I haven’t seen anyone else mention this yet.

You know how the Machine often identifies how many days it has been since it’s inception? It marks the passage of time by how old it is?

At the beginning of God Mode, IT RESETS. The clock strikes midnight, the Machine reinstantiates, and it dials back the clock to day 1.




ah swap Ryan is a lil shit who likes to inform Ray of the timely memes at terrible hours of the morning.

He was probably up playing video games when he noticed the time at a very opportunistic time for memes

To add this isn’t the first or last time this has happened 

I swear the more I work on a single piece the more i feel that it isn’t worth anyone’s time I’m practicing though so shhh 


For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to realise you’re gay, this is exactly it. 

Before today I didn’t know that Ingrid Nilsen existed, but I’m so proud of her for coming out. Wasn’t aware they made them quite this cute. If this is how gay boys feel when male YouTubers come out, then I now understand the audible internet squee.

Her video is here


This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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For the longest time I couldn’t understand why jjong trained his voice over the years to sound so nasally. Honestly, his tone is second to Jinki’s in my opinion, but I truly admire his technique, so I’ve continued listening to his songs. BUT TONIGHT I finally realised that he trained his voice to purposely sound like his natural falsetto so that he can slip in and out of his normal-falsetto ranges seamlessly! Seriously, if you compare this recent performance with one of his old performances if “nothing better” you’ll see that his control is FREAKING SEAMLESS.

UGH the talent that oozes out of this man. I’m slain.

I tried hard not to fall for you. Then, I tried even harder to hide it from you. I failed miserably.

I forgot how powerful and strong love is. How it can transform you from a coward to a warrior. How it makes you feel invincible.

I don’t regret any of it, because I have come to realise that love isn’t something we should hide. It should be something we are proud about.

Why should we be ashamed of our love?

—  aliciatan95 

I’ll make it better

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Words: 2753

On their search for a new home, Daichi and Suga discover a miracle in the midst of a nightmare.

“I’m not sure, Daichi. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Suga stopped walking, and after two more steps, Daichi did the same, back still turned to him.

“We don’t have a choice. If we don’t get anything nutritious to eat soon, we’ll get in trouble. And it looks like it’s going to rain. We’re all exhausted already, we can’t afford to get sick.”

Suga looked back, to where both Nishinoya and Tanaka were uncharacteristically quiet, dragging their feet as they followed. Insisting on carrying the most heavy load seemed to finally weigh down on Asahi, whose shoulders were heaving as he breathed. There really was no other choice, even though Suga generally trusted his gut feeling.

The village up ahead meant trouble. Lots of trouble. He could smell it, taste it in the air and the atmosphere, even though he couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

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There’s a real sense of duty, I think, there’s a real sense of honour and pride, I think, whenever you’re representing someone’s life, because there’s no way they could have ever thought something like this was going to happen, so there’s a sense that you then have to do them proud. It’s a film that touches on every generation, I think any gender, and I think any age. For me, it’s been an eye-opener, not knowing much about that period, again, it can feel a bit lost to us. I think it’s important to keep that alive, that these are people that we can all be inspired by. I don’t think we realise how easy we have it. X

Dear taylorswift

Thank you so much for the most amazing night last night, it will forever be one of my best memories.
So sad it’s over.

Your clean speech was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard and I was so upset that everyone around me had to hand me tissues. It made me realise what was important in life and knowing that I’ve made so many mistakes in my life and you don’t judge me made me feel so much better about myself.
My best friend should have been at the concert with me last night but unfortunately he took his own life, it was so difficult for me but I know he would have been so proud.

Taylor, I don’t know what I would do without you, you have kept me going through the worst times in my life.

I tried to take my own life in December and was taken into hospital. I couldn’t see through the dark cloud that was hanging above me and the only way to make it go was to die. But yet again your music seemed to keep me going. You have made such a difference in my life even if you don’t know who I am!

One day I hope to meet you so I can give you a massive hug and thank you for everything. My parents also want to thank you for making me a better person.
taylorswift I hope you see this, I need you to know :)

I love you
From, jess xxx

I know many people are posting their recommendations for ReadWomen, but I haven’t really seen any Indian writers on those lists. So I’m going to post a list of books by Indian women writers that have influenced the way I think, the way I feel and have guided part of my journey in becoming a woman:

Rani, Jaishree Misra

Something I read in the ninth grade, something that changed my view about my race and gender and made me realise that I am not of the ranks of Elizabeth the First, Anne Boleyn, Isabella of Castile and other glorified white women and made me infinitely proud to belong to the ranks of Manikarnika, the Maharani of Jhansi.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls, Anuja Chauhan

Read it. Read it. Read it. And there’s a hot journalist.

The Zoya Factor, Anuja Chauhan

Changed the way I felt about cricketers and I now harbour a very strong cricketer fantasy, except you lot didn’t need to know that. Right. Ultimate chicklit.

Mahashweta, Sudha Murty

Anupama, the ostracised woman who has leukoderma, finds her hero in herself. Enough said.

Yajnaseni, Pratibha Ray

The Mahabharata as told by the fireborn Draupadi. Treated as a pawn by everyone she knows, she feels a yearning for her friend, the very man moving her about like a queen on a chessboard. She later realises that this yearning is not platonic or even romantic, but spiritual. In Krishna, she finds her God. I am not Hindu but I was brought up as one and have grown up with stories about Draupadi and the moment she realised she had none but God. That story aided the biggest epiphany I have ever had.

Jhansi ki Rani, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

This Hindi poem is probably my favourite poem ever. I love Laxmibai and her story is told so beautifully here. Definitely read it.

How I Taught My Grandmother To Read, Sudha Murty

A collection of strories by a South Indian woman who helped her husband build what is now the biggest or one of the biggest multi national corporations in the world. I read this in the sixth grade and I have never forgotten the lessons it taught me. 

The Rock, Ismat Chugtai 

A tale about women who have surrendered themselves to love but do not realise that they are losing their identity to the patriarchy. I especially identified with the narrator because I have seen women like these ones all my life. 

Draupadi, Mahashweta Devi

Another Draupadi stripped, another Draupadi degraded. But Dopdi Mehjen is the manifestation of what Draupadi of Panchal could not be: naked and still unashamed. I am not favouring one over the other- I could never do that, they both mean too much to me. But I saw power in very different ways; both made me the woman I am. 

A Summer Adventure, The Hidden Treasure, The Only Witness, The Narayanpur Incident, Shashi Deshpande

I love children’s stories and still read Satyajit Ray’s Feluda frequently (if you follow me you will know this). The best children’s mysteries I have ever read.

An Indian Love Song, Sarojini Naidu

I know that many people prefer Bangle Sellers and other works of Naidu’s, but this poem about lovers from feuding religions struck a chord with my lifestory of sparring faiths. I love this poem with a passion. Bonus: Love recks not of feuds and bitter follies, of stranger, comrade or kin/Alike in His ear sound the temple bells and the cry of the muezzin.

In A Forest, A Deer, Ambai

This is by a Tamilian writer and the story is originally called Kaattil Oru Maan, which resonates so much deeper than the English version. But, moving on. No, I’m not saying anything else, just read it. 

The Twentieth Wife, Indu Sundaresan

I thought of Nur Jahan as a malicious, evil queen before I read this book. After this she became Mehrunissa, the strongest influencer of my tenth grade life. Bonus: Mehrunissa mean sun amongst women How cool is that?!

The Palace of Illusions, Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni

Again, about Draupadi. I could read about her all day long. This book provides quite a modern view on her . Its especially interesting when you compare it to Yajnaseni.

These are just a few, there are so many more women you need to meet via Indian literature.

I got through it without harming my wrists..
I’m 17 years old. I shouldn’t have to say that.
Self harm creates a feeling of relief for me, the blood being worries and fears flooding out of my body.
That’s why I’m addicted to it, it’s a huge secret for me , it’s disgusting and immature, but I crave the feeling it gives me. But not all the time. After months when I get into episodes that I can’t break, after panic attacks and bad dreams. It’s releases me from a grasp.

I have now realised the grasp I’m releasing from is just myself.
Now it’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life, I need to stop this habit before it’s too late, if not already.

Three years and not a day when it doesn’t cross my mind.

I need help.

—  Something I was proud to write in my diary

I hate to post sappy shit, but Willam visited Australia with the AAA Girls in January and it was one of the funniest weeks ever….

I’ve had the honour of being in Willam’s presence and he is without a doubt one of the smartest, funniest, quickest and most insanely talented individuals one could have the pleasure of even knowing existed. He was also super sweet when I acted like a delusion fan frothing out the mouth. 

I know he absolutely hates emotional bullshit, as he once told me ‘Stop talking you sound like a cutter’, but he showed me a side of myself I didn’t even realise existed.

I’ll never forget when we first met and he announced to the Qantas terminal that ‘James got dick’ in the loudest possible way and we proceeded to laugh about it for minutes after. Or when he ran on the luggage collection and nearly did a Morgan. I made him a #colourmatchyourbutthole meet and he found it ‘disgusting’, which made me feel very proud.

I also gave him a bear version of himself that sung his boat song, so I hope it’s still somewhere in the world.

He’s an empowering bitch, a professional in the highest standards and a crazily talented motherfucking bad ass.

  • me listening to agust d:this is 👌👏 so LIT 🔥🔥 i am TURNED UP 😜🙌 SLAY ME 😩👊 boy goes HARD 💪👊 agust d is my daddy 👀😏
  • me listening to the rest of the mixtape:I am feeling so many emotions right now. Proud of him for coming this far. Hurt for the hardships he's had to face. I connect to the lyrics more than some may even realise. I am so upset listening to the music and yet I love it so much. I am crying but I'm proud. Min Yoongi has created a work of art that has let us peek inside his mind and heart and I for one need to take a minute to let everything sink in and get myself together. I am hurting but I am okay with that. I hope he finds his peace. Things get better, it just takes time.
Unpopular opinion

I’m literally so scared that all the attention Dan and Phil are getting from Shout magazine is just going to bring a whole new wave of Dangirls. Don’t get me wrong I’m really proud of where Dan and Phil are and how far they’ve come but I feel like the Shout audience will lean more towards Dan than Phil. I just hope they realise that Phil too is amazing, along with Dan. (I’m not talking about everyone that reads shout, just a select few!)

Guerrilla Stimming

Is it the best feeling to no longer have to repress my stims. After a recent discovery of what autistic burnout was and realising how much energy i was putting in to pass as neurotypical with the help of the youtube series ‘Ask an Autistic’ (btw thanks @bodysexgender for introducing me to them and @neurowonderful for making them) i’ve started just doing what my body naturally wants to and i feel so much better for it. I’ve got confidence i didn’t realise i had and for the first time in years i don’t feel crushing stress and it is so important for stimming to be widely seen, to build a world in which these behaviours are seen as normal, to re-assure kids who stim right now and to stop putting the comfort of allistics over our own metal health and needs.

Stim loudly and stim proud! 

Hey guys… I totally realised I haven’t posted any formal photos!! (probably because of the whole dislocated arm drama haha) but here is a comparison photo :) 

ALSO i am so proud of myself because the dress I wore I PURPOSELY BOUGHT A SIZE TOO SMALL AND IT FITS PERFECTLY!!

so yeah same as always: 

Im 176cm 

photo one: 90+ kg

photo 2: <80kg 

the dress is a size 10! (I literally haven’t been a size 10 since i was like 13)

:) have a fab day everyone if you have questions feel free to message me! XO


Nothing like some progress photos to make you feel proud and accomplished!  

Face pic is me at 130kgs+ (and heaviest) on the left and 100kgs on the right!

Front pic is me at 130kgs+ (and heaviest) on the left and 96kgs on the right!

Side pic is at 115kgs+ on the left and 96kgs on the right!  I don’t have a side on pic at my heaviest.

I realised some things today

- Giving my all in a 60 minute Zumba class no longer exhausts me but is still a hell of a lot of fun! 

- I have come a REALLY long way.

- I might almost be able to call myself fit.

- Health and fitness has become a really important part of my life.

- I am really really happy and I’m never going back!

This is not the easiest photo for me to post. I don’t put many photos of myself on tumblr, let alone unflattering ones…

When I first saw this pic yesterday, I hated it. I look big - so much bigger than I feel that I am.

But now, it’s growing on me.

Why? Because I’ve realised that all hating this photo will do is diminish the memory of this moment - the elation of coming over the ridge and seeing this spectacular view. The joy of running along the path because I couldn’t wait to see what was next. I mean, look at that face. Really look. That’s a damn happy face! That’s the face of a person I am proud of - that’s the face of a person I want to love. It just happens to be me.

This body takes me places no car can. This body allows me to experience so much joy through hiking. This body sticks up for me when no-one else does. This body keeps functioning even when my mind lets it down.

This body is fucking awesome - I will not hate this body.