• Jimin: Jungkook I'm leaving!
  • Jungkook: but me
  • Jimin: what.
  • Jungkook: I need attention.

For the inactivity because my internet connection sucks ….and busy with RL and kids and honestly I have no motivation to play my game because of some glitch that I can’t found the cause of it , sooooo I know that it is not cool to do it again but I have no choice but starting fresh , I feel terrible doing it to you all. HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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hey b, so i eat under 800 calories a day but i still feel fat and shit because my limit is 300, and when im not hungry i look at calories and see 100 it makes me feel nauseous but when im only a LITTLE BIT hungry i go "oh 180 ?? ill work it off" but i never do :( any tips ? ♡♡♡

hey love, I struggle with the same so I don’t think I can really help but what I try to do, is count till 100 and breathe before any binge… If I can’t take it and end up binging what I do at least is walk all over the house, and when I finish eating what I have in my hands I run a little ( all this at home )

I hope I helped you a little :) x stay safe

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holy shit the fact that ive seen no one bringing up dany's hrakkar pelt up until your most recent post is so fucking weird because like, damn if thats not foreshadowing idk what is

ya i just had this moment of “…oh…” about it.

like i’ve always been strong in the camp that dany is the ymbq, even without that added level of symbolism, but that added level of symbolism is really quite powerful even without all the other arguments in favor of it.

i know being in pain and going through challenging things is an opportunity for growth and what now looks like a curse will very likely turn out to be a blessing when i can see clearly, but like i still feel like fucking shit

For every single ask I’ve gotten that has been horrendous- there’s been a lot more positive messages and that says more than anything.

I’ve saved/screengrabbed all the love letters, imagines, asks and everything because I look at them to cheer myself up when I feel like shit. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and cheer me up. 💖🌟

(Yes this also goes for my mysterious Rhys anon too 😚)

My boyfriend and one of my best friends are starting uni this year, my sister is starting 6th form and I’m just like eyyyyyyy my 3rd September out of education and it’s nearly 3 years since I dropped out of college for the second time and I haven’t really done anything since and I feel like an inadequate mess who is just floating through life doing the bare minimum while other people are achieving stuff and building futures and I feel really stuck where I am and it feels shit

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(anon who was asking about how to tell my mom I'm buying a packer) I told her and made it clear it wasnt a sexual thing but she still acted weirded out and said it was weird. i get its an uncomfortable topic but she should know that its better if she knew about it rather than hiding it and shes been really supportive about my transition so far.. idk i feel rlly shit now :/

You shouldn’t feel shitty this is kind of how it is usually goes. I mean…packers, if we’re being honest, are really weird things. If you don’t have dysphoria it’s almost impossibly to perfectly understand what they are and why anyone would want one. Plus she’s your mom, most moms never want to think about their kids genitals. As long as she didn’t say no just go ahead and get it. She’s never going to be 100% super on board about this subject because it’s about your junk and she has no business talking or thinking about your junk. Don’t press her on it, just get it and make sure not to leave it hanging around. Good luck!

- Michael