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Bruh I just found a photo on M/ark's twitter of him dressed up fancy and it's got me SHOOK


Undercover - Jughead Jones

Hi! Could I get a Jughead x Reader imagine where the reader and Jughead are best friends, but the reader has feelings for Jughead but doesn’t tell him. One day she goes “undercover” to get info about Jason’s death for Jughead and he sees her undercover and realizes he has feelings for her, and then there’s some rated T action and fluff between them? Thanks!

I kinda twisted the meaning of it but it lead to *high pitched screaming*

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Being best friends with Jughead Jones isn’t the easiest thing in the world. He’s not the friendliest person to begin with, but some can easily look past that, like yourself. You and Jughead had been close every since you could remember, but the summer before Sophomore year changed things. Jughead became more reclusive and less in touch with you. It all happened after Jason Blossoms’ death. The day before school started up again, you invited yourself over to his house. Needless to say, Jughead was surprised.

“Y/N?” He asked, the bags under his eyes telling you he must’ve just woken up. Despite the normal summer heat, he was wearing a loose sweater and sweatpants. Just seeing him again, after so long, made your heart flutter. You quickly pushed it down and regained your angry composure. “I haven’t seen you in months, Jug!” You said, obviously breaking him out of his tired state. He quickly pulled you inside his house, and you accidently bumped into his chest. It was so tempting to hug him, but you fought the urge and watched as he closed the door behind you. When he faced you, you saw how intense his gaze was. “I’m sorry about that, Y/N, I am.” He said, his tone serious. “I’ve been working on something,” he said as he walked past you, beckoning you to follow him. He lead you to his room then to his desk where an open laptop rested. Pages of text cluttered the screen and just by skimming through the document the words ‘Summer’, ‘Jason Blossom’, and ‘presumed dead’ caught your eye. You turned to face Jughead who stood, unmoving, next to you. “This is what you were doing?” You asked, turning back to study the words he had typed.

“Yeah, ever since I heard he was missing.” He muttered, but you couldn’t help but be amazed by your friend. His drive and dedication to his writing was eye-opening. You faced him once more with a grin on your features. “Do you need help?”

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October of 2015 I found the photo on the left and posted it. Guaranteed I was thinking how cute it was and I really hoped I would have something like that. Fast forward two years, I’m living out the relationship goals I so badly wished for. I found my nerd, somebody who has similar interests as me, and someone I can just spend a day cuddled up and playing Pokémon. Life is good.

“I found this photo a long time ago among many boxes in my parents’ closet, when I first saw it, I could only think “wow!, my dad looked good in black; mom always has  been a very beautiful woman, so I’m not surprised by how nice That she  seen here.

According to  my dad, this photo was taken a few days after he declared himself to my mother, he looks a bit uncomfortable”

si desean que Amanda les muestre más fotos de su álbum familiar díganselo en los comentarios :3

Dear him,
I found a photo of us today and all the good times came to my mind. I remembered the first time we talked and the first time you asked me if you could give me a kiss. Our long walks on the beach and our 3:00 am talks. Our road trips and the way you kissed my hand while you were driving. The sound of your laughter and the way you looked at me that made my heart warm in a way nobody else could. Those kind of memories are the ones that stayed and that made me realize that if I ever had the chance to relive those moments with you I would do it without a second thought.
With love,
the girl who thought she doesn’t miss you anymore.
—  lydiaasl 

“I started out in a band because it made me happy. Then all this stuff happened, I got scared and I didn’t know why I was doing it any more until I remembered: because it makes me happy! This is my life. I would be selling flowers on Brent Cross roundabout if it weren’t for the 1975.”