A Trek in the Woods pt. 3

This is for all of my friends and followers who have been so amazing and supportive!  It’s the last of the series, it’ s not beta’d or pre-read so all mistakes are mine.  @titaniasfics @notanislander @norbertsmom sorry for the mistakes but thank you for being freinds.

You can find pt1 & pt2 here. So I hope you enjoy a little Everlark Lovin…

They were getting to know each other as they were now.  So many things occurred to them during the war, they were altered versions of themselves.  But Katniss and Peeta were thriving together despite what Snow, Coin or their detractors did.  They had finally moved in together months ago.  It was an adjustment for them both, but they were acclimating, finding each others rhythms.

It was in this period of time, Katniss discovered how much she wanted Peeta.  That trek in the woods made her hungry for him.  Ever since then Katniss tried to come up with ways to seduce him.  

Every night Katniss, managed to find one item of clothing she could sleep without.  She wondered if Peeta noticed that she wasn’t wearing socks or her long pajamas, or the fact that she wore that little nightie a lot.  She’d hand wash it so often it was becoming transparent.

They were kissing a lot more often and sometimes, when he got tired, he would gently pull away from her and fall asleep snuggled up next to her, while she was clearly not ready for bed.  These were nights when his kisses made her so needy she’d sneak into the bathroom to take care of herself because she was so wound up.  

It would be easy to do that in bed with him.  But Katniss did not want to do that in the same bed as Peeta, she was afraid he would wake up and catch her, and sometimes she was loud.  Her inability to keep it in her pants, sort of speak, was becoming a serous problem for her.  

Katniss wanted Peeta. 

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