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It’s nearly been one year since Undertale was released, and even though I didn’t know about it until christmas, I still feel like the game helped me to get through a very hard time in my life.
It’s a rough sketch, but I just felt like making something to show my appreciation.

Even though the hard times aren’t over yet, being in this fandom has helped me get through, and Im so so grateful.


okay okay so this is  my old old post like almost a year old but when I posted it then it was altogether in one picture and I put so much effort into detail etc that I felt bad about ruining some of the quality of each individual picture. Also I’ve been re-listening to The Titan’s Curse and thinking about this more and I thought I might as well as post it again like a year later even though my art has improved so much okay rip me goodbye enjoy higher quality


hakone volleyball team | ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ

cough yowapeda x haikyuu cough sports cough okay so this was originally a 69 minute challenge thing but I realized with each one I finished under the time limit it felt like I was taking a test omg so um I decided their roles by personality woo so kakkoii

reblog if school/tests/homework have ever: 

-stressed you out 
-made you cry 
-kept you from doing your daily activities (eating, bathing, brushing teeth, etc) 
-frustrated you
-made you feel stupid/unintelligent in any way 
-kept you from sleeping and/or getting enough rest

I know that there is a post pretty much exact to this one but I am now doing an essay about school and how much the tests and homework are stressing people out and I’m going to be presenting it to my teacher tomorrow morning. 

Tolkien's Most Beautiful Relationships

Okay, I’ve limited this post to the First Age, because I really felt like digging in to that period’s particular brand of angst tonight. And I only managed to narrow it down to the five most beautiful relationships, so here they are (in no particular order.)


  • Why: This one’s probably going to surprise some of you, since (a) I don’t often have nice things to say about Feanor, and (b) these two have a pretty well-established animosity. But, though the “warring political brothers” trope is a very common one in fantasy, I think Tolkien gives us one of the most noble examples I’ve ever seen. Feanor and Fingolfin are on the opposite sides of family and political drama, and had we managed to get in the same room together one more time they probably would have killed each other, but they never once don’t seem like family, you know?
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:For Fingolfin held forth his hand, saying: ‘As I promised, I do now. I release thee, and remember no grievance.’ Then Feanor took his hand in silence; but Fingolfin said: 'Half- brother in blood, full brother in heart will I be. Thou shalt lead and I will follow. May no new grief divide as.’ 'I hear thee,’ said Feanor. 'So be it.’ But they did not know the meaning that their words would bear.” - The Silmarillion
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Aldarion and Erendis (found in The Unfinished Tales)


  • Why: There’s a reason this is one of the most popular ships (whether platonic or romantic) in the Silmarillion fandom. The sons of the above entry, they find themselves on opposite sides of the Noldorin feud, and yet time and again put their friendship first (whether it’s sending gifts back and forth across Beleriand, or planning battles together.)
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:But Fingon climbed to the foot of the precipice where his kinsman hung, and then could go no further; and he wept when he saw the cruel device of Morgoth. Maedhros therefore, being in anguish without hope, begged Fingon to shoot him with his bow; and Fingon strung an arrow, and bent his bow. And seeing no better hope he cried to Manwe, saying: 'O King to whom all birds are dear, speed now this feathered shaft, and recall some pity for the Noldor in their need!’” - The Silmarillion
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Cirion and Eorl (found in The Unfinished Tales)


  • Why: Ugh, even thinking about these two makes me sad. Turin was just a child when he met Beleg, but the two became friends, and Beleg helped Turin grow into the great warrior he became. And then Beleg (a hero of his people) basically abandons everything to keep Turin company on his little walkabout, with miserably tragic results (I don’t know what it is with Tolkien, but he seems to really enjoy punishing his characters’ friends.)
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time: 'Give me leave, lord,’ said Beleg, 'and I will guard him and guide him as I may; then no man shall say that elven-words are lightly spoken. Nor would I wish to see so great a good run to nothing in the wild.’” - The Silmarillion
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Legolas and Gimli 


  • Why: Do we even need to talk about this one? No, I didn’t think so.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:You must choose, Beren, between these two: to relinquish the quest and your oath and seek a life of wandering upon the face of the earth; or to hold to your word and challenge the power of darkness upon its throne. But on either road I shall go with you, and our doom shall be alike.“ - The Silmarillion
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Frodo and Sam


  • Why: Aegnor and Andreth are one of my favorite (and most tragic) Middle Earth romances. But toss in Aegnor’s brother Finrod and you get a really beautiful friendship. After Aegnor leaves Andreth (trying to spare them the pain that their separate destinies would cause them), Finrod takes to visiting Andreth and having long discussions about history and philosophy, trying to cheer her up a bit.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:Darkness fell in the room. He took her hand in the light of the fire. 'Whither go you?’ she said. 'North away,’ he said: 'to the swords, and the siege, and the walls of defence…’ 'Will he be there, bright and tall, and the wind in his hair? Tell him. Tell him not to be reckless. Not to seek danger beyond need!’ 'I will tell him,’ said Finrod. 'But I might as well tell thee not to weep. He is a warrior, Andreth, and a spirit of wrath. In every stroke that he deals he sees the Enemy who long ago did thee this hurt. But you are not for Arda. Whither you go may you find light. Await us there, my brother - and me.’“ - The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 10 ("Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth”)
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Elrond and the never-ending procession of his brother’s descendants (especially Aragorn)

@ all the homophobic racists who are coming to me both in my inbox, i.m., or just reblogging my posts.

im the cutest so whos really winning.

zlaying  asked:

can you make an imagine of luke being jealous of you and calum and he tries to get your attention and like he thinks you don't like him and you like calum and ahh basically a jealous/fluffy imagine? :)))

a/n: okay I felt bad that I hadn’t posted anything at all and then I got so carried away with this that it’s still only half done but I figured I’d split it into two so I could give you guys something now. There is a little smut in it, I mean it’s like pretty tame but. Also it’s my first ever attempt at writing anything smutty so be kind lol :-) 
word count: 3600
masterlist | request

Luke could pinpoint the very moment he realised he liked you; when he tripped on nothing stepping to shake your hand the first time you met and his cheeks went so red he could feel them burning because of course his first impression would be so lame and you were so pretty. You just smiled sweetly and took his hand, steadying him and introducing yourself. He wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight, but the romantic in him liked to believe in clichés, and he liked to think that one might be real every time he looked at you. 

He could also pinpoint the moment he realised his love might be a little one sided, a little more unrequited than he initially hoped. In fact, he could pin point various moments since he’d met you when that little pang of envy had hit him right in the chest. Every time he walked into Calum’s room and you were there, tucked under the blankets watching a movie, or napping; every time he spotted you across the room laughing at something Calum had said; every time you needed a hug and it was Calum’s arms that comforted you.

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I didn’t want to post about this on tumblr because I didn’t want sympathy, but I just got news that my little man here, Buster, is going to be okay so I felt like sharing my happiness :)

Last week he was hit by a car, breaking his left leg and puncturing a lung. He was on a bunch of life support things for a week while we waited to see if his condition would improve. The whole family was completely broken; we love our two cats more than anything so this was one of the worst things we could imagine happening.

Luckily, his liver enzymes went back to normal day by day, his nutrition increased with the fluids they were giving him, and he was cleared of having any serious injuries to his spine, brain, pelvis, and head. 5 minutes ago my mum came and told me that his leg surgery was successful, meaning he should make a full recovery and will be back home within the next few days

This photo was taken 3 days ago, and despite how he looks this was actually him in the best condition since the accident. I wasn’t sure if he would survive his leg surgery, since there was always a chance he wouldn’t, so I took this photo in case it was my last chance. He was in great pain for about 4 whole days while we waited for his blood levels to lower back to normal, and it brought us all to tears seeing him in such a state.

We were always told that putting him to sleep, or amputating his broken leg, were possibilities that we may have to take for the sake of his pain. But luckily we had some very great nurses and doctors who looked after him and helped him recover from his trauma and depression from the incident, and now he’ll be back home very soon.

Im so thankful he’s okay and that I’ll be able to take many more photos with him. I’ve never been so grateful for anything in my life.

Idk who of you care about this story, but I’ll update this post with photos of his recovery just because I will be so proud and happy of him surviving all this :)

You know every day i think there’s no way i could love Luke more than i did yesterday and every day i prove myself wrong, bc every day i love Luke more and more 

Frustrated Jongin's confession (SMUT(?))

“There’s this girl I really like,” he slowly comes closer to you, “but she makes me all horny and frustrated.” Jongin manages to trap you in between his arms and the cold wall. “She never realizes how much I want to fuck her,” he puts a finger under your chin, “and kiss her cherry red lips.” You stare at him, breathing heavily. His thumb slowly traces your lower lip while he’s coming even closer to you. “Ever had the strong urge to kiss someone?” Jongin smirks at you, “or to be fucked tonight?” his face is inches from yours as he stares down at your chest. “Touching everywhere…” his hand goes to the buttons on your shirt, “making them moan…”

  • Other People:I really like Connor. He was decently developed and felt the most "human" of the Assassins, and I could relate to a lot of his choices and hardships.
  • Me:(◡‿◡✿)
  • Other People:Connor was okay. I don't think he was one of the stronger protagonists of the series, and I definitely prefer other main characters to him. But overall, I think he was alright.
  • Me:(◡‿◡✿)
  • Other People:I didn't like Connor. In my opinion, I just couldn't relate to him and I think that I wouldn't make some of the choices he made. I also couldn't really see myself as this soft spoken person; I think I prefer more vocal protagonists. He's definitely not one of my favorites.
  • Me:(◡‿◡✿)
  • Other People:Connor was shitty. He was bland and dull and stupid and terrible. I really wish they had made a different protagonist or stuck with Ezio. And not to mention how annoying his fan base is and how terrible his voice actor was.
  • Me:(ʘ‿ʘ✿)
Signs as Emison quotes
  • Aries:We'll just sleep. I promise
  • Taurus:Those kisses weren't just for practice.
  • Gemini:You were the hardest one to leave behind.
  • Cancer:That's why I love you. You're big on happy endings.
  • Leo:I loved Alison as more than a friend.
  • Virgo:You never stopped caring about me, did you?
  • Libra:You destroyed me, okay? I thought you were dead!
  • Scorpio:You always saw the best version of me.
  • Sagittarius:Sweet Emily...
  • Capricorn:Look at my mermaid. If she knew how much power she had.
  • Aquarius:You risked your life for me, Em.
  • Pisces:I didn't tell you everything because I was afraid that I was gonna lose you.