as possible but I won’t be able to reply to messages, if you need anything please ask off anon! I’m going to answer everything next week so this way I’m sure you’re gonna see my reply ^^ Well if you still want to ask on anon I can’t stop you xD Anyway good luck to everyone who is having exams too or whatever you’re doing! :DD I don’t think you will even miss me at all but yeah xD I’ll be more active again from the 27th of May. See ya~ 

I really want to post more fre//e and Ste//ven Uni//verse because I can find little to no dur//ar//ara!! to post unless it’s old and the only dura///ra//ra blogs I can find either post too much shi///zaya for my tastes or they repost art with no source.

And I really should just start watching Hai//kyuu, Gekk//an Sho//jou No//zaki kun, and Ore Mono///gatari because they seem to be the only anime that interest me at the moment…

What the hell am I meant to do now?

today was my first day of using myfitnesspal to start losing the few pounds i’ve gained and oh my god it sucks so hard I WANT SNACKS