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I'm watching old videos of the boys and I'm so sad now. You can literally see louis going from a beautiful flamboyant boy to a still quirky but much calmer one. He obviously grow during the time but it's not about maturity, they just cut his wings.

Oh, I agree, there’s nothing natural about what happened there. I still am not sure if I’m more bothered by 2012-2014 silenced, cornered, subdued Louis or current exaggerated, slightly trashy, poorly average laddy lad, fake smiley Louis. I’m not good at stomaching either and I really really hope he’s able to come out for who he really is soon enough. That boy has such a catching, beautiful, warm smile, a contagious enthusiasm, an enderaing demeanor and to see him shut down is the most painful thing I had to witness here.

Whenever we get to catch a glimpse of genuine Louis or to be reassured he’s been able to protect his real self when out of the public eyes, I just couldn’t feel happier and more proud :’)

broadcasting on the deep space network
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This is another one of those visual background noise things I like to make. I used some public domain moving images that I found at Internet Archive, did a bunch of editing and filtering in iMovie, and then replaced the sound with a classic out-of-print ambient track from Earth to Infinity called Memphis to Mars. I’m surprisingly…

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there are pokemon

in the holocaust museum

and at auschwitz

people are catching pokemon

and playing this game

in the holocaust museum






so. pokemon go right? amazing. thing is, I’ve got a finnish phone and finnish data plan that I cannot use in the states.

so I’m stuck with wifi. only wifi.

as far as I’m concerned I’m playing on hard mode

and I’ve developed a new found appreciation for good public wifi

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In your opinion, can you be a "theater person" without ever performing in a show (this is coming from a theater fan with a fear of public speaking/stage fright)?

Oh absolutely! The term “theater person” doesn’t just include the performers, but the backstage crew that’s not seen as well as the audiences that love attending shows.

And personally, I also have that fear of public speaking, but I’ve actually found confidence in theater! I even had a supporting role in my school’s musical this year. I mean, don’t ask me to give a big speech in front of people or anything, because I might faint, but I learned that I don’t have to be as afraid as I was.

So basically: you don’t have to be involved in a show to be a theater person, but if you think you might want to try and come out of your shell like I did, do it on a stage where the lights make it impossible to see your audience.

There’s a messaging system in Midnight Cinderella where, once a day, you can send messages to other actual players you’ve “befriended” for a bit of bells (the in-game freebie currency). Someone had found my profile’s public broadcast rant amusing (I was complaining about something or other, probably the game’s excessive use of the wind) and messaged me to tell me so. And thus began a casual correspondence, which included mutual complaints about how passive the protagonist is. Here’s the latest one this fine person sent me:

“Finally get to see Byron w/o eyepatch. […] He looks like a badass female haha”

That got me thinking. And since it’s raining out, making me not want to go anywhere tonight, I’m going to flex those little fingers of mine and hammer something out on the keyboard.  Constructive criticism is always welcomed!

* * *

King Wilhelm of Stein was not fond of children. Or, more accurately, he wasn’t fond of much–with the exception of himself, of course. So when Queen Leilana bore him a daughter, he was more concerned with which country he could marry the child off to than with the fact that he was now a father.

“I want to name her Ulli, after my grandfather,” Leilana said in that low, husky voice of hers that seemed to captivate men.

“What kind of name is that for a princess?” scoffed Wilhelm. “No, she needs to have a pretty name. We’ll call her Caecilia.”

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Drinking Water in Venice

 Visitors do not pay much attention to the water fountains around Venice, except in the context of being interesting public works of art. I’ve found them exceedingly useful as a way of beating the mid-day heat (which often reaches 85 degrees F). If you know where to find them, or even if you don’t, you can avoid carrying a water bottle on your walks through Venice, refreshing yourself instead at each fountain you come across. Or, you can use these fountains to re-fill your water bottle.

The water’s clean to drink in that it’s the water sourced from the Alps and brought to Venice in an aqueduct constructed in 1884 .

These fountains are a great idea, serving a similar role to the one once played by the wells in Venice’s campi. They’re a place for Venetians and tourists to find refreshment, but they’re also used by merchants (for cleaning their produce), thirsty pets, and even pigeons, who drink from and take baths in their basins.

The map shows all of the locations for the water fountains.

Note that these are only the 70 or so working fountains – there are others in Venice that once upon a time dispensed water, but no longer do today. And there may have been some changes since this data-set was last updated in 2009

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A question; a request for inspiration; an answer I am already grateful for(?): Please, before the only post I like are yours, would you kindly suggest me some public people whose zest finds its way into your own literary lemonade? I need some cognitive fruit to juice and it will be all the sweeter amongst the cocktail of flavours filling the cup of what I taste in Tumblr

Very few contemporary writers of literature are actually interesting. (I’d recommend The Arcades by Benjamin, ha-ha).

You probably know Margaret Atwood, Billy Collins, Junot Diaz. Jeffrey Eugenides, I don’t know how public he is.

I found great writers on Tumblr, too, much to my amazement. Among them @shentoncarrington, @i-am-ryan-wilbur, @jhlumyk, @smakka–bagms, and others.

Things seem to have gone ‘mousey’ in these parts lately. So, continuing the theme here’s a painting from a while ago entitled, “King Christian II Transfixed by the First Recorded Walnut in The Kingdom of Denmark”. I found a book in a secondhand bookshop recently called 'King Christian II: An Exile at Home’ (Copenhagen: Konge Mus Publications, 1971). On page 79, I found this: “Given the ubiquity of the walnut in the culture and history of Europe, it remains true that the walnut was unknown in Denmark until 1552, when a single nut was presented to deposed King Christian II, held captive at Sønderborg Slot (Castle) in southern Jutland. It was said that the ageing, incarcerated King grew to love the walnut as his own child, keeping it nestled beneath his pillow every night as he slept”. Well, with a story like that, I couldn’t resist the temptation. So here is the deposed King in his revery over that walnut. Whether you are visited by nuts or not, I hope your weekend brings opportunities for revery and captivation. #walnut #kingchristian #denmark #jutland #mouse #miceofinstagram #animalportrait #royalportrait

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today has been a good day
  • all the nice things people have said about the shuu/hitori fic, my gosh. (also I forgot to link to the AO3 post in my rebloop so I’ll just do it now: bloop!) still definitely going to respond to everything, but I just got home and am chillin’ for a bit
  • new hard drive! I adventured forth on unfamiliar public transport and found the place and bought the thing, so I’ll be installing that tonight and hopefully it will go well
  • told cool coworker (who you may remember from my excellent bacon pun) a little of my Tragic Backstory and she……. she said that she is amazed by how awesome and cool a person I am without but also especially with the brief overview of the Tragic Backstory and you guys ;wwwwww; you GUYS it is so lame but I have not made a new Real Life friend in so long and this super cool person! thinks I am super cool also!! I FORGOT I WAS COOL, YOU GUYS, I’M SO HAPPY.
  • the marketing stuff is going very well and being very approved of and it’s nice using what I’ve learned and seeing the wheels get put in motion
  • days are getting longer and warmer and it’s just Good

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(Different anon) What if even the lowest DO know and know the importance as well? What would happen in that case? I mean It's not impossible, especially since that traitor seemed determined to ruin you.

Broker frowns at you. “It is impossible, for several reasons. My empire is very fuckin’ large, in case that hasn’t come across yet. This means the spread of information is both difficult, and carefully controlled - by me. The second someone caught wind of this, I’d have been informed. And considerin’ I have…spies, I suppose, in every single division, I’d have found out quickly. Never mind the fact that my public empire is kept separate from my…less benevolent one.

“I also greatly value loyalty. I usually hire people who I can trust - who I’ve saved, or vastly improved their lives, or helped someone they love. This empire has been around for centuries; it’s rather fine-tuned by now. My employees are well aware that they’re better with me than against me.

“This is far from the first time there’s been an insider, or someone attemptin’ to ruin me. It happens on a regular basis.” They smile flatly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m goin’ to go kill the people behind Haze’s attack.” 

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What is your opinion on Noam Chomsky? Have you read any of his publications?

I liked him and his publications until I found out he denies the Bosnian genocide :/

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Okay, so dear reference guru, how even would I start trying to research and date kumihimo braid patterns to find some that are period? I mean, the basic spiral pattern is pretty safe because I can easily do it similar on lucet, but Japan, man. Halp?

Oh goodness! <3 Flattery!

Yeah, research into East Asia is difficult because of the language barrier - and that’s just the beginning.  Japan should be a little easier than China, though.

So with my initial Google searching, I found this website with a variety of publications written in both Japanese and English, which may be helpful.

My next step would be to look at museum collections.

The Tokyo National Museum has a 14th century pouch that has braided cord: [Link].

The Portland Art Museum had (at one point) an exhibit on Samurai that featured some kumihimo. They cite a book, but also feel free to reach out to the curators for more information: [Link]

Don’t limit yourself to the search term “kumihimo.” It’s translated most often as “braided cord” so don’t be afraid of using that term, especially in western museum collections.

Lastly, connect with other SCAdians who do Japanese crafts. There is a Facebook group for SCA Japanese, so someone there might be able to help.

Happy braiding! <3