you know i really feel for john boyega right now. his performance in the force awakens was unmatched by anyone in the cast. he has been a life long fan of star wars and was told by jj that he is the STAR of the sequel triologies. and if we’re being honest… the force awakens reflects that sentiment…until we get to the ending. the ending was humiliating for finn. he got slashed and fell face-first into the snow. i say humiliating not becasue i think losing a fight or being wounded by a force user as powerful as kylo ren is humiliating in of itself but because the way it occurred was humiliating. he could have been injured gravely in any other fashion…but instead we get finn slashed in the back facedown - FACE DOWN in the snow. thats not a pretty picture. he could have fell to the side but instead they put him in such a humiliating position. then we end his story with him comoatose. now we know that isnt his only fate in the last jedi (we see images of him/poe/general organa standing) yet… it might as well be with the way he is subsequently treated. john boyega gave the best performance in the force awakens. he brought in new fans not only with his spectacular performance but because he’s black. i mean that. every. single. black person. i know in real life soley watched the force awakens because they were excited to see john, a black person, be the star/and a jedi of star wars. he brought an audience with him. he brought his amazing performance with him. and then? he had to sit on that stage looking a bit tired and see a poster that erased him completely and a trailer that mightaswell have done the same. he had to come back out on stage to reassure and plead with finn fans that “finn was back”… even though every indication to john and ourselves from @starwars and @lucasfilm @disneyparks has been that finn is not really back. finn is taking a back seat regardless of how interesting his character is, regardless of how groundbreaking his character is, regardless of johns superb performance… taking a backseat for the brown-haired white heroine whose prime storyline is..family. as if that is comparable to breaking out of a fascist organization. john boyega gave the best performance in the force awakens and he still had to deal with this shit and i feel so bad about it ;/ 

im still thinking about how regardless of who’s the Next Black Paladin there’s still an empty spot on team voltron which means SOMEONE has to be a replacement member & i want to know who they are asap

i know how some people are not very impressed by the scene in Tron: Legacy where Tron is “killed” by Clu, saying its not “convincing”. 

but i’m gonna remind you, we do get that scene expanded upon in Tron: Uprising, even adding dialogue between Clu, Dyson and Tron; not just a scream, and then…..silence. 

so while yeah, they could have done more for that scene in the movie, they made up for it in an awesome remake of it in the amazing tv series.

ok so that’s my eleven 20 p.m rant. just though i would put it out there. 

have some cute Tron for your dash

I was reading the comments of a death battle video and I found this one:

“any fight involving atleast one toonforce user is close to senseless since they cant loose, thats why bugs bunny is forbidden on like all battle forums“



Mondo is my absolute fav and I think for the most part, one of the best pulled off characters and i’ve never talked about him in general so im going to. Also him and Ishimaru.

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Tron: Uprising - 1x07 Price of Power

I have not gotten a lot of hate from those appalled by the TCC, but whenever I get something, I rather not bother responding. I think these users are just trying to pick fights and like to stir things up because they’re bored, angry, and don’t seem to have that much going on in the situation of their own. I may be wrong about some of these people. They’re basically self-righteous and arrogant and want to try to be heroes attempting to expose the bad guys. It may also be genuine fear. I’m sure with all the violence that has been happening everywhere, they probably become fearful and assume that TC members are actually aspiring to be killers and planning to commit murder. I have been considered part of the True Crime Community after becoming swept away in an interest in Jeffrey Dahmer. I specialize in Jeffrey Dahmer and normally don’t make posts or reblog on other infamous murderers.

We are tired of having to repeat ourselves saying “We don’t condone.” At least 98 or 99% of the TCC does not condone heinous crimes - Or just to dumb it down, we know that it is wrong to kill. Killing somebody is unnecessary and we should only become violent against another only if we’re being attacked and having to defend ourselves. Back to the antis and anonymous hate messages, I’m not going to give into what they want and drawing all this garbage out. They desire drama. TCC members have already told them off a thousand times and it just doesn’t end. I could reply to some, but I’m not going to give them the angry reaction they’re trying to elicit.

The majority of them I noticed were younger than much of the TCC. A lot of them are pesky self-righteous teenagers who are just trying to pick fights. “Ew, I saw your Youtube comments and I should have known you were a part of True Crime!” Whatever. They seem to skim through the parts that make it clear that I don’t condone murder, disrespect victims of those crimes, or downplay, making it seem like Jeffrey Dahmer was an innocent lamb who didn’t know any better.

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wait who recorded them what happened who dared to do that i will fight whoever did this i swear to god but what happened

twitter user @dangdelgado i’m so angry about what happened. @cafephan has links to the video if it hasn’t been deleted already

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Wide awake

“One of these days he’s going to snap and it will be epic.”

“And possibly deadly.”

“Does he know about my - “

“No, if he did, I’d be in the brig.”

“Megatron. Mega. Tron.”

“Does he fight for the Users?”

*insert the Tron theme here*

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Do you think you can write like, a VERY short dabble on Justice dealing with catcallers? Either in Awakening or DA2, which ever you like.

(Okay ngl I kinda jumped at the opportunity to write this instead of working on my currently piling up WIPs because I LOVE WRITING JUSTICE SO MUCH OMG, he’s actually my favourite to write, and I never bloody well get to. So thank you nonny, for giving me the opportunity to write about the precious angry spirit bae beating up assholes. This is a good day. Ahaha whoops this isn’t short at all oh well)

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Anders was on his way back to his clinic from the Hanged Man, where he’d somehow been convinced to play a few rounds of Wicked Grace this afternoon, when he heard some sort of commotion ahead on the street. He could hear several male voices, but couldn’t yet discern what they were saying. He stopped for a moment, readying himself for trouble, before moving forward to see what was happening.

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