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I feel like interpol’s music isn’t really right for festivals. I know it would be great but the open air / daytime atmosphere isn’t suited to their music?

i read that very same comment about so many other bands as well.
i do think Interpol fit in these type of open air festivals. they are all alternative/indie/hipster bands. 
idk I went to see Interpol once that was enough I guess :/

Monday March 23rd 2015


Currently sitting in bed. Waiting for Erik to call me back. Been watching the voice all evening with my dad. I like the show better than American Idol tbh.

Had a really fun last twenty four hours. Went up to Bellingham last night with Erik to go to a Flint Flo$$y concert with his cousins. I got smammered to say the very least. Bellingham is just like Oly which is cool. Hipster central. And me just playin the part haha.

I love concerts man.

Woke up today feeling like poop. But we went to this super yummy legit Panera Bread place called Avenue Bread for breakfast which was exactly what I needed. After, we went to play some disc golf with Erik’s cousin Scottee and his buddy Ryan. The best part was finding a really cool decomposed leaf, and seeing a female barred owl right above one of the launching pads on the course. Owls may be one of my favorite animals now.

Went with Erik to get his hair cut and then had some lunch in Mukilteo. Taco salad to be specific ^__^

Came home, passed tf out and got some thangs I needed to get done finished. Fafsa bs.
& now here I am. Chillin. Just got off the phone and heard about Erik’s meeting with the rich folk for Stone Blue.
So proud of him for getting things going.

Wish I was in the mood to practice some guitar or do some art.
Idk why I’m feeling less inclined to do so.

It’s spring break!!! I have the right to chill and lay out !! Haha

Anywho. G’night