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I've look on your tags but I can't find it anywhere. It's a fic where dan and phil go on holiday with the Lester's and Phil's mum think phil is abusing dan bc he has bruises but they are actually hickeys. Thank you so much if you can find it. Xx

Hotel Hickeys and Misunderstandings - Phil’s parents jump to the wrong conclusion when they see Dan covered in hickeys at the hotel pool.

- Eliza

161023 Busan Fansign (w/ Jimin)

Q: What sort of charms does Jimin oppa have?
60% cuteness
20% coolness
less than 10% sexiness
100% mochi rice cake

Jimin, ARMYs forever mochi hehe~ ©

I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.