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ive been wanting to get period panties for a while. any tips on how to talk to my mom about getting them?

I assume you’re talking about ones like thinx, right?

try mentioning them in conversation casually (“hey mom, look at this cool thing I found! neat huh”) in text if you’re nervous. if she reacts positively, maybe try asking to try them out, and if she reacts negatively you’ll know that it might not be a good option.

all in all it is your body, so if you’re comfortable going around her and getting them regardless, just be aware of the consequences that may arise.

–mod rae

#menstruation cw

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‘Inventory Check’ (for Dandy)

“Oh, well, I don’t carry much, really,” Dandy says as he unlatches a small satchel. “It doesn’t fit much so I only keep things I really wanna carry around er need. Hmmmm, there’s a few treats that M’ana made me, some gil, some neat things I found in the Shroud earlier, and… a shell that I found on the beach of Costa del Sol on my first date with M’ana, hehe!”


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"Jambu! Jambu! *Clay is running with a scroll clutched with his wing, offering it to Jambu when he reaches him* I found this really neat scroll. It's filled with cute things!" *Its a blank scroll with glass shards everywhere* "*Sad and looking down* I couldn't get the glass to fold..." *Jambu having an inner crisis because he just loves him so much*