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Aww I just saw your tag on joshuas pics *-* it made me smile, you're a loyal friend telling the world that the angel called joshua kimmich is mine <33333 *hugs you and invites you to come over tommorrow and have coffee and cake with my son and me* joshua bake Butterplätzchen for you!

Hahaha I just wrote the truth, right?

And I’m glad it made you smile ❤️

So… Butterplätzchen? I WILLHUG HIM TO THE GROUND!!! (And then I’m getting fat) *____*

Can you invite our Puppy, too? ❤️ 


it’s not normal for your boyfriend to ignore you when you want to talk to him.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to shove you when he’s angry.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to call you a dumbass or a bitch when you’re in an argument.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to threaten to leave the relationship every time you defend yourself.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to invalidate your feelings.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to not tell you who he’s with or where he’s going.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to keep making the same detrimental mistake over and over.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to use your insecurities against you.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to make you feel guilty for having desires and needs.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to tell you that you’re stupid when you cry.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to cheat on you because he’s “just a stupid guy.”

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to rely on you when he doesn’t do a thing for himself.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to hurt you intentionally.

please stop normalizing toxic romantic relationships. it’s not healthy for your partner to upset you and behave recklessly as long as he apologizes later. apologies mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. kisses and hugs mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. public displays of affection mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. promises mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. it is not okay for him to hurt you physically or emotionally because he said he’ll change. he hasn’t. he won’t. get out now because THIS! IS! NOT! NORMAL! other couples do not go through this. other couples did NOT have to go through this to be in a happy, wholesome place.

he is manipulative and selfish and he is making you weak every time you agree to stay. even when you feel like “maybe this time, things will be okay,” they won’t – that’s what he wants you to think so you never slip from his grasp. you know as well as i do you’re 50 times overdue for “this is his last chance.” this is not normal.

Larry receipts be like:

“Take this with a grain of salt but a friend of mine who isn’t even into One Direction is a nurse and she saw Louis and Harry in the hospital because Harry was getting an ass transplant. “I’m so nervous” she heard Harry saying. “Don’t be. You’re gonna pull through this, I know that for a fact”. Then she saw them kissing and Harry going to the operation. Harry come out successful and a lot of nurses reported him runing out to tell Louis but he was not here. She gave to him a little teddy bear called boo bear with a card shaped like a card. “Hey baby sorry I could be there for you after your operation. But I will always be in your ass. Forever - Louis”. Then Harry asked to her “Wheres the boy I was with before my operation?” and then my friend replied “Didn’t they tell you who the donor was?”.

can we talk about this moment for a minute?

i almost teared up when i saw it. you can hear how wrecked yuuri’s voice is when he called victor’s name. he was worried that his coach was disappointed in his routine, but seeing victor’s arms open for him at the end must’ve been the most fulfilling feeling in the world. he noticeably gets watery-eyed and scrambles to start skating to him. just look at how fast he’s going, sprinting with all he has just for a hug from his coach. he did his best, and victor rewards him for it.

i am so happy to see such a healthy relationship full of admiration, encouragement, support, and mutual reliance.

i love corypheus so much 

-he fucked up trying to enter the golden city and became a tainted humanoid
-his god died and he’s in super denial
-like, serious denial
-like, i love that whole “you maker won’t answer you” bit and then when he’s at his end he’s calling to dumat and hears nothing
-the irony is delicious
-it’s even more delicious considering that dumat is the god of silence
-he tries to get back on his feet when some cool elven guy gives him a magic eight ball
-but he fucks that up too by dropping it when someone opens a door too loud
-he can’t even assemble a proper army
-has terrible fashion sense

man he’s such a failure in every possible way yet he never lets that stop him he’s truly the inspiration we need

I can hear you, a**hole...

So a friend of mine, we’ll call him Daniel, is deaf and has been his whole life. Daniel was fired from his job by a manager that openly mocked him for being deaf. So when he needed to go to the unemployment office he asked me to go with him because I have been trying to learn sign language and we can communicate pretty well. We get there and there’s only us and a very elderly old man (EM) sitting in the waiting area. All of the chairs are set up so that we are facing the only receptionist in the room. There seems to be some sort of issue with EM’s paperwork so every few minutes EM would walk up to answer a question of the receptionists’ or to sign what she asked him to sign and then he would sit back down. Daniel being the sweet guy he is, would reach forward and hold the man’s chair every time he went to sit back down.

So me and Daniel are signing back and forth just shooting the sh*t when a few other people come in, including a very loud, obnoxious, white trash couple. Now, as I previously stated, I am just learning sign language so I was concentrating on what I was signing and understanding what Daniel was signing so at first I didn’t notice white trash couple plop down in the seats behind us. Then I heard it “derrr… derrr… I’m a deafie….derr”. I glance behind me without moving my head and in my peripheral vision I can see white trash male mocking Daniel and imitating the noises that Daniel makes when he laughs or gets into a story. White Trash bitch apparently thinks this is hilarious. I realize that because I am super concentrating, I haven’t said anything or given them any idea that I am not deaf. I take a look at the receptionist who looks mortified but seems not to know what to do.

Now nothing would have made me happier than to cause a huge scene but I knew Daniel was already self conscious about getting fired so I did the next best thing. I waited until EM went to sit down again, Daniel reached forward to hold his chair, I spun around in my chair, looked white trashy 1 & 2 and yelled as loud as I could “WHAT THE F*CK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!” White Trash douche’s jaw drops in shock and the bitch went white as a sheet. I just stared at them. Daniel suddenly realizes I am looking at the white trash couple and signs “What’s wrong?” I told him they kicked my chair. He signs “A**hole” and glares at them.

I guess they felt uncomfortable enough that they decided to slink out of the building. F*ck you and your unemployment check.



Concerning the amount of posts regarding legal action against Daniel’s workplace, At the time Daniel couldn’t prove that he had been fired for his disability. The Manager claimed it was for him being lazy and tried to say that Daniel had drawn a penis on the white board in the back that he sometimes used to communicate (which he hadn’t). So Daniel went for unemployment while his friends back at his job pulled some strings. I want to get Daniel to post his revenge story for getting his job back b/c I don’t think I could do it justice. It’s pretty great.

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  • katsuki: haha you're such a loser deku!
  • other person: yeah, deku, you're such a loser!

i feel like the point of this update was to basically prove wrong what holster and ransom were saying about jack not being able to have a relationship because he’s too busy/has a laser focus on hockey/ect. like. he literally had SUCH a hard game, and then had to go get stitches, and he STILL calls bitty before he even gets in the front door. he’s so dedicated, and he’s so in love, and he’s so IN this. 


#is it me or they look like parents getting told by the teacher their son did something bad?#I’m sorry to call you in Mr and Mrs Jones#but Liam has bitten a kid today#he did some magic and hit another guy in the face with his lego#what my lad?#are you even sure it was him?#and Emma looking shocked because wtf is my kiddo doing???#they look like parents#Killian can’t believe his kid would do something like that#and then he has to come up with reality#Liam did a bad#and Emma is like what the hell#trying to apologise to the teacher

Things I gotta know

•which hand does Bokuto spike with
•I think Hinata and Kuroo are ambidextrous??????
•why the hell are Aoba Johsai’s shorts so short???
•how them thighs so big
•how many people have arm wrestled Iwaizumi
•how the frick frack is Oikawa so pretty wtf man
•how many of them got tattoos bro how many
•how many of them can art
•which hand does Kageyama write with tho
•Oikawa bro how (Iwaizumi how have you not kissed him dude come on)
•pretty sure Oikawa is ambidextrous I mean come on he’s talented enough lets just add one more

Use my essay? Get an F.

Today I will tell you guys about this little shit who got what he deserved. So there’s a guy, let’s call him Q. Q is one of those type of people who posts pictures of himself on Facebook posing with energy drinks and airsoft guns, so you get the picture. Anyways, this week we had an essay due in our Honors Literature class and of course he waited until the day before to do it.

The night it was due, I get a Facebook message from Q that reads hey bro can u send me ur essay so i can make sur mine is good.

Normally, I’d ignore this message, seeing as I don’t want people to think I’m the way out of doing work. However, I decided to get my revenge on him for everything he’s done in the past. I download an essay from some website that has nothing to do with our prompt. I then proceeded to change the title and the first paragraph, so that he thinks the essay is legit. Also at the end, I added in this: I regret that my walnut sized brain cannot muster up the willpower to write a simple three page essay. My apologies.

I was excited after I sent it to him, but then reminded myself to keep my hopes down, because perhaps he’ll realize the essay isn’t even mine. To my surprise, he turned it in yesterday morning in class, and even thanked me. I was jumping with joy on the inside. But it gets better-our teacher picked a couple essays at random that she would show on the projector to the whole class. To my luck, one of them was his.

His face when they read the first page was like that of a person standing in front of a speeding train about to be run over. The teacher showed the whole thing to the class and I was happy the entire day. I heard Q was confronted by the teacher after school, and I didn’t see him at school today.

Either way, thanks for reading. I know it’s not that much compared to some of the stories I’ve read on this subreddit, but it was good enough for me.

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#i dont know why people aren’t talking about this #his face when clary calls him warlock breaks my heart #over centuries he has been treated like crap because he is a downworlder #people always used him to get what they wanted #and even tho he has been leading with this for centuries it still bothers him #you can see how sad and disappointed he is and it breAKS MY HEART MAGNUS BANE DESERVES BETTER 


Later that day:

-We got this. It’s good. Go.
-Do you think you can hold them off?
-Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.

There are still days when I forget that he isn’t mine anymore.

The days when I catch myself looking at him a little too long when he walks in the room. It doesn’t help that he’s wearing the shirt I bought him for Christmas.

The days when I look through old pictures and smile. Our happiness was captured so perfectly that sometimes I forget it isn’t still with us.

The days when I imagine our future. My heart likes to assume that he’ll be mine again, and my brain likes to run with it.

The days when I still see him as my best friend. I get a good grade on a test and he’s the first person I want to call. My mom and I get in a fight and I wish I could cry to him.

Some days, he still feels like he’s my person. Mine. But he isn’t, and coming back to reality is much harder than leaving it.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #91 // Inspired from an ask I got