possible reasons zarkon threw his life away and became the biggest pain in the ass in galactic history:

  • alfor wore the same outfit as him on picture day and looked better
  • flare jeans came back in style
  • he forgot his tumblr login so the staff deleted his canon url
  • coran got him uggs for his birthday
  • the other paladins kept posting snap stories without him
  • no one reblogged his selfies
  • justin bieber and selena gomez broke up and he couldn’t handle it
  • “zarkon we’re here to protect the universe, not conquer it” “i would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one i have never asked to be apart of”
  • his dealer moved

miss my good friend so much haven’t seen him in like 8 months . he moving to canada tho im so sad. last summer i think , basically he heard about all my bad stuff i was doing last year and we went to the beach in sokhna and he was like i need to talk to u i was like ok what and he was like no not here in private so we swam  far into the sea and he was like why are u doing this to urself u need to stop cuz we all love and care bout u so much . like honestly it touched my heart more than anything . u see this is the type of feeling that is worth living for  , i appreciate and love him so much . his father actually died recently and im so upset so devestated about that. because he doesn’t deserve anything like that, purest soul I’ve ever encountered 

anonymous asked:

ur so arrogant and ungrateful tbh i used to love u so much but now here we are. oh well nothing new

scrolling through my blog, trying to find anything even remotely indicative of being “arrogant” or “ungrateful,” yet nothing!!! now here we are, nothing new. like why are you so bitter lol it’s almost school time go buy some colorful school supplies to calm yourself down

i genuinely tried making a nutshack industrial cover but the amount of virtual amplifiers i applied made ableton crash and now it won’t open anymore 

UPDATE: I just opened Schubert’s “Ave Maria” on youtube and turned on my sound and it was playing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and I was completely frozen because for a second I completely believed that Taylor Swift’s music was some sort of holy expression, or that perhaps T. Swift was in fact some sort of angelic being, or even the living reincarnation of Mary, Mother of God herself, and then I remembered I’d left my itunes open