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your header is beautiful ✨literal goals is to draw awesome stuff like you do!! 😄💕

“its bc barry is already beautiful” -harold jordan most probably, 2017

and !!!! this is the greatest compliment :’) your halbarry icons and draws are already so cute, im sure that your passion is (more than) enough to give you the necessary drive to improve technically. other than that, the effort and emotion that you put into your work make it all the more beautiful. lets both work hard to produce and share the things we love with everyone. im starting to sound cheesy so im gonna cut it here haha, have a nice day!


✈️ Tutor AU ✈️

Jimin is one of the most popular boys at school. Jungkook is a nobody. A nerd. What happens when Jungkook ends up having to tutor Jimin and they get to know each other?


I forgot to say this before but thank you for all the comments! Reading them makes me really happy that you guys are enjoying this au! <3 It coming to an end! Hope you enjoy!

Tell me what you think!

at first glance

in which he falls in love with you at the real first glance


feedback is greatly appreciated!

Originally posted by katalxy

  • so
  • he first sees you when you’re helping a kid pick up the papers that some jerk knocked out of his hands 
  • he’s just casually saying hi to some giggling freshman girls ,,, when he hears someone yelling at someone else 
  • he turns and sees you picking up a binder and cursing out one of the guys from his frat, whose glaring down on you,,, and you’re so tiny compared to the dude but you’re holding your ground and defending the small fragile freshman boy who got the stuff knocked out of his hands by the asshole
  • Seungcheol cringes when the dude starts to yell back at you,, and no one is intervening 
  • he quickly says bye to the girls and makes his way to the scene and puts himself between you and the asshole,  scared because the boy looks like he’s about to punch you 
  • “duDe lay off!” he says, pushing the guy slightly 
  • the guy huffs, but he respects Seungcheol because he’s kind of the president of the frat ,,, but he glares at you 
  • “whatever,, they’re losers anyway” the stupid goon says and walks off 
  • Seungcheol sees you roll your pretty eyes , ahem what,,,  he just notices how pretty you are,,, 
  • he’s about to ask you if you’re okay but you completely ignore him and turn to the kid 
  • you smile at the boy and fuck, Seungcheol is a goner 
  • “you okay?” you ask the boy, dusting off his stuff
  • the boy blushes and nods, mumbling a thank you and running off
  • you finally turn around and are startled to see Seungcheol still there 
  • “you need something?”
  • “um no.. i - “
  • “ok. bye “
  • he starts looking for you after that and is happy to find out you’re in one of his lectures 
  • he starts sitting next you, hoping to talk to you,, but you always look bored and never acknowledge him 
  • until one day you asked him if he wanted to study for the upcoming test
  • “ik we never talk, but you look like you’re struggling, i can help you.. since i forgot to say thank you for helping last time” 
  • and Seungcheol realizes exactly how kind you are 
  • so he agrees and he goes over to your dorm, happy af and ready to spend time with you, even if it’s just studying 
  • and fuck you’re smart af & funny too ??? how can you be so perfect ???
  • the two of you become super close after that 
  • and everything is going great and he’s working up the courage to ask you out when it happens 
  • you get punched in the face by the dude you went off last time because he tried messing with the kid again 
  • and it’s … horrible 
  • Seungcheol is so frustrated and just so angry 
  • so he does something out of impulse 
  • he beats the shit out of the guy 
  • he ends up with a broken nose 
  • he tries to avoid you because you’re a smart person and he knows you can piece the puzzle together after you hear the news the guy was expelled and got jumped 
  • but you show up to his frat and make a scene until Vernon has to take you up to his room 
  • he curses to himself and stumbles to cover up his face,, but you already saw 
  • “thE fuCk happened to you- WAIT”
  • you look really really mad and you’re marching up to him and he’s like oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck when he just blurts it out
  • “I LOVE YOU”
  • and you stop in your tracks like what ???
  • but he’s already standing up and walking towards you slowly, face beat red, but he’s holding onto all his courage and cups your face and just kisses you
  • he finally pulls away and he thinks he’s fucked up bad, when- 
  • “damn, i’m bout to get some tonight”
  • and he literally can’t stop laughing for five minutes straight 
  • you roll your eyes, but you’re smiling fondly at him 
  • “i love you too”
  • “id do anything for you”
  • “well fuck, ok”

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18 and Zack please? You're my favourite blog- sending massive hugs! X

“What are we? 15?” Zack jokes as he plops himself down beside you on Alex’s couch. You, along with the rest of the boys and some other drunken party goers, are gathered around Alex’s living room, playing a rather juvenile game of truth or dare.

“Shh,” Jack hushes the muscular boy, his eyes focused on Alex as he reaches over and gives an empty beer bottle a significant spin in the middle of the coffee-table. You let out a small laugh as Zack rolls his eyes.

The bottle lands on a girl Zack’s never seen before in his life. She chooses truth and the circle is immediately booing but she refuses to change her choice, having to answer some overtly sexual question which causes her to flush bright red. 

“Wow, this is dumb,” Zack mumbles under his breath, only audible enough for you to hear, although you were sure that wasn’t his intent. You turn to him with a smirk and he chuckles a little, raising his brows at you to challenge him. 

“Here,” you say, grabbing a full bottle of beer off the table and placing the cold glass in Zack’s large hand. He grasps it firmly, a smile toying at his lips. You grab the closest bottle opener and pop the cap off it, smiling smugly at him as you tip the bottom of the glass up towards his lips. “Have a drink, relax, become less boring,” you tease with a smile, watching as his lips curl upwards into a smirk at the neck of the bottle.

If you insist,” he mutters, taking a long pull from the drink. You watch him and as he pulls back he looks at you for approval, cocking a brow at you. You nod, satisfied and turn back to the game which has continued without the pair of you.

The girl, having successfully completed her turn, now reaches over to spin the bottle in one quick, fluid motion. It comes to a slow stop, the neck pointing directly at an already groaning Zack. You let out a giggle, biting your lower lip in an attempt to smother your laughter. He shoots you a glare whilst Jack practically lunges out of his seat. “I dare you to streak!” he suggests, excitement foaming in his expression.

“I didn’t even choose truth or-” Zack begins to argue, but the group are already cheering and hollering at the suggestion, a smug smile plastering across Jack’s face. “I’m not streaking,” Zack mumbles adamantly, taking another sip from his beer as he shakes his head.

You’re unsure as to how Jack had managed to convince Zack to go fully nude and run up and down Alex’s street, but in front of you stood a very much naked, flushed red with embarrassment and cold, Zack Merrick. You’re laughing, holding a pile of Zack’s clothing in your arms, as Jack explains the rules to the muscular, rather impressively built man. “Okay, okay, I’m fuckin’ freezing, let’s just do this,” Zack mumbles, bouncing on his feet, cupping his intimate parts with both hands, preserving absolutely no heat.

You’d seen Zack shirtless plenty of times, in fact, probably more often than not, but it was always a welcomed sight. His well defined abs, his broad shoulders, his toned arms. You’d never seen this much of him before, however, and you can’t stop your eyes from travelling lower. Inspecting the ridges of his V-line, the clear outline of his calf muscles, his wide thighs that could easily crush your skull with little to no effort. “Okay, go!” Jack exclaims, waving his arm as if this is the beginning of a race. 

Zack takes off as if he’s on fire, which is quite the opposite. You’re surrounded by laughter as you, and your friends, all watch his tanlined butt jiggle as he runs at a speed you’d never seen him move before, desperate to get this over with.

You’re all laughing and clapping wildly as he sprints back to Alex’s front door, almost slamming into the crowd that’s formed at the doorway as he charges inside, needing the warmth - or lack there of. “Good job!” Rian chuckles, slapping Zack’s wind-stung back hard, leaving a white handprint in his now red skin. He winces as people disperse, heading back to the living area. 

Zack’s panting, clearly winded - not from the running, you suspect, but from the breathtaking chill in the air. He slips into the tiny bathroom beneath the stairs. “Hey, Y/N? My clothes?” he speaks, his voice ragged as he tries to even his breathing. 

“Oh,” you mumble, finally snapping out of your thoughts. You open the bathroom door and step inside without even thinking and Zack immediately jumps back, covering himself. He raises his brows at you and you feel a blush light up your cheeks, a gulp slipping down your throat, but a smile twitches at your lips. “Hmm, cold out there?” you tease. You hadn’t actually seen much, but you wouldn’t deny an opportunity to make him squirm.

He lets out a fake laugh, narrowing his eyes at you. But you see that little spark of uncertainty, the nervous croak in his tone, the nibbling of his lips. You inch closer to him and he seems lost for a moment, captivated by the small movement which, had his nerves not been set alight, he probably wouldn’t have noticed. “Fuck you,” he scoffs, looking down with a light blush creeping up his neck. He turns a little, avoiding your gaze and shuffling his feet.

You keep your eyes on him, reading his responses as you move closer and closer to him, until your close enough for your breath to tickle his skin, warming him up. He turns to you now and the pair of you are pressed flush against eachother, eyes locked in an empty conversation. There’s a magnetic force between you and your lips are slowly pulled together. You drop his clothes from your hands and that motion is enough to push him further, confident sparking in him.

If you insist,” you respond, your voice sultry and smooth, like silk encasing him and causing a growl to burn in his throat as his hands reach for the sides of your face, pulling you roughly towards him and pressing his lips to yours valiantly, the pressure enough to coax a moan from your smothered lips. 

Your hands tangle into his hair in an almost aggressive manor as he hitches you up onto the sink, reaching over to lock the door as you wrap your legs around his bare hips, your heels digging into him as you pull him as close as possible, kissing him with such force and need that the pair of you are completely blindsided, lost in the fleeting moment.

Everything I Forgot To Say - To Taylor

We talked about music

We talked about my cat

You called me an angel and gorgeous, I will never forget that.

I fell over your couch

We danced all night

But most importantly, you hugged me tight.

I forgot to tell you so much

So I’m saying it today

Here is everything I forgot to say:

Thank you for being there since I was six

For making me smile

And teaching me how to do awesome hair flips.

Your music was there when my house burnt down

Through the high school problems

And when I have a frown

Thank you for hanging out with me online

For being so inpsiring

And making me smile all the time

Because of you I play piano and ukulele

I paint your lyrics

And listen to your music on the daily

Most importantly thank you for wanting to meet me

October 18th was truly a dream

I miss you dearly

I forgot to tell you how much I love you

I forgot to remind you to have a great day

I think that was everything I forgot to say.

Dear Evan Hansen in Hogwarts AU (headcanons!!) [Part 2!!]

Yes I know this is so late but I’ve been working on this for some time so… here ya’ll go!

Again, I’m always—ALWAYS—open to headcanon submissions and love it whenever someone leaves an ask or submission with headcanons so feel free to go leave some in my inbox! Go wild guys.

(Takes place in an “OOPS CONNOR IS ALIVE” au)

•Connor has a cat as his pet. And he’s so dang proud of it, it could practically be his son already. He’s overprotective of it. If anyone tries to harm it, he goes INSANE.

•The cat’s also his comfort animal. Whenever he feels particularly sad or depressed it suddenly comes up next to him and lays on his lap and just allows Connor to pet him to help him come down and get more control of his emotions.

•Meanwhile Evan has an owl who he didn’t even buy from a pet store in Diagon Alley.

•He just found the poor thing as a baby freezing outside after a storm.

•Then he just made the decision to pick it up and care for it, because Evan knew that the baby owl was dying and in desperate need of help, and he couldn’t let the poor thing die.

•Zoe also has an owl, and her owl and Evan’s are friends.

•Meanwhile Alana has a cat and she’s taught it to do much more than get mail… she’s taught it how to defend her, how to pick up her wand (because even Alana can be too lazy to say “Accio” on some days), how to help her clean a spilled tub of ink, and a whole lot more. Basically, the cat’s just as smart as Alana is herself.

•And poor Jared is the only one of his friends that has a toad. And they won’t let it go. Ever.

•"A toad, Kleinman?? I’ll have Blackbird chew that thing up into bits when you turn your back.“ “Well who the fuck even names their cat Blackbird, Murphy?”

•And out of spite Jared joins the Frog Choir and becomes the darn best member of it and eventually becomes a soloist.

•And then, of course, in the most Jared-like way possible, he rubbed it in to everyone who teased him for having a toad as a pet.

•In the summer before their third year, when Evan told Heidi she had to sign his slip for him to go to Hogsmeade, she absolutely freaked out.

•"Are you gonna need bug spray?? Extra jackets for winter? I should probably increase your allowance. Listen, young man, I am requiring you to have my number on speed dial on all those trips so you can call me if something goes wrong, okay? Oh my god my son is growing up so fast…“

•And then on his first trip to Hogsmeade, it was so cold outside that Evan simply couldn’t stand the weather and simply speed-walked into the nearest restaurant, grabbed a seat, and got a hot mug of butterbeer to warm up a little.

•Larry and Cynthia also demanded that Connor and Zoe stick together on their trips to Hogsmeade when going out of Hogwarts and going back in just to make sure that the two of them are okay and not injured or anything like that.

•But Connor ended up having to follow Zoe across Hogsmeade because he was a bit afraid of getting lost but wouldn’t admit it obviously.

•When Zoe noticed and asked what he was doing still following her around he just froze, and then on instinct grabbed snow from the ground and threw it at her.

•And of course Zoe had to throw another snowball back at him before suddenly regretting her decisions in fear that Connor would react aggressively or threaten to kill her… like the many different times he had done before.

•But then to her astonishment he lets out a small smile and makes another snowball before hurling it at her.

•And soon both Zoe and Connor are running across Hogsmeade throwing snowballs at each other and laughing hysterically. (See folks, I’m a sucker for the “Murphy siblings healthy relationship” alternate universe so I’m just gonna slip it in here…)

•Meanwhile Jared heard from a friend that he simply had to visit Honeydukes… and that’s exactly what he did.

•And the kid literally spent thirty minutes or so just wandering around the shop buying an assortment of candies before running out the door with a grin and proceeding to find Evan.

•Of course it took Jared another good fifteen minutes or so to find his “family-friend” before eventually finding him hidden inside The Three Broomsticks with an empty mug in front of him.

•"Hey.“ "Hi.” “I bought some stuff at Honeydukes. Want some? And what are you doing all cooped up in here anyways??” “I don’t know, I’m not too fond of the cold.” “Oh well. Nevermind that, I’m here so you’re a little less lonely. Want some jelly beans?”

•They then spent the next hour trying Every Flavor Beans and sometimes choking on their own laughter when the other would get a disgusting flavor and run for a glass of water and spit the half chewed up jelly bean into tissue paper.
(Perhaps now may be a good time to say I proudly ship Kleinsen and had to include one cute moment with them in here. If you ship Connor and Evan or anything else though, feel free to imagine this playing out with whoever you ship!!)

That’s all the headcanons I have for now! I’m planning to make a Part 3 soon, and am currently working on a Hogwarts AU for the musical Spring Awakening due to a request.

Also, I forgot to say… OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500+ NOTES ON MY LAST SET OF HEADCANONS YOU GUYS. I never expected it would be that popular. You guys are the best, I swear 💕

Old Habits Die Hard

Originally posted by heavenatniiight

Word Count: 1,929

Warnings: smut, cursing 

 Reader!xLip ; Reader!xIan 

 *****Also, I wrote this on my phone so excuse any mistakes, & The weird way it looks😁 *****


 Standing on the front porch of the Gallagher house, my arm freezes before I could knock on the door. I hadn’t been here in 6 months, not since Lip and I broke up and he started screwing Karen. I saw them around, doing the things he and I used to do and it killed me. She helped him get into ACT/SAT tests to make money, she walked with him all around the neighborhood, I stopped coming over 2 weeks after we ended. It wasn’t my safe haven anymore, but today was different. Ian had called me looking for Frank, because I guess he was missing. 

I brushed it off until I looked at the screen of my phone and realized it was the last Friday of the month. Or in Frank terms, disability day and without thinking I grabbed my old Vans and my “thick” winter jacket and walked out my door. 

That’s how I ended up here, looking like a pussy because I can’t go in there and see him and her together or know if he’s even in there. Without thinking my hand knocks on the door and almost immediately I hear a reply. 

 “Its open!” 

 Taking a deep breath, I turn the knob and look to my left. Everyone is there, V, Lip, Ian, Carl, Karen, Fiona, Debbie, and even Fiona’s new boyfriend Steve. Everyone has a phone in hand, not looking up to see who it is as they continue to search for their father. Walking in I take a seat on the steps before whipping out my phone to start making calls too. The first person I call is my cousin Tommy (A/N: not a real Shameless character)

“Hey, it’s Y/N. I was wondering, have you seen Frank?” 

 “Frank Gallagher?”

 “Yeah Frank Gallagher.”

 “Nah, not since last night at the Alibi. He seemed pretty shit faced but what else is new?”

 “Aight, thanks T. Lemme know if you hear anything.”

 “Will do.”

 Before I can dial another number Veronica’s phone is whipped out the window causing everyone’s heads to turn to look towards her. V looks out the window while Ian hangs up his phone, before turning towards the front door.


 Veronica walks out the house leaving the rest of us sitting there with confused looks on our faces. After awhile of more phone calls, Fiona tells us all to split up and hit the usual spots. Fiona and Steve take Debbie, while Lip and Karen run off which leaves Veronica, Ian and Carl. I head off from the three to head to the Alibi Room, seeing as I’ve grown up with everyone there maybe someone can help.

*Time Skip*

After making no headway with the the Alibi room or any other bars, I head back to the Gallagher household to see Debbie sitting in the middle of everyone while she has a mini panic attack. Looking at Ian he seeing my confused face before looking back at Debbie. 

 “Holly thought she saw a body under the tracks at Halstead.” 

 Shock is the first thing that hit me before I grip onto the wall and slowly slide down until I’m sitting on the steps. I can hear someone talking -i think it’s Stev and Fiona- but I can’t focus on him. I look up when I hear the back door slam to see Lip walking in with Karen right behind him. 

 “That depends, uh, how was he looking when you left at the Alibi Room last night, Steve?”

 I look over at Steve as he lights a cigarette. For the first time in months I wish I had one in my hands at the moment. Before anyone could really figure out what Steve was doing at the Alibi Room last night with Frank, Kevin bursts through the door with a distraught look on this face. 

 “Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?”

I look over at Lip to see he’s already looking at me with a look of shock. Did he just notice I was here? Did anyone really notice I was here? I look over at Ian to see him smiling at me and for the first time in what’s felt like years I smile back.

 *Time Skip*

 Sitting on the Gallagher couch later that night watching an old movie while snuggling up to Ian with Fiona and Debbie on the other side, I glance over at Lip to see he’s already looking at me again. I shake it off as I turn back to the movie and snuggle deeper into Ian’s side.

“Oh, Y/N. I forgot to say thank you for helping us look for Frank. You didn’t have to walk all the way from your house just to look for him.”

 I wave her off with the flick of my hand. “This was my family at one point, and when Ian called and asked if I’d seen Frank I honestly brushed it off thinking he went on a bender again, but I’m glad everything worked out Fi. I’m also sorry about Steve.” 

 She smiles sadly at me before turning back to the movie. I look to my other side at Ian and poking him in the side. 

 “Wanna go smoke in the van like old times?” 

 Ian smiles at me before nodding his head. “Hell yeah.” 

 I stand from the couch, fixing my pants and shirt before walking towards the back door. 

 “No funny business you two, we don’t need any babies around here.” 

 I smile to myself before looking over my shoulder to see Ian, and Lip following behind me. Stepping outside into the cold air I walk to the van before getting into the back. I pull out a pack of cigarettes I had Fiona buy me before lighting one up and taking a large hit. The door opens again but instead of Ian it’s just Lip and I stare out the back window.

“So this is how it’s gonna be? You show up for the first time in months and won’t even talk to me?”

I turn around to look at Lip and watch as he lights a joint. “What was I supposed to say Lip? Did you want me to pour out my heart in front of Karen? What did you expect me to say?” 

 Lip takes a deep hit from his joint as I continue to smoke my cigarette. 

 “I never thought you’d come back here.”

 I scoff at him. “I practically lived here for 8 months Lip. This was my home too.” 

Now it was his turn to scoff at me. “You fucking left Y/N! In the middle of the fucking night, like a little pussy because you couldn’t face your goddamn problems!”

I open the back window and throw the rest of my cigarette out. “What was I supposed to fucking do Lip?! Pretend I didn’t know about you fucking other girls and then coming home and laying in bed with me at night?!” 

 Lip looks at me closely before opening the door and stepping out. 

 “Oh fuck no.”

Climbing out after him I slam the door and walk into the house right behind him. “You wanted to start this fucking conversation Lip. fucking finish it and quit acting like a pussy!” I scream at him as we walk up the stairs. 

 “Maybe you shouldn’t act like such a bitch and I might want to talk to you!” Walking into the room Lip shares with his brothers he whips around to glare at me.

I open my mouth to keep yelling at him but before I can say a word his lips are on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and curl my fingers in his hair while his hands roam down my sides to the back of thighs silently asking me to jump. 

Complying with his request I jump and wrap my legs around his waist. We walk over to what I presume is Ian’s bed before I’m tugging on his clothes trying to get them off and he’s biting my neck. His mouth gets to my sweet spot and I let out a loud gasp as his fingers find my panties. I arch my back slightly when he inserts two fingers into me, while his palms rubs against my clit. His mouth is still sucking at that spot on my neck, no doubt leaving hickies that I’ll have to cover tomorrow before his hands are pushing my pants down my legs and I’m trying to get his belt buckle undone. 

 Lip quickly pushes my panties to the side before sinking into me all at once. My nails are digging into his shoulders when he starts to move his hips.

“Fuck.. Lip.”

I throw my head back slightly as he picks up the pace and buries his head in my neck sucking slightly all over.

“Fuck.. Y/N.”

 Hearing my name come out of his mouth sounding like a moan causes my core to tense and my legs to wrap around his waist tightly. I look up at him and dig my nails into his back before lightly nipping at his earlobe. 


 Lips hands land on my hips as he thrusts harder. You can hear Ian’s bed smack against the wall, and my moans are anything but quiet. I remove my legs from around his waist as I fist the sheets of my friends bed when I feel my stomach start to clench.

 “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop.” 

 At my words Lip starts to slam into me, causing me to rise on the mattress. Lip starts to attack my neck once again, groaning against my skin as I clench around him. With a finally slam of his hips, I reach my end. I gasp loudly as the pleasure rocks through my body over and over while Lip continues to fuck me through it. 

Seconds after Lip follows, spilling into me as he groans loudly into my neck. We lay there a minute, naked as sweaty before the reality of what just happened sets in. I try to push Lip off of me, only to stop when I feel his thumb massaging my hip bone. I freeze at the touch before looking at him and not saying anything. He is the one to break the silence. 

 “You can wear my clothes, and sleep in my bed. It’s too late for you to walk home right now.” 

 I just nod my head before he starts to get up and hands me his t-shirt from the floor. After climbing into his bed with him behind me and his arm around my waist, I feel his body relax and pull me closer. I continue to lay there for awhile before Ian comes in and looks over at me with a knowing look. 

 “Really, my bed?”

“We couldn’t really wait to get to his bed.” I reply sheepishly. 

 “Its good to see you back in that bed, or even in this house. We miss you. Even fuckass over there, he just won’t admit it.”

“I can’t keep doing this Ian, even if i miss you guys too. I know where this road leads, so why am I doing this?” Ian shrugs before taking off his shirt and removing his sheets. He lays on the bare bed with his hands behind his head. I sigh, before intertwining Lips fingers with my own. “Old habits really do die hard, don’t they?” “Maybe Y/N, maybe.” After that I close my eyes and slowly drift off into a dreamless sleep.

heyy!! I know I haven’t posted in so long I am so sorryyy!! but I forgot to say thank you for 1k last week!!! I am so shocked lol but thank you nonetheless!! I will be posting more soon hopefully!! ✨✨✨

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Hey, I'm sorry, this is a really stupid question, but I honestly don't know. What is the deference between being nonbinary and agender? Once again, sorry for the stupid question. (P.S. You guys are so awesome and really help me feel better about myself! Keep doing what you're doing, please!)

Hello, Anon!

This isn’t a stupid question at all; don’t beat yourself up about it. Never stop asking questions and never stop learning!

Nonbinary is a term that applies to anyone who doesn’t fit into the binary gender categories of “Man” and “Woman”.

You can be nonbinary if you feel like you only partially fit into a binary gender, fit into both binary genders, have a mix of both genders, or have a gender that is nonexistent or unrelated to the binary genders!

This is where agender comes in! Someone who is agender doesn’t have a gender, like me! My gender, just doesn’t exist or it can’t be defined. My gender is actually a lack of gender???

In conclusion:

  • Nonbinary is a broad term that applies to everyone on the gender spectrum that’s not male or female.
  • Nonbinary can also be used as an identity all on its own!
  • Agender is a specific type of nonbinary identity
  • Being agender means you don’t have a gender, or that you don’t experience gender.

Hope I could help!

Edit: I forgot to say thank you for all the kind words!!! You’re amazing, Anon. We run this blog because it helps people like you. I’m really really glad we’re helping!

oh i forgot to say thank you for all the nice and supportive messages and all your wonderful compliments about avey i’m CRYING ;-; i should’ve expected some backlash tbh because i know how people are on here. it’s fine though i just pray 4 them and hope they realize that this shit only hurts trans people. love u all

As Easy as Falling 31/?

New Chapter of As Easy As Falling….

A/N: I completely forgot to say thank you to @mel-loves-all for the Felicity Bucket List Idea that was used in Chapter 29. Sorry about that my friend, thank you for your idea - it seems everyone loved it xxx

Summary:  Felicity Smoak had everything figured out until tragic news causes her to rethink her life. As part of dealing with tragedy she embraces her adventurous side in the form of skydiving. Will love be waiting for her between the clouds or will she let tragedy keep her away from falling?

Read from the BEGINNING AO3



He feels his body go numb just as the words reach his ears. If he’s feeling panicky right now, how is she feeling? He tries to look at her but her facial expression remains closed and pensive, but he knows her better. He knows her thoughts are spiralling in her head at a million miles per second and right now he can’t do anything to make it better.

Dr. Isaacs discusses the way forward and the treatment options he wants to start next week and it suddenly feels like someone hit a fast forward button because when he starts paying attention to his surroundings again, the appointment is over.

Felicity greets Dr. Isaacs and they head for the clinic doors. She looks calm, but he knows there’s a war waging inside her. She has a smile on her face but it’s strained.

He opens the car door for her to get in and quickly makes his way over to the driver’s side. After he puts on his seat belt his hands tighten around the steering wheel. She must have noticed his white knuckles, when he feels a small hand on his thigh.

He risks looking at her, but he’s blown away by how calm she seems. Suddenly he’s unsure if he really knows what’s going on in that beautiful mind of hers or if she’s putting up her best act to soothe him.

“I’m a bit tired.” she says, her voice is calm and steady. “Would you mind letting Gina Dickens know I’ll reschedule our appointment for the wig?”

He nods in response. He doesn’t trust his voice and the last thing he wants to do is upset her more. He takes her hand still lying on his thigh and holds it for a while. He can feel her pulse in her wrist and he needs to take a deep breath when the thought enters his mind that feeling her like this, being with her, hearing her voice is all on borrowed time. Nothing he can do, no amount of money or strings his family name can pull will take away this disease.

He gives her hand a final squeeze before he lets it go to drive them back to her house. Her hand remains on his thigh all the way until they reach her house.

The drive home was silent and when they enter her house, she only gives him a kiss on the cheek and he knows to give her the space she needs to work through the news and her own emotions.

He takes a seat on the sofa, pulling Felicity’s ever present blanket over him. He can’t hold her right now, something he longs to do, but smelling her on the blanket is oddly comforting. He’s not sure if he should let anyone know what’s going on, but he decides to at least let Donna know. She can be a bit much sometimes but Felicity is still her daughter and she deserves to know what’s going on.

He lies down on the couch clutching Felicity’s blanket and very soon he’s overcome by darkness as he falls asleep.


A knock on the door wakes him. It takes him a while to figure out where he is and when he looks at his phone, he sees at least 90 minutes has gone by since he fell asleep.

He opens the door and finds a distraught Donna on the other side. She immediately embraces him and he holds on to her, the numb feeling returning to his own body.

“Where is she?” Donna asks when she breaks the hug.

“She’s sleeping.” he answers and gestures for her to come inside.

“Oliver…” she starts and stops in the middle of the lounge looking at him with tears in her eyes. “I know she probably doesn’t want me here, but I have…I need to see her. Please? I need to see my baby girl and make sure she’s okay.” she sobs, barely getting out the last few words.

Oliver moves closer and envelops her in another hug. He holds her tight as she cries.

“Okay. I understand. I will be right here if you need me.”

She gives him a grateful smile and disappears behind the bedroom door.

He decides to make some coffee. Felicity always believes that caffeine is the cure to everything; maybe she’s right and at least by busying himself with something other than thinking about their current situation will help him breathe a little easier.

It takes a while to get the coffee machine running and getting the cups ready, when Donna joins him in the kitchen, taking a seat on one of the bar stools at the counter. She looks relieved, almost calm and he knows he’ll probably be in trouble with his fiancé for letting her into the bedroom, but seeing Donna, he’s happy to take that shot.

Without a word he pours her a cup of coffee. He places it on the counter for her to drink when he hears more footsteps heading his way.

Her hair is a mess and her eyes are red from crying, but she’s smiling at him. His brain is telling him to still be careful about what to say and how to handle her, but she’s having none of it. She walks straight towards him and swings her arms around his neck, her fingers playing with the hair on the back of his neck. He gently brings his hands to her waist, still a little unsure of how to act right now and looks into her eyes. She smiles, not once looking away and then it hits him…everything hits him so hard and the tears he’s been fighting since Dr. Isaacs broke the news wells up in his eyes and he can’t stop them from escaping and falling down his face.

A soft sob escapes his lips and she soothes every emotion by pressing her lips on his. He drinks in her presence as she kisses him, a promise that everything is going to be alright. Her arms leave his neck and she cups his face, forcing him to look at her when she whispers, “it’s okay, I’m right here.”


They spend some time with Donna, talking about trivial things when the conversation suddenly turns towards the wedding. He almost freezes at the change in subject but Felicity continues to indulge her mother and continue the conversation.

It isn’t long after this Donna decides to call it a night and with much more peace than she arrived, she leaves giving them both a long hug goodbye.

Felicity closes the door and when she turns around to face him sitting on the couch, her smile fades and her expression turns serious. His heart skips a beat, thinking that the big talk is about to happen…everything that he feared will now be discussed in detail and who knows, maybe after receiving the news she’s changed her mind about getting married and she doesn’t know how to break the news to him.

She takes a seat next to him and takes his hands in hers. She looks at him and all he can see is love. His heart wants to break at this moment; he doesn’t want to lose her.

“Oliver, we need to talk.” she begins and his heart tightens in his chest.

He merely nods, not saying a word.

“Today was eye opening for me…it was really hard to hear the news and it felt like after all the treatment and hope and pep talks, it was basically for nothing.”

He wants to tell her she’s wrong, but he can’t. How can he give her hope when he himself has not come to terms with what actually happened today. He feels raw, but he knows they can’t give up, but how do you convince someone not to give up when there are so much emotions bottled up inside yourself?

“But while I was trying to come to terms with what’s happening, I realised today more than ever that you were right. We’re not promised tomorrow and in my case there might not even be a tomorrow but I’m tired Oliver…I’m so tired of waking up every day and wondering if today will be my last…I’m tired of making decisions based on ‘what ifs’ and I’m tired of trying to do this on my own and spare the people I love.”

“My whole life I’ve felt alone, I’ve had to fend for myself, work my butt off to get where I am and I pushed people away in the process because I was scared, but no more. You, my mom and everyone else have been here all along, and even though in a way I’ve given over a bit of what I feel, I’m done hiding. I need to live for the now. I don’t want to die and know that my time spent with you was only with a part of me.”

“I told you that I would marry you and Oliver I still do. After today even more so than the day you asked me. I’m sorry that I pushed you away today. This is hard for me, but I only realised when my mother showed up in my room that all of this is just as hard on you guys too and I’m sorry.”

“Felicity…” he whispers, more tears joining the conversation.

“Oliver, I love you so so much and if I get to live two weeks or a month or even a year, every day that I am still alive I want it to be with you. I want to give you me, the real me, all of me. So, if you’re still willing and will still have me, wi…”

“How can you even ask me that? Of course I still want you. Nothing has changed for me Felicity. I told you that it didn’t matter what today’s results would reveal. I love you and I want to marry you, no matter what.” he quickly adds and pulls her in for a hug. She holds on so tight it’s like she’s afraid he will disappear. “It’s okay beautiful, I’m not going anywhere.”

She gives a sigh of relief and looks at him again. “Okay, if we’re going to do this, we need to make another appointment with Gina…and Oliver?”

“Yeah?” he smiles at the mischievous way she says his name.

“Your fiancé needs a ring.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for improving listening? My reading and writing are great, but my listening is horrible

Ahhh! I just sent you a message about listening, and i just realised I forgot to say hi! or thank you! I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!! I feel really bad now! 2/2


here you go, i put the two pieces together so now you’ve actually said hello and everything’s great! about your question i’d suggest you take a look at this : x, listen to as much as you can, can be podcasts, music, movies, shows, radio… also check youtube (actual youtubers but also videos about french alphabet)! 

also audiobooks : some can be available for free on youtube (here : hp and the sorcerer’s stone, l’étranger (camus), others : x) - i’d say read at the same time!

hope this helps x 

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coolmomacchiato  asked:

Hey! I love your art, and wanted to know - do you color using Illustrator? Your paintings have the really clean, bold look of vector art, but it seems most people use PS. If you do use Illustrator, would you mind perhaps posting a tutorial eventually?

Actually I do all my art in Clip Studio Paint (formerly called Manga Studio) that’s a kind of a cheaper alternative to Photoshop (and I personally like a lot more for everything except text~). I did used to do a fair bit of work in Illustrator before, but unfortunately since my Mac that had my programs died I don’t have access to Adobe stuff anymore. Really did enjoy making art in Illustrator though.

I can’t give much of a tutorial without the program, but I can say my basic method was to make each of the shapes with the pen tool and when I was ready to shade I would make a new line outlining where the shadows would be, then duplicate the original shape, select the duplicate and the shadow outline and use the Divide (i think?) Pathfinder option to split the duplicated shape in two. I’d delete the half that wasn’t going to be the shadow and the other half I change to the shadow color.

(The reason I duplicate the original shape and delete the second half of the split object instead of just splitting the original object directly is in case I change my mind and want to move the shadows I’ll still have the original shape easily accessible~)

Hope that helps maybe?!

That might be hard to follow without any illustrations. I actually do have the program at work, so let me know and I can grab some screenshots from there on lunch break next week.

(Probably my most recent vector piece was one of the first posts I made here, and it was kinda old even before that~ ):

Bonus Rambling!:

I think part of why my non-vector art has that look though is that most of my line work and all of my base colors/shading are done without any AntiAliasing. It makes the lines incredibly crisp, but pixelated if you zoomed in on them, with no blurring to soften them at all like most photoshop brushes have by default. It’s not something that’s a problem unless you’re zooming in to the original sized art though.

I’ll usually go over my lines and base colors/shading with softer brushes, especially on faces to give them a softer look and put some flush into their skin.

Edit: Gah! I forgot to say thanks you for the kind words too! :D

hey, i forgot to say– a warm thank you to everyone who urged me to go to the doctor. i doubt i would have gone if people hadn’t told me i should, and the doc said that if i’d ignored it pretty much any longer my eardrum would’ve burst. so thanks 💖