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"there's a phanfic i read a while back where dan gets a bloody nose and thinks about self harm but stops and then phil leaves to visit his family i think and while he was gone dan got triggered again and ended up self harming but i forgot what else happened, do you know where it is?" That's trigger warnings exist for a reason by romanticphantasies

Trigger Warnings Exist For A ReasonAfter getting an accidental bloody nose, Dan remembers how mesmerized he is by his own blood. Sure, he’s been self-harm free for years now (with the help of his lovely boyfriend, Phil), but the night that he has dubbed “The Red Wedding: Dan Howell Edition” changes things.

- tori

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I can't find "f" anywhere on hiragana or katakana. HOW DO I EVEN SPELL RUFFI?!?

ohgod, so i know I said I wouldn’t respond to anymore anons about Japanese help but this is completely my fault because I totally forgot to mention combos in my original post (I’ll edit my previous post soon)

click read more to see some helpful Japanese character charts that I may or may not have copied from my textbook!

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I promised I’d write this One-shot forever ago for @yugiohrox and 100% forgot till I was looking through some of my saved files and found it, in need of editing. So have a Bokuaka/Kurotsuki double date. Heavy on the Kurotsuki.


Tsukishima wasn’t quite sure how he got dragged into this.. Fiasco of a double date; all he truly knew was he was getting cold feet after committing.

It was a cold winter day, stuffing his hands further in his jacket pockets Kei refused Kuroo’s gloves for what felt like the millionth time, he wanted to take them and pitch them across the street but then that wouldn’t help anyone.

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How often does a chapter of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi air? I just started reading it and it just ended a bit suddenly, and noticed it was ongoing..

Both mods are unsure of this answer. I even tried googling it to find out and couldn’t clue in as to when exactly it updates. Sorry we can’t be of more help!

Edit: The omnipresent mod usually just checks up on @itsdaletos from time to time to check for updates so that’s where I suggest you look. I think the next issue of Emerald(yep. it’s real. that’s what it’s called) comes out in April but it takes a while for scanlations to be done so there’s no 100% date for releases. 


Somebody help this poor stupid boy and his 5000 belts.

Starkiller appreciation roundup since my sister is replaying the games and I forgot how much I like this guy.

Let him run away to the edge of the galaxy with Juno where she can finally buy a shirt that buttons up.

edit: updated for post-game-2 drawings.

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List 5 things that make you happy! ^_^

(these are in no particular order btw)

1. people complimenting my face because i’m a vain vain woman

2. chatting with my mom in car rides like idk our convos are always interesting

3. “no essay for your test/quiz/exam” i hate essays so much you have no idea like those words are heaven on earth to me

4. seeing my best friends after not seeing them for a while (a while could be anywhere from like 5 seconds to years)

5. people coming to me for advice like?? idk i love being a helpful mother (i’m definitely @ing the anon who asked about the crush & phone # like pls keep me updated i wanna know how it goes omg)

thanks for the ask!

edited bonus number 6 cause i forgot to include it: @the-aro-ace-phandom i just can’t get over the fact that i help run it and it’s an actual thing

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How'd you do this DS thing. Tis cool (I forgot what you told me earlier.)

Okay, so, a friend of mine had been looking at various themes to try. You can’t find these themes in the edit board, because you need to change the HTML from the editor blog. I can help you tomorrow, but if you want the theme that I have, I’m link the code right here. I’m trying to find the source of the blog that I found this on, but for now, I’m just thanking whoever made this.

Hope this helped, mi hermana.