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Hey hey! I finally finished my pictures based on the fic i’m writing along with Mae (over here). This time I did Angus, Gregg and Bea… All in Ms Paint of course because it was fun to do so.

Also… I gotta bring out the singing voice canons too. So with Gregg, my sister @j4m-ch4n and I like to think Adam Young (x). With Angus… I don’t know what his singing voice canon would be.. But I have been listening to Patrick Bruel and imagining Angus singing this song from Moulin Rouge so here’s a little treat fo you all (x). Lastly with Bea… I like Elizabeth Hale (x) (then she never sings again, so who knows lmao).

Yeah…. Just lame doodles I drew out based on a fic im writing on the side. Enjoy peeps. (owo)b


lazy: a custard bread couple doodle

p.s. i made this on my iphone notes app w my right index finger & i’ve never taken an art class in mi life so @ my art friendies i apologize in advance that mr. min holly is half yoongi’s size.

You Literally Just Threw Up!

A/N: So I seriously felt nauseous while writing this because god I hate getting sick, I have an actual fear, so yeah… 

@colormemeow This was the best Idea I had for your request but I wasn’t sure because i kind of described the sickness part a little too much! Sorry about that, I may rewrite it later..

Request/Prompt: Requests open? If not you can totally ignore me! Can I request an imagine with either Damian or Jason (you can decide) where he takes care of the reader well they’re sick (or on there period, if you’re okay with that) Requested by @colormemeow

Summary: Jason takes care of you when you suddenly catch the flu (I am so bad at summaries, oml sorry)

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): Puke…? 

Word Count: 500+

Note: Seriously, If you don’t like anything to do with vomit, I suggest you scroll past this NOW. I even felt sick while writing it… oops…

Tags: @solis200213 @colormemeow @wynterrobin @crazyfangirl1810@just-a-girl-maybe (I think thats it? if i forgot to tag you I’m sorry!!)

When your stomach first began to hurt you it was during the movie you, Jason and his brothers were watching. You didn’t think much of it and kept watching the movie ignoring the pain in your stomach. However, you kept feeling something come up to your throat and it felt hot and uncomfortable through the last few minutes of the movie, as if it was burning the inside of your throat.

When the movie ended you immediately went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before making your way to Jason’s room. You slipped on one of his shirts and went to bed, occasionally sipping at your water before closing your eyes once again.

“Y/N? You okay?” You heard Jason whisper to you, which felt as if he was yelling, your head beginning to have a high amount of pain.

You groan lowly, rolling around under the sheets with a hand on your forehead, “Yeah, I’m just not feel all that well,” You said quietly, slowly sitting up to take another sip of water. In that moment your eyes widen, you felt hot and broke into a cold sweat as you rushed to the bathroom in the hallway. Jason had ran after you, stopping at the door seeing you sitting in front of the toilet with your head nearly in the bowl as your dinner came up in chunks.

Jason gently pulled your hair back as you kept vomiting, his brothers checked to see what had happened and immediately offered to help but Jason ended up shaking his head and closing the door. You gripped onto the bowl, puke dripping from your mouth and your throat burned, coughing a few times to make sure everything was out before pulling back. You had to plug your nose from smelling the horrid stench you just hacked up, knowing that alone could trigger the sickness again.

Jason grabbed a face cloth and quickly wetted it under the sink, pulling your hand away and gently wiping down your face, handing you a hair tie so you could pull your hair back. He sat next to you and gently rubbed your back, not saying anything knowing your head must’ve been pounding

“I think I’m good…” you said after a little while of complete silence, moving to stand up from where you sat, but Jason gripped your hand, “You literally just threw up! Be careful, I’ll bring a bucket to the room and a cold cloth,” He spoke in an almost whisper, slowly standing up with you, guiding you back to his room and tucking you into bed.

Jason left for a moment, coming back with a bucket and a cloth just like her said. He sat on the edge of the bed and placed the bucket on the floor, gently laying the cold, wet cloth on your forehead.

“Tell me if you feel like you’re going to get sick, okay?” He gently rubbed your hand as he crawled to the other side of you and simple sitting up against the pillow, making you smile just a touch.


Nothing you say can convince me that this is the same person...

I mean, look at this:

This is a baby.

This is a psycho.

This is daddy. 

They not the same person. Nope.



Okay let’s actually look at this in a more genuine light. Specifically I want to look at something I noticed about halfway through the game: that there is a weird parallel between Akechi and Futaba that’s never really brought to attention. I mean, you know, outside of the ‘he’s actually like us’ line. 

Both are highly intelligent but have a severe issue with socialization. They both rely on their abilities to sustain the idea of them being around because they don’t feel they have a place among a social society (and are attempted to be drawn out of this shell, with differing levels of success, by the protagonist character). Both have a non-existent father figure who ditched them, and a mother figure who struggled to raise a single child and eventually died when they were young. Both seem to blame their own existence for the death of said mother figure. 

Futaba is the introvert version of Akechi. 

Akechi is the extrovert version of Futaba. 

Both are isolating themselves from society out of an innate fear of stigma and rejection, they just do it in different ways – Futaba by leaving society as much as she can, and Akechi by being an omnipresent celebrity without actually making any meaningful social connections. 

None of this actually means my theory of them being half siblings is true but I feel like these parallels are an interesting thing to think about. But that does bring me to one final point that I would like to discuss REGARDING the half siblings theory: the mother resemblance. While we never see Akechi’s mother in the game, its basically all but stated that he strongly resembles his mother over any resemblance to his father (which is true, he looks NOTHING like Shido aside from that I think they have the same eye color). But…that brings up something interesting too. 

Who does FUTABA most look like?

I don’t know if its just me but Futaba seems to resemble her mother a lot. She has the same sharp chin, a very similar lip structure, and a similar neck and shoulder build to Wakaba. And while her eyes are bigger than Wakaba’s, I could argue that that’s more due to age and that there’s a slight similarity in the eyes too. Where she got the eye color and red hair from, I couldn’t imagine, but this all stands to reason that like Akechi….Futaba has far more physically in common with her mother than her father. So this is another minute parallel that seems to exist between the two. 

Again, none of this directly says that Futaba could be Shido’s child but the parallels between these two characters are so thick that I can’t be brought to believe that its a coincidence of some sort. 

Because I have nothing else of value to say, here’s the promotional art that used red as Akechi’s hair color for the purpose of color parallels with Joker. Because while it has nothing to do with this, I still think its funny that there’s a picture of redhead Akechi when there’s a potential of him having a redhead half sister. Again, nothing for certain, just for fun. 

Edit: pfft whoops I forgot to tag this as spoilers sorry, I’m not used to blogging about shit that’s actually NEW

I Guess Studying Can Wait...

A/N: I was studying for a test that is tomorrow but this idea came to mind and I HAD TO WRITE IT. I may fail this test but shush, this was more important!! I Swear!

Request/Prompt: XX

Summary: You forget to study for a test, before you could leave Jason distracts you

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): Make-out scene?? 

Word Count: 300+

Note: XX

Tags: @solis200213 @colormemeow @wynterrobin @crazyfangirl1810 @just-a-girl-maybe (I think thats it? if i forgot to tag you I’m sorry!!)

You cared very much for your grades in school and couldn’t have a bad mark on any assignment or test you were given. You always studied a week before and somehow memorized everything you learned, however lately you were slacking off and it was only last minute you remembered about a big test on Monday. You were at the Wayne Manor watching a few movies with Jason when it suddenly hit you in the face, your eyes widened and you jumped up from the couch causing Jason to jump at your sudden actions.

“Y/N?” He reached over and grabbed your arm with a concerned look over his face, pulling you back towards him. His hand landing on your hip as you were turned to look at him, your hands pressing against his chest.

“Y/N?! What’s wron-”

“I forgot about the test that was on monday, if I don’t get a good mark on this my grades could PLUMMET. My parents would kick my ass!” You try to get out of Jason’s hold to get out of the Manor and back home so you could start studying. But you failed miserably as Jason only seemed to hold onto you tighter to prevent you from running off.

You saw him roll his eyes as you glared up at him, using all the strength you had in attempt to get out, “Jason! Let go-” You were taken by surprise as he slipped his arm around your waist and pressed himself against you, his other hand coming up and resting on your cheek, closing the distance between you two in a slow kiss. You were hesitant, but slowly you began to kiss back with your arms looping around his neck, breathing in his scent while holding back the urge to moan as he nipped at your lip. You ran your fingers through his hair, feeling your shirt slowly riding up your torso while Jason’s cold hand pressed against your bareback.

You pulled back with a small gasp, both you and Jason heavily panting and faces flushed red. You couldn’t help but smirk as you lean forward just a touch, your lips brushing against his but you didn’t connect them, feeling his other hand slowly trailing down your body only to stop at your hip.

“I guess studying can wait…”

Don’t Worry, I’ve Got You

A/N: I loved writing this and I WANT to write more because I kind of left it on a cliffhanger and stuff? I guess. Anyways! Hope you like it!


Request/Prompt: Prompt 13 from This List requested by Anon!

Summary: Tim finally finds you after you suddenly disappear 

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Warning(s): not that I know of

Word Count: 200+ (oh lord this is SHORT)

Note: XX

Tags: @solis200213 @colormemeow @wynterrobin@crazyfangirl1810 @just-a-girl-maybe (I think thats it? if i forgot to tag you I’m sorry!!)

You were pressed against the corner of the room, knees against your chest with your hands gripping your hair as you block out any sounds that came around the room. Your mind was foggy and your body felt completely numb, your eyes hurt from crying so much and your throat felt scratchy. You didn’t know what to think, frankly you couldn’t think at all with a constant fear washing over you every second that passed by.

You quickly cover your mouth as you begin to sob again, forcing yourself to keep quiet as you hoped someone would realize your disappearance. Whether it was your boyfriend Tim or his brothers, all you wished was to be safe, be home, be with someone.

You didn’t notice someone slam open the door and call out your name, you didn’t flinch as this person ran up to you and kneeled down beside you. You did flinch when they gently grabbed your arm in attempt to wake you back to reality.

“Don’t hurt me!” You yelled out, smacking the person’s hand off you as you choked out a sob at the moment you realize who it was. He was slow while wrapping his arms around you, not wanting to frighten you more.

“Tim… Everything hurts…” You quietly mumble as Tim slowly picked you up from the cold ground, pressing a soft kiss against your temple.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you…


Pairing: Finn Balor x Fem!Reader

Request: Can I request a Finn x reader, the reader gets to be in a tag match with the hardy boyz (she’s the champion) and Finn gets worried/jealous because he knows that (y/n) had a huge crush on Jeff Hardy when she was younger and is thinking the worse when Karl and Luke assure him that she only loves him?

Words: 1,400+

Warnings: A Hint to smut at the end, I don’t think anything else? (Maybe OOC Finn… pls dont kill me)

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post this, Summer is pretty busy for me because my Rude Ass Family likes to take advantage of our pool :( Hope y’all like this!
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