“I see at intervals the glance of a curious sort of bird: a vivid, restless, resolute captive is there; were it but free, it would soar cloud-high” [listen]

one. set fire to the rain ♫ adele

two. she has no time ♫ keane

three. stay ♫ rihanna

four. cold cold heart ♫ norah jones

five. you were so far away ♫ kate nash

six. what ever happened? ♫ the strokes

seven. old dances ♫ kate nash

eight. you’re all i have ♫ snow patrol


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Laurel was absolutely amazing in this episode. She basically gave words of wisdom to Nyssa and made her see the light (Like she usually does). But I bet haters are going insult her like they usually do. I thought Felicity and her father's story line was pretty boring though. Like the whole city is in chaos and she's so bothered about her father. And people say the team can't operate without Felicity but they didn't even need her help. lol

Pretty much agree. While there was a centric theme that allowed Felicity and her father’s storyline to play off in this episode, it felt so disjointed and unimportant compared to everything else going on (war on star city, nyssa versus malcolm, thea’s life in the balance). So I wasn’t a huge fan. But I loved the scene at the end when Felicity had her father arrested. That was a definite pro-Felicity moment in my book. 

As for Laurel, she was killing it tonight. She has the strongest female relationships on this show and I love seeing how she cares for Nyssa and Thea, her two baes <3 

I had the worst day of work today, where a costumer was yelling at me and making terrible accusations and complete rudeness, and I just walked out and started crying. Said I was being racist by “pricing things differently for her” (when the items were already priced)

I just felt so torn down, and insulted, and felt stupid for crying about it. The only thing that made me happy was that other customers and my coworkers defended me to her and my supervisor was comforting. Which means a lot but I still feel like shit I hate how one thing can ruin your whole day

Think Are Not Wonderful Under Neat

One week on, one week off, repeat.
Where focus goes energy flows.
Having a headache because of this heat.

Knowledge has been hidden from the masses by the elite
for ages.
This laptop is on its death throes.
One week on, one week off, repeat.

Think are not wonderful under neat.
Even a hawk is an eagle among crows.
Having a headache because of this heat.

The bird eat the ants, when the bird died the ants eat
the bird.
Whose present courage may beat down our foes,
One week on, one week off, repeat.

I took the coldest shower today and now I feel so effete
Its about who you nose and the ways you hose.
Having a headache because of this heat.

We all have that one friend that we greet
with an insult.
The silence in the air felt like my soul froze.
One week on, one week off, repeat.
Having a headache because of this heat.

This villanelle was made with tweets by: @maicaa04, @gleechrome, @BrooklynsMoon, @awdryfc, @AzfarTennyson, @_thekn, @nettiecarpent14, @AmberFrankland, @vinchievinch, @Paped1984, @IAM_SHAKESPEARE, @OPHose, and @paceyhannah.

Coding: @avoision

I saw one commercial for the Super Bowl and I disliked it a lot.

I believe it was for a Honda car. There were two women in the front seats driving and they kept getting “distracted” by men. As a man walked in front of their car while distracted by a man on the sidewalk the car stopped on its own.

I understand that it was promoting a car and how it’s safety feature is to stop on its own if you are distracted etc. however I felt it was unnecessary to say women get distracted easily while driving

Maybe it was how I was viewing the commercial and no one else picked up on it but I found it insulting. Could they have done it with men? Yes but at the same time that is also messed up as well.

I personally think if they wanted to show the car wanting to stop and how it detects things they could have used so many more examples.

I’m not exaggerating because it was the facial expressions on the women that made it even worse.

People may disagree with me and my thoughts but I am completely against that commercial and hope it is not used again to promote the safety perks of the car. 

Alicia out

I really miss playing in orchestras but at the same time I don’t cause for two years in a row when I was in my youth orchestra the conductor assured me that I would be guaranteed second or third chair and I ended up being 14th chair two fucking years in a row so I think that really made me hate playing music cause it felt so insulting but at the same time I miss it so much

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mh, i think that talking about things we need to change is only the first step to actually change them, and a film could help. sorry for being late, but how was your mornin then? :)

I really liked this assembly. I agree that discussions are important but I think that actions could have more effects, or at least it should be. As the event of saturday 24th of january was so important even if I don’t think that it had so much effect. Italian society is still too closed. I’ve seen this also this morning at the assembly, most of the people were pro (and the film made cry a lot of persons) but someone were completely not accepting, and I’ve felt also a lot of lack of information by them (and some insults had been said).
Anyway I felt this theme a lot more personal and for this I think I felt the importance of this assembly. I wanted to speak out, to say my word, but it’s difficult for me to speak for something so personal in front of all my high school, so…
So the film was incredible, I liked the debate and… nothing, it was so important to me.
(p.s. when one of my classmate said to me, when we were waiting for the toilet: “I would like to hear what have to say someone that is in this situation for personal interest”, I was really scared.)

What the Junior Doctor Contract Imposition Means for the Rest of Us

Along with almost every medical professional in the country, the members of GP Survival were saddened, shocked and angered to hear the news that Jeremy Hunt would be unilaterally imposing the new contract on junior doctors.

Junior doctors have fought valiantly over the last few months, and have been well supported by other medical professionals and the public, so much so that it felt like it was our fight too. GPs have tweeted, rallied, and picked up the extra work when registrars were striking, so the final insult - that all of this had made no impact on the government - felt personal.

I think this is because not only we were fighting for our colleagues, but also for our NHS. We were fighting for our patients, and their right to have a safe workforce of medics looking after them. But underlying the outpouring of sympathetic sentiments and sense of comradery, a swiftly growing panic and fear began to set in. I’m sure I wasn’t the only GP to feel like this was the beginning of the end. The Tories will be coming for the rest of us next.

General practice has been going through its own tough time, with a ‘State of Emergency’ being announced. And as the numbers of trainees applying to general practice dwindle, with only 2/3 of places filled after round 1 in 2015, this enforced contract will only further exacerbate the problem, as the overall number of students applying to medical school will continue to decrease. The new contract will also see any trainee who changes specialties start back at the beginning of the pay scale. There are many GP trainees who have trained in other specialties, and choose to become a generalist for many reasons. This clause of the contract completely disregards the level of experience and expertise that such a trainee would bring with them to general practice. It will also mean that many trainees with a mortgage and a family may not be able to afford to retrain as a GP. So, tell us again Jeremy, where are finding these 5000 new GPs from? Because they certainly won’t be lured over from other medical specialties, and now I doubt they will be new graduates.

So the future of general practice becomes bleaker; the biggest revelation that has emerged from this debacle is that our government is not listening to us. I have no doubt that when the health secretary turns his attention to the GP contract, and we complain and protest, we will not be heard. No matter how loud we shout. And as the plans for the NHS are slowly revealed, when all that’s left are the burning ashes of a once great healthcare system, and the patients begin to shout too, they shouldn’t hold out any hope that they can salvage what’s left.

So where do we go next? I was hoping to end this article on a positive note. But I don’t think I can. With a health secretary who fudges the facts and figures, and who refuses to speak with those who he is ruining, where do we start? When our health secretary doesn’t even turn up to parliament to debate the contract he is about impose, instead sending a junior minister to do his dirty work, as he ploughs on with his hidden agenda, what hope do we have? But one thing I do know is that we are all in this together. Whether we succeed or fail in the fight for the future of our NHS, together we are stronger.

from UK - The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1SLDsk0
- Bonsoni

I hate how Ive been hurt so much I created this barrier around me people actually believed i had no feelings so my friends started using me as a scapegoat and made fun of me and used insults (including racial ones) and despite the teachers always saying that you cant be mean and that its impossible for someone to have no feelings they still made fun of me because they believed that i had none even though i was oversensitive and they always turned their head away when i was upset and i was so aftaid to tell them how i felt because i know that they would laugh at me and im still hanging around them because they always stick around me and i hate but theres nothing i can do about it and i hate how whenever i get close to someonw i find myself pulling away because even though i want to be close to someonw like everyone else is i just keep other people at a distancw and i dont trust anyone anymore and i hate this and i hate being alive

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2, 3, 25, 28, 41


2. Ever been in love? Yeah
3.Ever had a terrible breakup?
Well, it wasn’t terrible for me but it I know was for the other person. For that I felt bad, because I really cared about them. So for me, no. I even got cheated on once but meh, it didn’t have much impact in me (apart from trust issues and stuff), I didn’t really want to be in that relationship anymore.
25.Turn off? Bad higiene
28. Last thing that made you cry? I don’t know if it was an anime or something too personal to tell here tbh, one of those
41.Last time you were insulted and what was it? I don’t really remember


Why I stopped doing art.

My art teacher was shit. 

I wrote way more but it was to hard to read so I will just shorten it. My art teacher was shit, she was a terrible teacher, she focused to much on art history rather than hands on work, and she insulted and belittled everything I made because it wasn’t like we were taught and made me feel like shit in front of the entire class despite me being the only student who defended her at the time. After that I felt pretty much dead inside when it came to art until I took up writing.

Writing Prompt | 2 | Your Face... I Dislike ‘it’

(Sorry for this super overdue post! School got me like ;-; Anyways here ya go!)

“Last time I checked, your name wasn’t listed on the group of people I like.” I shot coldly.

“Well-” He/She tried to get something out, but I wasn’t finished.

“And your face… I dislike ‘it’” I made little quotes around the word ‘it’ because I felt it just seemed more legit. He/She looked at me in shock.

“Well, geez. If you liked me that much, you should have just said so.” He/She cupped my face in their hands and set a gentle kiss on my nose, “You’re cute when you insult me.”

last year I was crying when my phone ring seconds after 12:00am, when I saw your name on it for a brief moment I felt alive, when I answered you kill me again, screaming me, insulting me… you made “a birthday to remember” you remembered me I´m noting, I´m a failure, I´m dispensable and that was the first year of many to come that just gonna remember that I´m closer to be dead, that is just an other year alone, missing you and feeling miserable for not be with you, the person I want to be with the most, not only today, but everyday.

I don´t even move from my bed yet… and have no intention to do so, this day is not worth it, there is nothing special on it. just a stupid and foolish person was born this day.

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I meant that as a nickname, not an insult, but I am sorry if it felt otherwise.

My friend I have been laughing like a maniac all day and my co-workers have no idea why.

Needless to say that alone made it a great day so THANK YOU

Racism in America

A White man from an 80% White district miles away comes to an 80% Black town where I grew up and introduces a bill to create a Confederate memorial out of the town’s most well-known historical site. His excuse includes defending the KKK and comparing the Black population there to ISIS for not wanting to live under the Confederate flag and a monument to Confederate generals anymore. That flag has flown over my majority Black hometown for longer than I have been alive.

From an article:
The Klan “was not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order,” he said.
“It made a lot of people straighten up,” he said. “I’m not saying what they did was right. It’s just the way things were.“

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more insulted.