How I calculate my Commission Rates

Hopefully this will help with my fellow young artists who are trying to make ends meet, but I’m going to show you all how I calculate the rates for my commissions. I’ve seen a lot of my peers making posts because of financial hardships, and i want to help without being too pushy, so here’s a handy post.

I’m not exactly an authority, but I’ve made my share of mistakes as a freelancer and grown better because of my personal experiences.

Before anything else, I want everyone reading this to realize that if you’re debating offering commissions, no matter what: it means you realize your skills valuable and marketable. Even if you’re an amateur, your skill matters!

A lot of this post is going to be me using myself as an example so that I don’t get too confusing explaining how I do stuff. But here it goes:

If you don’t want to read this entire, long post, here’s a summary of some of the important stuff, resources, and other things you need to know or might want to have a look at:

Calculating Commission Rates (mostly targeted at visual artists)
Round your calculations as needed.

  1. Total your yearly living expenses (including savings and disposable income), and/or calculate the cost of living in your region/city. Keep track of this number, especially if your expenses increase.
  2. Research your projected job salary for your region/city. Select the yearly salary that is above your cost of living and appropriate for your skill level. Even if you’re an amateur, you need to select a salary that will cover more than the bare minimum of your expenses.
  3. Decide and calculate how many hours a week you work, if you’re a freelancer and/or commission artist.
    Bear in mind, you are probably also in charge of more than just making your art, and everything else you do in relation to selling your art is part of your job as well.
    In the United States, working 40 hours a week is a full time job.
    (9AM to 5PM on weekdays)
  4. -Divide the desired yearly salary by 52. This is the weekly salary.
    -Divide the weekly salary by the hours you work a week. This is your desired hourly rate.
  5. Using a stopwatch, time how long it takes you to complete what you plan on offering for commission.
  6. Calculate your commission prices/options using these formulas:
    60 minutes x Art Time (in hours) = Art time (in minutes)
    60 Mins / Art Time (in mins) = Artworks per Hour
    Hourly Rate / Artworks per Hour = Price Per Artwork
  7. As your skills improve, you can (and SHOULD) give yourself a pay raise. Be sure to notify your clients in advance of potential price changes.

Freelancing/Commission Resources, Tutorials, and Templates:
If any of the links break, let me know and I will update them

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>constantly refers to lettelle as my girlfriend
>posts videos referring to her as my girlfriend
>kisses her multiple times in said videos
>gets a comment: “I honestly hate when people tag their "girlfriend” because you don’t actually know if they’re dating or if they just gal pals like please can we stop making this a thing cause every time I get confused by this both the girls are so cute together and it kills me when they actually aren't"


I FINALLY Did IT!!! Omg yeessss!! I had some real funny pickup lines lying around in a pile, so I picked one up and was like yess!!! And bam this magical randomness happened!!!
Yesterday I was a dumb dumb and deleted my tumblr account and I literally went “ NOOO I NEED TO SEND THIS To HEVENFELL!!”

Oh and I sent you 2 different frisks! One with short hair and the other with long!! Don’t worry frisk is still gender less! I think? I just couldn’t chose witch hairstyle so I sent them both! Lol! So don’t get it it confused!! I didn’t draw a boy and a girl frisk ( ̄Д ̄)ノ just one with 2 hairstyles!! K?

LUV U SOO MUH KEEP UP THE GUT WORK!! Lots of cookies and hugs for the salt!! And them tears!!

From: Mayrisa

Reponse :

Oh my god this is wonderful ! Don’t worry about the hair style, I understood you were trying some styles ! They suit them quite well !! *u* And oh my god I wasn’t expecting such a change in the story, help !!

Thank you so much for this funny little comic, it’s so adorable of you aaaaaaa ;;

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I don't want this to sound bad cuz that's not my intention, but if someone's abusive why don't you JUST LEAVE, I don't get what the hard concept of it is. If my boyfriend ever laid a hand or started putting me down, I'd give him one chance then I'm out. And if he EVER laid a hand on me, I'd call the cops. I just don't get what's so hard or confusing or rough or difficult about that.

I guess I’m just used to it. I grew up in a home where everyone was handsey. My first long term relationship was almost as bad as this one. I’m literally just so accustomed to it. Like that’s why the cheating hurts more then the eye… Idk. I’m not saying it’s right I’m saying it felt normal almost.

whenever i see someone say writing pocs is “too hard” in the same senescence as “insert bland white dude” is just more interesting and complex to write i get so confused. either you find pocs too complex to write correctly and thus white characters “bland” enough for your own self admitted shitty writing that doesn’t allow you to write good characters (which honestly considering most of them end up being written as bad OC copies of one another I’m starting to believe this as a fair option) and trying to pass them as “more interesting” in meta to hide it. or you are a fucking liar. 

I’m Confused

Whenever Non-Kpop fans go “Oh, they’re only popular in Asia. No one else knows them” I get so confused cause they make it seem like that’s not good and a small feat. Like Asia is the biggest continent population wise (4,157,300,000 people) and physically, so even if kpop was only known in Asia (which it is not) that’s pretty big. What they mean is “Oh they’re not big because the’re not western or they don’t speak English and that means they are irrelevant”. Say whatever you want though cause my faves keep slaying charts while you all are ignorant and racist.

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Imagine accompanying Woozi when he’s working in his studio but because it’s late at night, you started to feel a little tired and sleepy. All of a sudden, Woozi pulls you up from your seat and then places you on his lap. After making sure that you’re comfortably seated on his lap, he just continues his work, acting as if nothing happened.

  • Marik:If We Win This Duel I'll Give You The Millennium Rod
  • Bakura:Sorry Marik, But That's Our Old Deal, Now I Need /More~/
  • Marik:...
  • Bakura:[Nudging Him And Winking]
  • Marik:...If We Win This Duel I'll Tell You The Secret To The Power Of The Pharaoh
  • Bakura:Shit Actually I Do Need That Nevermind That's Good

“I’m confused…Is this supposed to be an alien thing, or like, a crime drama thing..?” Gunner asked, gesturing to the tv in front of him. “Also, what the hell is with the cop? He’s a fucking dick.” He paused, taking a handful of popcorn from the bowl next to him on the couch. “I like that cook, though. He’s a good guy.” 

dazai: *is kidnapped by the mafia*

atsushi: oh no what do we dooooooo?

rest of the agency: literally ask me if i give a flying f–

Jerejean Soulmate AU: Masterlist

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