possible reasons zarkon threw his life away and became the biggest pain in the ass in galactic history:

  • alfor wore the same outfit as him on picture day and looked better
  • flare jeans came back in style
  • he forgot his tumblr login so the staff deleted his canon url
  • coran got him uggs for his birthday
  • the other paladins kept posting snap stories without him
  • no one reblogged his selfies
  • justin bieber and selena gomez broke up and he couldn’t handle it
  • “zarkon we’re here to protect the universe, not conquer it” “i would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one i have never asked to be apart of”
  • his dealer moved

Shane Dawson has really done some shit in the past. His older videos are problematic as hell (though I can’t speak for his new material, and I’ve heard he’s apologized but I can’t confirm that). I understand he’s incredibly imperfect and I am not now and never will defend his previous actions.

But his coming out video is incredibly important. He says a lot of important things that challenge things like heteronormativity and the idea that sexuality is black and white (gay or straight). So many people don’t realize this and the fact that it’s coming from someone with this amount of influence is incredible and can literally change the lives of people who are unaware.

As far as people not welcoming him into the lgbtq+ community because of his past homophobic comments, it’s more than clear that he’s faced internalized homophobia that stemmed from self-hatred beginning at an early age. And as someone who has done the same, I have to defend that. It’s so fucking hard growing up in a religious family when you aren’t straight. You fall into this out of self-hatred and it feels like you’ll never escape. I honestly believe he needs the support of the lgbtq+ community right now just as much as anyone else.

And as far as him misgendering Caitlyn Jenner, it quite obviously wasn’t intentional. And he did correct himself, while praising her at the same time. I understand that it’s awful to misgender people but it’s a mistake that does happen. I’ve misgendered my own best friend before. Accidentally misgendering someone doesn’t make you “transphobic trash” or anything else, so long as you understand why it’s wrong and correct yourself.

Shane Dawson has an incredibly limited world view and a lot of internalized prejudice, likely due to his religious upbringing, but he’s still a human being and deserves a lot better than what some people are giving him.

Struggling with your sexuality, along with internalized homophobia stemmed in self-hatred is fucking hard and now isn’t the time to write off his struggle because of past actions.

So pick up lines are trending so this is my moment

Me:You…*looks into your eyes*…damn… I- I mean…uh…I don’t need a vaccine for your cooties because I don’t want to be immune to you yea…shit


‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ 

‘I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.’


never let anyone stand in between you and your ambitions.

A real question:

When was the last time Kate McKinnon publicly spoke about her sexuality? ‘Cuz I can’t figure it out and that makes me feel uneasy.

I was mostly joking about this when I posted about it earlier, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. She’s out, obviously. It was a big deal when she joined the cast of SNL as the first openly gay woman. She plays a significant number of gay/queer characters in her present comedy. She’s been very vocal about it. You can find lots of quotes from her about being gay and figuring out she was gay, but all these quotes, as far as I can tell, are from years ago. Nothing in the recent past seems to come to mind. Even the opening monologue from the Independent Spirit Awards this year had a joke about her being gay, but she didn’t make it herself. The last sort of kind of almost solid thing I can think of is Leslie tweeting “she gay dude stop it lol” to some random on twitter, but even then, Kate was in no way directly involved.

This started swirling around in my brain because I was watching The Hollywood Reporter Emmy’s Roundtable whatchamacallit from last year and was, for the most part, all in for their discourse. They all spoke about sexism in the business and the way they each have to handle and navigate that. Gina Rodriguez and Tracee Ross Ellis both spoke intelligently and passionately about the racism they encounter in addition to and in tandem with the sexism. They spoke on how they maneuver those waters and how the representation of women of color in television and in movies is important in moving the business forward and opening the minds of audiences and producers alike.

So here I am, a queer woman in comedy, obviously waiting for and sort of expecting Kate to speak up about the difficulties and struggles queer women face in terms of treatment in the workplace as well as general representation for them in TV and movies. Now, I’m not saying I want or think that Kate’s sexuality should or need be her central focus in interviews and PR stuff, but I would, I guess, like for it to be a focus—particularly during that roundtable. I think Kate had a completely individual point of view in that group of women and was so uniquely positioned to fold her queerness into the discussion and the fact that she didn’t feels shameful, like a small step backwards almost. I say this in such harsh terms only because she was once so open about it, like, she got her break on a show called The Big Gay Sketch Show. The Big Gay Sketch Show. She obviously cares a lot about her sexual identity because she plays with it so freely and so clearly in her comedy and her art. But it almost feels blatant how much she avoids it publicly now, making jokes that her cat is her family, her cat is her son, her cat is her marriage partner.

And I get that she’s a private person, that’s made very clear, but I’m not asking her to come out. She’s already out. She’s been out. Her work makes it seem like she very much so revels in her outness. I’m not asking her to share pics of her kissing a girlfriend or to disclose personal details about her relationships with women. I’m just asking her to say, now, at this time, when she’s in the spotlight and clearly making magnificent waves in Hollywood, to say to someone, somewhere, publicly: “Hey, just in case you forgot: I’m gay.”

Maybe I’m being selfish. Like I said, I’m a lesbian girl working in this business, making art, auditioning, writing comedy, trying to be funny and create, and I’d like a young queer woman in Hollywood comedy to stand up and use this platform to be as open and straightforward and funny about her queerness as she once was. Like, I’d like her, in this moment when Holtzmann is rattling the bones of queer girls everywhere, to speak up about herself in the community, regardless of whether or not Holtz is canonically gay (which is irrelevant in this moment) (not unimportant, obviously, but I can sort of understand why she’s unable to speak about that aspect of Holtz’s backstory) because she is “canonically” gay and, if nothing else, she can speak on that and the effect that has and is having and could have on young queer people everywhere. Now is a good time for this. Now is an important time for this.

But she hasn’t said anything.

And that makes me sort of sad.

Damp Feathers
  • Damp Feathers
  • Snowing
  • I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted

True you are a misunderstanding
that I misjudged when I misused you,
but blinding light (a swollen eye) is not the type of thing I deny.Though you aren’t so gently noticed, 
I genuinely tried to warn you that my hearts like a ball of twine. 
It takes a little time to unwind.
Come closer.
He can’t be the one you want all the time.

|x| || closed roleplay with @mistrals-son

She had told Mercury to meet her in thirty minutes, and according to her Scroll, a little over forty had passed since she’d sent the last message to him. Nora pouted at the screen, returning the device to its designated sleep mode before tightening her hold on it. Her elbows came to rest on the wooden railing, and she peered over the side of the dock into the blue waters below.

A passing breeze sent a shiver down her spine, and the freckled student briefly considered merely giving in and walking to a nearby cafe, or even back to campus. Admittedly, Nora herself had been a few moments late, having taken advantage of the half hour time window to take a shower and change clothes before hastily leaving her dorm, but at least it hadn’t taken her over forty minutes.

Out of pure curiosity, she checked her Scroll again, noting it had only been two minutes since she’d last looked at the time.

“I told that big baby it’d be too far for him.” She muttered to herself, sliding the Scroll back into her rear pocket in favour of returning her attention to the sea that lead into the docks.


Once again they are making Harry out to be the bad guy in the break up. I don’t think this guy could be “mean” to anyone


or how about when he thought he was helping a woman through labor (although the poor bb was being pranked)

and maybe some of

and how about when he defended his ex on twitter

what about when he did this

and also this

And lastly, that one time a fan was trampled in a mob and Harry stopped to help her up, make sure she was alright, then took a photo with her

Harry Styles, the boy who sold wristbands for his birthday to donate money to charity. The boy who, when asked “So Harry, what would you do if a fat fan asked you to give her a piggy back ride,” replied without hesitation “give her a piggy back ride.” The one who asked the paps if they were hungry and gave them his left overs from the restaurant. The boy who said one of his two favorite places in the world is Ghana (and he gave his necklace to a kid while there). I highly doubt Harry Styles was “mean” to Kendal Jenner. 

Dear Media, you can keep trying to make Harry seem like the bad guy, but you will lose every single time.