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Hey, Demii! I'm trying to find more artists on tumblr (or just in general) to inspire myself- and as you're one of my absolute favourites I was wondering if you had any recommendations? Much love xx

yes i do !!! okay so @allmymetaphors and @rubyetc have been the two faves 4eva and then more recent finds are …

@harrymckenzie, @joymiessiblog, @beckymoritz, @kazland, @imjoeyyu, @caitmceniff, @subtleceiling, @refiningfire@cigqueen17

and also have a stalk of my art inspo blog @sincerelyatticus if you want to see what ~directly influences~ my art lmao hope this helps !

anon: I usually hear about the zines I’m most interested in through artists I follow who have similar interests! but there are also some blogs that are a huge help, like zinescene, zinesubmission, and comicops. a lot of their posts are for small local zines, but every once in a while one of those artist-driven fanzines will come by! they also share posts for larger opportunities, like published comic anthologies.

mrnike3000: thank you so much :’0!!!!! I’m so glad you like it, I had a great time working on it!!

Ghost Story (07/12/16)

A ghost haunts these walls
Clings to these curtains
And sticks to these sheets where it once lived
Kisses from long ago still felt on these lips,
Invisible fingerprints left behind on cold skin;
This is not a ghost story,
Because the man still lives
But who he once was is deceased.
May he rest in peace.