X-23 by Clayton Crain. Painted commission on X-Men #1 blank cover.

If you read my ranking of X-23 artists, you may remember that I ranked Clayton Crain’s version of Laura very highly and called his run on X-Force “visually stunning”. Last year I was able to get a remark from him on my copy of X-Force #23, but I’ve been wanting to get a full painted commission from him ever since I started collecting original art. After years of waiting, an opportunity presented itself last month and I commissioned a painting of X-Force X-23.

And here it is! Clayton called it one of his favorites and it’s definitely one of mine. I’m really happy to finally have a Crain painting of X-23 in my collection.

Hey Barton, catch


Warnings: Swearing, barton bein a lil cutie

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^^^ what is this beautiful thing??

   You had always been so used to having Clint be able to hear you but after a mission gone awry you were still trying to adjust to the suddenly near deaf Clint. Often you’d call out to him only to be met with silence, you’d get irritated thinking he was ignoring you when you’d remember that he was not actually able to hear you. You’d always have to be sure that Clint could read your lips otherwise there was no use trying to tell him what he needed to be told. After a week or so of this nonsense you decided you’d take up sign language, just to make the whole ordeal easier on you and Clint. 

    The absolute worst thing was when Clint would forget to put his hearing aids in. Without them that man was as deaf as a dead man. You’d often make sure that Clint had them in before he went anywhere just because of the few times he’d left without them and was almost crushed by an oncoming truck he didn’t hear. But of course, given everything you did to try to remember that your boyfriend was nearly deaf, you tended to forget. 

   “Hey Clint, catch!” You called out as you chucked your phone at the more than skilled archer. But unfortunately for you, Clint, and your phone, he didn’t hear. The phone hit him directly in the face and you immediately froze. The archer groaned, clutching his now bleeding nose. 

   “Oh my god!” You finally snap out of your trance. “I’m so sorry Clint,” You rush to his side, willing to help him in any way. You surveyed his face once he begrudgingly removed his hands from his face. His nose was already swollen and bleeding quite a bit. After assessing it you decided that it was okay, it was merely bruised, nothing was broken or anything. You wondered why he hadn’t catched the damn thing when you remembered. Oh. Your boyfriend was deaf. 

   “You idiot!” You yell, playfully smacking Clint’s bicep. “Where are you’re hearing aids?” Clint scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, attempting to figure out what you just said. When it finally clicked Clint got a sheepish smile on his face, his cheeks dusting red slightly. 

 “I lost them.”

There are still days when I forget that he isn’t mine anymore.

The days when I catch myself looking at him a little too long when he walks in the room. It doesn’t help that he’s wearing the shirt I bought him for Christmas.

The days when I look through old pictures and smile. Our happiness was captured so perfectly that sometimes I forget it isn’t still with us.

The days when I imagine our future. My heart likes to assume that he’ll be mine again, and my brain likes to run with it.

The days when I still see him as my best friend. I get a good grade on a test and he’s the first person I want to call. My mom and I get in a fight and I wish I could cry to him.

Some days, he still feels like he’s my person. Mine. But he isn’t, and coming back to reality is much harder than leaving it.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #91 // Inspired from an ask I got
2 AM. (M)

Pairings: Park Jimin x Reader, mentions of Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre/Warnings: Angst, Smut / language, heartbreak, phone sex, actual sex

Word Count: 3,023

Description: All your favorite things happened at 2 AM. Unfortunately, time flew until before you knew it he was gone like the hour.

A/N: This is based on a personal experience of mine. You could say I’m venturing through old feelings, but damn I don’t think I’ll ever get over this.

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He made 2 AM your favorite time of the day. He would call you from midnight to the wee hours of the morning, but it was when the clock struck that aforementioned time that you found yourself revealing secret wishes and desires to a boy you had just begun to get to know. It wasn’t hard to tell him either. Normally you’re not that kind of person who lets just anyone get to know you. But somehow he gave you some hope that he wouldn’t be like the last guy who tried to win your heart (or get into your pants).

This was when you found out that he loves what he does, music is his passion forever and always. He doesn’t live halfheartedly. He wants to live life to the fullest or that’s nothing at all. His all or nothing attitude resonates with you. It makes you want to live even more than before. That’s not it though. You later find out that he has experienced heartbreak before as well. A 3 year relationship gone down the drain because his ex-girlfriend sought for something else. You see that she meant something and he hides the pain inside through flirty words and the gestures he does toward you.

His favorite song is Tori Kelly’s Dear No One. “It speaks to me,” He says with a wistful smile. A beautiful thing where his lips tighten into a thin line but still manage to highlight the rest of his face. His beautifully dark eyes glaze over just by a fraction and it’s almost like he’s gone when he does this.

Where does he go? You wonder, but you don’t ask. Instead you let him disappear for a little btt, lasting only a few moments, before he’s back to his cheeky grin. Your FaceTime call back to its usual playful banter and not-so-innocent interactions.

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Is it me or does anyone else notice that black mothers have certain attitude towards their daughters? Like negative attitudes?

Like with my mother I noticed that she will praise my brother for everything when he doesn’t do anything at all. He graduated from high school recently and did terrible in school (I really hate calling him out but this is a part of the story) but yet everyone was there to support him for his graduation but no one came to mine and I graduated with honors. Like I don’t get it. Everyone was suddenly busy at the last minute when it was my graduation.

To make other things worse my mom constantly calls me lazy and sometimes even a bitch but yet I’m the one who cooks dinner and cleans up the place while she is at work while my brother just sleeps all day. He sleeps the whole freaking day but yet I’m the lazy one. I know I’m not the cleanest person but I attempt to clean the place.

And I have also noticed that like my mom tries to prey on my self esteem and confidence. My mom and I are both overweight but I weigh like 50 pounds less than her and I’ve been losing weight lately and I noticed that she will tell me that I still need to lose weight and that I’m too fat but yet I’m the one losing weight and she also tells me that men don’t want a fat girl (she means me) but yet men talk to her so I don’t understand what she’s talking about. And like I’ve been more confident than ever after going through 10 years of bullying but she’ll always ask me why do I always wear make up and try to dress nice every minute. 🙄. Like I don’t ask her why she wears makeup. I just let her do her.

She also makes me feel as if I have to owe her things. Like it’s not my fault I was born. Why do I have to owe you? She just makes it seem like her children are her burden. Especially me. She always gets mad at me but then says she wishes I wasn’t in the house but yet she says she loves me and is going to miss me? It’s like either you miss me or you don’t. 🙄

I’m just so annoyed of her and like I have student loans to pay in the next few years and she said I can live with her to pay them off but I don’t even want to do that. I want to be alone because she constantly gets on my nerves.

Has anyone else had these issues with their mother? I know for sure I’m not the only one who has gone through this.

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"I wish you would write a fic where..." Bellamy is getting drunk coz he's angry and accidentally confesses Clarke his love ;)


also on ao3

The thing about Bellamy Blake is that he cares.

Six days in a week, he tries to mask it, cover it up with sardonic smirks and off-hand comments, but on the seventh – he crumbles.

He crumbles when his sister calls him in the middle of the night because she needs a ride and her mascara is running down her cheeks. If he knows one thing, he knows what heartbreak feels like and he spoon-feeds her hot chocolate until she’s safely asleep.

He crumbles when Miller tries to be witty and sarcastic after a fight with Bryan, even though his eyes are glistening with tears.

He crumbles when Clarke shows up on his doorstep after a long study session, her hair falling out of her bun and her face grey like the stormy skies overhead. Sometimes she brings vodka over and tries to smile. Most of the time, it’s just a second before tears are welling up in her eyes and she collapses into Bellamy’s arms.

Bellamy cares about a lot of things he really should care about. But there are things he shouldn’t, and one of them is Clarke going on a date with a girl she met in a pottery class, lips red and staining his cheek when she kissed him before heading out.

So what does he do?

He gets drunk.

Gina smiles at him sympathetically as she pours him whiskey, says, “Bad night?”

“Bad life.”

He drinks until he can’t feel his toes anymore and flirts his way through getting a number from a guy who’s both his and Clarke’s type, and really – she’d be proud.

But Bellamy doesn’t want the guy, six feet tall and skin darker than Bellamy’s, lips so fucking kissable it brings him back to the time Clarke ate too much sour candy and her lips ended up swollen as she laughed at his stupid jokes.

He wants Clarke.

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Prompt: "Will you stop with that arrow? You think you're Cupid?" pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

Thank you for sending this! This is unbetaed so it’s probably filled with mistakes, but they’re mine. I don’t know if this is what you had in mind but this is where my mind went.

No. Not him. Anyone but him. I pray a silent prayer that this is just another nightmare and that I’ll soon wake up to sweat-soaked sheets. That would be preferable to this.

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I Hate You, I Love You - Joe Sugg Imagine

Requested by @omfg-its-laura: “Could it be about us being best friends and we randomly got into an argument maybe whilst filming a video and I ask Joe why he sticks around if I annoy him and he shouts “because I fucking love you” or something like that and we end up together”

“Are you freakin’ ready to go yet, Y/N?” You heard Joe call from outside the bathroom. “You’ve been getting ready for ages! The boys are going to leave for the party without us.” 

You had just finished getting ready so you burst through the door to the bathroom and struck a ridiculous pose and face. “Joe, a masterpiece like this doesn’t happen in five minutes!” You joked.

“Masterpiece?” Joe scoffed. “More like train wreck!”

“Hey!” You pouted. “Only I’m allowed to call myself a train wreck.”

“I’m just kidding, you look great.” Joe said sincerely and your heart fluttered for a second before you pushed the thought away. You and Joe had been best friends for four years now and it had been nothing but platonic the whole time so you had no idea where these butterflies from the past few days had been coming from.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” Joe said, bringing you back to the present.

“Joe and Y/N hit the road?” You asked, poking fun at his movies with Caspar.

“Joe and Y/N hit the road,” Joe confirmed.

You and Joe were meeting up with the rest of the boys to go to a fancy house party that should have been called a mansion party because the house was absolutely massive. It had a pool and a hot tub, a dance floor both inside and outside, and two floors with a balcony opening out into the yard. Perks of being best friends with an incredibly popular Youtuber, you thought to yourself.

You had decided to pre-game at the Maynard-Pieters household so by the time you got to the party, you were already feeling tipsy. You had planned to let loose tonight though so you got a few more drinks upon your arrival. You knew if you got too drunk Joe would make sure you got home safe. You’d certainly returned the favor for him a couple of times in the past.

An hour into the party, you were very drunk and having a great time. There were watermelon Jell-O shots that you were having way too much fun with and it was taking it’s toll but the atmosphere was amazing. You were standing on the balcony with Jack, who had been going shot for shot with you and was equally drunk.

“Y/N” He started. “Odds on you jump from this balcony into the pool.” You looked out over the balcony and saw that it was really a low balcony, only about 8 feet above the ground below you, and the edge of the balcony actually came right up to the start of the pool, so there was basically no chance of you missing. In your altered state of mind, you thought this could be a fun odds and you’d been dying to get in the pool all night.

“1 to 10.” You replied, smiling mischievously.

“Ooohh dare devil Y/N.” Jack replied, excited. “Okay on three, one… two… three!”



Your heart skipped a beat. You and Jack had both said the same number, meaning you now had to actually jump into the pool.

“Alright, but you have to take care of my shoes.” You told Jack, slipping them off and handing them to him. You then began the task of climbing over the railing to the outside of the balcony, which was a little tricky considering you were drunk. Thank god you’d worn shorts instead of a skirt or else this would have been a disaster! By the time you were stood on the edge of the balcony, ready to jump, a small crowd had drawn to watch. Most people were cheering you on and it felt good to be the life of the party for a moment.

Joe was inside the house talking to some friends he hadn’t seen in a while when he saw people moving towards the pool. Wondering what all the commotion was about, he headed out just in time to see you jump. His heart went straight to his stomach as he watched you fall. Being the more sober friend of the night, his mind immediately jumped to all the things that could go wrong. Luckily, you landed in the pool just fine and came back up for air laughing.

“Now it’s your turn Jack!” You called up to him.

As soon as Joe saw that you were fine, he was immediately angry with you for being so reckless. He quickly pushed through the crowd to the edge of the pool and called out to you.

“It’s time to go Y/N, I’m taking you home.” He said.

“What? But I’m having fun!” You replied, not picking up on Joe’s anger at all.

“Now, or I’m leaving without you.” Joe threatened. Of course, he would never actually leave you here, but he knew you were drunk and figured the threat might work.

“Okay, okay!” You said, swimming to the edge of the pool and pulling yourself out. You still didn’t understand why Joe was being so aggressive but you knew he was your only way home and you certainly didn’t want him to leave without you. “Wait I have to get my shoes from Jack.”

“Right.” Joe said curtly. He was almost as mad at Jack for this night, knowing he’d probably put you up to it. Plus, he felt like Jack had been flirting with you for the past few weeks, meaning his behavior tonight was just the icing on the cake.

Once you’d retrieved your shoes from Jack, you started making your way out of the house but Joe was walking ahead of you, not letting you see his face. It started to click in your drunk brain that something might be off.

“Joe are you mad at me?” You slurred out. He didn’t respond which confirmed your fears. He was walking so fast and you were finding it hard to keep up.“Joe, don’t fucking ignore me!” You ran a little to catch up and were about to grab his shoulder when you tripped over your step and crashed into him instead. He finally turned around to catch you from your fall but he looked very angry.

“Y/N do you understand what you just did back there?” He yelled, the anger inside him finally reaching a boiling point. “You easily could have hurt yourself.”

“What are you talking about? I was having fun!” You replied.

“No, you were being stupid. And reckless. This happens every time you get too drunk. You always find some way to ruin the night.”

“You’re the one ruining the night Joe!”

“I can’t deal with this shit anymore. It’s so annoying.”

You just stood there in shock for a second and Joe thought maybe you were too drunk to handle this conversation. “C’mon let’s just get you home.”

“I don’t get it!” You shouted. “If I’m so annoying why are you still here? You could easily just leave me for someone else to deal with.”

“Because I fucking love you!” Joe shouted, before he even processed what he was saying. “I’m in love with you Y/N and it terrifies me to see you do stuff like this.”

The longest second of Joe’s life passed while you processed what he was telling you. All of a sudden the butterflies made sense: you were completely in love with him too. Instead of trying to string together a response for him, you just smashed your lips into his, and for a second, he let you kiss him before he stopped you.

“No Y/N, you’re drunk. I won’t take advantage of you like this. Come home with me, I’ll sleep on the couch, and we’ll talk in the morning.”

You agreed to his terms, but even through the clouds in your head, one thing could not be clearer: you were in love with him too.

A/N: Well this kind of took on a life of it’s own. I know it’s a little different from the prompt but I think it turned out really well, I hope you enjoyed.

okay we all know that neil is so petty and we all know that he hates aaron (i feel you neil) so i give you neil annoying the shit out of aaron:

  • neil pronounces aarons name wrong whenever he can and acts like he knows no idea what hes doing wrong
    • his favourite is calling him a-a-ron because aaron HATES it
  • he spells aarons name wrong, just as arron first and then starts getting more ridiculous until he’s spelling it with way more letters than just 5
  • nicky catches on to what hes doing pretty quickly and he loves it, so of course he joins in
    • everywhere that aarons name is written suddenly has a piece of paper taped over it with arron written on top (thanks nicky)
    • nicky also changes all of aarons social media names to arron
    • everybody but aaron thinks its hilarious
  • occasionally when neils in the mood to be a little shit (which is all the time lbr)(neil cant stop being petty for the life of him) he’ll get close and ask aaron ‘yes or no?’
  • aaron is disgusted but neil insists it was an accident
  • of course, he insists that the second, third, and fourth time he does it as well
  • aaron goes to andrew about it but andrew pretends that he hasnt noticed
  • andrew calls him a-a-ron the next day and aarons world collapses
  • it didnt take neil much convincing to get andrew to do it all he said is that itll annoy aaron and andrew was in
  • just, neil being petty to aaron!!
Preference "How they make up to you after a fight."

PT.1 : Having a fight with them and they say something hurtful

(So here’s like the sequel (i guess) to the preference of them saying hurtful things to us, as many requested :) It’s more like a how they apologize to us XD Hope it is to all your liking! I tried my best to make it different for each of them on the way they apologize, so hopes they’re all okay :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- Realizing you had been telling him the truth since the beginning, he’d feel bad about his accusations. He’d go to see you in your room with flowers in his hands, in hopes you’d find him romantic. He’d kneel near your bed and tap your shoulder to get your attention. He’d call your name sweetly but you’d ignore him. He’d then tell you “I’m sorry for being an asshole…and not believing you…I mean it…Y/N, please look at me…come on babe…look at me…” You’d reluctantly turn to look at him and see him smiling and hopelessly try to give you the flowers, only to make you smile a little.

Daryl- After he realizes you had been telling him the truth, he’d feel bad and want to make things up for you. You’d always ignore his apologies and he had then come up with a plan. He had the others tell you to come on a run with them only to end up leaving you with him alone. You’d try to leave but he’d grab a hold of your wrist and say “I know I screwed up…I was blinded by my thoughts and I wasn’t thinking clearly…i’m sorry…I really am…please forgive me…” You’d still try to get away but he’d pull you onto his lap as he sat on his bike and hold you closely to him as he’d repeatedly apologize.

Rick- After you walked away from him and stopped talking to him, he realized he made a huge mistake. He wanted you back and could only think of wanting to make it up to you. He’d prepare a nice diner and had the others tricked you into believing it was for something else. You’d tried to leave but he’d block your path and kneel in front of you saying “I shouldn’t have said those words…I realized I never meant any of them…i’m sorry Y/N…please find it in your heart to forgive me…” You’d look away from him but he’d suddenly hold your hand and beg you to stay with him.

Merle- After getting rejected by Andrea, he realized that you were probably the last person who would ever love him and how much he screwed up. He’d want you back and do anything to get your attention. He’d smile at you and try to flirt with you but you’d give him the cold shoulder and always ignore him. He’d eventually break down crying and got on his knees in front of you and everyone and said “Just take me back…I-I don’t want anybody else! I’m sorry…I know I screwed up alright! Everybody can know! I don’t care…as long as you forgive me and come back…please…”

Glenn- He felt bad telling you to leave him and wondered how to apologize to you for what he did. He realized he was still very much in love with you and broke it off with Maggie. He’d find you alone and tell you about it but you’d ignore him and keep doing whatever you were doing. He’d try to get closer to you but you’d walk pass him and leave. He’d grab your arm and start to apologize. “I’m sorry…I know I can never take back what had happened…but I want you to know that I love you…and that i’m sorry…It was all my fault…If you don’t take me back I understand…”

Carl- When he notices you stopped talking to him and being friendly as you were before, he’d realize his mistake. He’d have Daryl trick you into thinking you had to go on a run with him, only to end up being left in the forest alone. You’d look for him and end up seeing Carl in the middle of the woods. You’d roll your eyes and walk back towards Alexandria, only for him to grab your arm and pull you towards the woods. You tried to get away but as you looked towards the trees, you saw flowers spread around them and a banner with the words “Sorry Y/N”

The Governor- After he realizes his mistake of accusing you, he’d feel bad and want to make it up to you. He’d go to find you and ask you to follow him. You’d ignore him and walk away but one day, he’d got his men to grab you and lead you to his room. He’d pull you closely to him and apologize, saying “Y/N, i’m sorry…please don’t ignore me…I-I can’t take it anymore…I know my mistakes…Please…I-I love you alright…”

Abraham- When he realizes how much he hurt you, he’d feel bad and start to doubt his feelings for Sasha. He’d realize he was still very much in love with you and try to talk to you. You’d ignore him and purposely avoid him but he’d still try to talk to you. One day, he walked in your room before you woke up and had managed to lock the door. He waited for you to wake up and finally said “Y/N, the things I said that day…I realized now that I didn’t mean them…Believe me or not, I just want to tell you that…I still love you…”

Eugene- When he notices you started to distance himself from him, he’d realize his mistake and want to make up with you. He’d be working on something and hint at you that he needed your help but you’d ignore him as much as you could and sometimes even tell him that you were “too stupid to understand”. He’d feel even more bad and start to profusely apologize about that day. Finally, he’d go to your room bringing your favorite snacks and say “Y/N, i’m sorry for saying all those things…I don’t want you ignore me anymore…it’s boring without you…”

Jesus- Realizing how wrong he was of accusing you, he’d feel bad and want to make up with you. He’d try and start to talk to you but you’d ignore him as much as you could. He’d still be persistent and one day just walked up to you and cupped your face with both of his hands. Looking into your eyes, he said "I’m sorry Y/N for accusing you like that the other day…I didn’t meant any of the words I said…I still love you…”

Ron- After he comes to the realization of his mistake, he’d feel bad and want to make it up to you. He’d go to you and try to talk but you’d always ignore him. He then decided to write you a note and put it in the book you always read so you could see it. After a long day, you’d open your book and saw his note. It read “Y/N, i’m sorry for what I said to you about you and Carl. I should have known better than to just go at you like that. I’m really sorry, please talk to me. I still love you very much.”

Dwight- He’d realize the mistake he made of accusing you and feel bad and want to make it up to you. He’d call out to you but you’d ignore him. He’d then walk up to you and grab your shoulder to turn you to look at him. He’d smile to ease the tension and say “About the other day…I didn’t mean it alright…It’s just I got a little insecure seeing you help him like that…I’m sorry okay…don’t ignore, I can’t stand it…”

Morgan- Realizing you stopped talking to him and that you were really about to leave the place, he’d realize his mistake and run to you. He’d grab your bag and take it away from you. You’d try to get it back and tell him to just leave you alone but he’d shake his head and say "No…I don’t want you to leave…I made a mistake telling you that the other day and i’m sorry… I really am Y/N ” He’d grab your other bag from you and continued “Sorry..but i’m not letting you leave.”

Michonne- As you started to leave her alone, she’d feel bad and would want you back. She’d try to talk to you and get your attention but no matter what you just ignored her. She’d then finally walk in your room and confront you. She’d grab a hold of your hand and hold you tightly and say "I know you’ve been avoiding me because of what I said…but I want you to know that I didn’t mean them…I miss you talking to me…please forgive me…”

Maggie- Feeling bad for the way she treated you, she’d want you back and try to make it up to you. She’d break it off with Glenn and try to talk to you. You’d avoid her and had plan on leaving the group. As she’d find out, she’d go to your room and put your stuff back. She’d then tell you “You can’t leave…you can’t leave me…I love you Y/N…I’m sorry…What I did to you was unforgivable but…I still love you…”

Andrea- She’d noticed you avoiding her and realize the mistake she made of treating you that way. She’d realized The Governor was not like he seemed and she’d try to get you back in order to leave Woodbury. You’d ignore her but she’d be persistent. She’d finally be able to corner you and say “Y/N, the things I said to you that day were terrible…i’m sorry for making you feel that way…I probably don’t deserve your forgiveness but please…at least trust me again…”

Jessie- Realizing you weren’t talking to her anymore, she’d realize her mistake and want to make up. She’d prepare your favorite meal and make you a cake. She’d have the others trick you into thinking it was something else only to be locked it her house. She’d apologize to you saying “I’m sorry for saying those mean words…I realized how much of a mistake I made pushing you out that way…And I still love you…”

Beth- She’d realize her mistake and feel bad for the way she treated you and want to make up. She’d try to talk to you but you’d avoid her every time. She’d then go to your cell every night and wait for you no matter what, you’d try to make her leave but she wouldn’t. She’d look you in the eyes and say “I’m not leaving…not until I can properly apologize to you…i’m sorry for everything I said to you…I realized now how much I didn’t mean them…”

Sasha- When she notices you stopped talking to her, she’d realize her mistake and want to make up with you. She’d try to talk to you but you’d always avoid her and ignore her. She’d then follow you as much as she could until you’d talk to her. You’d tell her to leave you alone but she’d smile as you were finally talking to her and reply “I’m sorry, Y/N for pushing you away like that…I really am…I miss you talking to me and spending time with you…”

Rosita- Realizing you were preparing to leave for real, she’d immediately feel bad and want to make it up to you. She’d run in front of you and act as if she didn’t knew what was happening. You’d start to yell at her about how much she wanted you to leave but then she’d admit her fault. “Y/N, i’m sorry for what I said that other day…I really am…I never meant to hurt you that way…”

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10:35 AM and I'm jealous that his life is so much better than mine even though he's an asshole who doesn't deserve anything. Why do some people get lucky when they don't deserve it?!? He broke my heart and he called me names and he still gets a fancy job. Fuck him

damn do I love Nikolai Lantsov

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Imagine that you and Harry have always hung out in groups and one time he finds out that your a virgin and he finds that really sexy. That doesn't change how he treats you but he sure started to call your name out at night after he found out.

As a virgin myself - I would very much want him to take mine. And wait, what if I walked in on him at a party, lost my way to the bathroom, drunkenly hearing my name in the next room? And I open the door, see him jerking off, and freak the fuck out, closing the door, pressing my back to it, heart racing…

and then maybe, maybe - we could talk about it. And maybe, he could kiss me a little, and things could get a little heated, and my dreams could come true…? ;)

A girl can only dream…

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that mountain behind him? it’s called the red mountain (super creative i know) and i went to three different schools all within sight of it. the baseball scenes were filmed at a baseball diamond that i drove by EVERY DAY to get to school. seriously. it’s weird.


so sorey and mikleo are dating now!! yay! and it’s almost SUMMER!! double yay! and they’re all being super cute with each other (sorey giving mikleo a necklace with an s on it, come on, that would be EVEN MORE dorky than it already was, because unlike gabriella who just accepted it mikleo would totally tease him for it like “the first letter of your name on a necklace? really? okay” and sorey would be like “i can get you something else” and mikleo would do the “NO I’M KEEPING IT FOREVER” thing, but i digress

anyway so they’re all kinda worrying about ~college~ and ~paying for college~ as you do. and sorey gets a call from this country club with this AMAZING JOB, and he manages to get everyone in on it and symonne just wanted sorey so she’s kinda pissed off but it’s whatever. and ugh i can’t do “symonne with a crush on sorey” so let’s just say she wants revenge on mikleo for getting sorey involved and this is her way of getting mikleo back. sure.

anyway, so WOW LIFEGUARD!MIKLEO, art imitates art, and y’know, rose and alisha and the others are complaining about being kitchen workers (even tho tbh from what i remember their job was a pretty sweet deal?? like the boss was mean but i assume they were getting paid pretty well? like troy sounded like it was a pretty sweet gig, at least pay-wise, but ANYWAY I’VE DIGRESSED AGAIN) but they sing a song about it and decide it’s gonna be good

and symonne starts introducing to sorey to ~important basketball people~ and ~scholarship opportunities~ 

AND SOREY DOESN’T REALLY WANT TO HANG OUT WITH SYMONNE AS YOU MAY IMAGINE so he kinda avoids it at first, takes mikleo on A CUTE PICNIC DATE ON THE GOLF COURSE WHERE THEY GET SPRINKLED ON BUT THEN IT TURNS OUT CUTE (and again art imitates art, huh @fortunesrevolver i loved that scene oh gosh) but they get in trouble and then later mikleo’s waiting for sorey for a date in the pool and he’s late and alisha starts saying that maybe mikleo should be mad at sorey but mikleo’s NOT, really

and then they hear about the talent show and decide LET’S ALL DO IT, and edna writes a super cute song for sorey and mikleo about how “You are the music in me” and everyone’s joining in BUT THEN symonne steals the song so they can’t but LUNARRE??? I GUESS?? gets them together and teaches them another song and sorey’s all vaguely jealous of lunarre (which omg brings to mind lunarre LICKING mikleo in the ova) except then symonne gets wind of this and forces them to WORK on the talent show!! so they can’t perform!! except for sorey, who basically has to perform with symonne for ~scholarship reasons~ and ~to not lose everyone their jobs~

this results in sorey missing the big gay baseball game (which isn’t gay in this version i guess because if it was it would be rose/lunarre and i can’t… i’m not going there okay)

and at this point, mikleo’s super sad because sorey seems so far away lately, he was so excited to spend all this time with him over the summer but it seems like sorey’s just gone, and he quits, and they have their BREAKUP SONG about how mikleo’s gotta go and sorey’s so sad because he never meant to hurt mikleo!! but he did and now he doesn’t know WHAT TO DO


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anyway he decides he’ll go through with it, but then he’s gonna try to apologize to Mikleo and the others, and symonne is sad and LUNARRE TRICKS HER so sorey ends up on stage alone with a song HE LEARNED IN TEN MINUTES BECAUSE WHY NOT and he’s expecting symonne to come sing this song with him but SURPRISE IT’S MIKLEO DRESSED IN ~PURE VIRGINAL WHITE GLORY~ (ah, this movie) and they’re super lovey-dovey and SOREY BOOPS MIKLEO’S NOSE THAT’S IMPORTANT and then everyone joins them on stage and it’s a PARTY

and then the final scene they all have pretty lanterns and there are fireworks and sorey and mikleo have a Big Damn Kiss

as for high school musical three… what high school musical 3? there was never a hsm3. if there was, i must have deleted it from my memories. but if there WAS A HSM3, well…

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(also rose and sorey in the junk yard scene (as much as i love that one vid where it’s sormik in that scene) would just be precious)

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What I’m Here For

Group: Exo

Member(s): Byun Baekhyun

Style: Drabble, One-shot

Prompt: None

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life

Pairing(s): Reader/Byun Baekhyun

A/N: I wanted to write a drabble this morning and I was trying to think of a different member that I haven’t really done anything for. Then I remembered I hadn’t really done anything for the ever precious Byun Baekhyun, yet. I mean, there are a lot of other members I need to get to, but he’s been creepin’ on me lately so I needed to give him some love. It’s short and simple, but… Whatever. Please enjoy!

Dislcaimer: Gif isn’t mine.

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                           “You looked tired when you came in.”


“Welcome back,” you called out, not bothering getting up from the sofa as Baekhyun shuffled into your living room. For just a moment you caught sight of his fatigue before he hid it away under the smile he beamed at you.

“Hey, how was your day, jagi?”

You smiled softly at him, looking up from your DS to pat the spot next to you. He plopped down without a second thought and his head fell onto your shoulder.

“It was okay, I’m a little bummed my vacation is almost over, but. How was practice?”

“Fine,” he said, his voice trailing off as he snuggled further into the couch. You could tell his eyes were closed just by how soft his voice had gotten and you could only smile and press a kiss to the top of his head.

Babe,” you whispered at him in English.


“Are you hungry? Do you want me to order something?”

“Mm, no, I’m fine.”

You eyed him suspiciously even though he wasn’t looking at you.

“Have you eaten yet today?”

You saw the movement of his eyelashes, his eyes immediately opening as he hesitated to answer. After a long moment he finally answered truthfully, knowing he could never lie to you in even the smallest of ways.


“Can I order pizza? I’ve been dying for it all week.”

He chuckled, but gave in.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Yes,” you shouted, pressing a quick kiss to his lips as you stood to go to your computer.

“Turn mine on while you’re over there, jagi… Please.”

You did as he asked, bending to turn his PC on while you brought up the page needed to order your pizza. You called back every few seconds, asking him if he wanted this or that and how much. Once you had everything ordered, you leaned over to log into his computer for him, so it was all set when he was ready.

“Yah, you know we have a huge promotion coming up, right? You’re going to make me all flabby with this pizza,” he pouted, patting his tummy.

“First of all, one night of gorging won’t kill you and you’ll probably work it all off at practice tomorrow. Second of all, I kind of like flabby Baekhyun better.”


“Yeah, he’s got a nicer ass.”

“Jagi~,” he whined, smiling at you when you chuckled.

You slid into the quiet of your own whispered idle talk, neither of you moving until the pizza arrived. When the doorbell rang, Baekhyun was the first one up, his excitement showing as he bounded for the door with an ‘I got it!’ You chuckled again, following him to the door with your wallet. You traded off at the door while he made small talk with the delivery girl who was fangirling terribly at the sight of him. He passed you the food and you gave him the money, he then passing it to the girl who bowed repeatedly before scampering off practically screaming.

“You should’ve signed something for her,” you stammered out between laughs, just barely keeping the food upright.

Baekhyun chuckled as he helped you, taking half of the load and leading you back to the living room. As you went about setting out the boxes and bags Baekhyun grabbed you both a set of chopsticks, plates and glasses, completing your setup as he set them on the coffee table before your couch. You both stood back to look at your fine work, grinning at each other before you moved to the TV to pick out a movie.

“You’re turning this into a lazy afternoon, aren’t you.” He questioned as he sat down, beginning to plate up food.

“You looked tired when you came in,” you mumbled, knowing he’d been trying to hide it and trying not to make a big deal out of it for him.

“Ah, you saw that, did you,” he questioned, a hint of nervousness leaking into his voice.

“You know that’s what I’m here for, right,” you finally said, turning to face him with a DVD in hand.


“That’s what I’m here for. I’m your girlfriend, I’m supposed to help make things easier on you. If that means making an afternoon lazy so you can relax a little then…”

You shrugged as your trailed off, turning to finally put the DVD in. You snatched the remote from the mess of boxes on the table on your way back to the couch, playing the movie as Baekhyun handed you the full plate he’d made up. As you took it he leaned in close to press a kiss to your forehead, smiling fondly at you.

“Thank you, jagi.”

“Just hurry up and make a plate for yourself, cheese-ball,” you said, your face hot from the affection.

“You’re the one saying all the cheesy lines,” he muttered, pouting as he plated up more food.

“You’re cheesy,” you shot back.

“Your face is cheesy.”

You opened your mouth to retaliate, but he quickly shushed you.

“Shh, the movie’s starting.”

You glared at him halfheartedly, but didn’t pull away when he snuggled in close to you and dug into his food.

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Norman is really starting to hurt my feelings. I post comments on his IG photos and he deletes them. I can understand negative comments, but mine are always compliments to him. Is it because I don't call him "God", "King", or "Daddy"? Well I am not going to. That's really creepy IMHO. Just wish he wouldn't do that is all.

Are you sure they are getting deleted and not just lost in the massive amount of comments he gets? If its not rude in don’t see why they’d be deleted.

Having It Both Ways

Old news is being recycled today over in la la land. I find it strange that the very people who do the data mining to find out where Sam is or his love interest is or some other personal information about him are once again pointing fingers back at Sam’s friends for sharing their insider information. And then his friends are being judged for offering their insights and being called bad friends, when the truth is these Super Shippers are the ones who are being addressed straight on by these friends since Sam would be attacked for saying anything to get this to stop. Instead WS and DG are doing it for him. These are grown adults and business friends, not hang out buddies. DG/WS and Luke are two very different kinds of relationships. DG and WS are mentors for Sam. They are only stating the truth to try to stop the most bombastic and hateful Super Shippers from crossing the line in their thirst for trashing anyone associated with Sam. Sam and DG have both said its ok to Ship if done within normal boundaries. For me, I think that is overly generous. But if they want to compromise to stop the extremists then at least they aren’t alienating this entire group of women.

But that’s not good enough for these hysterics. Now they think that DG and WS couldn’t possibly be friends because they ARE sharing personal information that Luke would never do. But they aren’t that kind of friends. These are very famous people who are speaking out against this fringe element and trying to change the behavior. Luke doesn’t have this level of clout. But do these women understand the message? Hell no! This is because it’s easier for them to attack the people calling them out instead of making the behavioral changes required.

And let’s be clear here, when Jess posts on a public board

“why is it always people associated with sam who are the biggest loudmouths and have no problem disrespecting his privacy??”, when she is the one who drew attention to Sam’s girlfriends and called them out by name, then Jess and her minions are the ones who are the problem. The loudmouths. The disrespectful ones. Jess is the one who has an opinion wrapped up as a fact as to where Sam is, why he’s there, who he’s seeing and what his motivations are when she has no idea what they could possibly be but clearly she’s exposing details that should remain private. WTF? You cannot have it both ways.

What they can do is just stop and try to learn something here. Stop crossing the boundaries. Stop posting the Shippery tweets that clearly are just posted to goad the stars into a misinterpreted like. And they should just stop attacking DG, who clearly has a professional relationship with Sam and understands the game Shippers play. She just wants the craziest to go away. And the minions aren’t mature enough to understand the difference in what DG and WS are telling them is not acceptable behaviors. Stop playing victims. Stop your own sharing of private information and stating it as fact, especially when you know nothing. Stop hating on anyone who threatens the ship. The ship sank a long time ago. Everyone knows it.

DG and WS divulged personal information to try to stop the misrepresentation of Sam and Cait’s relationship which is hurting them and their real life SOs. THATs the reason they are speaking out. THATs why NSTs tried to speak out from the beginning. It hurts people involved. If this entire ridiculous and painful rhetoric went away, and just normal shipping continued, then the entire fandom would be a much happier place FOR EVERYONE!

Clearly Jess isn’t going to stay in her lane. Clearly she doesn’t get the root cause of why these friends are doing what they’re doing. Clearly Jess will share more personal information that isn’t remotely even true but she tries to dress it up as the truth. Clearly DG and WS and PC and TD and SH and CB and Bernadette and KDS and LA are telling the truth in order to STOP this spewing of lies.

Super Shippers cannot have it both ways. Making comments about what “real friends” would do when they have no idea what is really going on, and then attacking people who are trying to explain the facts to them. This needs to stop. Passing off speculated private information as fact needs to stop. All of this bad behavior is damaging and there is no place for it in this fandom.

Remember that time...

I was debating whether to write a certain fic or not? You know, the one about this guy:

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Yes, him.

Sooo… the good news is, I’m doing it. I’m in the process.

The bad news is, I won’t post anything for it before November.

Why, you might ask?

Well, I decided I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. Because otherwise, I’ll never get anywhere with that other idea of mine. So, up until November, I will write this thing, and then post like, a chapter a week in November, so I can concentrate on writing the other thing, but still give you folks some entertainment.

Sound fair?

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Imagine Andromeda calls both Harry and Draco and tells them they need to watch Teddy while her and Narcissa do some shopping and when they both get there they’re just like “??? Why do you need both of us” and Andromeda is just like “WELL GOTTA GO BYE” and so Draco and Harry look at each other and Draco sighs and Harry just shrugs and then later Harry is doing that airplane thing where he’s laying on his back and Teddy lays on his feet and Harry lifts him up and tells him he’s flying and Draco is just sitting on the couch all prim and proper (but he only is acting that way bc Harry is here and he hasn’t let go of his crush even though he TOTALLY hates him) and Draco makes some smart remark and one thing leads to another and Harry is just like “okay Malfoy you come here then” (also in my head canon Draco is smaller than Harry, he is so smol and tiny and dainty) and Draco is just like “excuse me! No” and Harry is all “scared, Malfoy?” And obviously Draco replies with “you wish” and so he goes over and just kind of stares at Harry and then Harry just huffs and grabs him and at first Draco totally pretends to not be enjoying it but then he starts laughing and Teddy is just clapping his hands and screaming and Harry is just like “oh, he’s beautiful” and then they live happily ever after the end bye