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…all of my followers that reblog every. Single. One. Of my posts. Even if we don’t message often, or even if you don’t request anything (off anon at least) I definitely appreciate you guys.

You know who you are.

I almost anticipate you guys liking and reblogging my things, and whenever you do, it gives me a sense of pride in knowing that I’ve produced something that you think is worthwhile and that you continue to like my posts. It makes me feel grateful and (for the ones that include them) I always love reading the tags you put in.

I know this is getting really weird and sentimental, but I love and respect you guys so much and I don’t care what other blogs say - my blog has the best followers out of any blog on tumblr <3

P.S. Yes, I read the name of every single person that likes my posts and I DEFINITELY check the ones that are reblogged to read tags~


had a rough week and couldn’t sleep so I dedicated today to getting things done to ease my anxiety and doing things that make me feel good

self care is important, kids


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are u... a theropod therian...? (if yes, then which one specifically?? im a velociraptor since i was a kid, got a lil too inspired w white tips journey :'3)

not a therian but i feel weird drawing myself as a human. i used to use a bird but it feels weird when ppl tag it #me and stuff so the dinosaur is a way of distancing it a little? (or trying out different things anyways)

my bird was an unspecified/not-real species so my dino is too. tho yeah would be a theropod bc bird,,

So its been a year since Monty died. It’s been… weird honestly, the lack of his presence. It still doesn’t feel real sometimes y'know? like someone’s still pulling a terrible prank or something. What definitely is real is how much he inspired me, and still inspires me, to just create. To do things to keep moving forward even when I don’t want to. So I got this today, in remembrance, to have a constant permanent reminder of everything he’s done for me and for everything he’s inspired me to do. So thank you Monty.

im still… learning how to deal with a lot of things

ive been abused by so many adults and been taken advantage of so many times, i don’t really know how to deal with people and now that i’m an adult it’s really weird for me to just… be normal about things, i have so much anxiety and so much pain and worry going through my head every time i talk to someone and i feel like such a burden

and im still terrified that people are going around telling others bad things about me, i never even go in my tag because im so so so scared of some people who stalked me for months, the way every time i used to try to make friends with people somebody would send people anons about me misgendering me and just saying bad things, when i wasn’t entirely understanding of a lot of things and trying to learn and also dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil

i just want to apologize for being like this and being so anxious and being so annoying im working through a lot of issues and im trying very hard and im sorry that i need to be reassured but im very… terrified of being alive most days and interacting with people 

remade n looking 4 new blogs to follow

im 21 trans autistic & have cptsd & other stuff (also i dont experience transmisogyny, white, thin, not physically disabled just fyi) but mostly im looking for blogs to follow that match my aesthetic (side blogs are fine too)

like or reblog this and ill check out your blog. here are the guidelines:

  • must be at least 19 years old
  • must be neurodivergent
  • jokes/memes are fine but i’d prefer not to follow blogs that are entirely/mostly humor
  • i would rather not follow blogs that post regularly about/don’t tag eating disorder related things bc it’s very triggering
  • i’d prefer not to follow blogs that are mostly/entirely fandom
  • i like horror, creepy things, lo res images, cute things, weird photos, bunnies, angels, pixel art/clip art, hot topic goth, beaches, plants, 90s/early 2000s fashion/clothes

feel free to reblog this so more folks will see it (preferred), or just like the post and i’ll look at your blog (also totally fine if you don’t want to reblog).


Since everyone seems to be talking about shipping in digimon over the past couple of weeks, mainly due to the fact that people have been trashing Mimi X Yamato shippers, I thought I would talk about my feelings with shipping. Due to people getting offended when I don’t put a warning on the top in the past, this post talks about my view on shipping in the fandom and the two things I really hate when it comes to some people’s shipping in the fandom. This post only contains my personal tag, so sorry if it ends up in a shipping tag.

I just find it weird that there’s a ship issue over something that isn’t Taiora or Sorato for once. Its interesting how Mimato has become a big thing on tumblr in recent weeks as I really never heard of people shipping it until now. It does add to the diversity of ships you see in the Digimon tag, which I’m sure makes a lot of people happy. I just like to watch how the shipping in the Digimon fandom on tumblr changes over time. Its just interesting how Mimato has upset a lot of people in the past couple of weeks when I haven’t seen any of the shippers do anything bad.

As some people remember from prior posts, I myself do not ship anyone in Digimon. When I was younger I did ship Taiora, Takari, and a bit of Yamachi. I hit this point with Digimon where I just didn’t enjoy the shipping anymore. Maybe it was due to the shipping wars or maybe it was the fact that I was much older than the characters. But just because I don’t ship the characters doesn’t mean I want to ruin the fun for anyone else. Just to be clear, I don’t reblog any shipping stuff on my blog because its just not something I enjoy.

I think with Digimon and shipping, there are only two parts that bother me. The first is when there is porn of the kids, especially Adventure Takeru and Hikari. Something about that really disturbs me and grosses me out. I can deal with the porn of aged up characters or the Digimon themselves but when you got 8 year old Takeru doing that shit its gross. (I’m not saying I enjoy the porn in the tag, because I still don’t enjoy seeing it, but I can deal with certain types more than others). I myself do not find the appeal in shipping the characters who are under a certain age at all and don’t understand how people could write or draw that type of stuff.

The second is the people who want 02 or the epilogue to be altered or removed for shipping reasons. When I was younger, I was a bit salty that Taiora wasn’t end game because of the way the English dub set it up. But I moved on because shipping isn’t the end of the world. And it upsets me whenever I’m in the Digimon tag and I see someone say they hate the epilogue due to X ship not being canon. From what I gather, most of the tumblr Digimon fandom is 18+ and I just find it hard to believe that an adult can’t accept the fact that their ship from a children’s anime isn’t canon. Thank god this has died down a lot since Tri part 1 with proof that the 02 gang is still around.

Now before anyone jumps me, I have no problem with who you ship, how you ship it, what you draw, write, etc. The only things that bother me are the two things mentioned above. Ignore or block users who trash your ships because they are just trying to start shit for attention most likely. I personally block blogs that hate on the epilogue for ship reasons and blogs that post porn in the tag.

Cats Have a Talent for Destruction

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KoWhq3

by grilledcheeseandgravityfalls

In which Paris’ famous leather-clad hero is defeated by an unlikely opponent.

Words: 1468, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

February 02, 2016 at 08:14PM
read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KoWhq3

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im having belly feels, so i am thinking about this: Foggy's belly is cery sensitive, especially when it's full of food. It was something that he was vaguely aware of and feeling a little weird about before Marci, who was very much into this sort of thing and into him. So they did a lot of experimenting with food play, belly rubs, and the like. He cherishes his past relationship with Marci because she helped him to discover a lot about himself <3

I have so many feelings about Foggy and Marci! I think they both kinda knew that they were into that sort of thing but wouldn’t really admit it to each other at first. But one night when they are both a bit drunk, Marci starts rubbing Foggy’s belly and Foggy is super sensitive because he’s full of beer and they both moan a bit more than they would have allowed themselves otherwise.

Marci pretends like she doesn’t remember any of it the morning after but Foggy is absolutely sure she is lying because he’s known her way more drunk than this and she never forgets anything. So he decides to get a bit cocky with the whole thing. The next time they stay in and watch a film together, Foggy wears a t-shirt that’s just slightly too small, orders pizza for them and makes a big show of eating it. very. slowly. and with lots of noises. Marci caves when Foggy’s shirt rides up to his belly button and they make out furiously on Marci’s bed. It’s experimenting with everything they can come up with from there on out.

Let’s keep the chain going, I was tagged by @rubyredwolfe

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and answer the questions. No cheating! Tag (hopyfully) ten others when you’re done! 

Okay I’m listening to my disney playlist so this should be interesting

Title of first song describes how you die: I see the light (omg)

Second song describes your love life: Can you feel the love tonight (I swear I have this on shuffle but these are weirdly fitting so far)

Third song will be played at your wedding: I’ll make a man out of you (I’m crying that sounds about right)

Add “in my pants” to the fourth song title: Kiss the girl in my pants (?)

Fifth song will be played at your funeral:  Almost there

Sixth song is your theme song: Fixer upper

Seventh song played when you think about someone you love: I won’t say I’m in love (*narrows eyes at spotify*)

Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the 8th song: Under the sea with a shovel and a screwdriver (sounds like a party)

Ninth song describes your week: Zero to hero

Tenth song plays when you miss someone: A whole new world

I’m too sleep deprived to tag anyone but if anyone wants to do it go ahead and tag me so I can see :P

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your tags are the funniest I read all of them :'D you say things I don't know how to say myself. he is the cutest!!

hello there anon why you wear sunglasses why why you hide?( ج_ج )

thank you for reading my tags. i do have to admit that my tags today are weird. i am feeling queasy and i am actually vomiting nonsense omg so embarrassing but you think it is funny so me very happy here SCREAMING ON TOP OF MAH LUNGS THANK YOU SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS FULL STOP AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA THANKS THANX XIE XIE! (≧∇≦)/

yasssssssssss sehunnie is a big cutie pie I FEEL BLESSED LOOKING AT HIM. i adore him very very much and i hope everyone does too! he is the brightest sunshine to me OOOOHH HOOOHHH I SAW A BLAZING SUN ANON PLEASE BORROW ME YER SUNGLASSES (╯⊙ ⊱⊙╰ )

hit J to scroll past longass emotional post i dont usually make on here

spent some time reminiscing bout the past going thru my wip and art tags really fast for my artwork showcase

its so weird to think that a year ago, i didnt even think about portal, i wasnt friends w/ @gabberforth, and i still played league??? which ive tried to do again and its just. such a toxic environment i dont even wanna try it stresses me out to no end haha

i feel lots better overall since meeting awesome people in the portal/HL/general Valve fandoms, reconnecting with old things I used to like and all that. makes me almost a bit nostalgic for the time when i first got my xbox and played portal 2 and everything was just 


i remember how i got into portal too, its all kinda clear to me?? like i was in hospital bc of my leg and i got the game - through not so legal means mind you - and it really helped me get through those long days where all i could do was lie in bed all damn day

ill remember that and i guess it is why i feel so at home in that fandom too. ive never really felt at home in any fandom before, not even my first - which may have everything to do with the fact i had no idea what a fandom was nor access to the net at that time, too but I digress. 

2012 were simpler times, man, even if i was still in school. i want that feeling back, if just for a moment. i wish i could borrow my past’s happiness and obliviousness to things for only a day, almost. life was good then. really easy. i also wish i spent more time connecting with people like i do nowadays, but then again, i was barely what, 18? 19?? and ive grow a lot since then anyway. so. maybe it is good that things are like they are right now and that they werent like that back then

maybe it is not and ill regret it 

but i dont think i can change anything thats meant to happen and i might as well enjoy every moment i have and can for now. that really is all i can do. make the best out of things and look forward to the good things coming (I might see gabby irl!! in the flesh!! relatively soon!! wow!). 

maybe im seeing everything through rose glasses here, but it really feels like after i got really struck with depression, and then whatever personality fuckup is going on right now with my brain and my identity, things got just a lil. greyer. a bit more drab.


i dunno i cant sleep, its 1 am and i was supposed to go to sleep 2 hours ago and i just. nov/december/jan were good months so far and i hope i get to keep the good feeling around for the rest of the year i guess. as i said make the best of things. keep my head up and make sure even if i am gone, people will remember me fondly as someone who made a change to their lives.

stay positive, even if its hard and stuff 

i got this

I was tagged by @guidedthroughmountains to post ten things that make me happy! 

1. When people tell me that they saw/heard/read something that reminded them of me. I just really love that.

2. Music introduced to me by someone, where the song ended becoming one of my faves.

3. Friends coming to me for advice. I love that they feel comfortable enough with me to include me in their happy times, and their struggles

4. Bees. This might seem super weird, but I think bees are so cute, and I love honey! Plus my mom use to sing me a lullaby that had bees in it, so it’s become a fave.

5. When my friends are in love. I love love, so when the ones I love fall in love, it makes my heart flutter with joy.

6. My family, especially my siblings. My sister will sometimes send me cards or packages (she’s 8 so it’s actually her mom sending them). And a few weeks ago my brother snapchatted me that he missed him. I’m obsessed with all 4 of my siblings, and it hurts my heart that they all live in California, but when we get together it makes me so happy. Especially when I get to spend time with @btsu because it’s very rare, but she’s literally the best sister.

7. Crying from laughter. I guess that’s kind of redundant because I’m already happy when I’m laughing, but when I look back and think of those times it just makes me love it so much more

8. When my friends become friends. @skepticsandtrue-believers and @listenforthesmiles became friends virtually, and Aubry loves her, which is great. PSA: follow Katelyn on snapchat.

9. When people ask to hangout with me. Just the fact that someone asked to hangout with me makes me so happy. I just love every one.

10. God. I know this is super basic, but forreal. He’s just so rad.

I tag: @listenforthesmiles @lavandexo @skepticsandtrue-believers @ardentlyallison @sameachtaleh @artisanal-kidz-bop