I think a lot of people have already talked about the important stuff in the latest daiya chap.

Seido’s inevitable lost, Miyuki and Mei (I still fcking need more backstory gdi tera), Inashiro vs. Teito starts, Kataoka acknowledging his mistake, Furuya claiming the lost as shis fault, HOT ANGRY SENPAI FACES -ehem-, Koushuu getting pissy, Eijun..pissy (?), UMMM LINE EXCHANGE??!?!

Okay but the one I want to point out is this tiny detail panel I just really love:

It’s something fleeting and not that important I guess but I’m very intrigued that Mochi also noticed Eijun sitting far away from them.

I’m not sure how people feels about this panel:

I, however, am anxious about it.

I don’t understand why Miyuki is being silent like this and making meaningful glances. Is he worried about something? Was he impressed by Eijun’s play? Does he think something is wrong? Is he anxious about something?

fuCK JUST TELL ME ALREADY stop giving me those text bubbles with nothing but elipses gdi

Seems like Terajima is building something up? I’m not sure.

I think that Mochi panel reinforces the idea that there’s something worrying about Eijun’s current state though but that’s just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I may, most probably, be over-analyzing it but for now I’m stuck with being anxious with no answers _(」∠ 、ン、)_

bonus: nori noticing miyuki looking at eijun!! :3

I never knew why I held on to you.
I never knew why I wanted to remember.
I never knew why I was scared of letting go.
But in the end it was because without you I was alone and to me, isolation means oblivion.
It was because I didn’t want to get washed away by the hurricanes that tore through my open wounds.
It was because I didn’t want to get lost like a paper town on a map of the places we never went.
It was because I didn’t want to be left on top of the world looking out over everyone who had forgotten me.
I was scared of being left alone in a world full of screams with no one to hold.
I was scared of being left alone with my mind full of fear with no one to explain it all to.
I was scared of oblivion,
and you were scared of having no one to blame your mistakes on.
—  Dakota Moon, Oblivion

It Does Not Do to Dwell on Dreams and Forget to Live, Remember That - J.K. Rowling

As an introspective person, I tend to get lost in my thoughts to the point where I sometimes even forget what room I’m in. I believe everyone’s minds can take them to great places. But I’ve also realized it does no good to live life in a daydream. There will always be plenty…Read Complete Post


(So I may or may not have created a long rant.I’m sorry for starters and second if you don’t think it should be posted then don’t :3 Nothing inappropriate btw) 1/13 In all honesty,it doesn’t matter what age you are.I feel I relate to Phil ALOT (I’m 22).For one thing,I do my best not to curse around children do I still curse?Yeah,but I do my best not to if kids are near.Phil KNOWS kids watch.Another thing,Phil is “MrHappyGoLucky!” I’ve honestly seen people happy like that.As ADULTS!There is nothing wrong with it.I’d rather be around someone like that.I honestly can be a “downer” (I don’t smile a whole lot and get lost in my own mind)but a bright smile attracts me like a moth to the moon.

2/13- but a bright smile attracts me like a moth to the moon. more noticeable on someone.And honestly,There are other Youtubers that act like Phil.Hannah Hart in my opinion,does.Both have a bubbly personality,very sweet,both are considered “angels”,and yes Hannah may be known for anything alcohol related,but,Phil drinks too (Omg much shock.*Insert Doge meme* :P).She also tends to smile a lot and “act childish”.She may curse on camera,but everyone has their own belief system and their own way

3/13 of doing things,which, is why Dan curses on his channel and Phil doesn’t. makes videos that relate to others as well though.Honestly,I’ve done stuff that’s similar to him. As a kid I’ve had my share of doing something weird (I feel I was more of a bad kid,but still) or having awkward incidents in public, I’m sure we all have and he points his out to make others feel better and to laugh.His videos also have variety to them as well in my opinion,which shows his creativity.

4/13 It’s amazing imo.I also tend to do similar noises he makes and faces to various things, so do my friends!Dan also has great videos as well and I can relate to him too.My mind can go to “dark places” like Dan’s, in more ways than one. (:p) And I also have cringe attacks a lot, even dealing with rude people and making similar mistakes like he has. However, just because he posts videos that can be very different or only just slightly than Phil, doesn’t mean he’s “More mature”, the same goes

5/13 for any other Youtuber. Have you seen Glozell?The lady is in her 40’s and does the stuff she does and I see no one talking about her. shouldn’t be a problem with how someone acts based on their age. Adults are honestly kids on the inside. My grandma has even told me herself she still feels young on the inside, just old on the outside, and less able to do some of the old things she used to (Which sucks because she hates not being able to do something).I feel Phil is also trying to be

6/13 considerate and everyone is takes him as childish because he chooses to be on camera. Plus, you don’t know what he may have gone through in life, same with Dan. Tom Hiddleston said this as to why he was nice, “It was a showy opera festival in Oxfordshire.I did it for a whole summer and people would be so extraordinarily rude that it made me decide that I would never be rude in my life,specifically to people who where kind

7/13 enough to serve me things.” Also everyone is going to be different. Just because Phil is “Mr. Happy Go lucky” on camera doesn’t mean he’s not like that in real life. He may not smile as much,but you have to understand that in this world there is an array of factors that could contribute as to why he may not currently be smiling. Who knows why? “He’s not Mr. Happy Go lucky then!” Well maybe someone farted and he got the worst end of it or something, who knows! Just because someone may act

8/13 different to you doesn’t mean they aren’t being genuine. Besides, it’s not like any of us actually know what Dan and Phil are like in real life. All we know is “They are nice!” from other Youtubers. Don’t judge another person based on how they are just because “It’s impossible for someone to be that nice” or “He can’t be that way if he doesn’t smile all the time”. No one knows. Maybe his Youtube channel “persona” is him or maybe it’s just what he feels on the inside. I’m not Phil, I can’t

9/13 tell you why, however, no one should judge someone they don’t truly actually know. None of us truly know Phil, or Dan for that matter.Just what they choose to show us. Dan and Phil can judge each other, but they’re best friends (If not brothers by now)and are probably jerks to each other to mess around at this point.So take it easy yeah guys? It wouldn’t be fun to have someone walk up to you and say something like, “You’re bitchy” or “You’re insecure”, or even

10/13“ Your face looks like Sasquatch took a shit on it and then got caught on fire”. I mean saying he’s childish isn’t that extreme not going to lie, but it’s also rude at the same time. He may not be here for the conversation himself, but you know more than likely Dan and Phil are aware of this blog like many others (Especially since this blog is different from the others in the Phandomonium). I feel like people need to understand not everyone is going to be the same or is going to act how they expect. How can you expect a specific thing or a certain idea from someone you hardly know anyways?

11/13 expect. How can you expect a specific thing or a certain idea from someone you hardly know anyways? As I said before, we only know what they choose to show us about themselves. No one is forcing any of you to watch any of them or any of their content if you don’t like it for whatever reason. If you don’t like a video, that’s fine, but don’t label someone as something because it doesn’t fit your criteria or ideals.

12/13 I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m no saint by any means, neither is Phil or anyone else. However, it’s not right. There is no sound way in how someone should act. If there is then i’m sure all of us screwed up somewhere. Everyone will have their opinions and everyone will have their own beliefs, or act a certain way, but don’t judge them for it. It’s old but, “do unto others as you wish to have done to you”. If you wouldn’t want to be labeled, then don’t do it to someone else.

13/13Rant is over. Sorry if anything comes across mean, I don’t mean it that way. Just simply trying to explain. Now no one get me started on the nail painting subject.


Rice Porridge from Princess Mononoke

About 2 years ago, back when I (K) ran this blog by myself, I decided to make the porridge from Princess Mononoke. I wrote my recipe, made some breakfast, and took my photo. I then promptly lost the recipe, ate the porridge, and let the photo sit in my archive.

How very responsible of me.

Anywhoo, I’m sitting awake last night at 2 in the morning, staring and my ceiling and thinking ‘holy cow I’m hungry’. And since I’m me I start to think about all the things I want to be eating. Images of pancakes, curries, and sushi flash through my mind, but I get stuck on the thought of Miso soup. But I don’t have any tofu so it would be miso broth. And then my brain adds rice, egg, basil, sesame oil and soy sauce to the broth and by then I’ve both planned out my breakfast and made myself hungry for the rest of the night.

So new recipe, new breakfast, new photo. (And for those of you who have stuck around long enough to see how I took pictures two years ago, I think the new photo part is key!) The recipe is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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Wherever neptune is placed is where we fantasize the most, it’s the most idealized area of life.

In the 1st - to be the greatest version of myself. to know who I am, to myself use to lift others up. to be the one everyone goes to for help.

In the 2nd - to be surrounded by everything I could ever dream of. to dream of what would happen if I had millions of dollars. to have an abundance of everything I love.

In the 3rd - to use my rich inner thoughts to benefit my life and the others around me. to create art with my mind, to make the community in which I’m in a more beautiful place.

In the 4th - to stay in the past forever. to constant relive my childhood and see the home I was raised in beautifully.

In the 5th - to get lost in everything I enjoy. to feel a permanent high off love, over indulgence in my hobbies, soaking in what I love the most. to be able to create things exactly as I envision them to be.

In the 6th - to be the source of service to others. to be able to lend the greatest helping hand, to be thanked and appreciated for the work and help I lend to others.

In the 7th - to save or be saved. to find the missing piece to my soul, and provide the missing piece to someone else. to live as if in a dream with whom I love.

In the 8th - to understand my psychic gifts among myself. to use them and be able to control them wisely. to use them to my favor. to get lost in the hidden world I created myself.

In the 9th - to see everything I’ve dreamed of seeing. to go everywhere I’ve dreamed of going. to have the ultimate faith I have in life be proven true.

In the 10th - to heal others with my performance. to provide my help, love, and guidance to those in need of it. to be the light at the end of the tunnel and as the one with all the answers to everyone’s troubles. to put an end to the suffering of the people.

In the 11th - to be a goddess among my peers. to either be a well defined source of friendship or an enigma of mystery to my acquaintances and friends.

In the 12th house - to use my intuition and abilities of my subconscious to guide myself in a positive light. to not be drowned out of my potential, to be seen for who I am and what I can create from within. to be praised for knowing the unknown.

Free Witch PDFS

Most posts like this have book recommendations and have links for books, I will just list my top 5 websites I go to when I want to download books. 



(dark books in my opinion is a pain to download from)


(easy to download from a good small collection)


(Good for when you have a specific author in mind otherwise you may get lost)


(easy to browse and to download from)


(constantly being updated, easy to download from and my personal favorite on this list)

As always


What Are You Doing To Me, Sweetheart? (Fear)

A/N: So this is from a request from @super-the-naturalI was wondering if you could do one where the reader comes home from an extremely long solo hunt and dean is freaking out cause they lost communication during the hunt and she walks into the bunker, battered and bruised, then Dean sees her and breaks into tears and just hugs the crap out of her and cries…just a very fluffy reunion and maybe Sam and Cas get teary eyed seeing that dean got his girl back and she’s safe in his arms again. Thank you so much I love your work!!💕 

I kinda changed it a little, I hope you don’t mind! My writing has been kinda funky lately so this is what I came up with! Thank you for your request and support!:) This is from the oneshot series. Other two parts are: 

Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel

Word Count: 1137

Warnings: slight angst? 

Dean was going to throw up. You should have called by now, and the endless streams of voicemail’s he left on your phone did not help his panicked state of mind. He couldn’t help but think of the worst.

“I knew I should have gone with her on the damn hunt,” Dean snarled as he paced around the war room of the Bunker. Sam watched from his wooden chair, knowing there was nothing he could say or do that could calm his brother down.

“Dean, I’m sure she’s alrigh-“

“So help me god, Sam, not now.” He snapped, clutching his head in his hands as he leaned against the cold wall. He needed you here. He needed to know you were okay and that you were just running late. You never did this. You never did not answer your phone whenever Dean called, and you never were a day late from the time you said you’d be back at the Bunker.

Dean wasn’t able to get any rest the night before, too worried for your well being to even consider shutting his eyes. The hunt had taken longer than usual, which didn’t help him calm down in the slightest. It was supposed to be an easy salt and burn, but for some reason you had claimed that there was more to be done before you could go home, and left it at that.

He needed you to come home. He needed to hold you and make sure that you were alright. He couldn’t lose another person that he loved dearly. He knew that the direction his thoughts were going, wasn’t healthy. But how could he not assume the worst? Dean hadn’t even noticed how his hands began to shake violently, or the way his eyes glossed with unshed tears. The lump in his throat refused to go down, making it hard for him to breathe. But he wouldn’t break, he refused to.

The sound of the front metal door creaking open made him run towards the bottom of the stairs. He could hear his brother sigh in relief behind him, but he had yet to see you.

You slowly trudged your way towards the railing, clutching your right side and tried your hardest to not let your blood spill on to the floor. With a slight groan, you gingerly made your way down the stairs, readying yourself for the shitfest you’d be greeted with once the brothers got a good look at your current state. You were bruised and battered beyond comprehension. The spirit was one ugly son of a bitch that had a sick fetish for beating up chicks who didn’t fit his standards of perfect. And lucky you, you got the most of his rage. You were barely able to see out of your right eye as you saw the Winchester brothers awaiting you at the bottom of the metal stairs.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean whispered as he gently grabbed you by the arm and guided you towards his chair. A whimper made its way out of you as your back hit the wooden frame. The pain you were under was getting worse by the minute. It was as if someone had poured scalding water down your throat and into your veins, making its way through every nerve and vein. He ordered Sam to get the medicine kit as well as call Castiel. “Dammit, Y/N. What happened?” He begged to know, feeling himself choke up at the sight of you so broken. Had he been there, this never would have happened.

“Ghost really hated me. I swear I’m okay, Dean. I just…-“

“You call this okay? You’re practically broken in every limb, and your face is so blue that I can hardly recognize you. Dammit, Y/N! Why didn’t you call for backup?”

“I was embarrassed okay? When your boyfriend is Dean Winchester, you’d expect to at least be a good enough hunter to take care of a simple salt and burn!” You screamed, though your voice was hoarse from the blood that coated your mouth and throat. He kneeled before you, hands resting on the side of your thighs. You were caught off guard when he rested his head on your lap and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m sorry. I’m not mad, I was just so damn scared, sweetheart. I just wanted you safe and home. I’m sorry, I should have been there,” You didn’t like the vulnerability in his voice, it was so unlike him that it made you want to dissolve into a puddle of tears. You craved for Dean to hug the shit out of you, but knew your body was in too much pain for that.

You heard Castiel before you saw him, both you and Dean beyond relief knowing that you’d be just as good as new once he healed you.

“Y/N, you should take better care of yourself,” Castiel voiced as he approached, though you knew he meant no harm in his words, but rather it was his way of showing his concern. The angel glanced at the distraught faces of the Winchester brothers as they looked at you. He could sense how much pain and how broken you truly were, surprised that Dean hadn’t detected it. He didn’t say anything though, not wanting to cause any more stress. He simply placed two fingers on your forehead and allowed his grace to mend and heal your body.

The second you were fully healed, Dean wrapped you in his arms and held you tightly. You clutched his shirt, feeling the tears from the Winchester fall on your skin. It was then you realized just how selfish you were on this hunt, how much you had scared Sam and Dean.

“I should have been more responsible. I’m sorry, Dean. I just wanted to prove to you, to myself that I could still hunt by myself,” you blubbered, humiliation crashing over you in waves. Dean merely chuckled softly, trying to rid his tears as his fingers brushed out the tangles in your hair. He gazed at you with adoration, planting soft kisses all over our face and finally ending it on your lips.

“Don’t you know you’re one of the most fearless hunters I’ve ever met in my life? You don’t have to prove anything, Y/N. You’re the second best hunter in the world,” Everyone in the room laughed at his jab at Sam, you blushed slightly at his words, feeling as if a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

“Okay now wait a second-“ Sam tried to intervene but Dean merely brushed off his complaint. Dean gently helped you stand up, thanking his brother and Cas before leading you down the hall and into his bedroom, knowing the two of you needed to catch up on much needed sleep.


I was drawing together with my niece when she told me to draw a princess… Guess who came to my mind. This should just become a sketch but then I kinda… lost it :’) Unfortunately all I had to color it were my niece’s crayons. Just let me tell you, I love Oliness and I’m looking forward to get to know more about them.


Beatrix, a fan from Germany

HI BEATRIX!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUUUUUUUPER LOVELY!!!! I’m serious I gasped when I saw this! Thank you so much!!!!