I thought I lacked a personality.

Boy, was I wrong. IMVU-peeps I’ve talked to so far has been lacking some serious personality. It’s all “sup”, “sooo”, “k” and “lol”, even when you put in an effort to try carrying on a conversation about all and nothing under the sun that doesn’t even interest you.

This is part of the reason I don’t talk to other people: I get bored and annoyed way too easily.

Don’t invite me to chat if you’re not planning on chatting or taking pictures, etc.


aidan waite in every episode → turn this mother out

"No matter what you freed yourself from, you only get so far down the open road. Car windows down, music blasting, before you are forced to take a turn. Make a choice. And sentence yourself to the next adventure."


bowling double date!!!


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank and the Blonde Cadet) | 2.18

"Rachel did this to you."


Being connected by “SMAP” is everything. It doesn’t really mean that we have to be in the same space. We’re SMAP wherever we are; Mori-kun’s still SMAP even now. SMAP is an inescapable destiny. There’s a lyric in the song STAY that goes “together for just 50 years”— I wonder if that’s how it’ll be~ If Nakai-kun stays alive for us. That person is so unhealthy! He drinks so much even though he’s so busy… I’ve always been worried. Well, our future depends on Nakai-kun!
—  草彅剛 お気楽第190回

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anonymous asked:

So I'm kind of the WORST KnB fan, as I'm really behind on the anime, and I'm not really reading the manga. I like the characters and plot, but I get a little bored with the games (that drag on way too long for me). So one relationship I don't quite understand, but I think is cute, is Akashi/Furi. I totally want to learn more about these two, and since I know you are a fan of the ship, do you have any information or resources on the appeal of this ship? Do they interact a lot later in the series?

Oh. My. God. 

Are you asking for a meta on AkaFuri?? 

How do I explain this in the light of it being positive? Hmmm~ Well. AkaFuri is pretty much a crack pairing (a really adorable crack pairing, but a crack pairing nonetheless).

(pardon me, this is gonna be spoiler-ish)

The moment in which this pairing was born, is documented in the manga (anime obviously will take a while for it to show up). But it’s the kind of birth that exploded like a volcano, to me anyways. Basically, the appeal on this ship is how you read the manga itself, AkaFuri is a minority on the popularity basis (it’s much more popular in Japanese KnB fandom, however). If you want to see how AkaFuri is appealing, we need to get a few things clear, we have to see how the characters are, personality-wise.

1. Akashi Seijuurou

Perfectionist. Natural born leader. Exceptional in ALL areas, Heir to a wealthy family. Has a split-personality issue - in which the other persona is pretty much a crazy dude (he’s the one with one discoloured eye). He’s had a rough childhood for having to live through the expectation as an heir to his family, which twisted him and caused his split personality issues in the first place.

2. Furihata Kouki

A generic anime background guy. He joins the basketball team cos he’s been told by his crush to “be no.1 at something” in order to get noticed. Gets overshadowed by the others’ awesomeness, yet he still works hard. He’s in the library committee with Kuroko, also known as ‘one of the First Years Trio’ other than Kaga+Kuro. He’s been outed for several games as a ‘secret weapon’ to reduce the pace of the game due to his completely normal way of playing (Seirin’s style is fast-paced offence games, sometimes it gets too much). Anyway, he’s very ordinary. Doesn’t get any spotlight whatsoever until S3.

This pretty much sums up their first meeting in a game:

At the game Seirin vs. Rakuzan. Btw, he tripped and fell down in front of Akashi, poor baby.

Reasons as to why he’s scared of Akashi:

1. He saw Akashi shanked a friggin’ scissor at Kagami that one time (he was there to accompany Kuroko).

2. He’s seen Akashi went on crazy mode with the Shuutoku vs. Rakuzan match, with his Emperor’s Eye ability.

3. Akashi’s massively intimidating, it’s been commented in-universe that them facing off is like a Lion vs. Chihuahua.

To summarise this: Dude is scared shitless of Akashi.

But the thing about Furihata, that while he’s scared shitless of Akashi, he doesn’t back the f*ck down. He seems unreliable, he looks weak, he’s not as good as the others - but one thing about Furihata, is that he doesn’t back down despite everything in his disadvantage, even against Akashi “Emperor’s Eye” Seijuurou. This is why I admire this character.

Also, he did the same in the match with Kaijou, against Kasamatsu.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Furihata. He’s very relatable.

Anyway, about AkaFuri. 

It’s something of a classic thing, really. They are both very different from each other, very lopsided, but this is the exact reason why AkaFuri appeals to a lot of people (AkaFuri fans are a passionate bunch, believe me). Akashi is near flawless. Furihata is very much flawed, but has his own good points.

In my interpretation, because Akashi has always been expected to be ‘perfect’ (an unrealistic doctrine that runs in his family), when he sees someone like Furihata - a complete opposite of him, it’s very likely that he finds him really off, and in a way, becomes somewhat interested in him. 

Tbh, Furihata doesn’t really have much to go on, average looks, average basketball skills, average everything - but he has a strength in him that drives him to face off his opponents because it’s his ‘job’, even though he knows he can’t win. That’s his strength. And I do think it’s something Akashi doesn’t really understand (why Furihata refuses to back down, or why he fights so hard for his team), since he’s perfect at almost everything.

Furihata did score during the game, btw.

In my opinion, Furihata makes Akashi grounded. In a way, it humanises Akashi, who’s always been portrayed as perfect and ruthless (the Crazy Akashi, so far). And this is the main reason why I’m attracted to the AkaFuri ship. 

But, in the end of the day, AkaFuri as a ship is something more of a guilty pleasure than that of rationally canon; you either like it or dislike it, it depends on how you view them.

Phew, okay I hope I haven’t dragged on for too long? I do hope I shed a light to better understand this pairing.