Lo and behold, I actually finished some homework today! Noted down due dates for the next two months in my agenda, checked the news (which I’m supposed to be doing daily for one class but… haven’t been), got some initial research done for a paper that’s due in a few weeks, and got one of the chapters read for Monday’s reading assignment.

Also made the discovery that my town’s library moved locations. The new building is pretty cool! I found some neat chair pod things that seem to be noise canceling, which made the part of me that likes small enclosed spaces pretty content. :) They have a creative production lab in the works, too, looks like 3D printing might be available in the future.

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Daichi feeing ultra protective over his chubby gf who slimmed up over holiday (like serinuma kae from kiss him not me) and people who were once mean are now super nice and (in guys case) flirty

I had no idea what who that was, so thank you for explaining for me. Not to mention, that manga looks really cute and I can kind of relate to her and the whole shutting herself in over some manga/anime. Bruh, I swear.

“So you’re okay with it?” you asked for about the eighth time.

Daichi laughed and patted the top of your head, leaning against the ledge of the window in the hallway. You both had some time out of class to talk to each other, and he enjoyed every chance he got.

“Of course. I don’t think of you any differently. You’re still mine, and I love you, (Name).”

You smiled in response, nuzzling up to his hand before starting to go through your bag.

“Oh hey! I found this really neat thing while I was visiting my family in Tokyo. Want to see?”

As you rummaged through your things, his eyes looked off else where. Strangely, you were beginning to receive a lot of attention from other people. Whether it was just staring or actual conversation, Daichi didn’t really like it all that much.

Sure, he was happy that you seemed happy with yourself and how you looked. He loved you either way. But he didn’t like how everyone else suddenly changed their thoughts because of one little difference. Usually people didn’t even notice when you two talked. Now they were staring.

His head turned at a particular far off conversation, being held between two males. A few words caught his attention. Sexy, cute, attractive… He felt his stomach curl. Daichi’s body stood at the ready, as if they were going to attack you or something.

“Daichi?” you seemed curious.

He turned his attention quickly back to you, cheeks red with embarrassment. He was in his third year of high school and he was going to graduate soon. Why was he acting like such a child? He waved it off and smiled at you, stepping closer.

“I-It’s fine. Now, what was that thing you wanted to show me?”

You smiled at his interest and pulled out some sort of phone charm. It was in a set of two and both matched each other. Daichi assumed it was supposed to be a gift in disguise. And he was right.

“I know they aren’t that adorable, but I just had to get them! One for me and one for you! So that you can think of me when–”

He cut you off, “Even when I graduate, I’m still coming to see you. Hush.”

Daichi could feel eyes staring into the back of his head. He could even see some girls staring at you from the corner of his eye. As an attempt to calm himself, he pulled you closer to him and right in for a hug.

You were a little confused as to why this had happened all of a sudden, but you weren’t complaining. A hug was a hug. And you loved his and how warm and safe they felt. You hugged back and kissed his chin.

Daichi got a small, victorious grin, knowing that the guys from before were probably defeated by knowing you were all his. That was a bit of the plan anyway, besides the calming himself down part. He kissed your forehead in return, rubbing your sides.

“Hey, (Name). Do you want to go on a date after practice?”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yeah, I’ll take you somewhere nice. My treat. I haven’t seen you in a long time after all.”

You nodded, handing him his phone charm and starting to think up some places. You didn’t want it to be too expensive, since you didn’t want to be a bother. His triumphant smile never left, eyeing the people around him who were still watching and making comments.

You were all his, and it was going to stay that way. He’d fight them all if he had to, even if it wasn’t in his nature.

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So, I found a neat thing while doing some homework and thought you might be interested to hear about it :) I was doing english homework and I looked up synonyms for the word 'mountain' and the word 'Bluffs' came up. I just found it interesting because the people of Night Vale generally don't believe in mountains while 'Desert Bluffs' practically means 'Desert Mountains'


it’s so interesting how night vale denies mountains and angels but Desert Bluffs firmly believes in them, funny parallels

Also look at desert bluffs itself. So many mountains. While Night vale only has one.

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