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ur post about fic & racism in the supergirl fandom really got me thinking (especially about my own biases so thank you) but also like, how there’s this incredibly pervasive but subtle new form of racism I haven’t seen b4 in other fandoms? Like on one hand u have this loud condemnation of how racist monel is & how he was a slave owner blabh blah but no corresponding attention given to the existing Black characters. 1/4

I get wlw not wanting to write m/f fic but a lot of the fandom doesn’t reblog (or make) any of the gifsets, they don’t meta for him they don’t call for more screen time for Mehcad. Same for M’gann. SO many posts talking about how awful monel is compare him to Lena and strangely don’t mention the Black female character who also came from an oppressive society to become a hero? And there are like, idk, 4 people? Who write or post wlw fic with M’gann in it? 2/4

Same with Maggie. A huge segment of fandom decided Floriana is white (even tho hollywood clearly won’t cast her in roles for white women) so they use that as an excuse to exclusively stan the very light skinned white wlw. And the way it carries over to the characters, like, okay Flo is white? but Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character while overtly supporting lighter skinned characters ¾

And that same part of the fandom doesn’t ever seem to create content for Lucy or Vasquez either. IDK this isn’t something u can probably explore with stats but ur post really got me thinking and it just feels really gross now bc I see all these posts condemning racism but there’s still this extreme perpetuation of privileging white characters at the same time? & I haven’t seen this particular trend in fandom b4 4/4

Oh, anon, this made my day. I have a bunch of notes waiting in a doc to address the whole Mon-El thing with regard to the racist undertones and the rhetoric used by the show to frame his storyline, and I will do my best to write it before the season comes back again, because I genuinely think they tried to aim high and just … missed completely. (But I make no promises because my thesis defense is on Tuesday.)

To your first point re: fandom attitudes – I was surprised in the early half of S2 when so many people came out of the woodwork making posts in the main tag like “wait, why did they get rid of Kara/James??” because, oh right, nobody acted like they cared for almost twelve straight months. If y’all were so okay with this ship, where were you to acknowledge its social significance when it was canon? Where are you now? Why hasn’t there been an outpouring of tweets week after week at the execs and the writers for sidelining an interracial couple in favor of what we’re getting, especially since the storyline literally handwaved away human trafficking and slavery as minor plot points?

Not only that, when there’s unrealized potential for a non-canon ship there is typically an outpouring of fic in response, and while there’s been a statistically significant amount of new Karolsen fic in S2 because it’s pretty easy to top zero percent, the writing there is not keeping pace with any of the other dude-involved pairings. 

And you’re right, anon: it is not possible to prove anything with stats. HOWEVER, thanks to the addition of these new characters for S2, I *am* at the point now where it’s possible to see correlation between character race and fan engagement with different pairing choices. And the bias is there, whether it’s in the het pairings, the femslash, or even the m/m pairings. The whole reason I started tracking fic outputs in the first place was that any attempt to have this conversation last year devolved into yelling and finger-pointing because “you have no proof!” that racial bias is a thing. Except, yanno, all the POC who live with it daily saying that it’s a thing. Well, congratulations y’all: your choices leave digital footprints behind that are pretty easy to follow and chart for everyone to see.

This isn’t actually a new problem, by the way – racism and preferencing of white pairing happens a lot, in almost every fandom. The only difference maybe is that I’ve experimented with quantifying it, which is not something that people usually do when they study fandoms or fan behavior.

It pains me to no end that M’gann has been so overlooked, because her story has just as many dark character beats to it as Lena’s, if not more, plus the added bonus of her sharing a sense of “otherness” with Kara in a way that few other people can. And there is no way the disinterest in that pairing isn’t about race, because there are a whole bunch of ships from S1 between white women who’d never even met each other in canon that have more romantic fics than M’gann/anyone.

And the nonsense about Floriana, which I’ll remind everyone again was started by a white girl, had a demonstrable chilling effect on interest in Sanvers as a pairing. Like. I can actually show that on paper. And you’re absolutely right with what you said above, which bears repeating: Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character.

There’s also a treatment of Floriana herself that reminds me uncomfortably of how people went out of their way to demonize Naya Rivera’s personal life whenever she reminded the world she was black instead of just “very tan.” And a lot of the rhetoric people are using to talk about Floriana’s racial heritage is almost verbatim the same as what you’ll find on white supremacist discussion boards about Italian people. I’d love to think this is an accident, but I’ve made some people pretty angry for pointing this out in the past, so I suspect it’s at least partially deliberate.

Lucy was another case that drove me insane, for two reasons:

  1. The vast majority of femslash fans flat-out ignored her as a romantic choice even though there were a whole lot of good reasons to ship her with either Kara or Alex, and a whole lot less negative reasons not to. (And it’s not like Supercat was already dominating the scene before Lucy’s character was introduced. That ship only became popular after the movie Carol came out during the winter hiatus of S1.)
  2. People had the same fight last year about whether or not Lucy counted as a WOC and ultimately insisted that the answer was no. But then people kept on ignoring her anyway like somehow dubiously legal boss/employee relationships, potential treason, and incest were more logical bases for attraction.

Also, to the people who have been like “oh yay we could’ve had Dichen as Maggie, a real WOC” like somehow this would have made the fandom love her more – you’re full of shit. If you mean that, why has there been so little fic about Dichen as Roulette? Like, last year there were a whole bunch of shipfics featuring Livewire. There was Kara/Siobhan. And yet … no dark scenarios of Supergirl/Roulette? No Alex ones? There were even a bucketload of those for each Danvers sister + Max Lord, and this fandom isn’t even that into dudes. You’re telling me no one is interested in this kind of hero/villain dynamic with the Asian chick and somehow that’s not also about race?

tl;dr I suspect that a decent chunk of this problem is the result of subconscious bias, but some of it’s not. And what’s really sad about it is that, for all the talk on Tumblr about representation being important, we’re really doing no better as media producers than Hollywood when it comes to race. If anything, we might actually be doing worse.

Nobu throws dirt, not shade

the gallery scene in 3x06 is my favorite so i’m making a list of my favorite moments in it:

i’m trash lets go

  • the fact hannibal is sketching will (even if it’s a weird interpretation of one of his previous murders it’s still romantic as hell)
  • you can’t tell me that smile isn’t genuine
  • i know he tries to kill hannibal like 5 minutes later but that shit is real my boy is pleased as hell to see his husband’s face after 8 fuckin months
  • “if i saw you every day forever, Will, i would remember this time” - hannibal lecter
  • the fact that they’re both beat up as hell but their wounds kinda match, physically speaking
  • faces all scratched up, they both have a limp, etc.
  • will literally says that the difference between his past and his future is hannibal lecter
  • ^ if that didn’t make you cry you don’t have a soul
  • the cute banter of “how is chiyo?” “oh she pushed me off a train” AND HANNIBAL DOESN’T EVEN REACT LMAO
  • “you and i have begun to blur”
  • “we’re conjoined. i’m curious whether either of us can survive separation”
  • ^ when will says this cheesy ass line the shot changes to one of their backs with Spring (La Primavera) blurred in front of them and will and hannibal looking each other in profile
  • that shot changed my life
  • basically it’s one of the gayest scenes in the whole show but on top of that it’s also so geniune and tender and well-written
  • not to mention it’s the last scene before the finale where will treats hannibal as a friend/lover and not his enemy and i just rlly can’t
  • watch hannibal
  • ship hannigram (it’s canon)
  • the end

never let anyone stand in between you and your ambitions.


Pairing: Fili x Reader

Characters: Fíli

Warnings: Mentions of Death (Sorry)

Word Count: 2, 246 (I’m so sorry…again)

Note: This one-shot with Fíli x Reader was requested by the lovely girls who wanted a second part! Hope you guys like this one as much as the first! <3 

1. Oh my goodness!!! Please let there be a part 2 with Fili’s reaction when Kili tells him and gives him the stone!!! Please?!?!?

2. While reading this I had to like stop myself from crying because my roommate is sitting right next to my lol but yes I vote for round 2 lol

3. PLEASE!!! Please may we have a second part?!?!? 

Links: Part 1 Part 2

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How unbearable it had become for me to awake alone each morning, for the past two and a half years in nothing but the dried tears of sorrow and misery to keep me company. Deeply inside, at the roots of my soul, I knew that nothing was to be the same any longer but I didn’t want to admit it. I loathed to admit it.

Why? I had pathetically questioned myself countless and numerous times. What had I done to the heavens to deserve such punishment? What had I done to anger Illuvatar?

Even the torturous, long days seemed to mock me as they took an eternity to pass by. The blowing winds did so as well, whenever I would decide to leave my house - which was once every blue moon. The winds seemed wicked as I heard them scream in my ears. There was absolutely nowhere I could go to hide myself from the rest of the world or perhaps bury my foolish deeds as deep as I could into a whole in the ground. But I was certain that even the soil of this Earth wouldn’t want to partake in my measly matters.

Therefore, I decided to do what any heartbroken, lonely woman would do - I locked myself in my own home, lay my head upon the pillow, letting the heavy slumber aid me in escaping reality. And what a crass idea that had been!  

I had jolted awake every time, with the familiar feeling of my pulsing heart hammering against my ribcage, as it seemed that at any point, my heart would break through it. My dark, luscious hair would be damply sticking to my neck and forehead and furiously, I’d rub my eyes, thinking it would make the nightmare disappear. I wouldn’t even want to begin describing the horrifying details of the same spiralling abyss that was my nightmare. But the only thing I cloud say was it always portrayed a figure that looked a lot like Fíli.

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Ex girlfriend troubles

Hi everyone! 
This one shot scenario has been in my head for quite a while, however @stacey–lowe gave me the idea to make it a plus size one. That isn’t the main topic of the one shot though, as I normally try to write as few descriptions of how the female lead looks as possible, so anyone can relate to it. But I definitely tried my best. :) 
Thank you so much for every like, reblog and follow! 

Summary: Harry and Y/N’s Skype call is interrupted by no one other than his ex, Kendall Jenner.

Pic sadly isn’t mine.

The tips of my fingers danced on the keys of my laptop, my hands somehow unable to keep still. My eyes kept landing on the small clock in the right corner of my computer screen, which indicated that Harry was already ten minutes late for our Skype date. Sure, ten minutes wasn’t much, but for Harry it did seem quite unusual, as he normally rather called early than late.
My teeth bit down on my bottom lip and my heart squeezed happily when (finally!) the familiar ringtone erupted and Harry’s lovely face appeared on the screen. I hastily clicked the green ‘accept’ button and smiled widely at my boyfriend appearing in front of me, a bright smile pulling at his own lips.

“Hi, love,” Harry greeted me.

His hand appeared on the screen as he pretended to reach out for mine and I blushed when my own fingers met the image of his.

“Hi, Harry.”

A giggle fell from my mouth, as his face was a little too close to the camera, the angle giving his face a slightly weird look. His nose appeared bigger, his chin flat and I could practically count his stubble.

“You forgot to shave,” I joked which had a blush rose to his face and he shook his head, rearranging his computer to bring more distance between himself and the small camera.

Harry rolled his eyes, but a smile danced on his lips, “S'not that bad yet, is it?”

“Of course not,” I giggled and lifted my hand to kiss the tips before pressing it to the image of Harry’s cheek. Harry would never be anything other than impossible not to look at.
Harry cooed at me and pretended to kiss my palm before chuckling, his deep dimples becoming visible in both cheeks. We were so sappy with each other and way too happy about it to care.

“How are you? Busy day?” he wondered, his gaze locked on mine still, the tip of his tongue sliding over his bottom lip.

“Not as much as I anticipated,” I shrugged,  "Yours?“

”'Bout the same,“ Harry yawned, "had a meeting in the morning but now I’m all free and by myself.”

“I envy you,” I chuckled, “Would’ve slept all afternoon if I were you. Although, I suppose you found better things to do in LA.”

Sometimes it almost felt strange to me, how he was enjoying the warm and sunny LA afternoon sun while I sat crossed legged on my bed, the heater on it’s highest level and my body covered in layers of shirts and jumpers. In a way it seemed as if we were in two different worlds, which I suppose, we somehow were, our laptops functioning as a connecting window.

“Is that rain I’m hearing?” Harry asked, amusement in his tone. He tilted his head and his brows knotted together as he tried to look past me and to the windows in the back.

“Yep,” I replied in a sigh, “How could it be any different in ever rainy London?”

“True,” he chuckled and ruffled his hair.

An irrational wave of jealousy cursed through me as I missed touching Harry’s hair whenever he was gone, especially since he’d cut it. Now when he let me run my fingers through the brown soft strands, the tips would scrape against the skin of his head to which he’d usually groan and lean into my hand in search for my touch.

“So,” I began, “What are you up to tonight? It’s just past noon where you are, isn’t it?”

“Not really, love, no. It’s four pm.”

He muttered something concerning my poor math skills to which I chuckled before feigning offense.

“Anyway,” Harry continued, a smile still pulling at the right corner of his mouth, “I made plans to have dinner with a friend. S'gonna be fun, for sure.”

“Sounds like it,” I replied, swallowing down the wave of envy coming over me.

Of course I was glad he had a grand group of friends to keep him company, but I couldn’t stop the thoughts racing through my head. He was my boyfriend and I wished it was me who got to spend time with him, at best, all the time! But that was impossible, of course, and I wouldn’t ever want to become an obsessive and clingy girlfriend to him. And besides, being separated made every reunion much more special.

“Who are you going with?” I asked, wondering faintly who it was he’d be spending the evening with.

“A friend. I just told you,” Harry said, dodging my question, before he stretched his arms while opening his mouth in a yawn.

“Don’t tell me you’re tired!” I scolded him with a laugh, “Weren’t you free all afternoon?”

“I was, but had to get up early, didn’t I?” Harry asked defensively.

I rolled my eyes at his words and stuck out my tongue when he pulled a face at me.
We continued to banter for a while, before our conversations ranged from a band I’d gone to see a few nights ago, to a sushi restaurant he wanted to take me to once I made it to LA with him. I watched his lips move and hands gesture along to his words, as he went on telling me of places he needed to show me, the green in his eyes sparkling whenever his orbs found mine.

“…. so yeah. That cafe made me think of you instantly. We should go.”

“I’d love that,” I answered, “And I quite like how you’re planning our first trip to LA together whenever you’re there.”

“S'gonna be soon when I won’t accept a 'no’ any longer and stuff you into my suitcase to smuggle you into the country,” he jokingly threatened, mischief in his voice.

Heat rushed to my cheeks and I looked away. Harry and I hadn’t been seeing each other for too long, yet I could already tell that what we had was something special. We deeply cared for each other, though we hadn’t precisely said it and no one made me feel as comfortable to be around them as Harry did. I wasn’t someone who had lots of guys knock onto their door, and that had caused me quite a few worries in the past. But that was before Harry, and now that I was with him, my life seemed almost too perfect to be real.


I tensed when I heard a faintly familiar and female voice coming from somewhere behind Harry. He seemed to be just as surprised as I was, until his eyes found the clock on his laptop, then they widened and his teeth sank into his bottom lip. His head turned away from the camera and to the exit.

“M'in the bedroom!” he called, then he turned to me and spoke apologetically, “M'sorry, love, I completely lost track of time.”

Seconds later the woman the voice belonged to appeared behind Harry, who still sat on his mattress, and took a stand beside his bed.
Her slim figure leaned down to great Harry with a quick kiss to his soft cheek and he hummed a quiet hello, his eyes fixating on me.

“Hi, Kendall,” I greeted her, lifting my hand in a small wave whilst smiling brightly.

I couldn’t deny the small knot at the bottom of my stomach, caused by how strange it felt to see her next to Harry’s bed. A bed, she’d most likely spent quite a few nights on herself, while I hadn’t.
Jealousy however, wasn’t the right term to describe my feelings with, at least that’s what I kept repeating to myself. I couldn’t let myself feel threatened by her, or any girl Harry had been linked with before he met me. Their place was in the past and they didn’t matter anymore.

“Oh, Hi. Y/N,” Kendall replied, a kind smile forming on her lips and replacing the surprised expression so quickly I almost missed it. “I’m sorry I walked in on you guys. Did I get the time wrong, Harry?”

He shook his head, his eyes finding mine before moving to look at her. “It’s my fault. Simply lost track of it.”

“Oh, so it’s the two of you are going out for dinner tonight?” I asked, realization hitting me all of a sudden.

Kendall nodded and clutched her bag a little tighter. This new information caught me off guard and I couldn’t quite place whether or not I liked it. Harry hadn’t referred to just any friend of his, but his former  girlfriend / hookup / friend with benefits / , Kendall Jenner.
I wasn’t oblivious to Harry still spending time with some of the women he had been intimate with, and before now I had never looked at it as much of a problem. But I had never actually seen him with one of them, before and now that I knew he was going to be alone with her, it somehow did bother me.

“Y/N?” Harry spoke gently, ripping me from my thoughts.

“M'sorry, did you say something?” I asked, heat rushing to my cheeks in embarrassment.

Kendall laughed quietly and excused herself, saying she’d give us some privacy to say goodbye. Harry answered with a quick nod and turned to watch her leave. The dark hair fell in waves over her shoulder and I rolled my eyes at how her perfectly long legs carried her out of the bedroom, leaving Harry and I alone again. Only now we weren’t alone anymore, and our little world was ruined by his ex waiting for him. I refrained from asking Harry since when Kendall Jenner decided when we ended our Skype calls, and instead put on a brave face.

“So, I suppose you have to go,” I muttered, my voice laced with disappointment.

An expression of worry took over his face once he heard it and he shook his head. “No, baby, listen. I can stay and talk if you-”

“You made plans and that’s fine, Harry,” I interrupted him dismissively. Once I saw the look on his face I quickly smiled and added: “Perfect, actually. Don’t worry about it.”

Though the smile on my face was anything but genuine, I tried to make it as believable to him as I could. He shouldn’t have to worry, I’d decided. Otherwise he’d feel bad and his night would be ruined, even though he hadn’t actually given me any reason to be angry with him.

“Y/N,” he tried once more, his pleading eyes locking with mine. “Please, love. You know you’re more important to me than a dinner.”

“Of course I know that,” I replied with a quick nod, “And I’m not mad, trust me.”

By the look in his eyes I could tell he didn’t buy my reassurance and so I lifted my hand to touch my fingers to the screen.

“We can talk tomorrow if you want,” I offered calmly.

“Or tonight?” Harry proposed, his face holding a mixture of concern and hope, “once I’m back? If you’d like to, I mean. I know it’s late where you are, but we haven’t seen each other in quite a bit and I haven’t even nearly told you everything I wanted to yet, so-”

“Sure,” I agreed, a spark of happiness warming my tummy, “That would be lovely, Harry.”


Harry’s Pov:

“So, anyway, we thought it’d bring a great new twist to the whole thing.”

Kendall finished her story and smiled at me expectantly, oblivious to the fact that I had only heard half of what she’d said. If not less.
Y/N just wouldn’t leave my mind, the image of her face tortured me. Had she been sincere when she’d claimed it was okay for me to have dinner with Kendall? The expression on her face when she’d saw my ex girlfriend enter my bedroom indicated differently, however fleeting it had crossed her face and to be quite honest, I would loath to know Y/N was alone with someone she’d been intimate with in the past. Though Kendall and I were never anything like Y/N and I were, there had still been a connection once. And that troubled Y/N.


My eyes met with the one’s of  the woman sitting in front of me. I only noticed now how I had long stopped looking at her, and forced myself to smile.

“M'sorry. I think I’m a little distracted.”

“I noticed,” Kendall commented and focused her gaze onto her menu, “Is it Y/N?”

The question was asked casually, but the faint sullen undertone didn’t go unnoticed by me.

“Yeah,” I replied with a frown.

We stayed silent for a moment before I began telling her a story Jeff had told me a few days ago. She giggled at the right parts throughout it and nodded along, then went on to talk about something else. The food was great, too, and Kendall nice. Yet once I dropped her off at her place, relief flooded my entire body.
This dinner had been a very bad idea, and now I knew I owed Y/N an apology.
I restarted the engine and quickly drove back to my apartment, hoping Y/N wasn’t asleep yet. Though she’d agreed to wait for me to call her back, it was rather late in London by this point and she’d said her day had been a busy one. I huffed and shook my head, realizing that I spent Y/N’s free evening with my ex girlfriend. From that on, my mind went ahead and played through every possible scenario in which Y/N could be furious with me.
Finally I reached my home. My laptop took its time with waking up and by the time I got to press the Skype button, my hands were sweaty. It rang and rang, but nothing. She didn’t pick up.

“Damn it,” I cursed and pushed some of my loose hair out of my face.

I tried to call her again, then tried her phone and even texted her to ask if she had changed her mind, but Y/N didn’t answer. Figuring that she might have fallen asleep already, my fingers hastily tipped one last message to her, saying that she should call me the moment she got this, no matter what time it was. Then I striped off my cloths and headed to the bathroom for a shower. I didn’t allow myself to enjoy the hot water for too long, before I turned it off and stepped back into the bedroom. Just when I was halfway through pulling a pair of boxers up my legs, my laptop rang. I jumped up and pressed accept, not caring that Y/N would see me whilst being very naked.

“Wow, I that’s not what I was expecting,” she giggled, a blush rising to her cheeks.

My heart squeezed at her words and I felt myself grin, loving how she reacted to my nudity.

“You’ve seen me in less, love,” I joked.

Y/N’s blush increased and she bit her lip, adding: “Trust me, I remember. Quite clearly, actually.”

I laughed at that and found myself thinking back to some of our more interesting moments we’d spent together. Though we hadn’t been separated for too long, my body ached and longed for her presence beside me.

“So,” Y/N began quietly, “how was dinner? You’re back earlier than I expected.”

“Yeah, well,” I scratched my head, “it was fine. Food was good and all.”


Y/N’s fingers played with the rings decorating them, a habit that showed whenever she was keeping some thoughts to herself. The gesture made me even more uneasy and I kept trying to figure out how I would change the subject to what I needed to know.



I bit my tongue and clenched my hands. “Was it okay for me to hang out with Kendall today?”

“What?” Y/N’s brows knotted together in a frown and her soft lips parted in surprise.

I cleared my throat. “Given our history and all that. I just worried you were mad about me spending time with her. Just the two of us, you know?”

It felt good to voice the guilt which kept eating away on my insides and at this point if she’d asked me to never hang out with Kendall on my own again, I’d consider it. Hell, I’d say yes instantly.

“Oh.” Y/N bit her lip and for a moment her eyes lowered to her fingers, still playing with them.

“Baby,” I pleaded, “please be honest with me. I need to know if I overstepped a line or-”

“You didn’t, Harry,” Y/N spoke quietly. “You needn’t worry.”

She took a deep breath before locking her gaze with mine.

“I’ll admit that seeing her by your side wasn’t the best feeling, but I’m sure that’s no well kept secret. Sometimes there’s that little doubt in my head, that maybe you’ll go back to,” she hesitated, “you know … wanting her. And not me.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Love, I would never-”

“Look at me!” Y/N interrupted me, a smile pulling at the left corner of her lips, “and then look at her. We’re like… the complete opposite.”

My mouth went dry at Y/N’s words and I looked down. I knew full well that she was referring to the weight difference between her and Kendall. Something I knew she troubled herself with sometimes, though I honestly didn’t pay it any thought. Never would I have assumed she’d worry about it so much.
Kendall worked as a model, a successful one, while Y/N wasn’t what would be considered thin. She struggled with her insecurities and self esteem, while Kendall wore sheer see through cloths with her head held high. Yes, they were different, very much so, actually, but that’s how it had always been and how I liked it.
Y/N was gorgeous. Not 'despite’ her weight, or her constant worries and insecurities, and not 'only’ because what was inside that counted, but completely and fully. Y/N was so beautiful to me, I didn’t even notice what she called her 'flaws’.
Whenever she pointed out a roll on her hips, it wasn’t the first time I saw it, but she almost tried to teach me to look at it as something bad. And I hated that it was Y/N herself who pointed out the pretty features of her body and presented them as something unattractive. She never succeeded though, and later when she was asleep beside me, I kissed all the parts of her body she’d hated on throughout the day, showering them with all the love and affection they deserved.
Y/N particularly hated her stretch marks. They decorated the soft skin of her stomach and hips, a few were faintly visible on her thighs. Those got extra hate, but I never payed it too much attention, because really, what for? They didn’t make her prettier, just like they didn’t make here any uglier, either. Her body was her body. And I loved every piece of it, always.

“And you wanted her first,” Y/N finished quietly, her eyes falling from my gaze to her hands.

“Y/N,” I began with a heavy sigh, but again, she interrupted me.

“Harry, listen. I thought about it and I know I’m not what’s considered pretty and thin, and yes, I’ll admit seeing you with your pretty ex-model girlfriend didn’t give me a batch of confidence, but those are my issues and it’s not your job to fix them.”

“You’re my girlfriend,” I stressed, “Of course it’s my job to make you feel good about yourself.”

Y/N smiled softly at my words and reached out her hand to touch the screen, similar to what I had done when we talked earlier today.

“I trust you,” she said simply, her sincere eyes meeting mine, warmth returning to them, “and that little worry at the back of my head will disappear soon, I know that. It’s not my right to tell you not to hang out with her anymore-”

“But you want me to,” I interrupted.

Y/N shook her head. “No, I actually don’t.”

“Y/N,” I huffed and ruffled my hair, “You confuse me.”

“Thanks,” Y/N laughed, then she turned serious again. “You value the friendship with her, so, be her friend, Harry. I’ll get over my minor issues and just have to be fine with it. They’re only there because I love you and I’m terrified to lose you to someone. Especially Kendall, 'cause seriously, could she try to be a little less pretty?”

She rolled her eyes and I bit my lip, forcing myself to let her continue.

“But I cannot look at Kendall as a threat, or else we will always have a problem to deal with. So, yeah. Hang out with her as much as you want, and our relationship will be stronger for it, I’m sure.”

Y/N’s kind eyes met mine and I could’ve sworn my heart jumped out of my chest right there. Never had I met someone as selflessly good and wonderful as she was. Happiness had my body buzzing, as I noticed the love she held for me in her eyes. I’d seen it before, but only now had I heard it from her as well.

“You love me.”

The moment she realized what she’d said her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. If I thought her cheeks couldn’t get any redder, I was proven wrong. My own were warming, too, and I chuckled as I watched Y/N hide her face behind her palms.

“Forget that I said that,” she pleaded with me, her voice muffled and she moved her fingers a bit so I could see her eyes, “It slipped out and is a completely crazy thing to say given for how short we’ve been dating.”

“I quite like it,” I admitted, “In fact I-”

“No, no, no, Harry, please don’t say anything,” she interrupted me. “That’s something to talk about another time. This was out of the blue.”

“Did you mean it, though?” I teased her, a smile taking over my face.

“Harry,” she whined and scrunched up her nose when I laughed.

“Alright, let’s talk about something else. For example how ridiculously awkward the dinner I went to was.”

Y/N pov:

The smile was still stuck on my face, even though I had ended the Skype call with Harry about ten minutes ago. We’d continued to talk after we’d resolved the little drama from earlier and soon laughed and joked like we always did. I’d apologized for ruining dinner for him, and blushed for fifth time that night when he told me how he preferred time with me over dinner with Kendall any day of the week.
Now it was well past the time I’d originally planned on going to bed, but that was okay. Spending time with Harry was better than going to bed early anyway, and though I had (accidentally) told him that I loved him, the embarrassment had subsided rather quickly. Especially because a minute after his face disappeared from my computer screen, my phone lit up.

Though it’s ridiculously early to say this and should be talked about another time… I love you too.

Hope you enjoyed this one! I start to feel slightly bad for using Kendall’s name so often, but it works best given her relationship to Harry. Hopefully you guys aren’t sick of it yet. 
Requests and feedback is welcome! 

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Leverage College AU

So I don’t really like high school AU’s that much, and I don’t think a Leverage one would really work. Like at least with these guys, just high school isn’t enough to truly give them a chance to become masters in their fields—they need to mature a bit.

Not to mention high school au vs college au there’d be so many more cons to do. These wouldn’t be children taking on adults, without almost any training or experience. It’d be adults vs adults, albeit adults in training, kinda. Part of the possible corruption in colleges are just how big they are. Sure, you can have a high school with maybe 5,000 students, but that’d be a small-midsized college. There are so many things to go wrong, just in their own college. Administrative issues, club issues (who has more funding, clubs trying to get approved but they keep getting blocked by someone on the administration for a bs reason), tenure—most professors are older white men, how could there not be issues—biased teachers, bribed teachers who give certain student A’s, exclusive clubs, hell cheating, test score fraud (not just SAT’s, there’s the tests you need to take for post-grad education), scholarship competition. Hell, some asshole professors make it so there’s a pre-set number of A’s in the class—do you know the kind of sabotage that could happen?

Hell, we were given an episode about an exclusive fraternity abusing a psych experiment, along with the episode about safety standards and cheerleaders. Shit happens at college.

And if they’re in a city like Philadelphia or New York City, there could be dozens of universities around. There’s not going to be a lack of people needing help.

Parker originally wasn’t supposed to be there, but the track coach once timed her running and well. They promised her lots and lots of chocolate if she actually went to school enough to be on the track team, so she got a scholarship for college. She doesn’t really care that much, but she likes math and the calculations she learns help her plan heists. The amount of times the Physics department professors have had a discussion w Parker about ‘theoretical’ issues that she brings up and. Well. It’s Parker. She also has a minor in Political Science bc she thinks it’s interesting (Listen. Remember how in the Hockey episode she knew about Schilling’s Theory of Rational Deterrence during the Cold War. I don’t make the rules Parker does.)

Also, by being on the track team she gets to travel around a lot, and it’s a readymade alibi as for why she’s in that area. She doesn’t always plan heists around the places she visits, and she goes plenty of times by herself, but it’s pretty good cover.

Since she has a scholarship, they pay for her meal plan and her housing, along w books. No, she never actually uses that room bc hello, waaaaaaaay too obvious, but that’s the point. If everyone expects her to be one place, that would be the first place they’d look for her, give her some time to get away—classic misdirection.

She has like 3 other apartments and like 4 warehouses that no one knows about that she rotates through, both sleeping AND keeping loot. But she takes the free meal plan, she doesn’t have to actually pay for them so more money for her. Not to mention some of the books have good ideas. I’m not saying she gets all A’s in her classes, but she passes.

And really, who’d think a college student is a world-renowned thief? ‘Academic’ is not exactly synonymous with that kind of crime, especially a pretty, 21 year old blonde Physics major.

She’s also a (sporadic) part of the outdoors club. What can she say—they have some pretty good climbing gear, and sometimes it can be hard to constantly get rid of gear. Just a few things—the high tech stuff she gets herself, but the basic things that aren’t easily traced to her? Yeah, it’s convenient. Plus if she’s ever caught, asking why do you have climbing gear becomes a whole lot easier to answer. Also good practice.

Nate is an Art History undergrad, Philosophy grad student who’s the team’s TA. He and Maggie were high school sweethearts, got married their junior year, Maggie had their son a few months after graduation. Nate’s now a grad student. He worked for IYS two years after graduation, interned for them every year during summers in between school and was well on his way to being their star investigator when his 3 year old son died, and they wouldn’t pay for his treatment.

He and Maggie later got divorced, and he’s back at school. They give him a stipend for school, and he doesn’t have to pay for tuition. And well. A constantly drunk Philosophy student is almost expected—he doesn’t really get in trouble with his job.

Aaaaand Hardison. Now, Hardison’s a bit more unexpected. You’d think he’d be Computer Science, but Hardison would run rings around any comp sci professor he’d have—he was only 21, tops, when the series started. Like there is not really that much of a difference between Hardison in the first season and this one in regards to computer ability. He’s a sophomore, and about 19-20.

But this is Hardison. Hardison, who isn’t just a wiz with computers—anything he touches, he can do. “I’ve hacked history” he (correctly) proclaims after figuring out a way to duplicate a 17th century journal in just 24 hours. And then there’s the time Sophie was explaining the history of a piece of art when Nate interjects, saying they already knew all of that, when Hardison interrupts, saying he doesn’t know that much before the 1980’s. Hardison’s a damn sponge when it comes to learning. The dude literally became a lawyer in one day.

So, he’s not going to be a computer science major. He wouldn’t actually learn anything from that, there’s literally 0 point. He has so many minors–an art and design minor, a music minor, and a chem minor. He’s also part of band (hello, Hardison the violin prodigy). So, he’s a mechanical engineering major—a computer, he can buy himself, but a bunch of the gadgets and gizmos he can’t get himself—or at least not easily—he can get for free at the university. Not to mention access to state of the art labs.

He mostly does it at first for his Nana, and then he finds out he genuinely loves learning. And he has a scholarship, and the cafeteria has orange soda, so everything’s all good.

And remember how excited Hardison got in the cooking episode, when he got to fire a laser? Yeah, he gets excited for all the gadgets he has access to.

But he still isn’t on the straight and narrow at all. He’s a hacker, first and foremost.

And Eliot. Oh Eliot. He’s a bit older, maybe enlisted at 17 (he kinda sorta lied), and now 22 and going to college on the GI Bill (I think that’s right). Eliot is almost more of a Jack-of-all-trades than Hardison, and it’s much more unexpected. Like in the episode they made a guy think aliens are real, he had a discussion with Hardison up Fermi’s paradox in regards to other life forms, and Eliot brings up Drake’s equation saying that with a hundred billion stars in our galaxy there’s up to 10,000 technological civilizations “you never know when you have to fight an alien.” Eliot is smart, both street smarts AND book smart and just knows a bunch about every topic. So, he double majors in Liberal Arts and minors in kinesthesiology. After going through his first semester and joining the cooking club, he also adds Culinary Science to his major.

Eliot isn’t a D1 or D3 athlete, but he does a lot of intramural and club sports. From judo to archery to badminton to table tennis, he does it all.

As for Sophie, she’s a Psych grad student, Art History/Linguistics undergrad. Yes, you’d think she’d be a Theater major, but that’s way too obvious. A grifter, who’s a Drama major? Too obvious. Yeah, the reason why Sophie never gets caught is because she never gets audition—she’s a horrible actress when people are looking. You don’t really think “great liar.” I do think she genuinely tries, but it’s also another misdirection.

So much of what Sophie does is an understanding of people, how they tick, their behavior, why they do what they do. She went to a different university for undergrad, and she’s mid 20’s—and ofc, both undergrad and grad school are using an alias. But what Sophie does is mostly enacting her interpretation of human nature. God, Sophie could come up with another approach to psychology with how much she knows, could go down in the textbooks if she wanted.

As for what she’s been doing in between, well, she has a very good cover story for that. But she needs to lie low for a little bit, and fleshing out more of an alias can always help. She developed that Charlotte Prentice alias for 7 years, it’s not out of the realm of possibility she’d do this, especially if she needs to lay low. It’s her first year at this school, and she’s not really that invested but like Parker, it can be a good cover.

She’s met Nate before, same as in the series—he’s chased after her. Although, now that he’s not working at IYS, he doesn’t really care—it’s a big school, they don’t really interact.

And just because they’re now at a university doesn’t mean the first episode would go any differently, at least at first. Or, maybe there’s a faraway professor, named Victor Dubenich, who yes, assembles the team, but doesn’t actually realize Hardison, Eliot, and Parker go to the same university as Nate—he’s much more public than the others. And maybe they don’t realize they all go to the same college, at first. Like they realize that they all live near each other, but the same college?

Because one of the advantages to being that young is that sure, you have fewer contacts and fewer scores and assets but you also have less of a record, less of a trail, fewer chances for people to find out the details of who you are.

But yes, things can get competitive in academia, especially when those plans could be sold for millions of dollars. Except, it turns out it wasn’t even from another professor. It was from a (sleep deprived) grad student.

They still take him down, and makes a seriously ridiculous amount of money. And they all enjoy it more than they thought, like what they’re doing. They start to go their own ways—except not really.

And then they walk into their Intro to Philosophy class, the one that the school requires every major to take, even Sophie, and guess who’s the TA but Nate Ford?

Homesick-Chanyeol Scenario

A/N: Hope you enjoy! -A

“Sehun, grab me another beer please?” Jongin asked as he sat next to Junmyeon.

Sehun nodded his head, opening the fridge to grab them both beers. He brought them into the room and handed Jongin his before sitting next to me.

The music was blaring, the alcohol was flowing, but I couldn’t seem to fully enjoy myself. I had been in this funk for the past few weeks, just going through the motions of every day. I genuinely tried being happy, but that was becoming a bigger challenge as each day passed.

The boys had been so busy none of them had even noticed, not even my boyfriend Chanyeol, who was currently playing pool with Minseok. Luckily, my best friend (Y/BF/N) has been taking notice, and she reaches across Sehun’s lap to get my attention.

“Hey, come down the hall with me for a second” She asks. I nod my head in agreement and she stands, telling Sehun where she was going and giving him a quick peck on the lips before she directed me to one of the empty bedrooms.

“Okay, spill. You haven’t been yourself for the last two weeks, you’re putting on your fake happy smile, you’re withdrawing from everyone. What is going on?” She asks as she sits on the bed.

“I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I’ve been here for months now and I’ve been so happy. It’s just lately something’s missing. Chanyeol is perfect, and treats me so well. Hell, I wouldn’t know what my life would be like without him, you know how bad it was before.” I began to explain.

She nods and I continue.

“I don’t know maybe it’s just… Maybe I’m just homesick? I haven’t been able to visit my family for a while now and I miss them a lot…” I trailed off, overwhelmed by my own thoughts. I sigh and sit next to (Y/BF/N) and she puts an arm around me. I put my head on her shoulder and she just lets me sit like that for a moment before I speak again.

“Maybe I just need to leave. I just need to go home. That’s why I’m not happy. I have to go home soon. I think I’ll start planning a trip back tomorrow. Thanks for talking to me about it. This has helped a lot.” I said, hugging her before we both returned to our respective spots on the couch.

I looked around the room for Chanyeol and spotted him in the corner of the room, waiting for his next turn in pool. He was looking down at the ground and seemed to be lost in thought.

He brought his head up and made direct eye contact with me. I gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head and looked away, continuing his turn. I was about to go over and ask him what was wrong, but decided to give him space.

After the party died down and we were finally alone, I decided to ask Chanyeol what was going on. He looked at me for a moment before crawling into bed, completely ignoring what I had asked him. If there was something going on, I’d have to work to find out, because he obviously wasn’t telling me now.

Days pass, and Chanyeol was actively avoiding me. I asked the other members if they knew what was going on, and none of them seemed to know what was bothering him. I’d had enough and after practice one day I drug him into the bedroom to confront him.

“Okay babe, this has gone on long enough. What the hell is going on with you? You have been ignoring me all week.” I ask, propping myself against the door so he doesn’t leave.

He ran his hands through his hair and let out a loud sigh before sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

“Are we seriously doing this now? I’m exhausted and don’t want to do this right now.” He complained.

“Yes, Chanyeol. We need to do this now. I can’t take you ignoring me anymore. You haven’t talked to me, you’ve barely looked at me, you haven’t touched me. It hurts too much to let it continue.” I explained before he cut me off.

“It hurts YOU TOO MUCH? What about you leaving me? Are you just drawing it out until last minute to toy with me?” he asked, still staring at the floor.

“Leave you? What are you talking about? I’m not leaving you. Where did you even get that Idea?” I questioned, sitting next to him. He quickly stood up, shaking his head.

“I heard it FROM YOU. Straight out of your mouth. Remember last week at the party? I didn’t see you anywhere so I came to find you, and I heard you talking to (Y/BF/N) about leaving and going back home. If you’re going to leave me, you might as well just end things now. If you don’t I will.” He yells, tears rolling down his face.

“No. no no no no. Chanyeol Please stop. Please.” I tried grabbing his hands to calm him down but he quickly dismissed, pushing me away.

“I’m done. I can’t do this. I can’t wait around for you to break up with me and go back home. I can’t take it. I thought you loved me.” He said, resting his head against the door. I could see his shoulders shaking as each sob leaves his body, unable to control his emotions anymore.

Chanyeol, PLEASE listen to me. PLEASE. I need you to look at me and listen to me when I say this.” I said, moving to turn him around.

I cupped his face in my hands and lifted his chin. He looked at me for a moment before dropping his gaze back to the floor. I wiped his tears away before continuing.

“Baby, I’m not leaving you. Not even close. You’re literally the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I was talking to (Y/BF/N) about going home to visit. I’ve been miserable the last few weeks because I’m home sick. I’m flying back to see my family and I’ll be back in a week. That’s all.” I said as he brought his gaze back to me.

“Wait, what? You’re not leaving me?” He asks, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“Are you kidding me? Do you remember how broken I was when we first got together? How absolutely miserable my life was? I was so empty, and you changed all of that. For once in my life I feel whole, and I have you to thank for that. Why would I ever leave you? I love you so much it’s not even funny. I would never even consider leaving you. Not for one second.” I say before kissing him gently.

He pulled back for a moment, observing my face. He let out a large sigh before grabbing my face and crashing his lips into mine. My hands moved down to his chest and I could feel his rapid heartbeat beneath my touch. I melted into the kiss, my hands gripping his shirt. He broke away and kissed me gently once more.

“You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say those things. I love you so much and I am terrified to lose you. So many scenarios have run through my head all week and it’s been killing me.” He said as he broke away from me and pulled me to the bed, wrapping his body around mine.

“I love you so much” He said as he played with my hair. “I never ever want to be scared like that ever again”

“I love you too baby, forever. You never need to worry about anything like that again. You have my heart forever.” I reassure him as I turn to face him. His eyes scanned my face as he ran his hand up and down my arm.

We stayed like that for the rest of the night, cuddling and talking until we both fell asleep.

Jonsa is one of the healthiest dynamics to come out of the current situation

**Note, this may get a tad bit lengthy because I’ve screencapped a few exchanges but I promise you, I’ve highlighted why I truly love this ship at the end so tl;dr scroll to the last paragraph if you want!**

Can I just say something… this person was comparing Jonsa to J*nerys and Ja*me x Cers*e and calling it just as toxic and that was new to me? Please note I didn’t say our ship was pure considering it’s ASOIAF/GoT and it’s heavily ironic, but to say it’s just as toxic? I get it, the main reason why people are incredibly opposed to the idea of Jonsa (and the other ships) is because of the incest!factor. See:

I usually ignore antis but the notion that it’s just as toxic as some of the other ships really got me, my response was:

“Whoops idk mate it’s context within the political world of this fictional westeros and I suppose I’m more desensitised over the issue of cousin marriages in highborn families due to the fact that it’s still practiced even in the context of my own  country’s monarchy. I just see it as a means of concluding the story and think it could play out well considering the heavy irony and the fact that neither jon nor sansa really regarded each other as siblings.

All I’m saying is there’s narrative purpose for making jon and sansa the most distant starks, for us never seeing them interact. It would be as if you were reuniting with the kid down the street that your siblings regard as their brother bc of how close they were to him. That gives way, in a literary sense, for confusing feelings that aren’t exclusively platonic to arise, given the situation.

And overall, I suppose I’m not opposed to Jonsa because they appear to be one of the only “healthy” dynamics left, yes, they argue, but they get it all out and communicate. I can’t get on board J/C because it’s toxic, the same way J/D would create a ton of problems narrative wise, as opposed to creating a solution to conclude the story in a satisfying light. Jonsa just seems more likely considering how GRRM’s mind works.

So, no, I’m not trying to claim my ship is pure because it’s heavily tainted with irony. I acknowledge that it’s meant to be twisted and yet considering the context of the books, it’s meant to offer a solution to the narrative. I could get into this and point out how it would bring the story full circle in many respects but I doubt you’re interested so I’ll just leave it at that. No one’s claiming it’s pure but it’s in no way as toxic as the others. Have a good day.”

I really did try my best to defend Jonsa from being equated to being just as toxic as J/C but their only response was:

Honestly, this sort of irked me? Because I genuinely tried to be respectful and tried to get them to see where I was coming from unlike the other responses I often see where their only rebut is “but Jon is Ice and Danielle is Fire” but of course it didn’t matter to them. And yet, I responded:

“Considering I’m against a Targaryen restoration and believe the Stark lineage will survive and continue with Sansa, I don’t think the show and books are going to pair her with a character that hasn’t already been established? Show wise Jon seems to be the only worthy candidate considering he is the only one who shows an understanding of the trauma she’s been through, and never tries to force anything upon her which is why I think that dynamic is so important to showcase?

It allows for her to heal in her own time, there is no guarantee for that with any other male character we see come to play and no this isn’t me reducing her to a character that needs a male counterpart, it’s me focusing on her arc and deducing it to where it may end up from here.

All I’m saying is, stop shitting on people’s ships when they’re tried hard to provide you with reasons as to why the narrative may take it there. Have a nice day.”

Note: I wasn’t trying to convince anyone that Jonsa will for certain be endgame, nor was I trying to convert someone to a Jonsa shipper, I just wanted to clarify that we have actual sound reasons for wanting Jonsa to be canon. It really bugs me that someone would compare the ““toxicity”” of it to J/C? 

I felt like I had to clarify that I genuinely want Sansa to be with someone like Jon because she deserves this one nice thing. She deserves to be loved by someone who makes an effort to understand what she’s been through, to protect her from unwanted touches by men who have hurt, abused, exploited or manipulated her. She deserves to realise her fantasy of having children and rebuilding the family she lost in the home that was taken away from her, and Jon allows for that to happen. Jon helped her reclaim Winterfell when he rode into battle for their family, and Jon wants very much to have children of his own that he could raise in Winterfell as well. Sansa would allow for that to happen, she’d allow for him to officially be a Stark by taking her name - the one thing Jon’s always wanted. I love Jonsa because Jon allows Sansa the agency she’s always been denied. He recognises her worth, he trusts her with his home. So how is this a toxic pairing?

I know I can’t speak for everyone but I feel like a large reason why our part of the fandom is always putting out meta is because we’re more invested in the dynamic they propose rather than simply shipping two people who look good together on screen, and it’s a tad bit insulting to know so many people think we ship Jonsa because of that. It’s more than just a superficial ship, we’ve been presented with them and how they work together as a pairing(yes, we also note that no romantic feelings have been realised - although in a literary sense this gives way for catharsis once Jon’s true lineage is revealed), and the foundation is there. They care for each other, they truly do. How are we sick for wanting something sweet to happen for once.

Draco: *sighs* Why doesn’t Potter like me?

Pansy: Maybe it’s because you always manage to piss him off when you try to get his attention.

Draco: Well I’ve got to get his attention some way!

Harry: *walks by*

Pansy: *whispers* Here’s your chance to not be an idiot.


Harry: What do you want Malfoy?

Draco: *panics* N-Nice face Scarhead!

Harry: Malfoy you are so rude will you stop being such an annoying git all the time?! *storms off*

Pansy: *sighs* You really are an idiot.


Pansy: Well you did call him scarhead. But hey, at least you didn’t really fight or hex eachother this time.

anonymous asked:

since you also love Louis, can i get a jealous and aggressive Louis reaction? pretty please with cherry on top? ;)

Louis x MC: Tell Me

“What are you doing here, Louis?” the princess asked, looking back and forth between myself and Giles.

‘Please,’ my gaze skated over to him, willing him to understand. 

Giles was staring back at me with a look of disbelief that gradually melted into his usual above-it-all glare. 

‘I’m begging you.’

Ever since I had met the woman who became the Princess Elect, I had been enchanted by her. She thought nothing of getting on her knees in the palace garden and rooting around for a single flower. 

All of the other women were fancied up within an inch of their lives, and wouldn’t have dared to put even one toe upon the grass, for fear of staining their hemlines. 

But there she was, searching undaunted for magic which doesn’t even exist in this world.

What would she have looked like, had she found her “magic” flower and walked back in to join the other ladies, the bottom of her dress muddied, and her hair gloriously undone? 

Would she hold her head high as she swept through the room? 

I could imagine the biting remarks she would receive, for daring to even show up in the first place.

I wanted to see her do it. I wanted to hear her stand her ground– to do what I never had the strength to do.

I could see her, gloriously beautiful in her unadorned way, so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.

By the time I realized the path my thoughts had lead me down, I was already in the middle of snapping at her that the palace was no place for someone like her. 

It wasn’t. 

But I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. 

I was sure I’d blown my chances, and that I’d never see her again. 

When I got her invitation– or, I should say, when I got Giles’ thoroughly checked and approved invitation, just with her signature on it –for a date with the princess, I was shocked to say the least. 

After meeting her, I thought that I had made a great impression– but it’s been over a month since I’d heard from her. 

It wasn’t until I was complaining to Alyn, last week, that I learned the reason: Giles had been setting her up on blind dates with other suitors.

Of course he would. It’s his duty, as well as hers.

I know that.

I know.


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I love your page! Do you think you could do something with Anubis? Like cute headcanons and stuff

So I genuinely tried to come up with just vague headcanons but I really wanted to use some of his actual mythology. And it just sort of devolved into me coming up with more story than cute headcanons. I mean I personally find a lot of this cute, but it’s probably not what you were looking for. *hides*

  • Anubis is a proud single parent of his daughter Kebechet and is always talking about her. You’ve met her a few times while visiting, but she doesn’t live with her dad currently. She seems nice, but is oddly obsessed with snakes and apparently works with them as her job. When you ask Anubis if this worries him he says “Not at all! She’s always had a way with them; I trust she can handle herself.”
  • You first met Anubis at a little café in town and were lucky enough to catch his attention. He came and sat with you and after that he always seemed to be there when you were. Eventually you came to know that he’s the caretaker at the big graveyard only a 10 minute walk from your house. He seems excited when you ask him about his job, he explains that he enjoys it and feels like he has real purpose watching over the dead.
  • When you visited his home in the graveyard for the first time you were surprised to find he had dogs. Three in fact, all black and shaggy, you swear sometimes you think you see their eyes flash red, but amount it to a trick of the light. When you visit now the dogs always seem to know and come greet you at the front gate, essentially escorting you back to the house.
  • In his living room above the fire place is a glass case with an ornate scale inside, beautiful and untarnished yet he calls it an antique. You’ve never seen anything antique look that pristine, but you don’t question him about it.
  • He’s quite friendly and you swear the only person you’ve ever heard him speak ill of is someone named Osiris. He seems to fumble with his words slightly when he tries to explain their story. Apparently they were coworkers and Osiris stole a position from him that he’d been in so long, simply because Osiris was younger and more able bodied.
  • Of course when you first met him you did think it was odd for him to introduce himself as Anubis, but you figured he just had weird parents or something. But then he talked about other people who also had names from the pantheon. It got real suspicious whenever you started asking real detailed questions and he seemed to be having a hard time answering them. Plus for a dad with a supposedly adult and working child AND someone who was kicked from a job for someone younger, he looked really young and healthy. When you finally confronted him with all your suspicion he knew he couldn’t hide it from you any longer, not that he ever wanted to hide anything. Before you he transformed into a burly 7 foot tall beastly thing with the head of a jackal, fit with all manner of golden accessories.
  • After that day everything made sense and for a while you weren’t sure what this meant for your relationship with him. He didn’t know either, but he expressed how genuinely he felt for you and how he wanted to spend the rest of your mortal life with you in his arms. It was really weird coming from a jackal headed god, but oddly romantic too.
  • Everything seemed to fall into place then. You moved in with him even and shared his bed. He was quite nice to snuggle with on cold nights due his soft black fur. Finding out that the dogs were church grims freaked you out a bit, but he assured you that they just protected against those who would defile the graveyard.
  • He was very honest with you about his relations with the other gods and where they were and what they were doing. It seemed that most of them had taken to hiding amongst mortals just like Anubis. He did still gripe about how miffed he is that Osiris took his place as ruler of the underworld, but you’ve found that distracting him with scritches behind the ears and kisses works pretty well to get him onto a different topic.
  • You like that when the two of you are alone he reverts to his natural form, because it really shows just how comfortable he is with you. He was concerned for a while that his true form bothered you, but you assured him that it was growing on you and that he shouldn’t have to hide it.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 1517

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: None (one or two swear words)

Inspiration: SZA - Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott)

                  I’m Surprised you called me after the things I said

They say it’s easier to get over someone if you don’t see them.
I tried. I genuinely tried but it’s so hard if he calls you up everyday.
If you see his face on every Magazin, in every TV Show and hear his voice on the radio.

„Why are you calling me?“, I snapped into the receiver.
„Can’t I call to ask how you’re doing?“
He chuckled on the other line of the telephone. I get soft just by hearing his laugh. It makes me sick.
„Why do you bother me..“, I sighed.
„Why do you bother me when you don’t want me? Why do you bother me when you have women left and right falling for you?“
He sighed. It was the same talk, the same conversation. Each and everyday I would ask him the same.

And still, every time I would open my eyes, turn around and see his face so close next to me.
I loved him. And it made me sick.

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Can we talk about the intro sequence of Baahubali 2 for a second? The song “Shivam” accompanied with these visuals, which btw, leave me in awe because of how incredibly detailed these 3D models are, it must have taken so much hard work to perfect these, just proves right off the bat that you’re about to watch something grand and magical. I love the song so much I have listened to it like 100 times on repeat. I just can’t get over this song+visual combo.

(P.S- I’m sorry I couldn’t remove the text from these scenes, I genuinely tried.)

anonymous asked:

please enlighten me on why you enjoy servamp so much (genuinely curious) - i tried watching it a while back but it just didn't get me hooked. what am i missing??

030 hoo boi. Okay, as much as I wanna go into a hyper deep analysis like I normally do and list 800 reasons why. I just gotta say anon. It might just be a personal opinion for you and I can’t shove opinions down your throat. ^^;

But how I came to like it WAY MORE was reading the manga afterwards. Cause oh boy I was NOT really fond of the anime’s ending. AT ALL. I watched the anime first and then was just EXTREMELY CONFUSED and was honestly ready to dub this as a “bad series my dude.” But then I kept hearing so much talk about the manga. 

Anon. Amigo. Buddy. Pal.


  • They legit removed characters. Like they suddenly don’t even exist anymore. 
  • SKIPPED AN ENTIRE ARC FOR LUST PAIR. (and tbh one of the best ones, they basically skipped Lust Pair so we could get to Greed Pair quicker instead. -w-)
  • left out some important dialogue (imo)
  • introduced some characters WAYYYY earlier than they were supposed to be shown.  
  • they also left out some funny/kinda cute moments
  • some scenes are shortened.
  • lots of character development that we don’t get to see in the anime, or characters like Snow Lily, Mikuni, etc. have a less major role in the anime. WHICH SUCKS cause they are so much more than the anime gives them.
  • and so on…..

the whole anime ending is completely made up. Like it’s similar up to a point and THEN BOOM nothing makes sense anymore. There is quite a bit of anime only moments too. So yeah. It doesn’t match up in many ways…. it’s cool we have a anime, but gosh they butchered this series. So maybe give the manga a chance anon???? I see a lot of people say the ending sucked or “didn’t make sense” and they are anime only people.

 and EVERYONE ends up saying “just read the manga” just like I’m saying right now. That’s usually the case with anime vs. manga.

Thank you for your question. Hope you check it out! ^^ or not. It’s up to you!! Have a good day!  ❤❤❤

i have genuinely tried to like beer. ive tried several kinds, i even tried an expensive kind in Berlin to give it a last attempt. but no, it’s fucken piss, so ive decided to completely obliterate it from gay bottom culture