well its official i survived my first year of college :’) and now that im on summer break i wanted to make a follow forever (accompanied by a terrible edit) just to say a quick thanks for putting up with me :~) ive been on tumblr for 3 years now and ive made some fab friends so this one is for you guys!

first things first: my homies

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you are the wildest bunch of people i know and i love spending my time talking to you guys. you guys never fail to make my day better and i always laugh out loud reading our insane messages. i absolutely LOVE how extra we are all the time and if i ever fight you guys just know that i dont mean it - unless i fight aileen or ada :-)

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–– lana getting emotional ;;

okay. i honestly don’t know where to begin?? it’s been 2 mcfreaking amazing years role playing this little dude here, & he is the very first muse i’ve had this long. i just want to say thank you to the ones who has been there for me from the very beginning. i’ve made so many wonderful friends on this journey, old role play partners, new ones. you all are amazing! i honestly couldn’t ask for a better dash if i tried. coming here makes me so happy, always puts this stupid big smile on my face. i’m so thankful that you all are still sticking up with me & my shit. haha, you’ve all worth so much & honestly you all should be rewarded for being my friend. i still can’t believe people would follow me instead of all the other beautiful role players, but thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! it means so much to see people appreciating what i do…….. i’m getting very emotional now so i should stop. yeah, i love you all BIG TIME! ❤

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stonersterek asked:

The bloody hands shot is definitely Stiles. If you look at the sleeves it looks to be a dark colored sweater. From bts pictures we've seen Stiles in a dark purple sweater with a cut in the chest. stonersterek(.)tumblr(.)com/post/113980101025/recent-picture-of-dylan-on-set-x

You know I had intended to include that in the post, but i forgot to add it. There is a weird sentence around the bloody hands section where I say something like “I think it’s stiles’ both because…” and then I just list one reason. This was supposed to be the other, so thank you for reminding me :) 

I know the quality of that cap isnt’ the best, but the sweater does look to be purple

And we have seen Stiles in this color for season 5 like you point out

But I actually think it’s the purple hoodie, that looks more to be the right material at least.

mishasbootyjams asked:

When I see your URL, I say "hey! my fave is on my dash, I'm going to go virtually hug her" and usually I do just that! I hope you're having a great day, cutie (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Omg. At first I was like Awww who is this? I FORGOT YOU CHANGED YOUR URL lmao. But omg you’re my fav too! You’re so precious. Thank you! I hoped you’re having a wonderful day too!! ^^!!! So sweet!

anonymous asked:

Forever a Hero by Anybodys, Incapable by KnightedRogue, The Winner by Force Unbroken, A Thousand Pieces by Motchi, Fact by Fair-Ithil, Question by Limelight, What My Senses Tell Me by holdouttrout, Carry On by LASOS, Some Secrets Best Kept by Srellet, Enroute to Endor by Rachaelprincess (I think you can find it on nerfherdersplayground), To Know Better by Limelight, A Missing Moment: Sullust by Zolo77, Thank You by KnightedRogue, Being Unbroken by KnightedRogue, Always in Motion by suezahn

Ok, I received this MONTHS ago and I’m so, so sorry I forgot to post it!!  But for jmespotter and anyone else looking for some good fic, here is part one of a four part list that this wonderful Anon put together for us.  

Just drop the titles in Google and you’ll be all set!  (You may wish to say goodbye to your weekend if you do that though.)

Thank you so much, Anon!

150519 - Sunggyu - Twitter

정말정말 감사합니다 근데 제가 너무 놀라고 당황해서 제일 중요한분 이름을 말씀못드렸어요 종완이형 너무너무 감사드립니다!!!!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

I’m really really thankful but due to shock and confusion I forgot to say the most important name Jongwan hyung thank you very very much!!!!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

trans. cr; minjoo @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

150519 - Twitter @kyuzizi:
정말정말 감사합니다 근데 제가 너무 놀라고 당황해서 제일 중요한분 이름을 말씀못드렸어요 종완이형 너무너무 감사드립니다!!!!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜ


Really I am so very thankful, but because I was so shocked and surprised I forgot to say the most important name Jongwanie-hyung, thank you so so much!!!!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

translated by: fyeah-infinite ; take out with full credits.

anonymous asked:

ahh youre such a cute noodle!! do you happen to have the link from where you gor your wig?? ;u;

I tried looking for the link to the guy i got it from on amazon but the wig/pictures are completely different now Dx

but this one looks almost exactly like the one i have??? 


{i apologize in advance for the abuse that your eyeballs are about to endure thanks to my horrendous editing skills!} but greetings and a big ol’ hieeeeee earthlings!!!! i recently hit 515 500 followers!!!! so to quote a legend; party!!! i started this blog off in january and had a whompin’ 20 followers that never seemed to increase. so feeling defeated and v alienated from a community that i wanted to belong to more than anything, i pm threw in the towel. however, with season 7 premiering in the beginning of march as well as me still reeling from seeing BOTS live in montreal at the end of febraury, i decided to give this another go!!!! boy oh boy am i eternally grateful that i did!!! i still have no idea why 99.9% of you follow me bc i never kiki’d with any of the queens, i can’t draw for shit and, as you can see from this; my photoshop skills have RECEIDED just like mom’s hairline !!! regardless of how baffled i am, i’m still so tremendously thankful for every last one of you hunties and my membership in this fab fandom. so, without further a due……

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I can’t believe that I already have over two thousand of you lovely people following me. It astounds me every day that people are even interested in the things I write, say, and create. So this follow forever is just a little thank you to all of the amazing people who make my tumblr experience wonderful.

Of course, I can’t have a follow forever without giving thanks to my wonderful bestie, Haleigh. I don’t know where I’d be without you and I’m forever grateful that we became best friends over a year ago. You brighten up my life. Thanks for always listening, encouraging, and supporting. I love you, dear!

Below are some of the people who brighten up my dash daily. I feel so honored to say that the majority of you are already friends with me. (I am extremely sorry if I forgot someone. If I somehow missed you, and you believe you should have been on here (if we’re mutuals), please message me so I can correct my mistake! - full blogroll on sidebar)

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anonymous asked:

meave ur gorgeous and how r ur lashes like??? amazing??? what mascara do u use plz help a nerd out

hey bud!! my eyelashes are naturally pretty long but i use vaseline to help them grow! vaseline works as a cheap and easy lash conditioner so your eyelashes grow stronger and thicker. just apply some at night before u go to bed. 

my mascara is rly gr8 too! its givenchy noir couture. its a bit pricey but well worth it.