The 100 Songs Initiative

The aim behind this initiative is to show people from all around the world that Arabic is not just a language of religion, or a language associated with terrorism, that it is more than that, it’s a language of love, poetry, rejoicing, and celebration of life. Religion needed Arabic for its eloquence, and not the other way around, and throughout the past century, many singers arose and each sang in their own dialect, reflecting their people’s dismay and their people’s patriotism, and their happiness, and in doing so, reflecting upon the whole Arab pan region. Arabic is as rich a language as any other language there is, and music was but one of the many channels through which Arabic stands out from the lot, and shines and proves to be one of the most poetic and suited languages for expressing the human sentiments of love, affection, sorrow, and happiness. The goal here is to post 100 translated video by the end of 2017, and each will be in a dialect, from artists from all over the pan region, and songs written by poets of every Arab nationality. Requests are welcome.


THIS IS WRONG!!!!!! THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got around to watching hidden figures, and it’s just,, such a genuinely good movie,, heck


i was tagged by @bubbl3tae and @the-third-guy-from-the-left to do the bias selfie tag!

i’m at the beach this week and i’ve been wearing barely any makeup, so i decided to go for a beach/bare-face theme this time :)

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