favourite lit characters ♡ juliette ferrars, shatter me trilogy

Hope. It’s like a drop of honey, a field of tulips blooming in the springtime. It’s a fresh rain, a whispered promise, a cloudless sky, the perfect punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. And it’s the only thing in the world keeping me afloat.”

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Hello! Can you tell which members sang The End?? Or just Ruki sang it? Btw, what piano song was played in RajiGaze Nov 18, 2016 (2nd song request after Gentle Lie)? Thanks!

OOH someone sent me a message about the end before >< it’s all five of them but i forget who sings what lol someone answer this!!

as for the song request thing you can probably find that online…? i really don’t remember lol

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(Jake): well your trains bout to go south with that m!a boy, good luck, you'll need it. (Dirk): brought some tape if you need it :b and some cookies Roxy baked as well @ask-the-swapped-pumpkinpatch

He looked confused for a moment. “Roxy baked cookies???” Then he remembered the timeline they’re from and nodded slowly. “Yeah uh, shit. Nevermind then. Sorry shit is so weird sometimes I forget who is who and what is what.” He rubbed his face with a hand. “Anyway, thanks for the cookies. Dirk, you’re the only version of me I like and Jake-” He shut his mouth, quickly cutting himself off. “I uh…Fuck.”

the signs as underrated ffvii quotes

aries: “What a crew.”

taurus: “Listen you stupid, slimy, sleazy old scab bag! If you want to get women, there is such a thing as the RIGHT way!”

gemini: “Would you kindly hurry? The heat is drying my nose.”

cancer: “Mine is special. It’s good for absolutely nothing!”

leo: “I think Gya ha ha and Kya ha ha are up to something.”

virgo: "We may be retreating… but we’re still victorious!”

libra: “Can’t go through here… That flame would make crispy critters of us in an instant.”

scorpio: “Yeah? Well to me it looks like a golden shiny wire of hope.”

sagittarius: “I been here since the beginnin’, an’ I still don’t know what the hell’s goin’ on.”

capricorn: “I think they believe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER!”

aquarius: “I know how tough it is bein’ a leader, because I’ve been one. I always forget who has what materia.”

pisces: “Hojo…what a queer fellow.”


“I really don’t think that’s a good idea babe” damon said taking a sit next to you.

You looked over at your boyfriend. He was everything you always wanted. You loved more than anything but there was one thing that was hurting your relationship. Your brothers. You were the youngest mikelason in the family and klaus and elijah hated the notorious Salvatore brothers especially damon.

“Damon, listen. I will take you to my house and we will have dinner with my brothers. And I will tell them were dating and bam we leave.” You said having everything all planned out.

“Did you forget who I am and what type of people your brothers are? I’ll go because I love you but it’s not going to work.”


You knocked on the door only for your older brother, Elijah, to come to the door.

“Hello” elijah raised a eyebrow at Damon who was standing awfully close to you especially in a protective way. “Why is he here?” He said pointing towards Damon.

“Well he has a name don’t be rude. You said I could bring a guest so I brought Damon.” you said happily.

Elijah looked at you intently. He was suspicious but food was ready and he didn’t want to keep you waiting. You entered the house and sat down with Damon sitting next to you.

“I’m sorry but why is there a Salvatore in my household?” Klaus said entering the room.

You grunted heavily. “Klaus, damon is my guest alright. That’s it. Can you sit down?”

Damon could see you were tense. He placed his hand on your leg underneath the table to calm you down. You smiled at him.

“Okay fine you brought a guest. But a boy. I don’t get it. And then it had to be him.” Klaus was getting suspicious as well.

“I’m the eternal stud. How could she not choose me to be her guest?” Damon said with a wink.

“Of course. Forgive me?” Klaus said sarcastically.

Elijah interrupted. “Why is he really here Y/N?”

“I-I um. Damon and I are dating. And I love him.” You said standing up from your chair.

“DATING?” Klaus said springing up from the chair and using his vampire speed to get to your side of the table.

“Hey! Watch it now” Damon said standing up and moving in front of you becoming protective.

Elijah sighed “Brother, calm down and put away those fangs.”

“Calm down! Our sister is dating a lunatic!” Klaus said angrily.

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?” Damon remarked slyly.

“Very funny”

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend and your brother bickering. You decided to step in between the two of them.

“Klaus what do you want for me to do? Should I Break up with damon?” You said crossing your arms.

“I’m sorry. what was that?” Damon said clearing his throat.

“that’s exactly what I want.” Klaus said happily.

“Well guess what it’s not going to happen. I love damon and I’m not leaving him any time soon.” Damon wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you a kiss on the cheek which made you smile.

Klaus rolled his eyes and grunted. “Oh give me a break.”

“Leave them alone brother our sister is happy let her be” Elijah said sighing.

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Wait. I'm a boy now? Is this a phase? I NEED ANSWERS? \(°0°)/

tbh i’ve disregarded gender with all of 3 of you at this point i already forget who’s what

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In that Milady and Athos scene in series 1 in the alley, Athos lets Milady kiss him, and then goes in to deepen it more. It's a hot kiss. Then He says "do you think I could forget who you are and what you did?" We know he both loves and hates her at that point, but if he was able to see that and not lose that in the moment, why did he deepen the kiss? He still looked at her in THAT way. The way a husband would look at his wife. Then his look quickly turns to angry and dark. So what do you think?

This is the kiss we’re talking about. Milady pulls the rainsoaked, gorgeous man in for the kiss by the locket guiding his beautiful fuzzy face with just one finger. He’s not resisting. He’s parting his lips.

Then it gets even hotter.

And when they stop, he doesn’t look exactly displeased.

I think he’s just generally overwhelmed by her. With all that’s happened and that she’s still alive. He doesn’t really know what to do with her or with himself for that matter. He loves her, she’s the love of his life. They’re drawn to each other. But she did kill his brother and lied about her past and at this point Athos doesn’t know if he can trust a word she has ever said. So to me it seems like there must be a million things going through his mind. But as to why did he deepen the kiss? Passion/love. That’s how I see it.

“Spent the last year running around trying to find a way back home. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was trying to forget who I was, what happened to me. I was trying to forget them. Because to remember them would mean feeling the pain all over again. That pain took over. It blocked everything else out. It made me forget the good stuff. Logan

Cover art for Old Man Logan Vol. 2 #024, “Past Lives: Part IV”

Art by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo

I have to say….are people really angry / surprised that Vax tried to talk Kynan down? Bleeding heart Vax’ildan? Really?

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oh my god, elliot… did you forget again? did you forget who i am? what do you mean? forget what? elliot, i need you to tell me who you think i am. what are you talking about? tell me right now. what are you saying? elliot. of course i didn’t forget. you’re darlene. you’re darlene. elliot- you’re darlene! i’m your - sister.

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Sorry for the long ask, But yeah if you don't mind, then I will appreciate that:-) Unfortunately if happens quiet often that I forget who I set what to😅 -E

Happens to the best of us 🤷🏻‍♀️ (aka me Bc I’ve done that plenty of times. My memories so bad) but yeah I’ll be happy to do lust filled!bts 💕

Always Keep Fighting

A/N- What? I’m like 4 weeks late on this? What? Psht I dunno what you’re talking about.

Your name: submit What is this?

*Flush* Dean turned around to wash his hands but stopped when he saw his reflection in the mirror for the first time in weeks, he waved his hand to make sure it was him since he could barely recognise the person staring back at him. The bags under his eyes became heavier along with the untouched stubble. His hair has become shaggy from the lack of nourishment and his frame had begun to slightly shrink. Dean sighed as he washed his hands with the cold water, but he simply couldn’t feel the ice cold liquid freezing his hand. He exited the bathroom and walked down the sickly halls of the hospital, passing devastated families along with the few happy ones. As he walked by several rooms the smell of fresh medicare made him heave but nothing would come out but bile.

He gloomily entered your room but at the sight of your peacefulness he slightly smiled. Even in a coma you still managed to make Dean feel butterflies. Even though your skin had become paler and so had your lips, you were still beautiful as ever in Dean’s eyes.

It had been 6 weeks since you were awake and Dean had left the hospital four times in those weeks. He didn’t want to but the nurses forced him out, demanding he needed a shower. He wasn’t giving up hope but he was running out of options, until a desperate Sam spoke up.

“Dean… we still have some Dream root in the car.”  Dean knew how much you hated the invasion of privacy but the doctors didn’t know what the Winchesters knew, and one thing they could try is forcefully pulling you out. He did warn you after all, Dean repeatedly told you to wake up or he’d pull you out himself but you didn’t answer leaving him no choice. One thing Dean knows for sure is that you are not getting off the hook so easily, he still had to tell you “i told you so” and you’ll hear it, one way or another.

“Dean…you sure about this?” Sam entered your room with the root looking as terrible as his older brother. Dean exhaled, observing your unmoving body once more, was he doing the right thing? One thing he learnt over the years is that apparently his good intentions always end in bad ways so is prying into your head consequence free? Suddenly your laughing face flashed through his mind making the ends of his mouth slightly twitch upwards, thats when he knew nothing will stop him from getting you back.

“Yeah, I’m positive Sammy.”  After 10 minutes of persuasion, Dean agreed to bring Sam. It was bad enough Dean was invading your mind but bringing his little brother into your memories worried him, everyone deserves to have secrets and if Dean should not know the things you hide then Sam shouldn’t either. The brothers chugged the vile substance in unison, trying to not heave up the liquid. Dean slowly sat on the chair next you with his head on your lap while Sam took the lounge opposite your bed. Seconds later the only noises that were heard was the beeping of your life support and Dean’s soft snores.

Dean woke up gasping for air as he looked at his surroundings. He was in the impala sleeping in the front with Sam in the passenger seat. Seconds later Sam woke up inhaling through his nose as he backed up into his seat, unaware of his environment. The brothers looked around the car, searching for any sign of you, or well any sign in general.

“Where the hell are we?” Dean slowly exited the car, feeling the unbelievable cold air hitting his skin. “Aren’t we in July?” Dean shivered questioning his younger brother who shrugged in response. Dean squinted his eyes and saw a long and narrow road ahead of them. He also noticed how the moon seemed to be unusually large and the stars were cartoonishly twinkling.

“Uhm, apparently Lebanon” Sam pointed to the men of letters bunker that was far stretched ahead of them on a really long road, funny they didn’t know there was a road like this that lead to the bunker. Dean and Sam sat back into the car as they slowly drove towards the bunker in the cool frosty night.

“So lets follow the road that connects our heart, indeed” The ride to the bunker was faster than usual but when they exited the impala, they were suddenly in the library. Dean noticed how it wasn’t as bright as it should be and how it felt fake. He looked at his brother wondering if he felt the same and he weakly smiled, confirming this fake place was what you’ve been living in. You should be out there, in the real bunker, not in this made up replica. Dean flung a lamp at the wall, letting the frustration take the best of him. That was until he heard your pure voice that made him feel instantly calm, something he hadn’t felt in 6 weeks.

“Dean?”  His gaze landed on yours and his tensed face relaxed at your beauty, your skin was full of colour and your lips were pinker than ever. Dean broke out into a grateful smile as he crushed you into a warm hug. He didn’t stop the tears from flowing as you were in his arms once more. He thanked the heavens that he found you. You hugged him back with equal force, snuggling into his shoulder as he chuckled thankfully into your hair, which smelled of your favourite shampoo. Oh god he missed that scent.

He pulled back and stared into your naive and unaware eyes. He kissed you on your responding lips and he inwardly sighed, the lack of your touch over the 6 weeks made him slightly go insane. You looked at a content Sam and smiled when he lurched towards you, enveloping you into a bear hug. You pulled apart and looked at the warn out brothers. You looked at Dean and saw how exhausted he looked, the bags under his eyes, his untouched but frazzled hair or his scrubby stubble that hasn’t had any attention in weeks. Sam on the other hand looked worse, his hair had gotten longer as well as his beard. That made you wonder, how long had you been out for, it felt like days but nothing more than a week. You spent the last few days hunting a nest with Sam and Dean, well the Sam and Dean in your head, since Death paid you a visit.

“What are you guys doing here?” You looked between the two, wondering how they got into your head in the first place.

“Y/N, this isn’t real. You need to snap out of it. We’re inside your head, Y/N. This isn’t real baby, you’re in a coma” Dean let the words roll of his tongue, there was so much he wanted to say but there wasn’t enough time. You sighed and placed your hand on Dean’s cheek, he leaned in like a desperate man craving your touch which broke your heart.

“I know baby, I know” Dean stiffened under your touch and he gently touched your hand.

“You know?” Dean searched your eyes, wondering why you hadn’t woken up if you knew. You were a fighter, always had been. You would have your insides on your outsides and you’d still fight.

“Death he saved me Dean… He gave me this” you pointed to your comfortable bubble. “He told me about the coma and said I should stay in here cause it’s safer”

“Saved you?” Dean looked around your fantasy world with his hands in the air. “This isn’t saving sweetheart,  this is imprisonment. You belong with Sammy and me, in the real world, in the real bunker ” you sighed not expecting dean to understand but you looked at Sam who seemed to get what you were talking about.

“What are the chances of you not waking up, Y/N.” Dean looked back at his brother squinting his eyes before widening them back at you.

“It’s not the matter of waking up Sam… its what I’ll be when I do” Dean didn’t understand you so he kept quiet waiting for you to talk further.

“There’s an 80-20 percent chance that if I do wake up i’ll forget who I am, what I do and most importantly you two. So Death told me to live out the coma in here before he comes to take me in about 4 months” Dean stared at the bunkers floor, he didn’t know which was worse, you not waking up or you forgetting him entirely. He inhaled deeply in through his nose releasing a shaky weak breath.

“But there has to be a way, you can find a way. You always do, right Sam?” You smiled at an acceptingly sad Sam, Dean waited for his brother to reply while he kept looking between the two of you. “Sammy?”. Sam shook his head, feeling the tears fall. Dean felt the sudden knot in his throat and the same sick feeling in his stomach came back.

“Baby you know 20 minutes ago we were at that amusement park in Water ridge, remember that?” You walked towards Dean and placed your soft gentle hand on his heaving chest.

“Yeah I remember” Dean whispered while you wiped the fallen tears away.

“That had to be one of the greatest days of my life. You were so terrified of that roller coaster, even though you made me burn that picture of you, I still kept a spare” You pulled out the crumpled photo from your pocket and you smoothened it out. Dean smiled sorrowfully at the picture. Your hair was everywhere, covering your entire face as you looked lovingly at Dean and Dean was simply screaming his eyes out while you laughed.

“The real picture is in my drawer, the bottom one, under all my socks alright” Dean shook his head, not accepting you weren’t coming back with him.

“No stop it! Don’t talk like that… You’re coming with us” You smiled through the taunting tears that never seemed to stop.

“I’d rather be unconscious and brain dead then wake up and not remember my bestfriend and my boyfriend.” You looked between and grieving Sam and a stubborn Dean, you felt him nod against your palm as he asked Sam to give you two some time.  While Dean watched his brother walk away the tears streamed down his face breaking your heart even further. You pulled him into a hug and he grasped onto you tightly.

“I can’t…I can’t do this without you.” He sobbed into your shoulder and you soothed the back of his hair while you kissed his face.

“Yes you can baby, you were a hunter way before you met me” Dean pulled apart and he pulled you into a loving kiss that was full of grief. He pulled away from you and rested his burning forehead on top of yours.

“But I don’t want to. Screw what Death says Y/N. I believe in you, I’ve always had and always will.” Dean heard the faint beeps in the back of his head as he realised it was time to wake up soon, he assumed Sam heard it too since he came in running.

“Dea- I know Sammy. Look Y/N, if you forget us we’ll make you remember. Plus you said it yourself there’s a 20 fucking percent chance that you’ll make it… and if anyone can do it, it’s Y/N Y/L/N.” You were about to protest but Dean silenced you with an agonizing kiss, like a goodbye kiss mixed with “i better see you fucking later”. You nodded against his palms and he pulled apart letting Sam hug you.

“This isn’t a goodbye, Y/N” You kissed Sam on the cheek and you watched them slowly disappear. You sighed feeling empty once again.

Dean woke up gasping for air, he grabbed his neck in pain and looked at the time, they were out for two hours. Dean looked over to Sam who woke up seconds later with the same reaction. Both the brothers were now huddled over your bed, waiting for you to fight your way through. Sam heard the elevation of beeps in the monitor and looked over to Dean hopefully. Dean saw the twitch in your finger and his heart accelareted as well as yours.

“Sammy get a doctor” Sam left yelling for medical help while Dean whispered sweet nothings to your slightly responsive body. Your heart beat was no longer slow and steady but it sounded like you went on a 4 mile run and as well as a hunt. The doctors rushed in and nurses flooded around your bed. They pushed a reluctive Dean away from your body so they could get a better angle, Dean was about to retaliate until Sam supporitvely held him back.

“They’re saving her Dean.” He nodded warly as he tried to see you through the blue and white uniform.

“Doctor she’s responding” A surprised nurse called out from beside you.

“My god it’s a miracle” You woke up struggling for air as you felt a plastic tube blocking your airway. Your scratchy unused throat burned against the tube and you felt a gagging sensation. “Holy crap” you heard a nurse whisper while the doctor tried to calm you down, you panicked not knowing where you were or who the people surrounding you were.

“Miss Y/L/N. Please calm down we’re removing the tube.” You had tears pooling in the corners of your eyes at the discomfort though you nodded at the sweet doctor.

“1, 2 , 3” The tube was out of your throat and you effortlessly inhaled the oxygen around you. You breathed in and out steadying and leveling your breath as instructed by the nurse.

“Miss Y/L/N, might i add this is a miracle. Your estimated time of awakening was not for another 4 years, this is incredible. You have got to be our fastest recoverer yet.” The doctor examined what seemed to be an X-ray of what you were guessing was your brain.

“Sam? Dean?” Your hoarse voice croaked and suddenly two giants appeared in your vision. The nurse handed you some water which you skulled in in an instant. Dean pushed away the nurses and carefully held your head in his hands.

“You did it. You remembered” Dean kissed every part of your face while you giggled, the staff left your room and let the three of you catch up.

“Thank you” Dean moved away so he could let a beaming Sam crush you. Deans eyes never left your face as he took off his shoes and pants leaving him in his boxers.

Sam groaned at his brother while you confusingly giggled.

“Dammit Dean she just woke up, let the poor girl get her energy back” Dean rolled his eyes at Sam and pulled out his wallet from his fallen jeans.

“Good idea, go get us some grub Sammy.” Sam threw a sassy eye roll towards Dean and took the money. At least this time Sam get’s to actually choose what form of rabbit food he wanted to eat. Sam kissed your forehead before making his way out of the room, closing the door behind him. You looked up to an exhaustedly happy Dean and he gently moved your fragile form over, careful of all the tubes and needles sticking out and into you. He climbed into your one person hospital bed and pulled you ontop of him, his arms circled your body protectively like he was trying to shield you from all evil in the world.

“I told you so” He whispered into your hair and you hummed in content, feeling warm since the emptiness faded along with the fake reality you lived in.

“Wait you never told me, how’d you get into my head anyways?” You looked up to a sheepishly smirking Dean.

“Dreamroot” He quickly mumbled and you giggled, missing his childish antics. He bent down to kiss your lips and he couldn’t help but release a tear in joy. You came back to him, you bet your odd chances on love and it worked. You ended up fighting after all, for yourself, Dean and Sam.

Always Keep Fighting.

I feel at peace in my isolation
Alone I’m reminiscing
Moments with others
Without them what would I think of
I’m comfortable here
Laughing and forgetting
Who I am and what I desire
Maybe I never knew in the first place

How Index Cards Saved My Life

…or something. 

I had a friend tell me how useful this turned out for her, so I’m going to post it on here with the hope that it’ll help at least one of you. 

I have a terrible memory, and I also have raging anxiety, so when it comes to appointments I either forget my concerns or are afraid to open up about them. This is where the ever cheap, handy-dandy index cards come in. Seriously, I use them for everything, creative and task wise. 

What You’ll Need:

  • An index card (obviously). Size to your liking ;D
  • A pen of your choosing
  • A highlighter if you’re feeling extra saucy 

What You’ll Do:

  • At the very top, list which doctor you’ll be seeing, and the time you’ll be seeing them!  If you’re like me, I often forget/mixup the who, the what, the where and the when. 
  • I skip a space and then I write: Things to Cover, underline it, highlight it, do whatever you need to to make it stand out!
  • After you do that, start placing bullet points with your concerns, ideas, talking points, etc. 
  • Voilà! You’ve got a card to march in there with and read from if need be.

And, for your viewing pleasure, you get an example of my cruddy handwriting!