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Sebastian x reader 

Word count:1675

A.N: I hope you enjoy the imagine, I don’t know how I feel about this. But I hope you enjoy it.

“And Y/n how do you feel being in the opposite side from Tony’s team, since you two did a film together and you were like one of his best friend.”Jimmy Fallon , the interviewer asked.

“I feel good actually, I liked how I’m on Caps team I feel like he was correct and that he followed his heart.” You told him.

“Yeah team Cap.” Sebastian threw his fist in the air.

“Y/n is a backstabber I hate her, I think that she should be fired.” Robert joked,which caused the crowd to laugh.

As of right now you are in a interview with Anthony, Robert,Chris and Sebastian.

Jimmy finally finished laughing “Alright I like your answer, Sebastian how do feel about the fans shipping Bucky and Nat?” He asked.

“I can actually say that I really liked them. In the comics, as you can see they were a thing for a short amount of time but I’m actually starting to gravitate towards Bucky and Y/c/n relationship.”

“So you want some Y/n action.” Anthony teased him.

“I mean who wouldn’t she’s gorgeous.” Sebastian smirked and the crowed when wild.

“Wow that’s strange I feel like Cap and my character have more in common.” You told him.

“Yeah I got to agree with that, plus I think I might be lucky enough to kiss her.” Chris added again making the crowd go wild.

Sebastian rolled his eyes and shook his head “You guys have no connection what so ever and plus you’ve already kissed her, I think I should be the one kissing her.” He crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair.

“Maybe we should do it right now if that’s all you want.” You looked over at Seb.

“Wait, wait, What is going on?” Anthony asked.

“He wants a kiss I’m going to do it.” You shrugged and leaned over to get closer to Seb.

“Wait are we really doing this?” Sebastian smiled really big.

“Yeah.” You told him but as you leaned over you just kissed his cheek.

The crowd laughed and Seb got all red.

“Wow, you can cut this tension with a knife.” Robert commented.

The interview continued like normal with no awkwardness between you and Sebastian you even played a game.


You were currently with Lizzie in her room facetiming Scarlett, you were all currently talking about how she was doing and how we all miss her in the premiere.

“I know I miss you guys as well, but hey once we starting again in October you’re going to wish you missed me.” Scarlett said, as she was talking about her new movie Rose came in.

“Aunties!” She screamed.

“Hi Rose.” You waved.

“Hey Rose.” Lizzie copied you action.

“God she’s so cute, I just want to steal her away from you.” You told Scar.

“Hey she’s all mine, maybe you and Stand should get to it.” Scar pointed her finger at the screen.

“What are you talking about?” You felt yourself get red.

“Aw come on you both obviously have a thing for eachother, I saw that interview last night, he was dying to kiss you.” She told you.

“Yeah I was texting her when when I seeing it as well and it’s so obvious.”Liz commented as well.

“Alright I might have a slight cr-” But you were interrupted by someone knocking at the door “Excuse me.” You got up from the bed and walked over to the door.

“Hey babe.” Robert leaned in to give you a friendly kiss on both cheeks.

“Hey Rob what are you doing here.” You asked.

“Well I’m offended can’t I just vist my friend and after we’ve done six movies togeth-”

“Alright, alright I get it. What can I help you with?” You smiled at him

“Well I just wanted to talk but you were in you room so I checked with Stan but you weren’t there so I came he-”

You cut him off once again “Wait, why would you check in his room?”

“You know I don’t want to stand in the hallway anymore let’s go to your room.” And he walked away.

You walked back into the room and grabbed your keys.

“Hey your back, what were you doing?” Liz asked.

“Probably making out with Sebastian.” Scar joked.

“Ha-ha-ha very funny.” You rolled your eyes and shook your head ”Robert want’s to talk, I’ll be back in a few. Bye Rose.” You waved.

“Bye bye.” She waved back.

You walked down the down the hall and around the corner and saw that Robert was leaning against your door.

“Took you long enough.” He stood up straight and waited for you to open up the door.

You finally opened the door and he walked in behind you.

‘Want anything to drink?’ You asked.

“Some sparkling water please.” He made himself comfortable on the couch.

You walked over to the mini fridge and got him his drink and you got something for yourself.

“Here you go, now what do you want to talk about?” You took a seat next to him.

“When are you and Stan going to become a thing?” He asked as he took a sip of his water.

“Really that’s what you want to talk about.” You told him.

“Yeah I think you should make him jealous.” He shrugged his shoulders like it was nothing.

“That’s mean, plus that would never work he’s too smart.” You told him.

“So you’re willing to do it?” He chuckled.

“I mean I don’t-” But you got cut off.

“You do.” He clapped his hands “Alright, first you have to flirt with someone, preferably Chris since he’s the only single one then he will get jealous and tada he will admit his feeling for you.”

“That’s a dumb plan, what if he actually thinks I like Chris and he doesn’t say anything and ends up dating someone else, I’ll just end up feeling dumb and heart broken.”

“Never know till you try it.”


As of right now you were all out for dinner, Anthony,Jeremy,Chris,Sebastian, Lizzie,Robert and his wife Susan and your self.

You were sitting next to Chris on your left and Robert on your right, with Seb sitting in front of you.

You had were still iffy on flirting with Chris, you had told him what Rob said and he said he was willing to do it.

“Just go for it.”Downey leaned over and whispered to you.

You nodded and turned to Chris.

“How about we go for drinks after this?” You gave him a flirty smiled.

You heard Seb laugh but you didn’t even bother turning to over to him.

Chris gave you a surprised look but quickly catched on “I’d love to maybe we could go out for a dance as well.” He gave you one of his perfect smiles.

“Deal.” You smiled at him and turned to look at the menu. You all order and now you were currently waiting for the food.

“Hey Y/n would you like to hang out after this?’ Seb asked very nervously may you add.

“Umm sorry Seb I already made plans with Chris, maybe next time.” You told him. His smile immediately fell, you almost turned over at Chris to tell him that you weren’t be able to make it.

“O-oh alright, it’s okay maybe next time.” He turned to his right and talked to Anthony.

“I feel bad.” You turned to Chris.

“It’s going to work trust me.” He placed his hand on top of yours, which to your luck Sebastian saw but you didn’t know he saw. He only saw that Chris placed a hand on top of yours and that you were smiling and looking profoundly into each other eyes.

“I’m going to get a drink.” You told him as you were going to walk away he grabbed your hand.

“Kiss my cheek.” He lowered his voice, you gave him a questioning look but did it anyway “Bring me a rum and coke please,babe.” He spoke in his normal voice once again.

You noded and walked away to the bar “Hi, can I get a rum and coke and a dirty martini.” You smiled at the bar tender, he nodded and walked away.

You looked back at the table and saw that Rob, Chris and Sebastian were arguing all the sudden Seb got up and walked straight to the bar.

“Hey Seb ar-” But you got cut off by his lips.

The kiss made you weak, it was passionate everything you imagined it would be like. Filled with butterflies and love,like if you were in middle school and you just heard that your crush likes you back. You were about to pull him closer but he pulled away and stepped back.

“Downey and Chris told me you were just trying to make me jealous.” He smirked.

“Did it work?”You asked and started to play with his tie.

“Fuck yeah.” He assured you.

“Good.” And you pulled him by his tie for another kiss.

“That’s my boy.” Chris yelled which caused you both away from the kiss and laugh.

“Let’s go back.” He pulled you hand, you were about to go but you pulled back “What? What’s wrong?” He questioned.

“I forgot my drink, if I want to get through this teasing I need lots or drinks.” And grabbed both your drinks.

“Remember when you made me jealous by flirting with Chris.” Seb got into bed.

“Oh god.” You covered your face “Don’t remind me again, but hey at least it worked.”

Sebastian laughed and placed his hand on top of your belly.

“Now we’re married and expecting our first baby.” He leaned over to kiss you “Goodnight babe.” And he turned off the light.

“Night babe.” You told him back, that night you laid awake thinking of the happy life you were about to have and how lucky you are to have all your friends in your life along with you amazing husband.

If you remember the ‘directionators’, Caroline Flack, “Harry! Harry! Give me some of your gravy!”, Gibby: the queen of fangirls, Zayn and mirrors, Niall the innocent one, Pokemon, carrots, 'NO’, Jimmy Protested, Harry and cats, “think how much pussy you’re gonna get”, “I admit, I said pussy. I’m sorry”, massive thank you, the first brit, the Irish dance, Big Time Rush, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez dancing to WMYB on their first performance at KCA, “we’re like the teletubbies”, Harry with blazers, Zayn with varsity jackets, Louis with stripes, vans and suspenders, Niall with his red polo, Liam and plaid shirts, when they switched clothes, the time Harry carried a girl out of stage, when they used to pick girls from the crowd to go on stage during “I Want”, “avocado is my new favorite vegetable”, “today has been a busy week for us”, when Niall and Louis didn’t get solos, when people didn’t like Niall, that time two fans only wanted a picture with Liam and he held Niall’s shirt - forcing him to stay in the picture, their first time in the US, “When Zayn wasn’t opening for BTR with us we said we were Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam. 'Cause we’re not One Direction without him”, the mexican one, 'Things you didn’t know about 1D: Niall is Irish’, The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction,  The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction - Part 2, Zayn eyelashes, the time they met Emma Watson, Demi Lovato being Niall’s celebrity crush, I: Who’s your celebrity crush? DL: Niall Horan from One Direction, he’s cute., Daddy Direction, Harry and bow ties, Niall hating rabbits, “Forever Young”, “Dare To Dream”, “Another World”, “I Should’ve Kissed You”, “Stand Up”, on their anniversary when we all had to wear stripes or varsity jackets or blazers or polos or plaid t-shirts, then you’ve been here for a long time…


Look at these lazy little buggers. Like omg, get a job, or go clean the kitchen. Seriously do something to earn your keep and kibble around here!! What’s that?? Being cute is your job?? Well A+ effort then guys!!!

Swiftie Problems

Friend: Which song on 1989 do you like the best?

Me: STYLE!!!…no wait maybe Clean..oh but i love Bad Blood and I Know Places… but This Love is so goooood and then All You Had To Do Was Stay is my life story but the bass drop in wonderlandddd is soo good

Friend:  I meant your ultimate favourite?

Me: Definitely Blank Space.. oh but Welcome To New York is fabulous.. but then the lyrics in You Are In Love speaks to my soul… oh and Out Of The Woods is soo good, and New Romantics is my life right now..but i can’t not love How You Get The Girl and I Wish You Would…OH but then there is Wildest Dreams and we all know that is flawless and so is Shake It Off.. It is a hard choice….

Friend: You just named every track on the album…

Me: Yes i know.. my point exactly 


Jerry and Jimmy having a conversation via instrumental music


This pertains to every single person whether you follow me or not who comes across this post whether it be night or day, rain or shine, or whenever. You are all completely wonderful and amazing, and you are so loved, and I am very proud of you. Because you are still here and even if you have your ups and downs you are still trying, and that is admirable in the least bit. I want everyone to know that, that you are strong and you are worth it. And I know it’s probably not much coming from me, just one person, but I am here for you, even if I may seem lost myself sometimes, I will try my hardest to fight to be here for you all–I mean that with all my hearts.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie


“You’re drooling, love.” Jimmy says, chuckles amused as you look confused.
“I don’t.” Your words are elongated and you can barely feel your mouth. “Daaamn, I do.”
Ashamed you take a handkerchief and pull it into your mouth.
“What are you doing?” He laughs, taking it out of your mouth and placing a wet kiss on it.
You want to sit up to get a new handkerchief, but you still feel loopy and so you fall back on Jimmy’s lap. A whiny sound escapes your mouth as he strokes lovely saliva from your cheek.
“Don’t worry, in a few hours you feel better.” Jimmy whispers, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Get some sleep, I will be here when you wake up.”
“Ok. Thank and I love you.” You babble half asleep, making Jimmy quietly laugh again.


To my lovely anon: I know it’s short, but I hope you like it. ❤️