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I’m Alex, 22, my pronouns are they/them/theirs. I set up a youcaring fundraiser in hopes of being able to afford top surgery as I have a large chest (g/h cup) and asthma, which causes binding to be quite nearly impossible. My GP wasn’t helping me with a referral to a GIC, he even told me to tell my therapist he couldn’t help me. NOW my doctors surgery is closed down so I’m between doctors at the moment - this area is quite small, quite narrow minded in the sense that it may be difficult to find a local trans* friendly doctor, which is why I’m desperate to raise the funds for this. I wake up everyday and each passing day is ruined by this chest. I can’t dress comfortably or go out and be comfortable anymore as my chest is always visible. People say “sir” or “young man” and then apologise when they notice my chest and I can’t handle it. My therapist can only help me with emotional problems, so for now, I’m receiving no professional/medical help to see a gender specialist.

Every penny counts, and every reblog helps spread the word, so please donate or share this post! 😘💜


Since you can click on a lure-equipped pokestop from a distance and view the username of the player who placed the lure, there should be a database for people to report players that are placing lures to draw people in and then rob them or whatever. That way, you can check a lured pokestop from a safe distance, refer to the database real quick to see if the player checks out, and then proceed from there.

Not only would it make me feel personally safer, but it would also help keep kids who are biking around from falling prey to any perpetrators quite literally luring them in. Just a thought I had today while visiting my local beach at midnight to find all three pokestops in the vicinity lured and a dozen people gathered round playing in the dark.

redragoonie  asked:

Hi! After watching you pull that amazing tape off your Taurus painting, I was wondering, what tape do you use? I've tried a variety of tape and they either make that paper fuzzy or don't work at all. Thanks <3

I use drafting tape. You could probably find some in your local art store, that’s where I bought mine.

Imagine Keith, on some Galra controlled alien planet, doing reconnaissance and picking up a friend on accident, a baby left behind by accident when the Galra moved some prisoners- an orphan  perhaps. Clearly helpless without parents, clearly not going to survive alone. So Keith bundles Baby up and brings them back to the castle where Shiro and Allura ask if he can keep an eye on the little one until they can free and find some local authorities. 

And that’s it. I want a whole episode of Keith with an alien baby as he and the team try to free a star system with a particularly clever local Galra garrison using civilians as hostages. Keith on the bridge listening to Shiro give orders as he bounces frantically because Lance said that worked on babies. Lance- self proclaimed baby expert- failing because alien babies are weird. Allura cooing in Altean. Everyone’s jaw dropping as Shiro nails the Hot Dad look. Keith promising to make sure the baby gets taken care of. Hunk and Pidge, toy designers. Keith and the squad trying to figure out what to feed the tyke. Coran manning his battle station with a baby sling around his chest. 

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AU: a horrifying planet where potatoes (and subsequently, chips) don't exist

“You’re kidding,” Rose said, voice flat.

“Nope,” the Doctor replied, popping the p as he rocked back on his heels. He was really hoping his smile was warming up Rose as her expression was becoming quite terrifying as his words sank in.

“You said we were stranded here for at least three days.”

“I did. TARDIS won’t let us in until she’s finished filtering the toxin out of the air and weeell, there’s a lot of air in that old box.”

“At least three days on a planet with nothin’ even resembling a potato or chips when I specifically asked to go get chips because I’ve been craving them.” Rose’s voice was still emotionless and the Doctor swallowed hard.

“That does seem to be the situation.”

“I hate you.”

“I’ll give you a footrub and find you the local version of chocolate when we get to the hotel. As soon as we’re on our way again, chips will be the first stop! Can even go to that chippy on Galtrix Prime that you love!”

“Better hope you can get us there,” Rose said, starting to walk towards the town they could see on the horizon. She shot a smile over her shoulder, “And don’t think I’m letting you out of the offer for a foot massage.”