I found this in my drafts now i dont know why i forgot to post it.. Dracula’s set up is planted up now here 

but you know im a lighting nerd so this was just some photos of the Arcadia Jungle dawn LED which i got for the succulents. There’s no UV in this but I have heard really good things about these for promoting plant growth. 

It’s just a tiny lil 9watt thing but it’s seriously bright ! And LED’s last a long time so i’m pleased with it.  It will be combined with his current UV light and ceramic heat when its ready for him to go in.    

sometimes i get uncomfortable seeing 14yo girls talking about which characters are their boyfriends then i realize im uncomfy bc im remembering my own embarrassing time in that phase then i get HAPPY bc it was a sweeter time and it was so fun

then i remember im still like that in the cold depth of my heart im still in there trying to marry remus lupin

(i literally just found this post in my drafts wth its tru tho)

Tim Drake Meta

Friends, I’m cleaning out my drafts folder (there’s a huge variety of comics related stuff coming up later).

What I’ve seen though when looking through it, deleting, queuing and saving, is that I have found very little Tim meta.

This needs to be rectified! So I challenge you: Direct me to, write or ask me to write about Tim. This isn’t just a Dick Grayson blog! It’s also a Tim Drake blog and he is not getting the attention he deserves. 

Don’t be shy. Give me a challenge. The ask box is open (anons are possible).

P.S: It might take me some time to post them, as I might need to read entire comics collections before I can answer. ;) . 

writing a kiss, tips for everybody

  1. whatever the hell you’re doing with tongue, stop
  2. invade, fight for dominance, and wrestle are literally the worst descriptors ever in the whole entire world of talking about kissing
  3. tongues do not roam and they do not go exploring they are like TIDES they come forward a little bit and then maybe recede a little bit EVEN IN FRENCHING
  4. most kissing action actually happens with the lips GO FIGURE??
  5. kissing is really awkward you get noses bumping everywhere and sometimes saliva all over your chin or theirs, please keep this in mind, only the chastest kisses are clean and neat
  6. really aggressive tongue is really an acquired taste not gonna lie (L O L)
  7. Avoid scientific clinical words like probe for the love of god
  8. if you’ve ever listened to a kiss you know it sounds really gross with all the sucking and smacking breathy moans and hums are the way to go
  9. No one pays enough attention to the lips imho y'all are so damn focused on tongues

percy weasley and oliver wood were in the same year and house at hogwarts, i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise this but

  • oh god they would be so annoying to live with
  • both total perfectionists but about different things
  • percy getting annoyed at oliver for revising his quidditch strategy when they had a test tomorrow
  • percy acting smug because he’s head boy, oliver firmly believing that being quidditch captain is much more important
  • oliver happily aiding the twins in their pranks to get his own back at percy for not appreciating how important it is that he wins the cup
  • their dorm mates getting totally fed up of the two of them stressing tirelessly
  • ‘oh my god we have an exam in three weeks i need to revise’ ‘oh my god i have a quidditch match soon and the team is not practicing hard enough’ 

honestly, im surprised that none of the other gryffindor boys smothered them in their sleep

What they'd do if you put something sexy on to try to get their attention while they're playing a video game:

Calum: *does a double take and then sets down the controller*

Ashton: *goes full daddy mode bc fuck the game who care*

Luke:*gets startled and nervous and knocks a drink over*

Michael:”lol, i’m literally right in the middle of this game.”