So in celebration of Spacedogs appreciation week, I made a rec list featuring our favorite criminal and amateur astronaut. 


A Necessary Life by DarkmoonSigel

Words: 22629 Status: INCOMPLETE Rating: MATURE

Summary: An unusual pairing of a thuggish psychopath and a sweet yet sheltered man with Asperger’s syndrome. Loosely follows the plots of both movies the character are based from, but ignores a lot of the other characters in either(ie no Gabi, no Charlie, no Beth, etc….). Set in Manhattan but Nigel falls in love with Adam the way he fell in love with Gabi.

Midnighters by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite

Words: 52228 Status: COMPLETE Rating: EXPLICIT

Summary: Nigel does not need another man on his team for this heist. He doesn’t fucking need one. And he certainly doesn’t need Adam fucking Raki, but there he fucking is.

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“…You’re no match for Batman“

“No, you’re no match for Batman. I, on the other hand, am the hero who is going to save Gotham from destruction“

The words and poses based on the movie (you all know what scene this is from)

Sooo a Batman AU, have we had one of those yet?

Hans as Joker and i guess Elsa is Batman here. With Anna as her estranged sister who fell in love with a criminal…

Yeah i’m not going to even try to come up with a cohesive storyline for this

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Requested by anon <3

Prompts:  Could you maybe write a prequel to the story you wrote about the joking saving you from your abusive parents? If you could, could you include how you met him, how you fell in love, and how he found out about your parents?? Please please please!!! :3
A/N: just a lil setup


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“I fell in love with film and stage when I was 5. My grandmother would bring me to the Children’s theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I became fascinated by the colorful sets, characters, and costumes. I loved the possibilities, and the idea that you could bring your imagination to life with storytelling.“-  Beth Jean Riesgraf, born August 24th, 1978

Fangirl Calling For Help

I’m calling out for every fangirl out here on tumblr.

I wanna ask you this question, have you ever fell in love for a tv series so bad but it has cancelled?

This situation hurts like hell right? The excitment you get to watch the next episode isn’t there anymore. The story you’ve been loving didn’t have a proper ending, and you end up confused and wondering what would’ve happened if the show wasn’t cancelled.

There’s a tv series called Stitchers. It’s about a girl called Kirsten Clark. She works with NSA and her job is to “stitch” into the minds of the dead to investigate murders by using their memories.

It has a very interesting storyline, and I’m telling you without any exaggeration: Each and every episode of Stitchers is mind blowing! You can’t ever get enough of it.

The characters are mainly smart, super hot, and most importantly they really care about each other.

Stitchers is one of the best crime solving series that I have ever saw. The cast and crew are super sweet to us the fans. They really give us the feeling that we’re family.

So I’m asking you to take some time and watch few episodes of Stitchers. You might like it. In fact, I believe you will love it as much as I do. Tell a couple friends of yours, your family, and everyone you know ..

Help us to get Stitchers season 3.

I’m personally asking you for help to not let this show get cancelled.

Thank you.

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Imagine Prompt: [Hero(es) of your choice] gets mysteriously transported into reader's world and can't get back to the world of Overwatch; over time the characters develop strong bonds (romantic or platonic) for reader but then returns to original world abrubtly without any goodbyes. Optional end- hero and reader can communicate via dreams. Can I get reactions to their first meeting, maybe snippets of their bonding, and the character's reactions to the sudden separation/ optional reunion? Ty~

((As soon as I read this I fell in love. I chose Dad™️76. I apologise if this will be very long but I really love this concept. Also sorry for so much soldier. I really love writing him - Mod Tez))

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Soldier 76

The silent vigilante protecting Dorado, the soldier. He didn’t care what he was called by criminals on the streets so long as they feared him. He was taught to expect anything.

However one day when in the middle of a fight with the Los Muertos gang. He was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the enemy as he was a one man army. The cancer polluting Dorado slowly etched closer to him to the point he made a mistake. A mistake that should have costed his life. But even the smallest of angels were still looking out for him as everything suddenly turned white, like a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

When he opened his eyes he was in a bedroom he did not recognise, posters of bands that were almost centuries old were on the walls, some he recognised from a teenage phase where he listened to them, others seemed new. His mind was in an utter haze as he kept analysing and tiring his brain out further. That was until a soft voice hummed, making him sit up, but quickly hiss in pain as he held onto his side.

“Careful, those stitches took abit to put on you…” you said as your eyes squinted as you sympathised to the stranger’s pain. The soldier lifted a hand to feel his visor still on his face as he sighed in relief. But the relief quickly changed as he began to bombard you with questions, “Who are you?” he asked, “I’m (Y/N). You?” your questions remained unanswered as he continued on, “Where are we?” he asked again, “We are currently in (Country you live in)” you answered.

Question after question he seemed stranger to you. He never revealed his name, became confused when you didn’t know of a corporation named Talon, or an organisation named Overwatch. “I don’t get it. Why don’t you know all these things? Everyone knows them!” he questioned as he sat up further on the bed. You decided it was your turn to ask the man questions, “What year do you think it is?” he paused for a moment. “2076? I’m sure of it, definitely can’t be wrong… Can I be wrong?” he asked as you looked at him in shock, you pulled out your phone to show him the date was 2016 and he was taken aback from that.

You spent more time with the man, who decided to ask you questions about life in this time frame he seemed stuck in. You explained that there’s no such thing as the omnic crisis, no major advance in robotics yet and that life is still very simple here. “Since I clearly showed that I’m not a member of ‘Talon’ will you please tell me your name now? I’m sure it’s not dude.” He stared at you through his visor as if you asked him a very strange thing. “Call me Jack… Jack Morrison.” he said quietly, making you smile and extend a hand at him, “I’m (Y/N) (L/N). Pleasure meeting you Jack.” you said as he slowly reached a gloved hand and firmly shook your hand.

Time passed quickly and you both got closer. Jack learned to live without holopads and voice communicators. which felt odd to him but in a way, it felt like home. Back in Indiana. You told him about things going on in your world and he seemed shocked at some things, likewise when he told you about the omnic crisis and his fallout with Gabriel you put a hand on his shoulder, silently comforting him. He didn’t realise he slowly developed a liking to you greeting him in the morning and how your presence and lifestyle made him feel happy. He wanted to somehow pay back for helping him out when he ended up in your world, wounded and feeling as if the world lied on his shoulders.

You helped him lift off so many weights and one day he decided to build up the guts for it and confront you. That day you were reading a book as you munched on your breakfast. He had tapped your shoulder lightly, making you turn around, “Hm, what’s up Jack?” you asked him but he remained quiet, his gaze through the visor making you feel like he was upset, “Is anything wrong?” you queried as you stood up, putting your book down, when you suddenly felt one of his ungloved, rough hands cover your eyes. When you felt his hand move away and cup your cheek you slowly opened your eyes, to only see his tired face.

He was hiding away two large scars that rested well into the centre of his face. You didn’t know how to respond as a feathery lightness bubbled in your gut, making you mindlessly reach up with your tip toes and peck a kiss on the scar that crossed over his lips. When you reached back down, you placed your own hand to cup his cheek. That made Jack smile as he leaned down and kissed your forehead and reached over to your side, grabbing his visor and handing it to you, “Keep this one (Y/N). As something to remember the time we’ve spent together.” he said softly as you gently held onto the delicate mask.

That day you stayed close to eachother, spending the day appreciating that even under the weirdest circumstances, you bonded and became two healed souls. You huddled up to eachother that night. Jack holding you close to his chest as you rested your body against him, your head placed over his heart as the soft thumping of it slowly lulled you to a sleepy trance, “I love you Jack…” you murmured as you nuzzled into him. He combed your hair with his fingers as he said, “I love you too.”

That was the last thing you heard as he disappeared the next morning. Just as abruptly as he did almost a year ago. His visor and gloves were the only proof you had fallen in love with an amazing man. You could feel the tears well up in your eyes as you looked over at the bedside table, grabbing onto his gloves you held them close to your shaking form as sobs racked through your weakened body.

Similarly, Jack had woken up back in his hideout in Dorado. He was right about not needing his visor, he had a spare. But he didn’t have spare bracelets. He noticed he still had a bracelet you made for him. It was resting right around his wrist. He smiled a little but proceeded to rub his eyes with his fingers as he wiped off tears that welled up in his eyes. He already missed you.

But all clouds have silver lining. Weeks after Jack’s departure, when you slept with Jack’s visor beside you, you ended up seeing him asleep in his bed. Rushing at him you dropped at your knees and wearily gripped on his shoulder, “J-Jack?” you asked as you shook his shoulder, “Hey wake up. It’s me, (Y/N).” you said, making the soldier groan as he turned to look up groggily. But the tiredness dissipated once he saw your smile and puffy red eyes, probably from crying. Jack sat up and pulled you in his arms as he rested his face at the crook of your neck.

Every night since, you have never had a dreamless sleep. Since you and Jack are now inseparable.

Was wondering why all these animal rights activists had been spewing so much judgement and hatred at the mother whose child fell into the gorilla pen. Just learned she and the child are Black - so that explains the bit of extra fervor these activists are showing.. in my few minutes of roaming the tag i saw somebody jokingly suggest they should have shot the little boy instead. Somehow his dad’s criminal record is now being brought up in investigative articles. Dontcha just love being Black in America 🙃 what would life be without the constant reminder of how hated we are!!!

BTS Reaction to Meeting Your (S/O) Family and They Make Offensive Jokes/Comments

This would be something awful to experience. A person should not be insulted for their ethnicity or culture. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction!

None of the gifs used belong to me!

-Admin Morgyn

Jin: He was shocked when he heard your family casually making jokes about his ethnicity. However, he didn’t make a fuss about it, encouraged by you squeezing his hand under the table. Instead, he focused on being polite and getting your family to like him.

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Suga: Anger at your family’s insensitive comments was bubbling up inside of him. Struggling to find the right words, he said “I really don’t know what you think is wrong with me, but I love your child, so I’d like for you to quit treating me like a criminal.” Silence fell over the dining room table. He prayed that he made sense, not yet completely fluent in your native language. You wrapped your hand around his for support, both of you waiting for your family to respond.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would be heartbroken when your family made offensive jokes about him. Trying not to make his emotions obvious, he played it off by making his own, lighthearted jokes. He would make an extra effort to be polite and funny, desperate to hear the rude words stop.

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Rap Monster: His teeth ground together as he listened to your family making rude remarks about him. Namjoon would probably be the least afraid to speak up, asking politely for them to stop with their offensive comments. If they stopped with their remarks, he would be very polite and thankful. If they continued, he would make his annoyance clear by rolling his eyes or making audible sighs.

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Jimin: His eyes widened when he heard one of your family members make a joke about him. He would keep his cool, calmed by your hand stroking his arm, but inside he would be hurt and angry. Instead of losing his temper, he would ignore their cutting remarks in favor of showing how much he loved their child, feeding you and giving you pecks on the cheek along with sweet comments.

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V: This poor puppy would shut down completely, devastated by your family’s apparent disapproval of his origins. He would rest his chin on one hand while he twirled his fork around his plate with the other, comforted only by your hand gently rubbing his shoulder. Taehyung would be the complete opposite of his usual peppy, sweet self, carrying the burden of the comments even after you two had left.

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Jungkook: He would be shocked into silence at first, pausing while he ate, before quickly snapping back into reality. The only sign of his frustration would be his tensed muscles. Your attempts at keeping him calm would only work to a certain point, leading him to excuse himself to go to the bathroom and cool down.

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Title: Childish

Pairing: Hotch x reader

Based off of this anon request:

Hi! Can I request a one shot cm where the reader is dating Hotch and the group is doing paperwork and the reader is being childish with Garcia and everyone starts to wonder how they fell in love considering they are both so much different?

Thanks for requesting! XOXOXO

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Peaky Blinders

I keep reading how manipulative, and unhealthy the Tommy/Grace relationship is, but can’t you say that about every single relationship on this show? They’re complicated for sure. Like Grace said in the S1 finale, it was all circumstances. She only met him in the line of duty. Her job was to bring down a criminal, and get back dangerous weapons. That was an honorable undertaking, and Tommy is by no means innocent or a saint. She fell in love though, and so did he, and that led them down a very different path.

I’m a fan of Grace’s character, because she’s not weak nor was she ever so pathetically in love that she compromised herself. She kept to her values, and she did her job. In the end, she loved Tommy and saved him. And yet when she had the chance to build this life with him she intended to tell him the truth. She had it halfway out saying she’d done something terrible to him, before she was stopped. And even then, knowing exactly who he was and who she was she wanted to build a life with him. Her only flaw was that she naively wanted to believe he could leave Birmingham and his family behind.

Fast forward to present times, and she comes back into Tommy’s life. We can speculate all we want on her purposes, but number one was clearly she was still in love with him and needed to see him. He obviously felt the same way as at his lowest he reached out and called her. Perhaps they have an unhealthy addiction for one another, but love is love. The baby situation is a bit murkier. I think it was clear she wanted Tommy from the start, and perhaps saw that reunion as a test. If she conceived then it was a sign she could leave her safe life and husband, and build a life with Tommy. A child would bind them. She never lied to him. She flat out told him her situation, and Tommy then asked if he could see her again. He’s no fool or innocent. He didn’t care. He wanted whatever they could have.

So, I guess my point is that whether you think Grace is good for Tommy or Tommy is good for Grace really isn’t the point. They’ve told a story of two people deeply in love with one another, and unable to move on despite circumstances. Now they’re going to be tied together for life through a child. Who knows who Tommy marries, but Tommy/Grace will always be the endgame for him, and I think they writers have illustrated that clearly enough.

“Mama, i’m in LOVE with a CRIMINAL.
And this type of LOVE isn’t rational, it’s PHYSICAL.
Mama, please don’t cry, I will be alright.
All reasons aside, I just can’t deny, I LOVE that guy.”
Drew this while listening to “Criminal” by Britney Spears :‘3
Soooo, I may or may not ship Fell!Palette with normal Goth owo"“
Anywhoo, yeah! I like this drawing alot ^^ Poth is OTP
Palette belongs to @angexci
Goth belongs to @nekophy
EDIT: Had to reuploud because something went wrong with the first one TwT

We fell in love the way people do, the same way I had fallen in love with other men.

Amy Friedman, “'Kept Together By The Bars Between Us’ | Modern Love 35″

Modern Love Episode 35: Kept Together By The Bars Between Us

Amy Friedman writes about being in love with a convicted felon in her essay for Modern Love, read for the podcast by actress Cherry Jones. 

I’m Not Her - Part Twelve (Final)

It’s been almost two months since you and Spencer had made up. He stuck true to his word and showed you how much he loved you.

When you went to bed, he’d wrap you up in his arms and stroke your hair until you fell asleep. You woke up to soft kisses being pressed to your face. Hand holding all the way up until you got to work. 

The two of you had made love too. Spencer was somewhat reluctant but you managed to convince him that you were ready again. Right before you stepped off the elevators, he’d press a soft kiss to your lips and say that he loved you.

It was wonderful. However, it was getting to the point where his affection was slowly becoming slightly overprotective. He treated you like you were a porcelain doll ever since the team had rescued you.

He wouldn’t let you do anything, insisting that he’d do it for you. As sweet as it was, you wanted to be somewhat independent. Today, the team didn’t have a case, so most of the day was just paperwork.

Spencer insisted on doing half of your case files. You had objected, worried that his big brain would overload and didn’t want him to have to do more work. The team had looked on in amusement, as you and Spencer went back and forth until you finally gave up.


After work was done, the two of you headed home and said your goodbyes to the team. Opening the door to the apartment, you took of your shoes and headed towards the kitchen.

“I’m going to get started on dinner, you go ahead and shower first babe.” you said.

You heard his footsteps approaching the kitchen. “It’s okay Y/N, you go shower and I’ll make us dinner.” he replied, wrapping his arms around your waist.

You turned around in his embrace to look at him. “No Spencer. I’m making dinner tonight. You’ve made dinner for the past 3 days now. It’s my turn.”

He gave you a smile. “Babe, it’s okay. I don’t mind cooking for us.”

Shaking your head, you pulled away from him. “Spencer, stop it.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “Stop what?”

“Stop treating me like I’m glass and doing everything! I’m more than capable to work on my own pile of case files and I’m certainly more than capable to cook! You keep insisting on doing everything for me and as sweet as it is, it’s starting to get annoying.”

You grabbed his hand and stroked his knuckles softly. “Babe, I know you’re concerned for me and I know that you’re trying to prove to me that you really love me, but I’m begging you. Please stop doing everything for me.”

You put your hand onto his cheek. “You’re an absolute sweetheart, but let me cook tonight okay? I want to spoil my boyfriend every once in a while too.” you said, smiling at him.

Spencer chuckled and nodded his head. “Okay, Y/N. I’m sorry that I wasn’t letting you be independent. I just didn’t want you to be stressed.” He leaned down and softly kissed your lips.

Pulling away, he gave you a smirk. “Now, how about we go take a shower together and cook dinner together?” he said, running his hands down your body and stopping at your butt.

You ran your hand down his chest. “Spencer Reid. Are you only wanting to shower with me because you want to have sex in the shower?”

He leaned closer to you, pressing his forehead against yours. “Hmm.. maybe, maybe now. I guess we’ll find out won’t we?”

He picked you up and wrapped your legs around him. You giggled loudly and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Spencer!”

Spencer headed towards the bedroom, pressing kisses to your neck the entire way. Once inside the bedroom, he placed you back down and pulled you close to him.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are one hell of a woman. You’re beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny, and kind. You may not think it, but you are the perfect woman for me. I don’t care that you’re not Maeve or any other girl in this world. You’re you, and that’s all that matters to me. I love you” he said softly, cupping your face in his hands.

You smiled, tears slowly starting to form in your eyes. “I love you too Spencer. I’ll always love you.” You leaned up and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

When you two pulled away, he took your hands and started to walk towards the bathroom. “So.. how about that shower beautiful?”

You laughed and nodded your head. “Lead the way handsome.”

Meaningful Drawings

You walked into the BAU, your second home of 12 years. You hadn’t seen Spencer, your boyfriend of 10 years, since you fell asleep last night. You weren’t going to lie to yourself, you were slightly worried. You sent him a simple text, “I love you,” and decided to work on the mountain of paperwork that was sitting in your desk.
After a few long and boring hours, you still hadn’t seen Spencer, but you noticed a book sitting on the edge of your desk that hadn’t been there before. You looked around and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. You grabbed the book and admired the leather cover. You pondered opening it, not wanting to invade anyone’s privacy. But once you realized someone must have intentionally put it in your desk you opened it.
As you slowly opened, it you were shocked. They were drawings of you, dating back to when you first joined the BAU. You flipped a few pages and noticed key details that helped you realize they were dates you’d gone on with Spencer.
Now you were smiling as you admired his amazing artistic skill. They filled the whole journal. When you got to the last drawing you couldn’t Lin point where it was from. It was a picture of you smiling holding up your hand. As you looked at it harder and longer you realized you were holding up your left hand and on your ring finger was a beautiful ring. But you didn’t own that ring. You closed the book and heard a small cough, as if to get your attention, behind you. You turned around and saw Spencer.
“Spencer! I haven’t seen you all day,” you said hugging him. He hugged you back causing you to smile. As you both broke apart he got down on one knee. You clasped you hand over your mouth,realizing what he was doing. The drawing made sense now. He tried his hardest to maintain eye contact. “(Y/n),” he licked his lips. And grabbed one of your hands. “Ever since the first day you walked into the BAU I knew I loved you. and I know I’ll never stop. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he pulled out the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You couldn’t contain the tears that poured out of your eyes. “(Y/full/name), will you marry me?” Sobbing, you viciously nodded your head and managed to squeak out a small, “yes.” He stood up and placed the ring on your little finger and pulled you into a hug you’ll never forget.

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My friend says Sakura is emotionally unstable.What do you think?I personally think the things she has gone through would make the toughest person in our world go nuts.I mean she fell in love with a international criminal that tried to kill her.

Sakura isn’t emotionally unstable. That’s yet another example of people mindlessly throwing around accusations and insults in Sakura’s direction without even knowing what they actually mean. Gaara was emotionally unstable during early Part 1. Sasuke was emotionally unstable during the 5 Kage Summit. Sakura has never even come close, seriously :I

hey sterek shippers

Do any of you guys know nice sterek fics where Derek is a mob boss/mafia boss/arms dealer/criminal etcetc and Stiles is just a normal dude who has a normal job or maybe a college dude and then they fell in love and shit and then angst and then happy ending blabla anyone anyone? I need this kind of fic to read cause I’m hyper-bored right now teeheee. Anyone?