holy shit, I think I just…finished writing something? for the first time in almost a YEAR???

I still need to go through it a few more times for flow and spot editing and whatnot, but. yeah. I have actually finished an actual fic and I don’t absolutely hate it. what a surprisingly delightful turn of events for today


Here it is, my Stalia video is finally finished! I hope you watch it and I hope you all enjoy it!

@maliasfur and @mcctateinski You guys wanted to be tagged in it when it was finished so yeah here it is


Over the next couple of weeks I spent all my free time with Oliver. We fell into any easy routine of work and sex. So tonight wasn’t any different then the rest. Except it was because after we finished in the pool Oliver went and got straight in the shower. 

I sat on my bed waiting for him to finish. when he came out of the shower he had a towel wrapped around his waist, his strong sexy body on full display. I wanted to lick him from his lips to the tips of his toes. 

He smiled at me while he dried his hair, I mean we didn’t really know each other at all but he knew me well enough. Sitting up I put my finger in his towel fully intending to to start with the licking but he stepped back. 

“Going somewhere?” My voice was a seductive purr, I didn’t mind playing a long. 

“yeah I have a thing with Sasha tonight, he’s going away for a bit and wants a night out.” 

I sat in silence waiting for him to ask me to come a long but he never did. He got dressed and without even a kiss good bye he left. 


Ohmagad it’s been a while since I posted my Christmas draw!!XD

Let’s say that thing aren’t so easy right know my draw, my life, my diabetes! Yeah what do you want life ain’t always like a fairy tail in Disney and I even now diabetes don’t give me good time! Still it doesn’t border me that much since I learn to live with it…..

Plus I got school, commissions to finish and request,…     but I have to thanks god for given me an awesome family and friends including the one on tumblr and deviantart (and sorry if I dint reply to your message the internet isint very stable at home!!^^;)

So sorry for those who are still waiting I’ll try to finish as fast as possible!

So I’ve made this sonamy pic because it make me happy every time I see them together with a surface app call paint! ( not the Microsoft one:D)Jfiauwveaifihdufhadlèkrnsdufjire my bad!!!>//w//< hehehe!

Hope you like it!!!^3^<3

Amy’s and Sonic’s design done by me!

Melia Antiqua in Eryth Sea, my submission for the @xenobladezine ~ ***Do not repost without permission***

Melia is an admirable character that stays strong and determined despite everything bad she goes through -and she goes through a lot. 

She is object of jelousy, rejected by some of her own kind. Instead of being angry and bitter she decides to prove herself, only to be betrayed in the end. She experiences the loss of her father, who loved her and acknowledged her. She has to defeat the monster that his brave and kind brother has become against his will. She is not loved back yet treasures everyone’s friendship… 

And even though she keeps everything to herself, she fights.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAY @the-flame-and-hawks-eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know how much you love friendship!rizaed so i decided to draw this for you aaah :’D YOU ARE SUCH A SWEET AND AMAZING PERSON and you are always so so kind to me so this is also a thank you for everything you’ve done for me !!! <3 i’m so happy you joined this fandom and that i got to meet you !! i will forever love your writing and just everything that you do in general; i wish you an awesome birthday !!!!!!!

young glass - a sawada tsunayoshi fanmix

keeping out the killers and keeping out the creeps
isn’t keeping out the doubt and the disbelief

even though i thought i was all alone i was wrong
i am not

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((image credit to @meltesh28! thanks so much!))

 I’m suprised how quick i finished this one o^o; I did start and finished the sketch in the morning and than decided to line and color this in the night and got carried away just wanting to do the base colors and shading and woops!

 One for Elora who’s finally turned for the first time into her direwolf form! I couldn’t resist trying my own design with the idea of a big fluffy tail with space magic aesthetic since her tribe is related to the moon~*u*

something sweet and fluffy to start off february

Where Do We Go From Here? (Whisper What You Want in My Ear)

I told you I would get this done eventually. Apparently all I needed was a manic-depressive episode to finally finish the last part.ย 

Sequel to Girl Youโ€™re All the Rage, which was the sequel to I Donโ€™t Bite. Last installment.ย 

Marinetteโ€™s eyes were locked on that section of the wall, the last place she had seen Adrien before he disappeared behind the lockers.

If seen was even the word.

He had bolted for the door so fast, by the time she had whipped her head around, sheโ€™d only caught the flutter of her scarf, still clenched in his fist, and the wisp of his hair vanishing around the corner.

His speedy departure had left a heavy weight in her belly but it was the look in his eyes that made her stomach roil. Sheโ€™d never seen such turmoil in Adrien before, and certainly not such vivid anxiety.

Her hand slapped over the mark on her neck and she paled. Heโ€™d obviously seen it. Heโ€™d have to be blind not to. It was angry and red and his eyes had focused on it in a dazed stare for perhaps a moment too long. The colour had entirely drained from his face and his expression morphed from one of concern to one ofโ€ฆ loss? Confusion? Surely there was a semblance of distress in the lines of his mouth.

And that was what terrified her.

She had started to get to know Adrien better over the past few weeks. Alya had been a big help, setting up group lunch dates with the three of them and Nino. Naturally Marinette still rambled on occasion whenever Adrien would ask her a question or send a comment her way, but their friendship had been steadily growing stronger. They chatted between classes, casually texted, and shared a few secret jokes.

But that look on his faceโ€ฆ

The shock, the staring, the quick exitโ€ฆ She was sure Adrien was disgusted.

It felt like her heart had dropped into her stomach was being digested.

Adrien Agreste would never look at her the same way ever again.

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