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Hi!! I'm sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to say I adore your blog!!! Also I love the way you UF Papyrus's eyes they make him look very cute!!

Oh thank you! You’re not a bother at all~ (^/////^) Yes, I wanted his eyes to contrast with UT pap’s bright, circular eyes-so I gave him simplified slits that are meant to look fearsome, but I guess they do make him look pretty adorable.

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Okay but Juzo liking sweets is p much the best thing to learn so close to Halloween 'cause HALLOWEEN=TRICK-OR-TREATING=FREE CANDY.

OMG I actually totally forgot about Halloween and sweets?? That’s so true aaaah i’ve just been focusing on the horror aspect instead OTL THANK YOU for reminding me!!

   cowabunga dudes I’ve had such a great experience here so far, I couldn’t keep staying quiet for any longer. I just wanna say thanks to everyone who’s shown me love and made me feel safe in this community, and let me close by saying that I’m just very glad that I jumped headfirst into this mess of a game with y'all.

   these are all the cool kids i can think of that i love to see and write with, if you’re not on here, then i probably forgot, and i apologize. i’m off for the weekend, but i hope y’all have a lovely evening!

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describe yourself in three/four characters: johnny, mello, july
how old are you?: 16
current job: neet
dream job: i like singing
what are you talented at?: nothing
what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?: graduating
what’s your aesthetic?: i dont know
do you collect anything?: lighters, napkins from different restaurants
what is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?: i dont know
what’s a pet peeve of yours?: when .. a song comes on in the car and everyone starts singing along that really annoys me
good advice to give?: nothing real
recommend three songs: 1, 2, 3

i tag @8rei @micolas @gyuswife @mingyuslibragf @keiongaku but you dont have to



What do you mean this isn’t canon? Anti-Fraternization law? What are you talking about? Basically, Al and Mei are back from Xing, and Ed volunteered to take them to Roy’s office for some Xing-related business.

AHH, finally finished this! Wanted to post this last July 7 as a gift for myself but nope. Many thanks to @pahndah who’s been so patient with me on the anatomy ;u; as well as my FMA trash bbs @swordbreaker and @thecoolandspicyotaku for helping me with the ranking of Riza and Roy! (who’s already a Colonel and a General, respectively. I also hope you notice the uniform exchange) I know nothing, as in nothing, about the Military, so v many thanks to you two! (all uniform mistakes are mine!)

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I love your piggy rescue art but from a vet standpoint, pigs are very sensitive to disease so it would be harmful to them if they were "rescued" from their usually isolated farms. Tho, roadhog would probably spend his fortune on them for healthcare!

Thank you, and you make good points! I imagine Roadhog being an expertise with pigs so he’d know a nice pig sanctuary to place all the other piggies he’s rescued before.

It’s saying the ‘goodbyes’ each time that’s the hard part ;v;

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Thanks for the deffense for Aang, blaming a 12 years old for the genocide of all his people or his unwilligness to murder was a unpleasing thing to read.

Right? These arguments are brought up almost every time someone wants to bash Aang or take him down a peg (they’re the sort of stuff that get echoed throughout the fandom). I think the idea that he is held on some pedestal is actually false though - he’s pretty controversial.

Of course, in terms of how they view his age or his responsibility w/ the AN Genocide, the fandom is kind of reflective of how ATLA itself deals with the issue. The fact that Aang is a child soldier is important in the show, it’s actually one of the most important facet of his character - he was even visually designed in a way that emphasized his kiddish qualities (really big eyes and head: Aang’s proportions were inspired by a 6 year old boy, so half the age he’s supposed to be).

But it matters most in that everyone around him tends to disregard it. The monks in charge of his education decided to terminate his childhood approximately four years before most other Avatars’ ended (with arguably good reasons), and his friends decided that, as the Avatar, he could no longer have fun with them (”But I’m still the same. Nothing’s changed.”). When he gets out of the iceberg, people blame him for the war as a matter of fact (”You turned your back on the world” or“Have you forgotten that you vanished, allowing the Fire Nation to wreck havoc on the world?” - they don’t care for an explanation, they aren’t trying to be fair), and even when they don’t blame him they still expect him to make things right (to defeat an empire and end a 100 years war like that’s a monumental task and he had approximately 0 training in Avatar stuff and 0 experience in war stuff and he just lost everything - his entire support system is gone: his culture, his home, everyone he ever knew and loved except for Appa). But yeah, to the rest of the world, his age doesn’t matter.

(“I can’t do it. I can’t do it.” “What happened?” “I must have taken down a dozen Fire Navy ships out there but there’s just too many of them. I can’t fight them all!” “But you have to. You’re the Avatar.” “I’m just one kid…”)

He’s just one kid, but truth is, the world is now so fucked up that nobody can properly get that. It’s been a hundred years since Aang’s time (since peace). The old people today grew up during the war (apart from a few exceptions, it’s all they’ve ever known): they, as a generation, probably had to grow up fast too, so I guess there was some idea of childhood innocence lost along the way, from them to their children to their grandchildren (etc.). Aang is a child forced to become a soldier surrounded by other adult kids and adolescent combatants: the difference between them and him is that they were born in this violent environment. Sokka, Suki, Jet, Zuko, Azula, etc. were all trained or trained themselves for war and responsibilities from when they were little. Kids fought this war, kids lost and kids won this war. This is how low the world has fallen. Nobody is no longer willing to be surprised at how terrible this is.

More than that: as the Avatar, Aang is kinda dehumanized by the people around him. General Fong thinks it’s okay to experiment on him, physically assault him or emotionally torture him if it means he can turn him into an efficient weapon in his war (he watches him cry and beg for mercy, watches the kid turn into a monster and all he can think is “it worked!” - that’s a good thing, that’s what was supposed to happen). People all over the world send him to fight their battles without remorse, without question (Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, White Lotus). A whole city wants him to die a horrific death for a crime he committed in another life. He’s twelve, and he’s asked to let go of fear, guilt, shame, grief, to let go of all his personal attachments for the sake of the world (and he does - even if for just a moment).

Zuko couldn’t bring himself to end Zhao even after all he did to him, he couldn’t watch him be swallowed by the Ocean Spirit without extending a hand, trying to save him. But he watched a kid he knew die, shot with lighting, and showed no emotions (a kid he fought beside, who saved his life twice, who wanted to be his friend - a kid he helped to kill): for him this was only the fall of his nation’s greatest threat. He came to understand the atrocities done by the Fire Nation, to others and to himself, and he confronted Fire Lord Ozai: “My father who challenged me, a thirteen year old boy, to an Agni Kai! How can you possibly justify a duel with a child?” and “It was cruel, and it was wrong!” - but he still had no qualms about sending another kid, even younger than he was back then, to the very thing he thought was so cruel and so wrong. He had no qualms making fun of his unwillingness to kill.

(Why didn’t Zuko do it? He knew the atrocities his father was about to commit, and he had the opportunity - a golden opportunity that would never present itself again. Destiny, really? Is your idea of what “destiny” should be worth risking the world for? I still think the truth was that he couldn’t bring himself to kill someone who meant so much to him for so long.)

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Bright colors and cuteness for everyone

Hold me tight [ Part 1 : Namjoon ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 ||

Synopsis : Amaurophilia . They say firsts are always special. Aren’t they ? 

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

( If you stare too much at his fingers, this happens)

Day 1, 8:45 PM,

The taxi dropped you off at the entrance of the upscale hotel. You glanced up at the huge building, the kind you would have never been able to afford a night in, and still don’t, with your current lifestyle and also, bank balance. Until now at least.

You went in trying to look like you actually belonged there with all the other people inside and not like what you were really in it for. The sound of your high heels echoing on the overly polished floor as you rushed through the lobby and into the elevator, to the room you were told was agonizing.

Standing in front of the door, fully aware that this is the crossing point, once you step inside there was no turning back. You breathed in knocking a few times, as quietly as you could afford.

“ Coming ” A deep husky voice called out from behind the door, and you heard the foot steps getting closer to it. You didn’t know that one word would trigger your heart rate to skyrocket, you were already starting to doubt the decision you made to join this sort of arrangement. However, the reason you decided to do it was still present and very much alive, money. You rubbed your hands on the hem of your dress when the door clicked and he opened it with an undoubtedly attractive dimply smile as he scanned you up and down.

“ Y/N ?” He asked, you could definitely get used to hearing that voice, something about the vibrations of his tone made you want it to moan out your name. You shook your head, focusing back on him and smiled.

He stepped away from the doorway, letting you in before closing the door, locking it. You walked into the suite-like-room, glancing everywhere but at him. It was clear that you were nervous, unlike him, who seemed accustomed to these kind of meetings. On the table was a half-empty glass of wine, with a few full bottles of the same liquor and cigarette butts, the white smoke still streaming freely into the air of the room, creating a very subtle ambiance.

“ I was told you were new ” He advanced towards the table, taking a drag out of the cigarette in his hand then put it out on the ashtray, looking up to you “ And that I’m the first one, is that right ?”

“ Uh, yeah, pretty much ” You nodded, rubbing your arms, more out of nervousness than cold.

“ That does put so much pressure on me ” He chuckled hoarsely “ I need to leave the best first impression, if I want to be chosen that is ”

“ Do you want to be, Namjoon-shi ?” You stuttered, always having felt insecure about such statements.

“ By someone as appealing ?” He took another step “ Absolutely ”

The confidence and certainty in his voice made you smile, letting go some of the nerves that had been sending cold shivers down your spine. He loosened his necktie, walking towards you, and instead wrapping it around his hand.

“ I have three rules ” He stopped a breath away from you, making your heart jump under his dark gaze. You just nodded.

“ One, if something is not to your liking or is too much for you, you say so ” He brushed your hair away from your face, tugging the strands behind your ears.

“ Two, drop the honorifics. Just call me Namjoon, until I decide otherwise ” He unwrapped the tie from his hand, covering your eyes and tightly tying it behind your head, making sure not to pull any hair along with it. You parted your lips to question him but he silenced you with a finger over your mouth.

“ To make it more fun, for the both of us ” He replaced his finger with his own lips, pressing a quick one and pulling away “ You’re too nervous, breathe ”

You didn’t realize you were even holding in your breath until he pointed it out, letting out a deep sigh you tried to cope with the darkness.

“ Now, where were we ?” He asked.  

“ Three ” You whispered, trying to make out his movements from the faint sounds, being uncomfortable with not knowing where he was nor what he was doing. There was a moment of stillness where you only heard some fidgeting around you but not quite, you assumed he was taking his clothes off from the random sound of a zipper.

“ Three ” You flinched, his voice too close to your ear, his breath tickling the small strands of hair on the back of your neck. He was now behind you “ You’re not allowed to come until I say so ” Namjoon whispered.

“ That confident with yourself ?” You couldn’t stop the words before they got out, saying what was on your mind has always been your biggest weakness.

“ We’ll see about that in a moment ” He chuckled deeply, his voice reaching you louder now that your other senses were magnified from the blindfold.  Namjoon unzipped your dress, sliding it off your body.

It was in fact a relief that you couldn’t see him. It gave you some kind of boost into standing there nearly naked in front of a complete stranger. His cold fingertips trailed back to your shoulders, shivers following them, turning you to face him.

There was another pause, this time there was no sound and no movement you could grasp. The anticipation creating a nervous knot deep inside of you. Just what he wanted.

“ Beautiful ” He said against your mouth, again lightly brushing his lips against yours. You tilted your head for him to reach you better slowly parting your lips allowing him in. He licked the outline of your teeth, his tongue tasting of smoke but it didn’t bother you, as it would normally do. You actually wanted to taste it even more. You moaned into the kiss when his hands dig into your lower back squeezing tightly. He broke away from you.  

“ On your knees ” His voice was more hoarse than before. You complied to his command kneeling down until your knees met the rough carpet.

You were instantly met with his bare erection poking at your mouth urging you to open it. Your hands came up from your sides, he guided them intertwining his fingers with yours for a split second as you wrapped them around his length. You took him in unhurriedly, discovering his size, as you didn’t know what to expect. The stretch itself was enough to strain your jaw a little when he thrusted fully inside your mouth provoking a deep grunt that burned your throat.

He gathered your hair into a fist behind your head as you started bobbing your head back and forth, relying only on the low, muffled moans he let out to know you were doing right.

The position gave him the entire upper hand, allowing him to thrust in harder whenever the pace wasn’t to his preference. His other hand rested on your neck, tilting your face up, stoping your motion to sink into you completely, lightly grazing the back of your throat in the process.

Your hands moved from the base of his erection to the back of his thighs, digging into the skin enough to bruise when he started to move again, faster than before.

Namjoon pulled out on the verge of his release leaving you breathless and gaping for air. You didn’t really like how you had no control over what was happening, just following his orders. He told you to stand up, guiding you somewhere with his hands on your hips.

His lips were on yours, messy and sloppy compared to the first times, as he unclasped your bra peeling it off of you without breaking the contact. The cold, almost non-existent, breeze made your nipples harden and your arms shot up to cover yourself, suddenly losing the same confidence you had a second earlier, for the same reason you even had it. He stepped away making an unsatisfied whine.

“ New rule ” He grasped your wrists yanking them away from your chest “ I get to see every part of you I want, got it ?”

You nodded, gulping at the menacing tone.

“ Use your words ” He playfully traced the line between your breasts.

“ Yes, Namjoon ” With those words he pushed you onto the bed. You couldn’t deny that it somewhat excited you now, the take over. You pushed yourself further into the sheets feeling your way on it, starting to get accustomed to the darkness now, especially the empowerment of the other senses.

He pulled  at the final piece of clothing separating you from being completely exposed. You lifted yourself off the sheets making it easier for him to slide them off.

“ Good girl ” He praised against your inner thigh, separating your legs and coming up to hover over you.  

He ran his finger down your slit before letting a finger, then two, slip easily into your heat distracting you with the feathery kisses he had been tracing on your neck and collarbone before settling on your lips once more, your tongues wrestling one another.

The sudden intrusion rang in your head with slight pain and you found yourself frozen in your place  all your nerve endings on fire.

“ Oh god!” You moaned into his mouth when his fingers went instantly into work, wriggling inside of you. Your walls clenched hard on him, while you were getting wetter and wetter making it easier for him to slide in and out. That until he let a third digit in, exploring and stretching out your tightness.

Moans and groans of euphoria poured out your throat. One of his hand, having been supporting him off the bed took a handful of your breast, flicking the end, letting his weight settle partially against you. His mouth joined on the other breast, pressing a kiss then roughly sucking in the hardened nub enjoying how vocal you were being.

You arched your back off the bed as his pace was definitely growing faster and rougher, everything moving in perfect synchronization. The overwhelming mixture of all sensations erupting inside of you, blending in with the scent of your own arousal and his musty smell. God, you loved how he smelled. Your muscles started to tense up when his slender fingers twisted inside of you, his thumb making swift circles on your clit.

“ You can’t come until I tell you ” He said that, but his movement just went quicker and rougher. Too taken into the pleasure pooling inside of you, only lewd voices were able to make their way out “ Do you hear me ?” His voice dropping an octave snapping you out of your trance.

“ Yeah … damn …I ” Your breathing became shallow and fast “ Please, I can’t …” Words turned into a  breathy grunt spilling curses. Suddenly, the dam inside of you broke erupting with a releasing scream. Your body momentarily arched off the bed in the spasm of your climax, unable to control your senses.

“ What did I tell you ?” He pulled out his fingers, creating another small wave of shivers, wiping them on the sheets

“ It’s not fair, Namjoon, not when you’re-” A threatening growl silenced you.

“ On second thoughts, I would prefer hearing another word from those lips ” He dragged his thumb over the sensitive and swollen clit, the contact making you shudder from overstimulation “ call me daddy ”

When you squirmed away from from his touch, he pinned you down with a firm hand on your lower stomach “ You want to come that badly, I’ll gladly make it as you can’t handle it anymore. I’ll make it as you can never forget about me ”.

You couldn’t tell whether that would be a good or a bad thing, at this point you didn’t really care. This was the first experience to many others, and you were more than anticipating them.

He held you down while letting his, now, dry fingers dip inside you again. He twisted them, spreading inside of you, he directly started hitting that same spot that made you come undone before. Making it his sole goal is to repeatedly brush it roughly and precisely. You could feel the beads of sweat making their way down your forehead, cold against your heated skin. It wasn’t long before you felt the familiar knot once again forming inside of you with his harsh thrust along with the mesmerizing sound of his deep breathing echoing in your ears overlapping with your own. You swore you started to see white, even with the blindfold on, colours indulged your sight sending you into what only felt like heaven.

“ Please … ” From begs to moans, you didn’t know what you were asking for, but it was the only word you seemed to know repeating it with each drag of his digits.

“ I’m not stopping you ” He chuckled obscenely then triumphantly when your second orgasm hit you harder than before, sending your body out of control. Even him taking his fingers out was too much of a stimulation for you, too much of a movement. You were left a panting mess, spread out on the bed, every muscle in your body aching from the intensity.

“ Already ? I was going to have more fun” He bent down, hovering over you once more. You felt your way to his face, tracing your fingertips up his arms and the outlines of his flexed muscles, his skin smooth and slippery with sweat.

“ I want to see you ” You stuttered, brushing your fingers on his mouth. He smiled against your hand, shaking his head.

“ If you ask nicely, I’ll let you ” He pushed you further into the bed, positioning himself between your legs.

“ Please ” You voiced in more of a question than a plea. Namjoon shook his head again, but you brought him down to you capturing his lips between yours. He hummed in satisfaction when you released him.

“ Still doesn’t cut it ” if you could see him you would have been able to witness the beautifully drawn smug smirk on his face.

“ Please, daddy ” You breathed out in defeat.

“ That’s more like it, good girl ” He reached behind your head undoing the necktie, his hand then leaving you to position himself at your entrance. You took off the blindfold, your eyes remaining closed for a moment to cope with the change of lighting.

He moaned deliciously into your ear as the tip pushed into you, his length throbbing from the wait. You opened your eyes, seeing white for a split second as he started a steady thrusting, the sight was much more consuming than the pleasure from it.

You body was glistering with a thin layer of sweat, connected to him in more than a way, he looked down at you with hooded, dark and lustful eyes his damped bang covering most of them.

“ Maybe you were right ” He whispered, coming down to kiss you more passionately than before, his hands circling your face stroking it gently. You clenched around him just when he raised his hips ever so slightly then lower again driving himself deeper with each thrust as you came up to meet his pace.

Namjoon suddenly stopped all movement gazing into your eyes with nothing less than hunger for you, mirroring your own. You couldn’t help but smile at his expression .

“ You better choose me ” His compelling voice almost persuading you, maybe even completely.

Brushing your hair away and giving you one last kiss, he resumed his movement feeling his close release. You tightened your thighs around his hips your legs pushing him as deep as he could go into you until he came with a deep throaty grunt the pierced your ear.

You woke up the next morning with his business card on the nightstand and a two notifications, one from the agency and another from the bank.

“ I hope to see you again, soon

                            - RM ”

[ Kim SeokJin, 29, Pink

Mokjin Restaurant, 10PM ]

[ $30000.00 has been deposited] 

Day 2, 9 AM.

Sooo, this is the first part, finally, of my first smut centered serie … be nice xD

He gets jealous - TVD preference

Author’s notefuumeitsutano requested this more than a month ago and I totally forgot (I’m so sorry, m'love), it’s been sitting on my laptop since the 2nd of January, I just forgot to post it. I’ll do more for you though, dear, since I made you wait so long! Thanks for the suggestion and inspiration! :) xxxx

Damon: Damon was rarely jealous – he knew that you were his and that you loved him, he called it confidence, you’d say it was arrogance. That being said, sometimes Damon would get jealous and it was never a fun thing to witness. He’d become irrational and ill-tempered and usually caused either a verbal or physical fight. You would be the tension diffuser and you’d have to drag your idiot of a boyfriend back to his house. It took a long time before he calmed down, he would always talk about how disgusting the guy who was ‘hitting on’ you was. To fully calm him down and bring him back from murdering the poor guy, you’d prove to him that he was the only one you had eyes for – that plan has never failed yet.

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Bow before your new god, Seven-Zero-Seven

A friend gave me a expression meme request on twitter and since it was my first time drawing Seven I got a bit carried away 


Hello Everyoneeee!!! today is Christmas eve eve so I decided to do a Follow Forever to thank all the amazing and  beautiful people that keep my dashboard and my life going. and because is my name day and i can’t wait until new year to post it so yeah hahah. I have been so lucky to meet the most incredible and nicest people ever and I feel so blessed to be a part of this tumblr family. From the bottom of my heart i wish you all the best holidays ever and Merry Christmas! 

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STORIES FOR MONDAY: The Album That Almost Wasn’t

It’s MONDAY morning right now.

I’m drinking coffee on my rooftop, overlooking downtown Los Angeles, and I’ve finally had a moment to catch my breath and take in the whirlwind of the last week.

First things first, I just want to say THANK YOU from all of us for the response to Figure Me Out. It is absolutely frightening to be that honest, and that vulnerable, and have people open their arms and embrace it fully. I was speechless. This song means more to me than you will ever know. It’s no secret we took a long time to put some new music out, and I completely forgot what it’s like to get gratification for something you made. There’s no feeling like that in the world, and I can’t believe I almost never let it happen again. Here’s to a new year.

If you haven’t heard yet, our new album STORIES FOR MONDAY, is coming out on April 1st. About time, right? We’re really proud of this one, and truly believe its our best album yet by a mile.

It’s also “The Album That Almost Wasn’t.”

The last thing I remember, we were finishing up Warped Tour 2014, and had been on the road for the better part of 16 straight months. We were exhausted, but there was a new album to be made, and the rest of the band was getting ready to move out of Arizona and come join me in LA. We were gonna be closer together, but we somehow grew further apart. I started writing new songs, and I got completely lost in my own head. Nothing felt genuine, I had nothing honest to say, and I had no idea how to grow as a band, as a business, and as a songwriter. With Legendary, we were given a small taste of the" big leagues,” the finer things, and the radio, and then bad timing led to the radio pulling the rug out from under us. Nothing we could do, but I knew I wanted more, so I put so much pressure on myself to write a bigger, better song. I felt trapped, and started avoiding making a new album by running away from it entirely. I think I went to Mexico three times over the course of seven months. I spent more days on an agave farm outside of Puerto Vallarta learning how to make tequila than I did actually writing songs. It was amazing, irresponsible and absolutely terrifying.

Fortunately for us, while I was traveling the world and hoping a song was gonna come to me, Jess was continuing to grow publicly by pursuing side projects and speaking tours, while John and Stephen were making a new home in LA and getting exceptionally good at learning how to make records themselves. I look back now and realized that saved our band. This album would be nothing without them.

Anyway, over the course of the next year a handful of songs did get written. Some in New York, some in Nashville, only one in Mexico (too drunk), a few in London, and a few at home in Los Angeles as well. Unfortunately I wasn’t sure what to make of any of them, because they all felt disjointed. Nothing seemed cohesive and exciting. I had been told we were missing “a hit,” so I would go back to the drawing board time and time again. I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I distanced myself from everyone. I got so discouraged I called my mom, told her I didn’t want to make music anymore, and went back to Arizona to hide for a few weeks. I didn’t want to make a sound or write a single word.

That’s when I wrote “Figure Me Out,” and all the other songs started to make sense.

It was an accident. I was deliberately trying to not write a song ever again. I didn’t know who I was any more. It was the middle of the night, and I kept fumbling around the phrase “I’m a bit too pop for the punk kids, but I’m too punk for the pop kids.” Then it all just started spilling out. I sat down at my parents piano, in the house I grew up in, played the first chord and sang the words “I believe there’s more to life than all my problems.”

That’s when all the problems went away. Sort of.

It’s really hard to separate art from business. I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. I was still so caught up in the idea that we needed a hit song in order to take this to the next level. I wish I knew six months ago what I know now: You can’t predict a hit song, you can only be so in-tune with yourself creatively and emotionally that people start to pay attention.

Unfortunately this almost got the best of us, and on a melancholy day back in September we sat down as a band at our favorite bar and decided we had “run our course” and that it was time to “break up.” Both Jess and I broke down in tears at our favorite places on earth that day; mine being Disneyland, her’s….the bar.

Before you get sad, I want you to know this was the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

We were free. Mostly from ourselves. I dropped my ego. We stopped giving a fuck about what anyone else thought of us. We were gonna put out one last “farewell album” and call it a day. We stopped looking for a another producer, and decided John and Stephen were good enough to do it all themselves. I stopped trying to write a “hit song” and realized the 11 songs we had in front of us were good enough. In fact, they were GREAT enough. The reality is, once we stopped overthinking it, we realized everything we needed was right in front of us.

We went from nothing to everything and produced the entire album in a month.

The MONDAY after Thanksgiving, three days before we were going to announce our hiatus, Joshua Montgomery called all of us and we talked about how proud of this album we are, and how big of a shame it would be to not give it a fair shot. He convinced us to let go of our pride and realize that this band definitely isn’t done. I’m so happy to say he was right.

We may have had to convince ourselves it was over in order to get this album done, but once we finished the best album we ever made, we realized this story is FAR from over.

In fact, WE’RE GONNA GO ON TOUR. We’re fucking dying to. The STORIES FOR MONDAY tour kicks off April 13th at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, then takes over the United States. UK, we love you as ever and will be seeing you in May. Rest of the world, stay tuned….we miss you and we will see you soon.

This was almost gonna be our last tour ever, but we’re pretty excited to say that’s just not true anymore :)

I don’t know who it was that said “If you never thought about giving up, you haven’t tried hard enough,” but they were right. Don’t give up when you’re down. The Summer Set is back and better than ever.

That’s our story. What’s yours?




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Birthday Back-Up

It’s fifteen minutes before the first class and one o fmy grade 8 students has arrived early.

Him: “Sir, when’s your birthday?”

Me: “February. I don’t like giving out the date.”

Him: “Oh.”

Something’s off. I quickly check his student information on my computer. I then grab a chocolate bar from my back room. I place it on his desk.

Me: “Happy birthday.”

Him: “How’d you remember?”

Me: “Certain birthdays are easy for me to remember. I don’t know why.”

Him: “Thanks! My sister forgot my birthday.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sure she’s just waiting for after school.”

I call his mother later to make sure her daughter remembers her brother’s birthday. She says she’s on it. The sister later sends me a thank you note.

I allow myself to eat one of my back-up chocolate bars to celebrate this tiny victory.

(You Suck, Sir)